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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-1-78262-004-4Adriana FarahCoffee: Production, Quality and Chemistry
2015978-1-78262-023-5Robert R Mather · Roger H WardmanThe Chemistry of Textile Fibres
  ''978-1-78262-026-6Albert Wong · Amy Ramsey · David E. Thurston · John C. Roder · Peter Gebicke-Haerter · Raul Gainetdinov · Tatiana V. LipinaDrug Discovery for Schizophrenia
  ''978-1-78262-030-3Stefan Braese · David Thurston · Dorota Jakubczyk · Roland Pfau · Arantxa Encinas · Esther Rosch · Carmen Gil · Kye MastersPrivileged Scaffolds in Medicinal Chemistry: Design, Synthesis, Evaluation (Drug Discovery)
2020978-1-78262-045-7John DobsonLondon Dispersion Forces in Molecules, Solids and Nano-structures: An Introduction to Physical Models and Computational Methods (Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series)
2015978-1-78262-046-4David Thurston · James Adams · Joseph Cornicelli · Philip Peplow · Rhian M. Touyz · Theodore Kotchen · Tim YoungCardiovascular and Metabolic Disease: Scientific Discoveries and New Therapies (Drug Discovery)
  ''978-1-78262-047-1David A. Williams · C. Cecchi-PestelliniThe Chemistry of Cosmic Dust
2014978-1-78262-048-8Royal Society of ChemistryOrganic Photonics and Electronics (Faraday Discussions)
2015978-1-78262-051-8Simon GaisfordPrinciples of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
  ''978-1-78262-059-4Maxim Ryadnov · Ferenc HudeczAmino Acids, Peptides and Proteins: Volume 40 (Specialist Periodical Reports)
2015978-1-78262-062-4SchneiderChemoresponsive Materials: Stimulation by Chemical and Biological Signals (Rsc Smart Materials) (Smart Materials Series)
2016978-1-78262-064-8C. David Garner · Peter Nielsen · Philip Blower · Robert Crichton · Robert Hider · Robert R. Crichton · Roberta J. WardMetal Chelation in Medicine (Metallobiology)
2018978-1-78262-066-2Tim MarrsRegulatory Toxicology in the European Union (Issues in Toxicology)
2016978-1-78262-069-3Glynis Nicholls · Kuresh YoudimDrug Transporters: Role and Importance in ADME and Drug Development Volume 1 (Drug Discovery)
2018978-1-78262-071-6Duarte-Davidson · Gaulton · WykeChemical Health Threats: Assessing and Alerting (Issues in Toxicology Series)
2014978-1-78262-074-7Royal Society of ChemistryTop Trumps Chemistry
2015978-1-78262-077-8Mohsen ShahinpoorIonic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMCs): Smart Multi-Functional Materials and Artificial Muscles (Smart Materials Series) (Rsc Smart Materials)
2014978-1-78262-078-5Royal Society of ChemistryNanomaterials Set
  ''978-1-78262-079-2   ''Nanomaterial Synthesis and Characterization Set
  ''978-1-78262-081-5   ''Neuroscience Set
  ''978-1-78262-082-2   ''Applications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Set
2017978-1-78262-084-6Lara MarksEngineering Health: How Biotechnology Changed Medicine
2014978-1-78262-092-1Royal Society of ChemistryDrug Safety & Efficacy Set
2015978-1-78262-093-8Steven Howard · Chris Abell · David Thurston · Harren Jhoti · Martin Drysdale · Daniel A. Erlanson · Tony Giannetti · Isabelle KrimmFragment-Based Drug Discovery (RSC Drug Discovery)
2014978-1-78262-095-2Royal Society of ChemistryProteins & Drug Discovery Set
2016978-1-78262-096-9Tanner HollandSolid Rocket Propellants: Science and Technology Challenges
  ''978-1-78262-097-6Blaszykows ThompsonBiological Fluid-surface Interactions in Detection and Medical Devices (Rsc Detection Science)
2019978-1-78262-105-8Adriana FarahCoffee
2016978-1-78262-107-2Murphy, Murphy HathawayCompendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences: Recommendations 2016
2014978-1-78262-112-6David SegalExploring Materials Through Patent Information
2015978-1-78262-115-7Michael Springborg · Jan-Ole JoswigChemical Modelling: Volume 12 (Specialist Periodical Reports)
2015978-1-78262-116-4Wen-Chang ChenElectrical Memory Materials and Devices (Polymer Chemistry Series)
2018978-1-78262-123-2Emily GoldenDrinking Water Safety and Contamination: Methods to Assess Health Risks (Issues in Toxicology)
2015978-1-78262-125-6Elisa Fasani · Angelo AlbiniPhotochemistry (Specialist Periodical Reports)
2016978-1-78262-134-8Tom HusbandThe Chemistry of Human Nature
2017978-1-78262-142-3Raymond HillPharmacology for Chemists: Drug Discovery in Context
2018978-1-78262-145-4Thurston RahmanSmall-Molecule Transcription Factor Inhibitors in Oncology (Rsc Drug Discovery)
2017978-1-78262-146-1Yoan C. Simon · Stephen L. CraigMechanochemistry in Materials (Polymer Chemistry Series)
2016978-1-78262-154-6Robin H. A. RasNon-Wettable Surfaces: Theory, Preparation and Applications (Soft Matter Series)
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2017978-1-78262-157-7Kim WolffDetection of Drug Misuse: Biomarkers, Analytical Advances and Interpretation
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2016978-1-78262-161-4Alexander A. Marchione · Cynthia Jameson · Karol Jackowski · Michal Jaszunski · Roderick E. Wasylishen · William Price · Wlodzimierz MakulskiGas Phase NMR (New Developments in NMR)
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  ''978-1-78262-167-6Laura BowaterThe Microbes Fight Back: Antibiotic Resistance
2017978-1-78262-171-3Qasim Chaudhry · Laurence Castle · Richard Watkins · Paul O'BrienNanotechnologies in Food (Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Series)
2017978-1-78262-188-1Rodrigo FrancoOxidative Stress and Redox Signalling in Parkinson's Disease (Issues in Toxicology)
2016978-1-78262-190-4NewtonDiffusion NMR of Confined Systems: Fluid Transport in Porous Solids and Heterogeneous Materials (New Developments in NMR)
978-1-78262-238-3Manganese in Health and Disease
2016978-1-78262-287-1Diana Anderson · Alok DhawanThe Comet Assay in Toxicology (Issues in Toxicology)
  ''978-1-78262-293-2Enrico Da Como · Henry Snaith · Filippo De Angelis · Alison Walker · Laurie Peter · Juan Bisquert · Pablo Docampo · Nam-Gyu ParkUnconventional Thin Film Photovoltaics (Energy and Environment Series)
  ''978-1-78262-295-6Xian Jun LohPolymers for Personal Care Products and Cosmetics (Polymer Chemistry Series)
2019978-1-78262-297-0Stephen FaulknerSupramolecular Chemistry in Biomedical Imaging (Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry)
  ''978-1-78262-298-7Neagu · RicharzBig Data in Predictive Toxicology (Issues in Toxicology)
2017978-1-78262-310-6Koichi KatoNMR in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology (New Developments in NMR)
2016978-1-78262-313-7HartingsChemistry in Your Kitchen
  ''978-1-78262-314-4Reimer CullenArsenic is Everywhere: Cause for Concern?
2016978-1-78262-319-9Fan ZhangNear-Infrared Nanomaterials: Preparation, Bioimaging and Therapy Applications (Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Series)
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2016978-1-78262-358-8SimonsConcepts of Chemical Engineering for Chemists 2nd edition
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2016978-1-78262-426-4Fouassier LaleveeArchaeological Chemistry
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2019978-1-78262-460-8Keith S TaberThe Nature of the Chemical Concept: Re-constructing Chemical Knowledge in Teaching and Learning (Advances in Chemistry Education Series)
2016978-1-78262-461-5Royal Society of ChemistrySingle-Molecule Microscopy and Spectroscopy (Faraday Discussions)
  ''978-1-78262-463-9   ''Supramolecular Photochemistry (Faraday Discussions)
2016978-1-78262-464-6EmsleySmart Materials for Tissue Engineering: Fundamental Principles (Smart Materials Series)
2017978-1-78262-465-3Changzheng WuInorganic Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials: Fundamental Understanding, Characterizations and Energy Applications (Smart Materials Series)
2016978-1-78262-471-4EverettHigh Throughput Screening Methods: Evolution and Refinement (Chemical Biology)
2020978-1-78262-472-1Stephen Barton · Allan Eastham · Amanda Isom · Denise Mclaverty · Yi Ling SoongDiscovering Cosmetic Science
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2020978-1-78262-517-9Ian Hornsey · Christopher HaymanDistilling
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2016978-1-78262-526-1Michael BergerNanotechnology: The Future is Tiny
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2018978-1-78262-539-1Darcy BurnsOptimizing NMR Methods for Structure Elucidation: Characterizing Natural Products and Other Organic Compounds (New Developments in NMR)
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2018978-1-78262-555-1Harry A. AtwaterIntegrated Solar Fuel Generators (Energy and Environment Series)
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978-1-78262-694-7Supramolecular Materials for Opto-Electronics
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2017978-1-78262-788-3Stefan H. BossmannMagnetic Nanomaterials: Applications in Catalysis and Life Sciences (Smart Materials Series)
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