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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-89464-000-1Joseph A. Angelo · David BudenSpace Nuclear Power (Orbit, a foundation series)
1987978-0-89464-011-7John AllenSpace biospheres (Orbit, a foundation series)
1991978-0-89464-014-8B. J. BluthDesigning for Human Performances in Space
2014978-0-89464-025-4Gordon R. WoodcockSpace Exploration: Missions Engineering (Orbit)
1991978-0-89464-031-5Vladimir A. ChobotovSpacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control (Orbit, a Foundation Series)
1993978-0-89464-036-0Ross E. Dueber · Darren S. McKnightChemical Principles Applied to Spacecraft Operations (Orbit, a Foundation Series)
  ''978-0-89464-039-1Ron MillerThe Dream Machines: An Illustrated History of the Spaceship in Art, Science and Literature
1991978-0-89464-040-7Leo F. McNamaraThe Ionosphere: Communications, Surveillance, and Direction Finding (Orbit: A Foundation Series)
1994978-0-89464-044-5Thomas F. TascioneIntroduction to the Space Environment (Orbit, a Foundation Series)
1997978-0-89464-051-3Heinz OserFundamentals of Space Life Sciences (2 volume set) (Orbit Series Book)
2007978-0-89464-052-0Robert J. DellacameraSpace Logistics (Orbit)
  ''978-0-89464-061-2Albert C. MarshallSpace Nuclear Safety (Orbit a Foundation)
1998978-0-89464-062-9Joan Johnson-FreeseThe Chinese Space Program: A Mystery Within a Maze (Orbit: A Foundation Series)
2001978-0-89464-066-7Thomas DamonIntroduction to Space: The Science of Spaceflight (Orbit, a Foundation Series)
2011978-0-89464-068-1Thomas D. DamonIntroduction to Space: The Science of Spaceflight (Orbit A Foundation Series)
1987978-0-89464-214-2Bailey W. DiffieA History of Colonial Brazil, 1500-1792
1990978-0-89464-223-4Nora LevinHolocaust Years: The Nazi Destruction of European Jewry, 1933-1945 (Anvil Series)
1991978-0-89464-224-1Stanley JablonskiJablonski's Dictionary of Syndromes and Eponymic Diseases
1987978-0-89464-243-2William Walter HayIntroduction to Transport Engineering
1990978-0-89464-244-9Kenneth SteiglitzAn Introduction to Discrete Systems
1989978-0-89464-268-5Gerhard HerzbergMolecular Spectra and Molecular Structure: Spectra of Diatomic Molecules
1991978-0-89464-269-2Gerhard HerzbergMolecular Spectra and Molecular Structure: Infrared and Raman of Polyatomic Molecules
  ''978-0-89464-270-8   ''Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure: Electronic Spectra and Electronic Structure of Polyatomic Molecules
1988978-0-89464-272-2Louis M. HermanCetacean Behavior: Mechanisms and Functions
1994978-0-89464-297-5Robert H. WalkerEveryday Life in Victorian America 1865-1900
1989978-0-89464-305-7Dietrich MarcuseLight Transmission Optics
1991978-0-89464-310-1Fredric L. FryeBiomedical and Surgical Aspects of Captive Reptile Husbandry - 2Vol. Set
1990978-0-89464-323-1R. M. Warner · B. L. GrungTransistors: Fundamentals for the Integrated-Circuit Engineer
  ''978-0-89464-349-1Hiroyuki TadokoroStructure of Crystalline Polymers
1989978-0-89464-364-4Henry L. LanghaarEnergy Methods in Applied Mechanics
1994978-0-89464-369-9Elcha Shain BuckmanThe Handbook of Humor: Clinical Applications in Psychotherapy
1989978-0-89464-401-6Gordon N. EllisonThermal Computations for Electronic Equipment
1988978-0-89464-404-7Francis Laurence LaqueMarine Corrosion: Causes and Prevention
1992978-0-89464-427-6Alexander T. Wells · Bruce D. ChadbourneIntroduction to Aviation Insurance and Risk Management
1991978-0-89464-435-1Steve GrenardHandbook of Alligators and Crocodiles
1993978-0-89464-436-8John Philip McKelveySolid State Physics for Engineering and Materials Science
1991978-0-89464-437-5Merel J. CoxSnakes of Thailand and Their Husbandry
1990978-0-89464-490-0B. A. AuldAcoustic Fields and Waves in Solids, 2 Vol. Set
1991978-0-89464-503-7Henry H. BednarPressure Vessel Design Handbook
1991978-0-89464-517-4William Wesley EckenfelderPrinciples of Water Quality Management
  ''978-0-89464-545-7James MacGregor ApplePlant Layout and Material Handling
  ''978-0-89464-550-1Joseph A. MeluskyThe Constitution: Our Written Legacy
  ''978-0-89464-562-4William A. NeeseAircraft Hydraulic Systems
1993978-0-89464-573-0William A. RossiThe Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe
1991978-0-89464-576-1Joseph G. EckerIntroduction to Operations Research
1994978-0-89464-586-0J. D. BrittonHistory Outreach: Programs for Museums, Historical Organizations, and Academic History Departments
  ''978-0-89464-588-4Ralph C. G. Haas · W. Ronald Hudson · John P. ZaniewskiModern Pavement Management
1994978-0-89464-599-0John E. MillerThe Reciprocating Pump: Theory, Design, and Use
1992978-0-89464-612-6Walter HartThe Airport Passenger Terminal (Professional Practices)
  ''978-0-89464-617-1John Price Hirth · Jens LotheTheory of Dislocations
  ''978-0-89464-619-5Raymond M. MeasuresLaser Remote Sensing: Fundamentals and Applications
1991978-0-89464-625-6Andrzej Ziabicki · Hiromichi KawaiHigh-Speed Fiber Spinning: Science and Engineering Aspects
  ''978-0-89464-632-4K. R. GoodearlVon Neumann Regular Rings
1992978-0-89464-633-1Jennifer MarxPirates and Privateers of the Caribbean
1994978-0-89464-637-9Thomas R. CuthbertCircuit Design Using Personal Computers
1992978-0-89464-640-9Chi U. IkokuNatural Gas Reservoir Engineering
  ''978-0-89464-647-8Frank A. KafkerNapoleon and His Times: Selected Interpretations
1992978-0-89464-653-9Makoto OmoriMethods in Marine Zooplankton Ecology
1991978-0-89464-661-4Jonas A. ZukasImpact Dynamics
1992978-0-89464-687-4John J. JohnsonSimon Bolivar and Spanish American Independence, 1783-1830 (The Anvil Series)
1993978-0-89464-689-8Thomas C. ThorstensenPractical Leather Technology
1992978-0-89464-690-4Jonas A. Zukas · Theodore NicholasImpact Dynamics
1993978-0-89464-723-9A. J. · Stepanoff · Ph.D.Centrifugal and Axial Flow Pumps: Theory, Design, and Application
1992978-0-89464-724-6James Bao-Yen TsuiMicrowave Receivers With Electronic Warfare Applications
1994978-0-89464-727-7Roger D. LauniusNASA: A History of the U.S. Civil Space Program (An Anvil Original)
1992978-0-89464-732-1Weld Coxe · Nina F. Hartung · Hugh Hochberg · Brian J. Lewis · David H. Maister · Robert F. Mattox · Peter A. PivenSuccess Strategies for Design Professionals: Super Positioning for Architecture and Engineering Firms
1994978-0-89464-763-5Robert D. Richtmyer · K. W. MortonDifference Methods for Initial-Value Problems
1998978-0-89464-767-3Peter S. CooksonProgram Planning for the Training and Continuing Education of Adults: North American Perspectives
1995978-0-89464-768-0Lester R. MoskowitzPermanent Magnet Design and Application Handbook
1992978-0-89464-782-6John L. VankatThe Natural Vegetation of North America: An Introduction
1993978-0-89464-784-0Michael LangenbachCurriculum Models in Adult Education
1992978-0-89464-785-7Stephen WhitakerIntroduction to Fluid Mechanics
  ''978-0-89464-789-5Gerhard HerzbergMolecular Spectra and Molecular Structure (3 Volume Set)
1993978-0-89464-802-1Larry G. JamesPrinciples of Farm Irrigation System Design
1994978-0-89464-804-5Leo F. McNamaraRadio Amateurs Guide to the Ionosphere
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1995978-0-89464-887-8Sharan B. MerriamSelected Writings on Philosophy and Adult Education
1999978-0-89464-890-8Keith EubankThe Missile Crisis in Cuba (The Anvil)
1996978-0-89464-891-5R. Douglas HurtAmerican Farms: Exploring Their History (Exploring Community History Series)
1997978-0-89464-896-0Paula Sutter FichtnerThe Habsburg Empire: From Dynasticism to Multinationalism (Anvil Series)
1998978-0-89464-911-0A. B. AssensohAfrican Political Leadership: Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah, and Julius K. Nyerere
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1997978-0-89464-921-9David FogelCaptive Husbandry and Propagation of the Boa Constrictors and Related Boas
2001978-0-89464-931-8Carl KauffeldSnakes and Snake Hunting
1996978-0-89464-933-2Susan M. BarnardReptile Keeper's Handbook
1998978-0-89464-937-0Daniel D. PrattFive Perspectives on Teaching in Adult and Higher Education
2006978-0-89464-952-3Muhammad Sharif KhanThe Amphibians and Reptiles of Pakistan
1997978-0-89464-961-5Nancy F. Gadbow · David A. Du BoisAdult Learners With Special Needs: Strategies and Resources for Postsecondary Education and Workplace Training (Professional Practices in Adult Education and Human Resource Development Series)
  ''978-0-89464-971-4John C. MurphyAmphibians and Reptiles of Trinidad and Tobago
1996978-0-89464-975-2Peter J. Stafford · Robert W. HendersonKaleidoscopic Tree Boas: The Genus Corallus of Tropical America
  ''978-0-89464-976-9Priyanthy WeerasekeraMultiperspective Case Formulation: A Step Towards Treatment Integration
2002978-0-89464-979-0Huey B. LongTeaching for Learning (Professional Practice Series)
1996978-0-89464-980-6Ernst StuhlingerWernher Von Braun: Crusader for Space, Combined Edition
1997978-0-89464-985-1Alfred Sherwood RomerThe Osteology of the Reptiles
2004978-0-89464-993-6Ralph G. Brockett · Roger HiemstraToward Ethical Practice (Professional Practices in Adult Education and Human Resource Development)
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1998978-0-89464-996-7Henry S. FitchA Kansas Snake Community: Composition and Changes over 50 Years
1996978-0-89464-999-8Marc MappenWitches & Historians: Interpretations of Salem