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1998978-1-84068-000-3Peter SotosIndex
  ''978-1-84068-001-0Marcus HuttningLinda's Strange Vacation
1999978-1-84068-002-7David FlintBabylon Blue: Illustrated History of Erotic Cinema (Creation Cinema)
1998978-1-84068-003-4David WoodTorture Garden: From Bodyshocks to Cybersex - A Photographic Archive of the New Flesh
1999978-1-84068-005-8Matthew StokoeCows: A Novel
  ''978-1-84068-006-5Jeremy ReedMarc Almond: The Last Star
  ''978-1-84068-010-2Peter SotosLAZY
2000978-1-84068-012-6Marquis de SadePhilosophy in the Boudoir (Creation Classics S.)
  ''978-1-84068-013-3Pierre LouysThe She-devils (Creation Classics S.)
1998978-1-84068-014-0Diane BatailleWhip Angels
2000978-1-84068-015-7Guillaume Apollinaire · Louis AragonFlesh Unlimited
2000978-1-84068-018-8William BeckfordVathek (Creation Classics S.)
  ''978-1-84068-020-1Joel Chandler HarrisTar Baby: Tales of Brer Rabbit (Creation Classics Portable)
  ''978-1-84068-021-8Jeremy Reed · Lewis CarrollAlice Through The Looking Glass (Creation Classics Portable)
  ''978-1-84068-022-5Peter SotosIndex
  ''978-1-84068-023-2Jack StevensonAddicted: The Myth and Menace of Drugs in Film (Creation Cinema Collection)
2001978-1-84068-024-9Nikolas SchreckFlowers from Hell: A Satanic Reader
2002978-1-84068-025-6Christian FuchsBad Blood: An Illustrated Guide to Psycho Cinema (Creation Cinema Collection, 18)
2001978-1-84068-026-3Mark ManningFucked by Rock: The Unspeakable Confessions of "Zodiac Mindwarp"
2002978-1-84068-029-4Jack HunterMoonchild: The Films of Kenneth Anger (Persistence of Vision Volume 1)
1999978-1-84068-031-7Stanley ManlyRaiders of the Low Forehead (Attack! S.)
2000978-1-84068-033-1Tommy UdoVatican Bloodbath (Attack!)
2000978-1-84068-034-8Mark ManningGet Your Cock Out (Attack! S.)
  ''978-1-84068-035-5Stewart HomeWhips and Furs: My Life as a Bon Vivant, Gambler and Love Rat (Attack! S.)
2001978-1-84068-036-2Stephen BarberTokyo Vertigo
  ''978-1-84068-039-3Suehiro MaruoULTRA GASH INFERNO: Erotic-grotesque Manga: 1
  ''978-1-84068-040-9Mikita BrottmanMeat is Murder!: An Illustrated Guide to Cannibal Culture (Creation Cinema Collection)
2002978-1-84068-041-6Jack SargeantNaked Lens: Beat Cinema (Creation Cinema Collection, 7)
2001978-1-84068-043-0Nikolas SchreckThe Satanic Screen: An Illustrated Guide to the Devil in Cinema: An Illustrated History of the Devil in Cinema (Creation cinema collection)
  ''978-1-84068-044-7Romain SlocombeTokyo Sex Underground: Images of Erotic Japan
2000978-1-84068-046-1Jeremy ReedThe Pleasure Chateau: The Omnibus
2001978-1-84068-047-8William S. Burroughs · Terry Wilson · Brion GysinBrion Gysin: Here to Go
2000978-1-84068-048-5Peter SotosTick
2001978-1-84068-049-2Stephen Barber · Jeremy ReedCaligula: Divine Carnage - Atrocities of the Roman Emperors: Divine Carnage - Atrocities of Ancient Rome (Blood History)
2001978-1-84068-051-5Adam WebbDumb Angel: The Life and Music of Dennis Wilson
2000978-1-84068-052-2Panagiotis PantziarkaHouse of Pain
  ''978-1-84068-053-9Lisa B. FalourI Was for Sale: Confessions of a Bondage Model
  ''978-1-84068-054-6Jack SargeantDeathtripping: Cinema of Transgression (Creation Cinema Collection)
1999978-1-84068-055-3Andrew BootFragments of Fear: An Illustrated History of British Horror Movies (Creation Cinema Collection)
2000978-1-84068-056-0Valentine PenroseThe Bloody Countess: The Crimes of Erzsebet Bathory (Blood History)
  ''978-1-84068-057-7Jack HunterHouse of Horror: The Complete Hammer Films Story (Creation Cinema Collection)
2002978-1-84068-058-4Dennis MorrisDestroy: Sex Pistols 1977: The "Sex Pistols" 1977
2003978-1-84068-059-1Robert ShortThe Age of Gold: Surrealist Cinema (Persistence of Vision)
2002978-1-84068-060-7Kenji SiratoriBlood Electric
  ''978-1-84068-061-4Nikolas Schreck · Zeena SchreckDemons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic
2003978-1-84068-062-1Pierre GuyotatTomb for 500, 000 Soldiers (Modern Classics)
2003978-1-84068-063-8Pierre GuyotatEden Eden Eden (Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-84068-064-5Antonin Artaud · Matthew Lewis · Atonin ArtandThe Monk (Modern Classics Series 3)
2002978-1-84068-065-2Stephen BarberAnnihilation Zones: Far East Atrocities of the 20th Century (Modern Death)
2007978-1-84068-066-9Jakob Sprenger · Heinrich Kramer · Lodovico Maria SinistrariMalleus Maleficarum: AND Demoniality
2004978-1-84068-067-6Andre ParinaudManiac Eyeball: The Unspeakable Confessions of Salvador Dali (Creation Art Directives)
2002978-1-84068-068-3Jane GilesCriminal Desires: Jean Genet and Cinema (Persistence of Vision Volume 2) (Persistance of Vision)
2001978-1-84068-070-6Jamie McLeod · Jeremy ReedMarc Almond: Adored and Explored
  ''978-1-84068-071-3Bev ZalcockRENEGADE SISTERS: Girl Gangs on Film (Creation Cinema Collection)
2002978-1-84068-072-0Jack HunterThe Bad Mirror: A Creation Cinema Collection Reader
2004978-1-84068-075-1Captain BensonTyburn Death Trip: Highwaymen, Murderers and Thieves of 18th Century England
2002978-1-84068-076-8Gerard MalangaArchiving Warhol: An Illustrated History: Writings and Photographs by Gerard Malanga
  ''978-1-84068-077-5Mark ManningCollateral Damage: The Zodiac Mindwarp 2001 American Tour
2005978-1-84068-080-5Peter SotosProxy: Peter Sotos Pornography 1993-2000
2003978-1-84068-082-9Stephen BarberBlows and Bombs: Antonin Artaud: The Biography
2005978-1-84068-086-7Francis. KingMegatherion: The Magical World of Aleister Crowley
2004978-1-84068-087-4Alan Moore · etc.The Starry Wisdom: A Tribute to HP Lovecraft
2007978-1-84068-089-8Jack HunterSadomania: Sinema de Sade (Persistence of Vision)
2004978-1-84068-090-4Namida KingStraight To Hell: 20th Century Suicides: Great Suicides of the 20th Century (Modern Death)
2005978-1-84068-091-1Stephen BarberThe Screaming Body: Antonin Artaud: Film Projects, Drawings and Sound Recordings
2004978-1-84068-095-9Doyle GreeneLips Hips Tits Power: The Films Of Russ Meyer (Persistence of Vision vol 4)
  ''978-1-84068-096-6Jean de BergThe Image (Creation Modern Classics)
2004978-1-84068-097-3Stephen BarberART OF DESTRUCTION, THE: The Films of the Vienna Action Group: Volume 5
2003978-1-84068-099-7Jack SargeantGuns, Death, Terror: An Illustrated History of International Terrorism
  ''978-1-84068-100-0Antonin ArtaudHeliogabalus (Creation Modern Classics)
  ''978-1-84068-101-7Marquis de SadeThe Ghosts of Sodom: The Secret Journal of the Marquis De Sade
2005978-1-84068-103-1De SadePHILOSOPHY IN THE BOUDOIR (Creation Classics)
2003978-1-84068-105-5Simon WhitechapelFlesh Inferno: Atrocities of Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition (Blood History Series 3)
  ''978-1-84068-106-2Jake ChapmanMeatphysics
  ''978-1-84068-107-9Jake ChapmanMeatphysics
2003978-1-84068-108-6Bill Drummond · Mark ManningBad Wisdom: The Lighthouse at the Top of the World
2004978-1-84068-109-3Cletus Nelson · Michael SimmonsFUTURE IS NOW!, THE: MC5: The Future Is Now!
  ''978-1-84068-110-9Alan ParkerVicious: Too Fast to Live
  ''978-1-84068-112-3Georges BatailleDivine Filth (Creation Modern Classics)
2005978-1-84068-115-4Georges Bataille · And OthersDark Star: The Satanic Rites of Gilles de Rais
  ''978-1-84068-116-1Bill Drummond · Mark ManningWild Highway
2008978-1-84068-117-8Kenji SiratoriThe Acidhuman Project
  ''978-1-84068-118-5Boyd RiceStanding in Two Circles: The Collected Works of Boyd Rice
2005978-1-84068-123-9Jeremy ReedJean Genet: Born to Lose
2005978-1-84068-124-6Steven Blush · George Petros.45 Dangerous Minds: The Most Intense Interviews from SECONDS Magazine (The Art of the Interview)
  ''978-1-84068-125-3ScreenseductressVirtual Slut: I Was a Cybersex Addict: I Was a Cybersex Addict by Screenseductress
2007978-1-84068-127-7Georg GroddeckThe Book Of The It
  ''978-1-84068-129-1Iwan BlochDe Sade: Life And Works
2005978-1-84068-130-7Brett L. RenwickWired For Chaos
2007978-1-84068-131-4Robert Bloch · Jeremy Reed · Jean-Paul Denard · Henry Clement · Richard MathesonKiss The Whip: Tales of the Divine Marquis
2008978-1-84068-132-1Restif de La BretonneThe Anti-justine: Or, the Joys of Eros (Creation Classics)
2007978-1-84068-134-5Jun HayamiBeauty Labyrinth Of Razors- Use E81349: Erotic-Grotesque Manga
2006978-1-84068-136-9Peter SotosPredicate: Thomas Hamilton and the Dunblane Massacre: The Dunblane Massacre - Ten Years After
2007978-1-84068-138-3Ryoichi MaedaScar Factory: Extreme Body Modification in Japan
2006978-1-84068-139-0Stephen BarberTokyo Sodom (Tokyo Trilogy 1)
2008978-1-84068-140-6George PetrosArt That Kills: A Panoramic Portrait of Aesthetic Terrorism, 1984-2001
2007978-1-84068-141-3Guillaume Apollinaire · Louis Aragon · Benjamin Peret · Man RayFlesh Unlimited
  ''978-1-84068-142-0d'Irancy CountThe Nun (Creation Eros)
  ''978-1-84068-143-7Stephen BarberTokyo Slaughterhouse: Part 2 of the Tokyo Trilogy
2007978-1-84068-144-4Stephen BarberHijikata: Revolt Of The Body
  ''978-1-84068-145-1Ben CobbAnarchy and Alchemy: The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky (Persistence of Vision 6)
  ''978-1-84068-146-8Stephen BarberTokyo Supernova (Tokyo Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84068-148-2Peter SotosShow Adult
2008978-1-84068-150-5Stephen BarberThe Tokyo Trilogy: Tokyo Sodom/Tokyo Slaughterhouse/Tokyo Supernova
2009978-1-84068-151-2Adam GorightlyShadow Over Santa Susana, The
  ''978-1-84068-153-6Thomas BeyMicro-Bionic
2009978-1-84068-155-0Peter SotosPerfect the Collected Peter Sotos, Vol.1
2010978-1-84068-160-4Jack HunterFreak Babylon
2011978-1-84068-165-9George PetrosArt That Kills
  ''978-1-84068-166-6Chad HensleyEsoterra
2012978-1-84068-181-9Tav FalcoGhosts Behind the Sun (Mondo Memphis)
  ''978-1-84068-182-6Erik MorseBluff City Underground (Mondo Memphis)
  ''978-1-84068-187-1Jack HunterChapel of Gore and Psychosis (Documents of Culture)
2013978-1-84068-193-2Tsurisaki KiyotakaDeath: Photography 1994-2011
2009978-1-84068-300-4Edogawa RampoMoju: The Blind Beast (Shinbaku Books: Fictions)
2010978-1-84068-301-1Jack HunterDream Spectres
2012978-1-84068-304-2Utagawa Kuniyoshi · Jack HunterSamurai Ghost and Monster Wars (Ukiyo-e Master)
2014978-1-84068-321-9Yuichi KonnoSecret Doll Underground: The Yaso Collection, Tokyo (Japanese Art Perspectives)
2019978-1-84068-322-6Kagami Jigoku KobayashiCarnal Curses, Disfigured Dreams: Japanese Horror and Bizarre Cinema 1898-1949 (Japanese Film Perspectives)
2018978-1-84068-340-0   ''Tokyo Cinegraphix One Horror & Exploitation: 100 Film Posters from Japan
2015978-1-84068-672-2Stephen PentacostePsycho Girls in Bondage: Classic Fetish Art and Fiction (Klaw Klassix Volume 1)
2017978-1-84068-673-9   ''Wild World of Betty Page, The (Klaw Klassix)
2016978-1-84068-674-6   ''Glamour Girls of Paris: Erotic Photography from Classic French Pin-Up Magazines: 1
2017978-1-84068-675-3   ''Glamour Girls of Tokyo: 1
2017978-1-84068-676-0Stephen PentacosteNudist Girls of Germany: 1
  ''978-1-84068-680-7Gianfranco SodomaBeheaded (Illuminated Masters)
2018978-1-84068-690-6G.H. JanusVoluptuous Terrors 120 Horror & SF Film Posters from Italy (Art of Cinema)
2019978-1-84068-691-3G.H JanusVoluptuous Terrors 2 120 Horror & Exploitation Film Posters From Italy (Art of Cinema)
  ''978-1-84068-692-0Joe WestwoodUltra Wild West: The Art of Italian 'Spaghetti Western' Film Posters (Art of Cinema)