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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1997978-1-57524-013-8John B. HattendorfMaritime History (Open Forum Ser)(2 Volume Set)
2000978-1-57524-014-5Friedrich-Wilhelm Henkel · Wolfgang Schmidt · Michael Knothig · Klaus Liebel · Roland ZobelAmphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar, the Mascarene, the Seychelles, and the Comoro Islands
1999978-1-57524-018-3Peter KlaasTarantulas in the Vivarium: Habits, Husbandry, and Breeding
  ''978-1-57524-021-3James B. Gardner · Peter S. LapagliaPublic History: Essays from the Field (Public History Series)
2006978-1-57524-025-1Karen J. BlairJoining In: Exploring the History of Voluntary Organizations
  ''978-1-57524-037-4Friedrich-Wilhelm Henkel · A.C. HighfieldPocket Guide to Photographing Amphibians and Reptiles: Field and Laboratory Techniques for the Herpetologist
2003978-1-57524-038-1Robert W. HendersonNeotropical Treeboa's: Natural History of the Common Corallus Hortulanus Complex: Natural History of the Corallus Hortulanus Complex
1998978-1-57524-041-1George H. DouglasPostwar America: 1948 And the Incubation of Our Times
2004978-1-57524-045-9Ursula Friederich · Werner VollandBreeding Food Animals LIve Food for Vivarium Animals: 63 Black-and White photographs and drawings
  ''978-1-57524-052-7Teofilo F. RuizMedieval Spain, 711-1492
1999978-1-57524-055-8Glenn R. Young · Edwin Eric WagnerThe Hand Test: Advances in Application and Research
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2000978-1-57524-074-9Juanita Johnson-BaileySistahs in College: Making a Way Out of No Way
2004978-1-57524-085-5Richard C., Ph.D. GorisGuide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Japan
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2002978-1-57524-091-6Christel KasselmannAquarium Plants
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2005978-1-57524-094-7Paul A. CimbalaThe Freedmen's Bureau: Reconstructing the American South After the Civil War (Anvil Series) (Anvil Series (Huntington, N.Y.).)
1998978-1-57524-095-4Peter IflandTaking the Stars: Celestial Navigation from Argonauts to Astronauts
1999978-1-57524-097-8Lisa Baumgartner · Sharan B. MerriamAdult Learning and Development: Multicultural Stories
2003978-1-57524-101-2Frank J. CoppaThe Papacy Confronts the Modern World (Anvil Series (Malabar, Fla.).)
2000978-1-57524-104-3Lisa Baumgartner · Sharan B. MerriamAdult Learning and Development: Multicultural Stories
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2001978-1-57524-125-8John E. Meeks · William BernetThe Fragile Alliance: An Orientation to Psychotherapy of the Adolescent
  ''978-1-57524-126-5John E. Meeks · William BernetThe Fragile Alliance: An Orientation to Psychotherapy of the Adolescent
1999978-1-57524-136-4Roger Martin · Kathrine HandasydeThe Koala: Natural History, Conservation and Management
  ''978-1-57524-137-1Petr NecasChameleons: Nature's Hidden Jewels
2004978-1-57524-138-8Ludwig TrutnauVenomous Snakes: Snakes in the Terrarium (Vol 2)
2001978-1-57524-139-5Howard MeredithA Short History of the Native Americans in the United States (Anvil Series)
2000978-1-57524-140-1David Seamon · Robert MugerauerDwelling, Place & Environment: Towards a Phenomenology of Person and World
  ''978-1-57524-142-5Sharan B Merriam · Sharen B MerriamA Guide to Research for Educators and Trainers of Adults
  ''978-1-57524-145-6John W. MoyerPractical Taxidermy
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2003978-1-57524-181-4Edward L. Perry · John V. Dennis · Cathie KatzSea-Beans from the Tropics: A Collector's Guide to Sea-Beans and Other Tropical Drift on Atlantic Shores
2003978-1-57524-182-1Robert D. BlevinsApplied Fluid Dynamics Handbook
2001978-1-57524-183-8Robert D. BlevinsFlow-Induced Vibration
  ''978-1-57524-184-5   ''Formulas for Natural Frequency and Mode Shape
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2003978-1-57524-196-8Tara J. FenwickLearning Through Experience: Troubling Orthodoxies and Intersecting Questions (The Professional Practices in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Series)
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