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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1977978-0-88275-004-0George L. BarronGenera of Hyphomycetes from Soil
1971978-0-88275-014-9Robert L. DickinsonAtlas of Human Sex Anatomy
1973978-0-88275-069-9Karl E. RothschuhHistory of Physiology
1972978-0-88275-073-6Ernest GuentherThe Essential Oils, Vol. 1: History, Origin in Plants, Production, Analysis
1974978-0-88275-091-0C. E. RickartGeneral Theory of Banach Algebras
1975978-0-88275-105-4Oscar KempthorneDesign and Analysis of Experiment
1973978-0-88275-114-6William Earl HenryAnalysis of Fantasy
  ''978-0-88275-122-1Eliahu Ibrahim JuryTheory and Application of the Z-Transform Method
  ''978-0-88275-129-0P. H DavisPrinciples of angiosperm taxonomy
1974978-0-88275-138-2J. Kenneth SalisburySteam Turbines and Their Cycles
1973978-0-88275-144-3Harold CramerElements of Probability Theory and Some of It's Applications
1975978-0-88275-153-5Rufus IsaacsDifferential games;: A mathematical theory with applications to warfare and pursuit, control and optimization
1974978-0-88275-163-4Ernest GuentherThe Essential Oils: Individual Essential Oils of the Plant Families
1977978-0-88275-165-8O. H. SolomonInorganic Syntheses, Volume IV (Chemistry)
1974978-0-88275-190-0James H. AllenMay's Manual of Diseases of the Eye
1975978-0-88275-224-2L. L HelmsIntroduction to potential theory
  ''978-0-88275-228-0Masayoshi NagataLocal rings
  ''978-0-88275-253-2Frank J. WelcherStandard Methods of Chemical Analysis, Part B
1975978-0-88275-258-7Arthur F. WagnerVitamins and Coenzymes
1976978-0-88275-262-4Berkeley) International Materials Symposium (3rd : 1966 : University of California · California University Lawrence Radiation Laboratory Inorganic materialCeramic Microstructures: Their Analysis, Significance and Production
1975978-0-88275-281-5Eric BaerEngineering design for plastics
1976978-0-88275-289-1Frederick A ValentineConvex sets
1975978-0-88275-297-6Gordon LeffParis and Oxford Universities in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries: An institutional and intellectual history
1977978-0-88275-308-9Helmut ThielschDefects and Failures in Pressure Vessels and Piping
1975978-0-88275-309-6W. G. Vincenti · Charles H. KrugerIntroduction to Physical Gas Dynamics
1976978-0-88275-320-1Francis Joseph Murray · Kenneth S. MillerExistence Theorems for Ordinary Differential Equations
1975978-0-88275-338-6Ernest GuentherThe Essential Oils, Vol. 2: The Constituents of Essential Oils
1977978-0-88275-376-8Peter B. HirschElectron Microscopy of Thin Crystals
1976978-0-88275-377-5Y. K. LinProbabilistic Theory of Structural Dynamics
  ''978-0-88275-379-9Lewis M AllenPrinting with the handpress: Herewith a definitive manual by Lewis M. Allen to encourage fine printing through hand-craftsmanship
  ''978-0-88275-382-9William ShockleyElectrons and holes in semiconductors, with applications to transistor electronics
  ''978-0-88275-384-3John B GoodenoughMagnetism and the chemical bond
1977978-0-88275-389-8Edward O. ThorpElementary Probability
1976978-0-88275-408-6Bradford PerkinsThe Causes of the War of 1812: National Honor or National Interest?
  ''978-0-88275-420-8Stephen TimoshenkoStrength of Materials (2 Vol. Set)
1976978-0-88275-423-9Henry MargenauThe mathematics of physics and chemistry
1977978-0-88275-434-5Wayne WymoreMathematical Theory of Systems Engineering: The Elements
  ''978-0-88275-446-8Bruce ChalmersPrinciples of Solidification
  ''978-0-88275-478-9Herman M. SchwartzIntroduction to Special Relativity
  ''978-0-88275-499-4Hans RademacherLectures on Elementary Number Theory
  ''978-0-88275-531-1George Whitelaw MackeyLectures on the theory of functions of a complex variable
1978978-0-88275-582-3F. H. NortonFine Ceramics: Technology and Applications
1980978-0-88275-611-0S. Josephine BakerFighting for Life
1978978-0-88275-622-6Owen ConnellyThe Epoch of Napoleon (European Problem Studies)
1979978-0-88275-623-3J. Gordon StipeThe development of physical theories
1978978-0-88275-642-4John Fraser HartComputer Approximations
1979978-0-88275-653-0Marc MappenWitches and Historians: Interpretations of Salem (The American Problem Studies)
1978978-0-88275-654-7Gary E. StollakUntil We Are Six
1978978-0-88275-659-2Arnold L BloomGas lasers
1980978-0-88275-682-0Henry L. LanghaarDimensional Analysis and Theory of Models
1978978-0-88275-727-8Alan Pope · Kenneth L. GoinHigh-Speed Wind Tunnel Testing
  ''978-0-88275-729-2Roger AdamsOrganic Reactions
  ''978-0-88275-745-2Arthur L. LoebColor and Symmetry
1979978-0-88275-749-0George Frost KennanSoviet Foreign Policy, 1917-1941
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  ''978-0-88275-918-0Edgar A KrautFundamentals of mathematical physics
1980978-0-88275-966-1E. H. S BurhopThe Auger effect and other radiationless transitions