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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2018978-1-5285-0009-8William B. BradburyThe Shawm: A Library of Church Music, Embracing About One Thousand Pieces, Consisting of Psalm and Hymn Tunes Adapted to Every Meter in Use, Anthems, ... Added an Original Cantata (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-0495-9Canada ParliamentSessional Papers, Vol. 53: First Session of the Thirteenth Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, Session 1918 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-0525-3Thomas Lindsay ElderCatalogue of a Very Large and Fine Collection of American Military Decorations, Orders and Medals, Indian Medals, Foreign Copper Coins, United States ... Rare Canadian Coins, Including the Error D
  ''978-1-5285-0542-0Kurt DeinhardtIllustrated Technical Dictionary in Six Languages, English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Vol. 4: Internal Combustion Engines (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-0564-2Parliament of CanadaSessional Papers, Vol. 5: Fourth Session of the Fourth Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, Session 1882 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-0744-8Canada ParliamentSessional Papers, Vol. 48: Volume 19; Part 2; Third Session of the Twelfth Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, Session 1914 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-1277-0Quincy Adams GillmoreNotes on the Compressive Resistance of Freestone Brick Piers, Hydraulic Cements, Mortars and Concretes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-1285-5Thomas Lathrop StedmanTwentieth Century Practice, Vol. 4 of 20: An International Encyclopedia of Modern Medical Science by Leading Authorities of Europe and America; ... System and Thyroid Gland (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-1578-8W. R. BargerFurther Tests With Vacuum Precooling of Fruits and Vegetables: Salinas, Calif. August, 1949 (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5285-1698-3Chiara F. FerrarisTesting and Modelling of Fresh Concrete Rheology (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-1948-9Unknown AuthorCanada's First Concrete Truss Bridge (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-2447-6Frank Hayward Pond Jr.Test of a Gasoline Engine With Various Fuels: Thesis (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-2513-8Unknown AuthorAn Essay or Instruction for Learning the Church Plain Chant: To Which Are Added, Various Hymns, Anthems, Litanies, the Te Deum, Domine for the King, ... Blessed Sacrament, &C. &C.; With Approbation
  ''978-1-5285-2540-4Frederick Davis HullAn Investigation of the Motor Situation at the University of Illinois (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-2586-2Adelaide Lisetta FriesFuneral Chorals of the Unitas Fratrum or Moravian Church (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-2617-3David RobbinsDisclosures On: A Transrotor Engine, High Temperature Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Dynamic Analog Correlation System, and Combination Metering and ... Sonde Ballons With Hydrogen (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5285-2753-8H. J. FrenchHot Aqueous Solutions for the Quenching of Steels (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-3168-9John FlemingPolitical Annals of Lower Canada: Being a Review of the Political and Legislative History of That Province, Under the Act of the Imperial Parliament, ... and Legislative Council (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-3384-3A. Wyatt TilbySouth Africa, Vol. 6: 1486-1913 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-3759-9William J. BlackburnChild Welfare in New Jersey, Vol. 1: State Supervision and Personnel Administration (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-4617-1W. Basil WorsfoldThe Story of South Africa (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-4884-7M. L. GrünerThe Manufacture of Steel (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-4924-0Isidore SingerThe Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 9 of 12: A Descriptive Record of the History, Religion, Literature, and Customs of the Jewish People From the Earliest ... Day; Morawczyk-Philippson (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-4957-8George A. HoolReinforced Concrete Construction, Vol. 1: Fundamental Principles Including Numerous Tables and Diagrams to Facilitate the Calculation and Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-4976-9Harry BrearleyThe Case-Hardening of Steel: An Illustrated Exposition of the Changes in Structure and Properties Induced in Steels by Cementation and Allied Processes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-5062-8T. C. ThomsenThe Practice of Lubrication: An Engineering Treatise on the Origin, Nature and Testing of Lubricants, Their Selection, Application and Use (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-5106-9Karl WeierstrassMathematische Werke von Karl Weierstrass, Vol. 1: Herausgegeben Unter Mitwirkung Einer von der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften ... Commission; Abhandlungen I (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-5218-9Alfred BakerGeometry for Schools, Theoretical: A Sequel to Elementary Plane Geometry, Inductive and Deductive (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5285-5351-3Arthur CayleyThe Collected Mathematical Papers, Vol. 7 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-5604-0Frédéric LichtenbergerEncyclopédie des Sciences Religieuses, Vol. 3: Déisme, Doeg (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-5938-6Heinrich Joseph WetzerDictionnaire Encyclopédique de la Théologie Catholique, Vol. 2: Rédigé par les Plus Savants Professeurs Et Docteurs en Théologie de l'Allemagne Catholique Moderne; Arius-Bérée (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-5966-9Marvin R. VincentThe Ministers' Handbook: Containing Forms for Baptism, Marriage, Burial, the Lord's Supper, Church Service and the Ordination of Elders, With ... for Various Occasions (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-6082-5Rand McNallyRand McNally Official Auto Trail Maps: Featuring Marked Automobile Routes With Explanation of Markers Showing All Other Main Traveled Auto Roads, ... and a Digest of Laws Governing Auto Traffic i
  ''978-1-5285-6094-8M. Keith DunhamAutomobile Welding With the Oxy-Acetylene Flame: A Practical Treatise, Covering the Repairing of Automobiles by Welding, With a Non-Technical ... of the Various Metals (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-6162-4Lawrence J. HendersonThe Fitness of the Environment: An Inquiry Into the Biological Significance of the Properties of Matter (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-6208-9William J. KaupMetal Coloring and Finishing: Methods of Producing Colors on Iron, Steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass and Aluminum Burnishing Metals (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-6217-1U. S. Committee on Governmen OperationsCold War Era Human Subject Experimentation: Hearing Before the Legislation and National Security Subcommittee of the Committee on Government ... Session; September 28, 1994 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-6422-9Lyon Gardiner TylerEncyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Vol. 3 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-6680-3Fred H. Colvin and Frank A. StanleyMachine Tools and Their Operation, Vol. 1: Lathes, Drills and Drilling, Hand and Automatic Screw Machines, Screw, Machine Tools and Boring (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-6694-0H. H. RiceThe Manufacture of Concrete Blocks and Their Use in Building Construction (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-7076-3Henri Boy de la TourThe Induction Motor: Its Theory and Design (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-7373-3Sidney S. HurlbutA Treasury of Catholic Song: Comprising Some Two Hundred Hymns From Catholic Sources Old and New; Gathered, Edited, and Allotted to Fitting Tunes for Congregational Use (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5285-7397-9William Charles Henry WoodSelect British Documents of the Canadian War of 1812, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-7453-2Frances Ridley HavergalRoyal Bounty (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-7568-3Manuel de MarlianiHistoire Politique de l'Espagne Moderne Suivie d'un Aperçu sur les Finances, Vol. 1 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-7569-0James NapierThe Ancient Workers and Artificers in Metal: From References in the Old Testament and Other Ancient Writings (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-7616-1Richard N. HartWelding: Theory, Practice, Apparatus and Tests; Electric, Thermit and Hot-Flame Processes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-7851-6Thomas PringleNarrative of a Residence in South Africa (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-7973-5John Gustaf HolmströmAmerican Blacksmithing, Toolsmiths' and Steelworkers' Manual (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-8004-5Robert J. KehlOxy-Acetylene Welding Practice: A Practical Presentation of the Modern Processes of Welding, Cutting, and Lead Burning, With Special Attention to ... Aluminum, Copper and Brass (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-8702-0Venerable BedeThe Complete Works of Venerable Bede, in the Original Latin, Vol. 1: Collated With the Manuscripts and Various Printed, Editions, Accompanied by a New ... and a Life of the Author (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5285-9027-3J. M. KeatingA History of the Yellow Fever: The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878, in Memphis, Tenn.; Embracing a Complete List of the Dead, the Names of the Doctors ... and the Names and History of the Howards
  ''978-1-5285-9055-6Canada ParliamentJournals of the Senate of Canada, Vol. 78: Fifth Session of the Eighteenth Parliament; 3 George Vi, A. D. 1939 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-9089-1   ''Sessional Papers, Vol. 2: Third Session of the Fourteenth Parliament of the Dominion of Canada; Session 1924 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5285-9415-8University of ChicagoBulletin of Information, Vol. 5: Sixty-Third Annual Announcement of Rush Medical College, Containing the Bulletin of the Medical Courses of the University of Chicago; June 1905 (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5285-9645-9Canada SenateJournals of the Senate of Canada, Vol. 72: Fifth Session of the Seventeenth Parliament, 24-25 George V, A. D. 1934 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5285-9905-4Rose Society of OntarioYear Book of the Rose Society of Ontario, 1925 (Classic Reprint)