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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-89874-011-0Jack K. HaleOrdinary Differential Equations
1979978-0-89874-045-5Elliott M. Avedon · Brian Sutton-SmithThe Study of Games
1980978-0-89874-113-1K. KaramchetiPrinciples of Ideal-Fluid Aerodynamics
1984978-0-89874-119-3Bruce M. StaveUrban Bosses, Machines and Progressive Reformers
1981978-0-89874-193-3Taqdir HusainIntroduction to topological groups
  ''978-0-89874-217-6Daniel SwernOrganic Peroxides
1983978-0-89874-304-3Krzysztof BeinkiewiczPhysical Chemistry of Leather Making (English and Polish Edition)
1981978-0-89874-318-0Hermann SchmidDecimal Computation.
  ''978-0-89874-358-6Athanasios PapoulisSystems and Transforms With Applications in Optics
  ''978-0-89874-369-2Steven T. RossEuropean Diplomatic History, 1789-1815: France Against Europe
1982978-0-89874-402-6Samuel C FlormanEngineering and the liberal arts: A technologist's guide to history, literature, philosophy, art, and music
  ''978-0-89874-446-0P. O FangerThermal comfort: Analysis and applications in environmental engineering
1982978-0-89874-464-4Paul M KennedyThe rise and fall of British naval mastery
1983978-0-89874-472-9Hans L. TrefousseCauses of the Civil War: Institutional Failure or Human Blunder (American problem studies)
1982978-0-89874-479-8Hans KohnNationalism Its Meaning and History (The Anvil Series)
  ''978-0-89874-480-4Leslie DerflerThird French Republic (The Anvil series)
1985978-0-89874-483-5Hai Hung ChiangElectronics for Nuclear Instrumentation: Theory and Application
1982978-0-89874-529-0Stephen H. CrandallDynamics of Mechanical and Electromechanical Systems
  ''978-0-89874-551-1George F. SimmonsIntroduction to Topology and Modern Analysis
  ''978-0-89874-557-3Kent Roberts GreenfieldAmerican Strategy in World War II: A Reconsideration
1983978-0-89874-566-5Ascher H. ShapiroThe Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Fluid Flow, Vol. 2
1984978-0-89874-573-3Edward RosenCopernicus and the Scientific Revolution (Anvil series)
1983978-0-89874-621-1S. TimoshenkoStrength of Materials, Part 1 and Part 2
  ''978-0-89874-626-6George William BennettManagement of Lakes and Ponds
1984978-0-89874-648-8Donald BreckZeolite Molecular Sieves: Structure, Chemistry, and Use
1984978-0-89874-676-1Peter HenriciElements of numerical analysis
1987978-0-89874-685-3Bailey W. DiffieA History of Colonial Brazil, 1500-1792 With Map Insert
1984978-0-89874-697-6Kay CorinthFashion Showmanship: Everything You Need to Know to Give a Fashion Show
  ''978-0-89874-718-8Leo GershoyThe Era of the French Revolution, 1789-1799: Ten Years That Shook the World (The Anvil series)
  ''978-0-89874-735-5Roland Herbert BaintonEarly Christianity (The Anvil series)
1983978-0-89874-736-2Roland Herbert BaintonAge of the Reformation
1984978-0-89874-755-3Earl A. Coddington · Norman LevinsonTheory of Ordinary Differential Equations
1985978-0-89874-799-7Ralph Gun Hoy SiuThe Craft of Power
1986978-0-89874-807-9E. B. Lee · L. MarkusFoundations of Optimal Control Theory
1987978-0-89874-824-6Kenneth S. Miller · Donald M. LeskiwAn Introduction to Kalman Filtering With Applications
  ''978-0-89874-833-8John E. SavageThe Complexity of Computing
1986978-0-89874-845-1Roger T. StevensOperational Test and Evaluation: A Systems Engineering Process
1987978-0-89874-865-9Richard A. BakerThe Senate of the United States: A Bicentennial History (The Anvil series)
1990978-0-89874-883-3Martin L. ShoomanProbabilistic Reliability: An Engineering Approach
1986978-0-89874-902-1Forrest McDonald · Ellen S. McDonaldA Constitutional History of the United States
1987978-0-89874-939-7William Antony S. SarjeantGeologists and the History of Geology: An International Bibliography from the Origins to 1978: Supplement, 1979-1984 and Additions
1986978-0-89874-961-8Morris RosenbergConceiving the Self