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1996978-1-55581-114-3PersingPcr Protocols Package (Pcr Applications For Emerging Pathogens+Dx Molec Bio
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1999978-1-55581-155-6RICHARD S STEPHENSChlamydia: Intracellular Biology, Pathogenesis, And Immunity (Hb)
2000978-1-55581-163-1Bert Dodson · Cynthia Needham · Mahlon Hoagland · Ken McPhersonIntimate Strangers
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978-1-55581-175-4Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology: A Guide for Teachers
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978-1-55581-196-9Nonculturable Microorganisms in the Environment
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2017978-1-55581-504-2Not AvailableEnvironmental Microbial Forensics
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2018978-1-55581-992-7Richard J. Meyer · Stacie A. BrownChallenges of the Unseen World: A Laboratory Course in Microbiology