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2018978-1-330-87015-0James E. BoydDifferential Equations: A Short Course for Engineering Students (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-87049-5Howard Clemens HillegasOom Paul's People: A Narrative of the British-Boer Troubles in South Africa, With a History of the Boers, the Country, and Its Institutions (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-87103-4Alfred YoungThe Catholic Hymnal: Containing Hymns for Congregational and Home Use, and the Vesper Psalms, the Office of Compline, the Litanies, Hymns at Benediction, Etc (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-87226-0Vito VolterraThe Theory of Permutable Functions (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-330-87293-2James BoothThe Theory of Elliptic Integrals: And the Properties of Surfaces of the Second Order (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-87294-9William Benjamin SmithInfinitesimal Analysis, Vol. 1 (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-87341-0Unknown AuthorCotterill's Family Prayers: Derived Chiefly From the Language of the Scriptures, and the Liturgy of the Church of England (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-87382-3H. B. AndrewsPractical Reinforced Concrete Standards: For the Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-330-87468-4Hutton WebsterRest Days: A Study in Early Law and Morality (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-87694-7George ReynoldsA Dictionary of the Book of Mormon: Comprising Its Biographical, Geographical and Other Proper Names (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-87732-6Will R. KingLaw of Water Conservation and Use (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-87751-7William Reynell AnsonThe Law and Custom of the Constitution the Crown, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-88007-4A. Conan DoyleThe War in South Africa: Its Cause Conduct (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-88054-8James A. MossNoncommissioned Officers Manual (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-88077-7Stephen NealContaining the History of Boone County, From Its Organization to Present, Delivered by Stephen Neal, at Lebanon, Indiana, July 4, 1896: And a Sermon ... Indiana, Delivered by Rev. J. M. Bishop, in
  ''978-1-330-88148-4Wilson Bird BriceA Compilaton of the Bar Examination Questions of the State of New York, Since 1896 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-88236-8Unknown AuthorCollier's New Encyclopedia, Vol. 7 of 10: A Loose-Leaf and Self-Revising Reference Work (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-88449-2United States · War DeptWar Department, Vol. 4 of 9: Annual Reports, 1909 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-88778-3Harvey W. WileyPrinciples and Practice of Agricultural Analysis, Vol. 3: A Manual for the Examination of Soils, Fertilizers, and Agricultural Products; For the Use ... Agricultural Products (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-89062-2Unknown AuthorJames Buchanan, His Doctrines and Policy as Exhibited (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-89198-8Paul RandauEnamels and Enamelling: An Introduction to the Preparation and Application, of All Kinds of Enamels for Technical and Artistic Purposes for Enamel ... of Objects of Art (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-89550-4W. H. PrescottThe Conquest of Mexico, Vol. 1 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-89735-5Ira L. ReevesA Manual for Aspirants for Commissions in the United States Military Service (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-89757-7Department of Education State AlabamaSchool Code: Including All Laws Relating to Education, October 1, 1919 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-90544-9James K. HosmerA Short History of Anglo-Saxon Freedom (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-90571-5Rodolphus Waite JoslynThe Law of Illinois Corporations: Including Decisions, Statutes and Forms (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-90620-0Theodore L. CuylerPointed Papers for the Christian Life (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-90724-5Charles H. MillsThompson's Treatise on the Law of Highways: Including Ways, Bridges, Tunnels, Strays, Turnpikes and Plank Roads; With an Appendix of Forms (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-90905-8S. F. HotchkinAncient and Modern Germantown, Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-91259-1L. M. McCraithThe Romance of Irish Heroine (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-91405-2R. D. W. ConnorExercises in Connection With the Presentation to the State by the North Carolina Historical Commission of a Bust of John Motley Morehead: Hall of the ... December 4, 1912 (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-91433-5Frederick TrevesThe Lake of Geneva (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-91486-1J. George HodginsDocumentary History of Education in Upper Canada, Vol. 4: From the Passing of the Constitutional Act of 1791 to the Close of the Reverend Doctor ... in 1876; 1841-1843 (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-91644-5Thaddeus K. OglesbySome Truths of History: A Vindication of the South Against the Encyclopedia Britannica and Other Maligners (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-91840-1J. H. WagnerCompilation of New Mexico School Laws (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-91848-7V. Blasco IbañezMexico in Revolution (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-92125-8Nettie May Gifford PrangeKey to Success: General Principles of Soil Management (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-92168-5Edward E. DunbarThe Mexican Papers: The Mexican Questions, the Great American Question, With Personal Reminiscences, a Serial-Issued Semi-Monthly (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-92585-0Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor, Vol. 1: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-330-92687-1Albert StickneyState Control of Trade and Commerce (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-93005-2Veteran Corps of ArtilleryThe Military Society of the War of 1812: Annals, Regulations, and Roster (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-93208-7United States · LawsNavigation Laws of the United States 1911 (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-93291-9Unknown AuthorMusic Departments of Libraries (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-93307-7L. Bradford PrinceHistorical Society of New Mexico, Vol. 23: Addresses Delivered at the Ceremonies Incident to the Dedication of the Cross of the Martyrs, September 15, 1920 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-93418-0Joseph OttenParish Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-93505-7Francis M. HugoThe Election Law: Being Chapter 17 of the Consolidated Laws, Containing Amendments of 1916, Together With Notes and Instructions and Political Calendar (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-93598-9Aaron BancroftLife of George Washington, Commander in Chief of the American Army Through the Revolutionary War, and the First President of the United States (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-93661-0Thomas Lathrop StedmanTwentieth Century Practice, Vol. 8 of 20: An International Encyclopedia of Modern Medical Science (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-94118-8Union Safety CommitteeThe Proceedings of the Union Meeting, Held at Castle Garden, October 30, 1850 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-94323-6Samuel Macauley JacksonThe New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-94327-4William Hickling PrescottThe Conquest of Mexico, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-94396-0Unknown AuthorThe Public School Laws of Maryland: As Contained in the Code of Public General Laws of 1912 and the Acts of Assembly of 1912 and 1914 and the by-Laws, ... Public School System of the State of Maryland
  ''978-1-330-94433-2John Alexander HammertonHarmsworth's Universal Encyclopedia, Vol. 6 of 12 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-95217-7John KorenSummaries of Laws Relating to the Commitment and Care of the Insane in the United States (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-95338-9G. A. ThompsonThe Geographical and Historical Dictionary of America and the West Indies, Vol. 5 of 5: Containing an Entire Translation of the Spanish Work of ... and Member of the Royal Academy of History:
  ''978-1-330-95516-1Jennings HoodAmerican Orders Societies and Their Decorations: The Objects of the Military and Naval Orders, Commemorative and Patriotic Societies of the United ... in Colored Relief (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-95543-7Unknown AuthorThe Public School Laws: Codified by Order of the State Board of Education (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-96077-6Edward PaysonJesus Christ, the Anchor of the Soul (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-96090-5Heiman Kimmel BlattSons of Men, Evansville's War Record (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-96459-0Thomas Lathrop StedmanTwentieth Century Practice, Vol. 15 of 20: An International Encyclopedia of Modern Medical Science (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-96944-1United States Committee on Mili AffairsCivil War Volunteer Officers' Retired List: Hearing Before the Committee on Military Affairs, House of Representatives on H. R. 9837 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-96957-1Unknown AuthorView of South America and Mexico, Vol. 1 of 2: Comprising Their History, the Political Condition, Geography, Agriculture, Commerce, &C. Of the ... of South America and Chile, With a Complete
  ''978-1-330-97039-3Kentucky · LawsKentucky Common School Laws (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-97217-5James Anthony LawsonReport on the Patent Laws, 1851 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-97237-3William Evarts RichardsPatents: Law and Practice (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-97263-2Maine Historical SocietyDocumentary History of the State of Maine, Vol. 17 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-97314-1Brantz MayerMexico, Aztec, Spanish and Republican, Vol. 1 of 2: A Historical, Geographical, Political, Statistical and Social Account of That Country From the ... to the Present Time (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-97316-5Canadian InstituteEssays Received in Response to an Appeal by the Canadian Institute on the Rectification of Parliament: Together With the Conditions on Which the ... Dollars for Prize Essays (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-97492-6Howard StauntonThe Great Schools of England: An Account of the Foundation, Endowments, and Discipline of the Chief Seminaries of Hearing in England (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-98131-3Charles F. S. WarrenThe Authorship, Text, and History of the Hymn Dies Irae: With Critical, Historical and Biographical Notes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-98355-3Young Men's Christian Associat CouncilSummary of World War Work of the American YMCA (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-98538-0A. M. DeyoeSchool Laws of Iowa: From the Code of 1897, the Supplement to the Code, 1913, and the Supplemental Supplement, 1915; With the Acts of the ... General Assemblies (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-98914-2Solon Justus BuckTravel and Descripion, 1765-1865, Vol. 2: Together With a List of County Histories, Atlases and Biographical Collections and a List of Territorial and State Laws (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-330-98981-4John Alexander HammertonHarmsworth's Universal Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 of 12 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-99054-4Robert WalkerSermons on Practical Subjects, Vol. 4 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-330-99113-8Thomas L. StedmanTwentieth Century Practice, Vol. 18 of 20: An International Encyclopedia of Modern Medical Science by Leading Authorities of Europe and America; Syphilis and Leprosy (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-99170-1Harvard Law School · AssociationThe Centennial History of the Harvard Law School, 1817-1917 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-99925-7Thomas HerbertAmerica's Greatest Flood and Tornado Calamity: Authentic Story of These Appalling Disasters (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-330-99958-5George Percival ScrivenThe Service of Information, United States Army (Classic Reprint)