Michael Leek

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titleISBN-13year of publication
Encyclopedia of Airbrushing Techniques978-0-7472-0157-11989
Military Low-Flying in the UK: The Skill of Pilots and Photographers978-1-84884-223-62011
The British Aerospace Harrier - A Photographic Tribute978-1-78159-293-92015
The Encyclopedia of Airbrush Techniques978-1-56138-353-51995
The New Encyclopedia of Airbrush Techniques978-0-85532-986-02001
The New Encyclopedia of Airbrush Techniques978-0-7472-7805-41995
The Panavia Tornado - A Photographic Tribute978-1-78159-297-72015
United States Coast Guard Barque Eagle978-1-320-87459-52014

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