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Allies and Adversaries
978-1-59307-466-12006Ron Marz
Mass Effect, Bd. 4: Heimatwelt
978-3-86201-557-32013Marc Walters · Omar Francia · Eduardo Francisco · Chris Staggs · Garry Brown
Mass Effect - Homeworlds 978-2-7560-4200-82014Marc Walters
Mass Effect Library Edition Volume 1
978-1-61655-111-72013Mac Walters · John Jackson Miller · Patrick Weekes · John Dombrow
Mass Effect Omnibus Volume 2
978-1-5067-0277-32017Mac Walters
Mass Effect Volume 4: Homeworlds
978-1-59582-955-92012Mac Walters · Patrick Weekes · John Dombrow · Sylvia Feketekuty
Music Minus One Flute: Flute & Guitar Duets, Vol. I
Playford's Dancing Master:
R.I.P.D.: City of the Damned
978-1-61655-113-12013Peter Lenkov
Star Wars Adventures: Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear
Star Wars Adventures : Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear
Star Wars: Adventures - Han Solo And The Hollow Moon Of Khorya
Star Wars Adventures: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya v. 1
Star Wars Adventures: Princess Leia And The Royal Ransom
Star Wars Adventures : Princess Leia and the Royal Ransom
978-1-84576-955-02009Carlo Soriano
Star Wars: Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju: The Clone Wars
Star Wars - Empire: The Imperial Perspective v. 3
978-1-84023-933-12004Welles Hartley · Paul Alden · Ron Marz
Star Wars:Empire Vol 5- Allies and Adversaries: Allies and Adversaries v. 5
978-1-84576-272-82006Ron Marz · Brandon Bardeaux
Star Wars Omnibus 2: At War With the Empire
978-1-59582-777-72011Thomas Andrews · Brandon Badeaux · Others
Star Wars Omnibus: Adventures
978-1-61655-250-32014Chris Cerasi · Tom Taylor
Star Wars Omnibus: At War With the Empire Vol. 1
978-1-59582-699-22011Scott Allie · Randy Stradley · Various
Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars Volume 2 - The Enemy on All Sides
978-1-59582-958-02012John Ostrander · Haden Blackman · Chuck Dixon
Star Wars Omnibus: The Other Sons of Tatooine
978-1-59582-866-82012Mike W. Barr · Paul Chadwick · Michael A. Stackpole · Welles Hartley · Rob Williams
Star Wars: Rebellion: Small Victories v. 3
978-1-84576-987-12008Colin Wilson
Star Wars Rébellion, Tome 6: Petites victoires 978-2-7560-1718-12009
Star Wars Rebellion Volume 3: Small Victories
Star Wars, Sonderband 23: Die Klonkriege V - Auf Messers Schneide
978-3-8332-1078-52004Haden W. Blackman · John Ostrander
Star Wars - The Clone Wars Aventures T04 - Le colosse de Simocadia 978-2-7560-1937-62010Shawn Fillbach · Matt Fillbach
Star Wars - The Clone Wars Aventures T05 - L'étreinte de Shon-Ju 978-2-7560-2494-32011Brian Koschak
Star Wars: The Clone Wars : Bd. 6: Schlacht um Khorm
978-3-86201-388-32012Matt und Shawn Fillbach
Star Wars - The Clone Wars: Best Blades: The Clone Wars - The Best Blades
978-1-84023-903-42004John Ostrander · Haden Blackman · Tomas Giorello
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju
978-1-59582-545-22010Ronda Pattison · Brian Koschak
Star Wars - The Clone Wars Enemy Within
978-1-78116-171-52012Brian Koschak
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Colossus of Destiny
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Enemy Within
Supersized: Strange Tales from a Fast-Food Culture
978-1-59582-511-72011Morgan Spurlock
The Best Blades
978-1-59307-273-52004John Ostrander · Tomas Giorello · Hayden Blackman
The Enraged Musician: Hogarth's Musical Imagery
The Imperial Perspective
978-1-59307-128-82004Welles Hartley · Paul Alden

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