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1999978-1-84014-000-2Professor Nikos PassasTransnational Crime (International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice & Penology)
1998978-1-84014-004-0Ibrahim CerrahCrowds and Public Order Policing: An Analysis of Crowds and Interpretations of Their Behaviour Based on Observational Studies in England, Wales and Turkey
  ''978-1-84014-007-1Ian TaylorCrime and Political Economy (International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice & Penology)
  ''978-1-84014-008-8Gregg BarakIntegrative Criminology (International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice & Penology)
  ''978-1-84014-012-5H. McCoubreyInternational Humanitarian Law: Modern Developments in the Limitation of Warfare
  ''978-1-84014-027-9Pat O'MalleyCrime and the Risk Society (International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice & Penology)
2000978-1-84014-039-2Michael Freeman · Helen ReeceScience in Court (Issues in Law & Society S.)
2003978-1-84014-055-2Robert Leonardi · Marcello FedeleItaly: v.2: Politics and Policy: Vol 2
2000978-1-84014-063-7Jason Ditton · Stephen FarrallThe Fear of Crime (The International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Penology)
1998978-1-84014-065-1J.K. MasonMedico-Legal Aspects of Reproduction and Parenthood (Medico-Legal Series)
1998978-1-84014-071-2William E. ConklinThe Phenomenology of Modern Legal Discourse: The Juridical Production and the Unconcealment of Suffering (Applied Legal Philosophy)
1999978-1-84014-082-8Ho-Won JeongThe New Agenda for Peace Research
2001978-1-84014-090-3Hugo CaminosLaw of the Sea (The Library of Essays in International Law)
1999978-1-84014-093-4W. Michael ReismanJurisdiction in International Law (Library of Essays in International Law)
2000978-1-84014-095-8Ho-Won JeongPeace and Conflict Studies: An Introduction (Studies in Peace and Conflict Research)
  ''978-1-84014-097-2Martti KoskenniemiSources of International Law (The Library of Essays in International Law)
  ''978-1-84014-098-9Ho-Won JeongPeace and Conflict Studies: An Introduction (Studies in Peace and Conflict Research)
1997978-1-84014-104-7James ReasonManaging the Risks of Organizational Accidents
  ''978-1-84014-105-4James ReasonManaging the Risks of Organizational Accidents
  ''978-1-84014-112-2Michael WilsonPerformance and Practice: Oral Narrative Traditions Amongst Teenagers in Britain and Ireland
1997978-1-84014-186-3Neil C. FernandezCapitalism and Class Struggle in the USSR: A Marxist Theory (Avebury Series in Philosophy)
1999978-1-84014-210-5Rebecca EarleEpistolary Selves: Letters and Letter-Writers, 1600-1945 (Warwick Studies in the Humanities)
2000978-1-84014-214-3Valerie WayneAnne Cooke Bacon: Printed Writings 1500-1640: Series I, Part Two, Volume 1: A Facsimile Library of Essential Works: "Fouretene Sermons of Barnardine ... Writings, 1500-1640: Series I, Part Two)
2019978-1-84014-228-0B. LaveryShipboard Life and Organisation, 1731-1815 (Navy Records Series)
2004978-1-84014-235-8William GreensladeThomas Hardy's 'Facts' Notebook: A Critical Edition (The Nineteenth Century Series)
2008978-1-84014-242-6Julia Briggs · Dennis ButtsPopular Children's Literature in Britain
2021978-1-84014-250-1Sam Davies · Bob MorleyCounty Borough Elections in England and Wales, 1919-1938: A Comparative Analysis: Volume 5: Leeds - Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  ''978-1-84014-251-8Sam Davies · Bob MorleyCounty Borough Elections in England and Wales, 1919-1938: A Comparative Analysis: Volume 6: Newport - Rotherham
2012978-1-84014-255-6Beck JosefErvin Schulhoff: His Life and Works
1998978-1-84014-257-0Robert L. BledsoeHenry Fothergill Chorley: A Study
2007978-1-84014-260-0William Alexander EddieCharles Valentin Alkan: His Life and His Music
1999978-1-84014-263-1Susan B. EdgingtonWalter the Chancellor's The Antiochene Wars: A Translation and Commentary (Crusade Texts in Translation)
1998978-1-84014-282-2John T. YoungFaith, Medical Alchemy and Natural Philosophy: Johann Moriaen, Reformed Intelligencer and the Hartlib Circle: Johann Morriaen, Reformed Intelligencer, ... Circle (The History of Medicine in Context)
2000978-1-84014-286-0Mark BryantDictionary of Twentieth-Century British Cartoonists and Caricaturists
1999978-1-84014-289-1Lisa ShawThe Social History of the Brazilian Samba (Ashgate Studies in Ethnomusicology)
2005978-1-84014-290-7Christopher FifieldIbbs and Tillett: The Rise and Fall of a Musical Empire
1999978-1-84014-293-8Ptolemy Dean · Martin CharlesSir John Soane and the Country Estate
2019978-1-84014-295-2David SyrettThe Battle of the Atlantic and Signals Intelligence: U-Boat Situations and Trends, 1941-1945 (100 Cases)
1998978-1-84014-310-2Katrina R. MossMedium Secure Psychiatric Provision in the Private Sector
  ''978-1-84014-325-6Klaus-Martin GoetersAviation Psychology: A Science and a Profession
  ''978-1-84014-327-0Steven R. SmithThe Centre-left and New Right Divide?: Political Philosophy and Aspects of UK Social Policy in the Era of the Welfare State
2000978-1-84014-333-1Kwok-Leung Denny HoPolite Politics: A Sociological Analysis of an Urban Protest in Hong Kong (Social & Political Studies from Hong Kong)
  ''978-1-84014-336-2Lawrence Et AlEU/USA Strategic Trade:a Study Commercial Aerospace
1999978-1-84014-366-9Sveinn Vidar GudmundssonFlying Too Close to the Sun: The Success and Failure of the New-Entrant Airlines: Success and Failure of New-entrant Airlines (Ashgate Studies in Aviation Economics and Management)
1998978-1-84014-371-3Roberto PoliThe Brentano Puzzle (Western Philosophy Series)
2001978-1-84014-374-4Liliana Albertazzi · Dale JacquetteThe School of Alexius Meinong (Western Philosophy Series)
1999978-1-84014-407-9Eric J. MillerThe Tavistock Institute Contribution to Job and Organizational Design: v. 1 & 2 (Classic Research in Management S.)
1998978-1-84014-411-6Steven RosefieldeEfficiency and Russia's Economic Recovery Potential to the Year 2000 and Beyond
1998978-1-84014-440-6Christopher BovisThe Liberalisation of Public Procurement and Its Effects on the Common Market
2000978-1-84014-452-9Elliott LeytonSerial Murder: Modern Scientific Perspectives (International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice & Penology)
1999978-1-84014-453-6Robert P. WeissSocial History of Crime, Policing and Punishment (International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice & Penology)
1998978-1-84014-455-0Andreas Kinke · etc.Ethnic Conflicts and Civil Society: Proposals for a New Era in Eastern Europe
1999978-1-84014-460-4Heikki Eskelinen · Ilkka Liikanen · Jukka OksaCurtains of Iron and Gold: Reconstructing Borders and Scales of Interaction
2000978-1-84014-461-1Martin A. Smith · Graham TimminsBuilding a Bigger Europe: EU and NATO Enlargement in Comparative Perspective (Routledge Revivals)
2005978-1-84014-463-5Malcolm N. ShawTitle to Territory (The Library of Essays in International Law)
2000978-1-84014-466-6Professor Silvio Ferrari · Anthony BradneyIslam and European Legal Systems
1998978-1-84014-475-8Daniel DaianuTransformation of Economy as a Real Process: An Insider's Perspective
  ''978-1-84014-478-9Scott M. PeggInternational Society and the De Facto State (Routledge Revivals)
2000978-1-84014-484-0Eric HeinzeOf Innocence and Autonomy: Children, Sex and Human Rights (Programme on International Rights of the Child)
1999978-1-84014-487-1Aleksandar FaticReconciliation Via the War Crimes Tribunal?
  ''978-1-84014-490-1Patrick J. Roche · Brian BartonThe Northern Ireland Question: Nationalism, Unionism and Partition
1998978-1-84014-494-9Roger BullockChildren Returning Home: The Re-unification of Families (Dartington Social Research Series)
2009978-1-84014-495-6Laurence AlisonProfiling Violent Crime (Psychology, Crime and Law)
2000978-1-84014-497-0Laurence AlisonThe Social Psychology of Crime: Groups, Teams and Networks (Offender Profiling Series)
  ''978-1-84014-512-0Jonathan Friedlander · Richard E. Isralowitz · Ron KelleyTransitions: Russians, Ethiopians and Bedouins in the Negev (Research in Migration and Ethnic Relations Series)
1998978-1-84014-514-4Susan Senior Nello · Karen E. SmithThe European Union and Central and Eastern Europe: The Implications of Enlargement in Stages
1999978-1-84014-519-9Norman KreitmanThe Roots of Metaphor: Multidisciplinary Study in Aesthetics (Avebury Series in Philosophy)
  ''978-1-84014-524-3Ravi RatnayakeTrade and the Environment: A New Zealand Perspective
1998978-1-84014-544-1Ruwantissa I. R. AbeyratneAviation Security: Legal and Regulatory Aspects
1999978-1-84014-545-8Don HarrisEngineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics: Volume 4: Job Design, Product Design and Human-computer Interaction: Job Design, Product Design and ... Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics Series)
1999978-1-84014-546-5Don HarrisEngineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics: Volume 3: Transportation Systems, Medical Ergonomics and Training: Transportation Systems, Medical ... Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics Series)
  ''978-1-84014-606-6Janet ShirleyCrusader Syria in the Thirteenth Century: The Rothelin Continuation of the History of William of Tyre with Part of the Eracles or Acre Text: Rothelin ... of Tyre (Crusade Texts in Translation)
1998978-1-84014-614-1Emma Vincent MacleodA War of Ideas: British Attitudes to the Wars Against Revolutionary France, 1792-1802
2005978-1-84014-615-8Jeremy BarlowThe Enraged Musician: Hogarth's Musical Imagery
2003978-1-84014-618-9Paul F. CrawfordThe 'Templar of Tyre': Part III of the 'Deeds of the Cypriots': Templar of Tyre Pt.3 (Crusade Texts in Translation)
2005978-1-84014-619-6Inga BrydenReinventing King Arthur: The Arthurian Legends in Victorian Culture (The Nineteenth Century Series)
2009978-1-84014-621-9Walter SalmenDances and Dancing in Europe 1000-1600
1999978-1-84014-622-6M SimpsonThe Cunningham Papers: v.1: The Mediterranean Fleet, 1939-1942: Selections from Private and Official Correspondence of Admiral of the Fleet Viscount ... DSO and Two Bars Vol 1 (Navy Records Series)
2005978-1-84014-627-1Peter AllsopCavalier Giovanni Battista Buonamente: Franciscan Violinist
1998978-1-84014-630-1Michael North · David OrmrodArt Markets in Europe, 1400-1800
2000978-1-84014-635-6Joanna Cannon · Beth WilliamsonArt, Politics and Civic Religion in Central Italy, 1261-1352 (Courtauld Research Papers)
978-1-84014-637-0Sam DaviesCounty Borough Elections in England and Wales, 1919-1938: A Comparative Analysis: Volume 7: St Helens to Swansea
2001978-1-84014-639-4Clive EdwardsEncyclopedia of Furniture Materials, Trades and Techniques
1999978-1-84014-641-7Francis Ames-LewisSir Thomas Gresham and Gresham College: Studies in the Intellectual History of London in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: Studies in the ... History of London in the 16th-17th Centuries
2000978-1-84014-647-9Jane Beckett · etc.Blast: Vorticism, 1914-1918
2004978-1-84014-655-4David J. GolbyInstrumental Teaching in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain) (Routledge Library Editions: The Victorian World)
1999978-1-84014-667-7Rod W. AmblerThe History and Practice of Britain's Railways: A New Research Agenda (Business History Agenda)
1998978-1-84014-670-7Gill GregoryStudy on the Life and Poetry of Adelaide Procter: Poetry, Feminism and Fathers (The Nineteenth Century Series)
2000978-1-84014-671-4David A. CrossA Striking Likeness: The Life of George Romney
1998978-1-84014-676-9Peter W. EdburyThe Conquest of Jerusalem and the Third Crusade: Sources in Translation (Crusade Texts in Translation)
1999978-1-84014-686-8Lee MacCormick EdwardsHerkomer: A Victorian Artist
2000978-1-84014-690-5Colin TroddGoverning Cultures: Art Institutions in Victorian London
2003978-1-84014-694-3Christopher WalterThe Warrior Saints in Byzantine Art and Tradition
1999978-1-84014-695-0Laura CohnThe Door to a Secret Room: A Portrait of Wells Coates
2000978-1-84014-708-7Hellmut Wollmann · Eckhard SchroterComparing Public Sector Reform in Britain and Germany: Key Traditions and Trends of Modernisation
1999978-1-84014-712-4Michael D. FreemanFamily, State and Law: v. 1 & 2 (International Library of Essays in Law and Legal Theory)
2009978-1-84014-722-3Hamid Reza KushaIslam in American Prisons: Black Muslims' Challenge to American Penology (Law, Justice and Power)
1999978-1-84014-726-1Russell SmandychGovernable Places: Readings on Governmentality and Crime Control (Advances in Criminology)
  ''978-1-84014-739-1Mary BosworthEngendering Resistance: Agency and Power in Women's Prisons
2003978-1-84014-751-3Camille Bonora-WaismanFrance and the Algerian Conflict: Issues in Democracy and Political Stability, 1988-1995 (Leeds Studies in Democratization)
2005978-1-84014-754-4Michael FreemanChildren, Medicine and the Law (The International Library of Medicine, Ethics and Law)
2000978-1-84014-775-9Thomas MorawetzCriminal Law (The International Library of Essays in Law and Legal Theory: Second Series)
1999978-1-84014-779-7David Canter · Laurence AlisonProfiling in Policy and Practice (Offender Profiling Series)
  ''978-1-84014-782-7David V. Canter · Laurence J. AlisonProfiling in Policy and Practice (Offender Profiling Series)
2000978-1-84014-785-8David V. Canter · Laurence J. AlisonProfiling Property Crimes (Offender Profiling Series)
  ''978-1-84014-787-2   ''Profiling Property Crimes (Offender Profiling Series)
1999978-1-84014-797-1Dirk Van Zyl Smit · Frieder DuenkelPrison Labour: Salvation or Slavery? - International Perspectives (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
1998978-1-84014-817-6Philip R. De Jong · Theodore R. MarmorAgeing, Social Security and Affordability (International Studies on Social Security)
1999978-1-84014-828-2Thomas J. KellyThe Effects of Economic Adjustment on Poverty in Mexico
2002978-1-84014-860-2Manas Chatterji · Saul Arlosoroff · Gauri GuhaConflict Management of Water Resources (Contributions to Peace Economics & Peace Science)
1999978-1-84014-878-7Didier van de VeldeChanging Trains: Railway Reform and the Role of Competition - The Experience of Six Countries (Oxford Studies in Transport)
1999978-1-84014-887-9Peter Atteslander · etc. · Bettina Gransow · John WesternComparative Anomie Research
2000978-1-84014-894-7Amitrajeet A. BatabyalThe Economics of International Environmental Agreements (International Library of Environmental Economics & Policy)
1999978-1-84014-898-5Liza VertinskyA Law and Economics Approach to Criminal Gangs
2000978-1-84014-939-5Michael GossopLiving with Drugs
1999978-1-84014-940-1Marcus Y.L. ChiuSocial Evolution of Love: A Study of Mate Selection Among Psychiatric Sufferers
  ''978-1-84014-941-8Etienne Louis NelRegional and Local Economic Development in South Africa: The Experience of the Eastern Cape (Making of Modern Africa)
  ''978-1-84014-942-5Lena DommelliCommunity Approaches to Child Welfare: International Perspectives (CEDR (Centre for Evaluative Development Research) S.)
1998978-1-84014-948-7Daniel E. MaurinoBeyond Aviation Human Factors: Safety in High Technology Systems
1999978-1-84014-949-4George AgiomirgianakisThe Macroeconomics of Open Economies Under Labour Mobility
2000978-1-84014-950-0Liz Sperling · Mairead OwenWomen and Work: The Age of Post-feminism?
1999978-1-84014-951-7Stanziola JavierArts, Government and Community Revitalization
  ''978-1-84014-959-3Emilio C. VianoGlobal Organized Crime and International Security
  ''978-1-84014-960-9Edgar L. Feige · Katarina OttUnderground Economies in Transition: Unrecorded Activity, Tax Evasion, Corruption and Organized Crime
1999978-1-84014-966-1Mark W. Wiggins · Catherine StevensAviation Social Science: Research Methods in Practice (Studies in Aviation Psychology and Human Factors)
2000978-1-84014-967-8Brent J. Hayward · Andrew R. LoweAviation Resource Management: v. 1: Proceedings of the Fourth Australian Aviation Psychology Symposium
  ''978-1-84014-974-6Andrew R. Lowe · Brent J. HaywardAviation Resource Management: Volume 2 - Proceedings of the Fourth Australian Aviation Psychology Symposium: v. 2
1999978-1-84014-981-4Jan DejnozkaBertrand Russell on Modality and Logical Relevance (Avebury Series in Philosophy)
  ''978-1-84014-982-1Oz OzlemThe Competitive Advantage of Nations: The Case of Turkey
  ''978-1-84014-984-5Arja Jokinen · etc. · Kirsi Juhila · Tarja PosoConstructing Social Work Practices
  ''978-1-84014-994-4Norbert Vanhove · Leo H. KlaasenRegional Policy: A European Approach