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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-85742-009-8Colin Storey · Grace ChengData Research: A Guide for Librarians and Systems Managers (Library Systems S)
1992978-1-85742-049-4J.A. Swaffield · L.S. GalowinThe Engineered Design of Building Drainage Systems
  ''978-1-85742-064-7M.B. AbbottComputational Hydraulics: Elements of the Theory of Free Surface Flows
  ''978-1-85742-087-6Allan BrownGroupwork (Community care practice handbooks)
1993978-1-85742-090-6Professor Ross A. TelferAviation Instruction and Training
  ''978-1-85742-099-9David BrownGoldmine: Finding Free and Low Cost Resources for Teaching
1989978-1-85742-103-3Peter W.G. Newman · Jeffrey R. KenworthyCities and Automobile Dependence: A Sourcebook
1993978-1-85742-109-5Paul M. SatchellCockpit Monitoring and Alerting Systems
1982978-1-85742-114-9Gibson Burrell · Gareth MorganSociological Paradigms and Organisational Analysis
1999978-1-85742-115-6M. BurkeOrganization and Retrieval of Multimedia Information
1993978-1-85742-135-4Frank H. HawkinsHuman Factors in Flight
1987978-1-85742-138-5David HoweAn Introduction to Social Work Theory (Community Care Practice Handbooks)
1993978-1-85742-139-2Brian J. Taylor · Toni DevineAssessing Needs and Planning Care in Social Work
  ''978-1-85742-144-6Brian TaylorAssessing Needs and Planning Care in Social Work
2000978-1-85742-170-5Paul WillisLearning to Labour
2000978-1-85742-183-5Bleddyn DaviesCare Management, Equity and Efficiency: The International Experience in the Care of Frail Elderlypersons (In Association with PSSRU (Personal Social Services Research Unit))
1994978-1-85742-192-7Mary RyanThe Children Act, 1989: Putting it into Practice
  ''978-1-85742-203-0David MooreThe Lads in Action: Ethnicity, Identity and Social Process Amongst Australian Skinheads (Popular Cultural Studies)
1999978-1-85742-209-2David T. EvansPhantasmagoria: Sociology of Opera (Popular Cultural Studies)
1995978-1-85742-212-2Richard HaynesThe Football Imagination: Rise of Football Fanzine Culture (Popular Cultural Studies)
1994978-1-85742-220-7John WilliamsGames Without Frontiers: Football, Identity and Modernity (Popular Cultural Studies)
1995978-1-85742-221-4Jennifer DenshamDeafness, Children and the Family: A Guide to Professional Practice
1998978-1-85742-242-9Hillegonda C. RietveldThis is Our House: House Music, Cultural Spaces and Technologies (Popular Cultural Studies)
1996978-1-85742-300-6Professor Martin CloonanBanned!: Censorship of Popular Music in Britain, 1967-92 (Popular Cultural Studies)
  ''978-1-85742-302-0Susan ForemanConsumer Monitor 2: An Annotated Bibliography of British Government and Other Official Publications Relating to Consumer Interests
1995978-1-85742-316-7Professor Michael Little · Siobhan KellyA Life without Problems?: Achievements of a Therapeutic Community
1991978-1-85742-319-8Donald A. SchonThe Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Action (Arena)
1996978-1-85742-321-1Nick GouldReflective Learning for Social Work
  ''978-1-85742-327-3Mark Doel · Steven Shardlow · David SawdonTeaching Social Work Practice: A Programme of Exercises and Activities Towards the Practice Teaching Award
  ''978-1-85742-332-7Justin O'Connor · Derek WynneFrom the Margins to the Centre: Cultural Production and Consumption in the Post-industrial City (Popular Culture S.)
1996978-1-85742-344-0Graeme K. TalboysUsing Museums as an Educational Resource
1997978-1-85742-356-3Helen L. Westcott · Jocelyn JonesPerspectives on the Memorandum
1998978-1-85742-388-4David Robinson · Val ReedA-Z of Social Research Jargon
1999978-1-85742-389-1Karen LyonsInternational Social Work: Themes and Perspectives
1998978-1-85742-390-7Gleghorn CohenSocial Work Practice and Learng Disability
  ''978-1-85742-434-8Karl KnutssonChildren: Noble Causes or Worthy Citizens?
  ''978-1-85742-435-5June KaneSold for Sex (Unicef)
  ''978-1-85742-436-2Bogdan LesnikCountering Discrimination in Social Work (International Perspectives in Social Work)
1999978-1-85742-437-9Mavis Sharp · Hazel DanburyThe Management of Failing DipSW Students: Activities and Exercises to Prepare Practice Teachers for Work with Failing Students