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2017978-1-78801-017-7Luis Rivas · Carmen Gil · David Thurston · Ana Martinez · Bernard Pecoul · Jorge Alvar · Charles Mowdray · Fabiana AlvesDrug Discovery for Leishmaniasis
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2017978-1-78801-048-1Ajeet K Kaushik · Anujit Ghosal · Arti Vashist · Eram Sharmin · Hans-Jorg Schneider · Madhavan Nair · Sharif AhmadNanogels for Biomedical Applications (Smart Materials Series)
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  ''978-1-78801-090-0Royal Society of ChemistryEnergy Storage and Conversion Materials (Inorganic Materials Series)
2019978-1-78801-093-1Paul Garside · Emma RichardsonConservation Science: Heritage Materials
2018978-1-78801-094-8Lars OEhrstroem · Jacques CovesThe Rhubarb Connection and Other Revelations: The Everyday World of Metal Ions
2017978-1-78801-103-7John EmsleyMore Molecules of Murder
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2017978-1-78801-116-7John EmsleyMolecules of Murder Set
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2019978-1-78801-137-2Glenn TaylorThe Horse Who Came to Dinner: The First Criminal Case of Food Fraud
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2020978-1-78801-187-7Protein-Protein Interaction Regulators
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