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2018978-1-333-87927-3U. S. Committee on Armed ServicesTransition to Sovereignty in Iraq: U. S. Policy, Ongoing Military Operations, and Status of U. S. Armed Forces: Hearing Before the Committee on Armed ... Congress, Second Session, June 25, 2004
2017978-1-333-88085-9Samuel WoodruffJournal of a Tour to Malta, Greece, Asia Minor, Carthage, Algiers, Port Mahon, and Spain, in 1828 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88359-1Louis DerrCyclopedia of Engineering: A Manual of Steam Boilers, Steam Pumps, Steam Engines, Gas and Oil Engines, Marine and Locomotive Work, Refrigeration, Heating and Ventilating (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88371-3Andrey A. PotterFarm Motors: Steam and Gas Engines, Hydraulic and Electric Motors, Windmills (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-88375-1Calvin Franklin SwingleElevators, Hydraulic and Electric: A Complete Hand Book Containing Full Descriptions and Illustrations of the Mechanism of All the Modern Types of ... Their Care and Operation (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88376-8Frederick J. PriorThe Canadian New First, Second and Third Year Examinations for Engineers and Firemen: Complete Explanatory and Instructive Answers to the Three Series ... Including Combustion and Care of the Boi
  ''978-1-333-88382-9William Barnet le VanSafety-Valves: Their History, Antecedents, Invention and Calculation; Including the Most Recent Examples of Weighted and Spring Loaded Valves; Also, ... on Safety-Valve Disks (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-88383-6International Correspondence SchoolsA Textbook on Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Vol. 2: Steam and Steam Engines; Strength of Materials; Applied Mechanics; Steam Boilers; With Practical Questions and Examples (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88410-9Donald M. D. StuartThe Origin and Rationale of Colliery Explosions: Founded Upon an Examination of the Explosions at the Timsbury, Albion, Malago Vale, and Llanerch Collieries (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88476-5Simpson Strickland and CompanyMachinery for Steam Launches, Also for Auxiliary Engines, Electric Lighting, &C., &C (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88484-0Clarence HallTests of Permissible Explosives (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88502-1William Nichols BarnardElements of Heat-Power Engineering, Vol. 3: Auxiliary Equipment, Plant Ensemble, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88505-2John MossThe Cotton Manufacturers, Managers, and Spinners' New Pocket Guide: Containing Examples of the Various Calculations Connected With the Machinery of a ... Raw Material to the Loom (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88507-6U. S. Committee on Governmen OperationsUnited Nations Peacekeeping: The Effectiveness of the Legal Framework: Hearing Before the Legislation and National Security Subcommittee of the ... Hundred Third Congress, Second Session, March
  ''978-1-333-88519-9C. W. BrabbéeHeating and Ventilation: A Handbook for Architects and Engineers (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88543-4Francis Nathan PeloubetSelect Songs No. 2: For the Singing Service in the Prayer Meeting, Sunday School, Christian Endeavor Meetings (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-88546-5Cornelius Winter BoltonA Sunday School Prayer Book: For the Protestant Episcopal Church; Together With a Selection of Psalms and Hymns (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88552-6St. Alphonsus Maria de' LiguoriThe Clock of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ: With Considerations on the Passion (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88618-9Brethren Publishing HouseKingdom Songs: For Sunday-School, Prayer Meeting, Christian Workers' Societies, and All Seasons of Praise (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88630-1Charles Crozat ConverseThe Standard Hymnal: For General Use (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88636-3Isaac WattsThe Psalms of David, Imitated in the Language of the New Testament, and Applied to the Christian State and Worship: Together With Hymns, and Spiritual ... Composed on Divine Subjects; III. Prepared
  ''978-1-333-88641-7Andrew MurrayWaiting on God!: Daily Messages for a Month (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-88647-9Edmund S. LorenzThe Otterbein Hymnal: For Use in Public and Social Worship (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88671-4Charles Seymour RobinsonSongs of the Church: Or Hymns and Tunes for Christian Worship (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88681-3St. Michael's CollegeSt. Basil's Hymnal: Containing Music for Vespers of All the Sundays and Festivals of the Year, Three Masses and Over Two Hundred Hymns; Together With ... Confession and Communion (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88692-9Roundell PalmerA Hymnal, Chiefly From "the Book of Praise" (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-88694-3Charles Taylor IvesThe Packer Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88696-7Philip PhillipsNew Hymn and Tune Book: An Offering of Praise for the Methodist Episcopal Church (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-333-88700-1Ira D. SankeyGospel Hymns: Nos. 1 to 6 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88706-3R. H. MeredithRevival Melodies: Containing the Popular Welsh Tunes Used in the Great Revival in Wales; Also a Choice Selection of Gospel Songs Specially Adapted for ... and Devotional Meetings (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88708-7Felix MendelssohnElijah: Containing the Music of the Principal Solos, Duets, and Choruses (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88712-4Horatio ParkerThe Hymnal, Revised and Enlarged: As Adopted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the Year ... and Evening Canticles (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88726-1George WhelptonThe Church Hymnal: A Book Which Meets Every Demand of Common Worship and Emphasizes the Spirit of Church Unity (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88733-9Christian Church General ConventionThe Christian Sunday School Hymnal: A Compilation of Choice Hymns and Tunes for Sunday Schools (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-88734-6Anna A. GordonThe White Ribbon Hymnal, or Echoes of the Crusade: Compiled for the National and World's Woman's Christian Temperance Unions (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88742-1Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A.The Presbyterian Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88763-6Henry DatePentecostal Hymns, Number Three: A Winnowed Collection for Evangelistic Services, Young People's Societies and Sunday Schools (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88766-7Philip Paul BlissGospel Hymns and Sacred Songs (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88781-0Woman's Board of the Interior MissionsThe Missionary Hymnal: For the Use of Junior and Juvenile Missionary Societies (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88784-1New Jerusalem Church in the U. S.The Liturgy of the New Jerusalem Church: Respectfully Recommended to the Use of the Societies of the New Church in the United States, A. D. 1822-66 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88788-9Wilberforce EamesThe Bay Psalm Book: Being a Facsimile Reprint of the First Edition, Printed by Stephen Daye at Cambridge, in New England in 1640 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88789-6George D. ElderkinThe Finest of the Wheat Number Three: For Prayer and Evangelistic Meetings, Church and Missionary Services, Sunday Schools and Young People's Societies (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-88792-6James CornfordThe Book of Common Prayer: With Historical Notes (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88803-9Sigismond LasarThe Chapel Hymnal: With Tunes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88810-7George Barrell CheeverChristian Melodies: A Selection of Hymns and Tunes Designed for Social and Private Worship in the Lecture-Room and the Family (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88811-4Moravian ChurchLiturgy and Hymns: For the Use of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren, or Moravians (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88823-7Christ's Church LongwoodServices for the Use of the Sunday School: Established in Christ's Church, Longwood; A Gospel Church, the First of an Union of Churches in the Spirit of Charity (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88843-5Frederick Edward WarrenThe Leofric Missal: As Used in the Cathedral of Exeter During the Episcopate of Its First Bishop A. D. 1050 1072; Together With Some Account of the ... Other Early Manuscript Service Books of the
2018978-1-333-88844-2Central Conference of American RabbisUnion Hymnal: Songs and Prayers for Jewish Worship (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88854-1N. S. StrassburgerThe Sunday School Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88855-8Henry E. CookeTwenty-Five Hymns: From the Hymnal of the Church, Set to New Tunes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88865-7R. Heber NewtonThe Children's Church: A Service Book and Hymnal for Use in the Sunday-School and Church (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88880-0Henry AllonThe Congregational Psalmist Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88881-7Reorganized Church of Jesus ChristThe Saints' Hymnal: A Compilation of Hymns for the Use of Church and Church School Congregations of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88889-3Francis Xavier LasanceThe Catholic Girl's Guide: Counsels and Devotions for Girls in the Ordinary Walks of Life, and in Particular for the Children of Mary (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88901-2Robert Gibbes ThomasApplied Calculus: Principles and Applications, Essentials for Students and Engineers (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88904-3William Eleazar BartonSongs of the Christian Centuries: The Book of One Hundred Immortal Hymns (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88906-7Charles D. BellThe Church of England Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88955-5Edward Russell MarkhamHardening and Tempering (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88958-6Joseph William MellorThe Crystallization of Iron and Steel: An Introduction to the Study of Metallography (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-88975-3Prosper GuérangerThe Liturgical Year, Vol. 3: Paschal Time (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-88977-7Charles DrelincourtThe Christian's Defence Against the Fears of Death: With Directions How to Die Well (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88982-1Free Church of Scotland Genera AssemblyThe Free Church Hymn Book (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-88998-2Diocese of MontrealChurch Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-333-89002-5Charles H. RichardsSongs of the Christian Life (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89014-8Protestant Episcopal ChurchHymnal: According to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89015-5Robert Prescott StewartChurch Hymnal: By Permission of the General Synod of the Church of Ireland; Set to Appropriate Tunes (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89020-9Prosper GuérangerThe Liturgical Year, Vol. 2: Christmas (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-89023-0George S. BarrettCongregational Church Hymnal, or Hymns of Worship, Praise, and Prayer, Vol. 1: Hymns With Tunes (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89031-5Church of EnglandThe Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church: According to the Use of the United Church ... of David, Pointed as They Are to Be Sung or
  ''978-1-333-89045-2Charles Cuthbert HallThe Evangelical Hymnal: With Tunes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89052-0Unknown AuthorAdditional Hymns With Tunes: For Use With Any Other Church Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89056-8T. S. HarrisChrist's Sermon on the Mountain: Translated Into the Seneca Tongue (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89058-2John HunterDevotional Services for Public Worship: Including Services for Baptism, Admission Into the Christian Church, the Lord's Supper, Marriage, the ... of the Departed, General Prayers, and Praye
2018978-1-333-89061-2William Henry MonkThe Children's Hymnal: With Accompanying Tunes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89079-7Rufus Wilder MillerThe Primary and Junior Hymnal: With Offices of Devotion and Graded Supplemental Lessons for Children From Three to Thirteen Years of Age; For Use in the Sunday-School and the Home (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89089-6Unknown AuthorThe English Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89096-4Old Catholic ChurchThe Offices of the Old Catholic Prayer-Book: Done Into English, and Compared With the Offices of the Roman and Old German Rituals (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-333-89121-3John Hopkins MorisonHymns Supplementary to the Late Dr. Greenwood's Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Christian Worship: Added A. D. 1860 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89126-8Anna Bartlett WarnerHymns of the Church Militant (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-89138-1Homer A. RodeheaverSongs for Service: For the Church, Sunday School and Evangelistic Services (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89141-1Baltimore Catholic ChurchManual of Prayers for the Use of the Catholic Laity (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89142-8Prosper GuérangerThe Liturgical Year, Vol. 5: Lent (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-89146-6Charles Hutchinson GabrielSongs of the Pentecost for the Forward Gospel Movement, International, Interdenominational: Adapted to All Christian Gatherings, Especially to ... Epworth League and Christian Endeavor Conve
2019978-1-333-89149-7Marion LawranceEternal Praise for the Church and Sunday School (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89158-9Seventh-Day AdventistsThe Advent Harp: Designed for Believers in the Speedy Coming of Christ (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89160-2Philip Paul BlissGospel Songs: A Choice Collection of Hymns and Tunes, New and Old, for Gospel Meetings, Prayer Meetings, Sunday Schools, Etc (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89166-4Luis F. BensonThe Westminster Hymnal for Congregational and Social Use and for the Sunday School: Designed for Churches Making Use of One Book in All the Services (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-89179-4Methodist Episcopal ChurchThe Methodist Harmonist: Containing a Collection of Tunes From the Best Authors, Embracing Every Variety of Metre, and Adapted to the Worship of the ... Anthems, Pieces, and Sentences, for Particula
2019978-1-333-89190-9B. B. BeallBright Beautiful Bells: A Collection of Songs for Sunday Schools, Gospel Meetings, Revivals, Young People's Meetings, and All Other Religious and Musical Endeavor (Classic Reprint)
2016978-1-333-89197-8Albert B. SimpsonHymns of the Christian Life: No. 2 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89199-2William CodvilleA Concordance to the Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church: To Which Are Added Several Important Indexes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89206-7H. B. PhillipsDifferential Equations (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89208-1Augustus Hughes-HughesCatalogue of Manuscript Music in the British Museum, Vol. 1: Sacred Vocal Music (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89214-2D. H. MansfieldThe American Vocalist: A Selection of Tunes, Anthems, Sentences, and Hymns, Old and New; Designed for the Church, the Vestry, or the Parlor (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89227-2Richard ChallonerThe Garden of the Soul, or a Manual of Spiritual Exercises and Instructions for Christians Who Aspire to Devotion (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89229-6Frederic Chambers SpurrThe Union Mission Hymnal, With Which Is Incorporated Hymns for Heart and Life (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89234-0Johannes GossnerThe Heart of Man: Either a Temple of God, or a Habitation of Satan; Represented in Ten Emblematical Figures; Calculated to Awaken and Promote a Christian Disposition (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89238-8Charles Lewis HutchinsSunday School Hymnal (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-333-89250-0William S. NickleGospel Herald in Song: Compiled and Arranged for Use in Gospel Meetings, Sunday Schools, Prayer Meetings, and Other Religious Services (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89280-7Adolf MietheDreifarbenphotographie nach der Natur: Nach den am Photochemischen Laboratorium der Technischen Hochschule zu Berlin Angewandten Methoden (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89299-9Unknown AuthorHymnal for Family Devotion and for Those Synagogues Desirous of Introducing Congregational Singing in the Vernacular for Praise and for Prayer: Also ... Paraphrased From the Hebrew Daily Prayer Book
2016978-1-333-89303-3Joshua SmithDivine Hymns, or Spiritual Songs: For the Use of Religious Assemblies, and Private Christians; Being a Collection (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89351-4George Ratcliffe WoodwardThe Cowley Carol Book for Christmas, Easter, and Ascension-Tide (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-89437-5United States Court of AppealsIn the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit: American Land Company (a Corporation), Complainant and Appellant, Vs. Louis ... Construction of the Statute (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-89585-3United States Court of AppealsUnited States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, No. 1669: The El Cambio Gold Mining Company (a Corporation), Plaintiff in Error, Vs. The ... Lacy and Richard H. Lacy, Defendants in
  ''978-1-333-89615-7   ''In the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit: The Boston Steamship Company, Appellant, Vs. The Pacific Coast Company, Appellee; ... District of Washington, Northern Divis
  ''978-1-333-89675-1William Dwight WhitneyThe Century Dictionary, Vol. 4 of 6: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-90759-4Virginia SnowCollingbourne's Encyclopedia of Technologic Art Needle Work Instruction (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-90797-6Albert J. KoopJapanese Names and How to Read Them: A Manual for Art-Collectors and Students, Being a Concise and Comprehensive Guide to the Reading and ... as Well as of Dates and Other Formal Expressi
  ''978-1-333-91056-3Ernest Alfred Wallis BudgeAn Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Vol. 1 of 2: With an Index of English Words, King List and Geographical, List With Indexes, List of Hieroglyphic ... and Semitic Alphabets, Etc (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-91093-8L. T. WedermanThe Emory Hymnal: A Collection of Sacred Hymns and Music for Use in Public Worship, Sunday-Schools, Social Meetings and Family Worship (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-91221-5Friedrich NiethammerGeneratoren, Motoren und Steuerapparate für Elektrisch Betriebene, Hebe-und Transportmaschinen: Unter Mitwirkung von Ingenieur E. Veesenmeyer (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-91285-7Oswald MeyerGeschichte des Elektroeisens: Mit Besondere Berücksichtigung der zu Seiner Erzeugung Bestimmten Elektrischen Öfen (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-91296-3Georg Schmidt-UlmGleichstrom-Dynamo-Maschinen und Motoren: Ihre Wirkungsweise, Berechnung und Konstruktion; Praktisches Handbuch, Sowie Leitfaden zum Unterricht und ... an Technischen Mittel-und Hochschulen
  ''978-1-333-91364-9Martin KriegDie Elektrischen Motoren und Ihre Anwendungen in der Industrie und im Gewerbe Sowie im Eisen-und Strassenbahnwesen (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-91512-4New Jersey Quartermaster-General' DeptReport of the Quartermaster General of the State of New Jersey, for the Year 1881 (Classic Reprint)
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  ''978-1-333-91621-3John OgilvieThe Imperial Dictionary of the English Language, Vol. 1: A Complete Encyclopedic Lexicon, Literary, Scientific, and Technological; A-Depascent (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-91975-7Thomas H. MartinAtlanta and Its Builders, Vol. 1: A Comprehensive History of the Gate City of the South (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-92190-3New Jersey Quartermaster-General' DeptReport of the Quartermaster General of the State of New Jersey, for the Year 1885 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-92244-3William Dwight WhitneyThe Century Dictionary of the English Language, Vol. 7: An Encyclopedic Lexicon (Classic Reprint)
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  ''978-1-333-92325-9William Suddards FranklinDynamos and Motors: A Text Book for Colleges and Technical Schools; Direct-Current and Alternating-Current Machines (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-92588-8Royal Bank of CanadaFiftieth Anniversary of the Royal Bank of Canada, Established October Eighteenth 1869: A Record of Its Progress During the Past Half Century, 1869-1919 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-92611-3F. D. BaillieMafeking: A Diary of the Siege (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-92860-5Wilbur H. SiebertHistory of the Ohio State University, Vol. 4: The University in the Great War; Part III, in the Camps and at the Front (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-92890-2H. NilesNiles' Weekly Register, Vol. 7: Containing Political, Historical, Geographical, Scientifical, Astronomical, Statistical, and Biographical, Documents, ... 1814 to March, 1815 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-93340-1British Standards InstitutionBritish Standardisation Rules for Electrical Machinery (Excluding Motors for Traction Purposes): Revised September, 1917 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-93357-9Calvin F. SwingleEncyclopedia of Engineering: A Treatise on Boilers, Steam Engines, the Locomotive, Electricity, Machine Shop Practice, Air Brake Practice, Engineer's ... Refrigeration, Etc., Etc (Classic Reprint)
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2018978-1-333-94181-9Unknown AuthorA Short History and Illustrated Roster of the 106th Infantry, United States, Colonel Frank H. Norton Commanding (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-94410-0   ''The Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 16 of 30: A Library of Universal Knowledge (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-94443-8P. F. Collier and Son CompanyCollier's New Encyclopedia, Vol. 8 of 10: A Loose-Leaf and Self-Revising Reference Work (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-94490-2Bureau of American EthnologyDictionary of American Indians, North of Mexico: Descriptive List of Indian Stocks, Confederacies, Tribes, Sub-Tribes, Clans, Gentes, and Geographical Names (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-94513-8Hugh N. SmithAddress of Hugh N. Smith, of New Mexico, to the People of That Territory (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-333-94580-0Unknown AuthorLibrary of Universal Knowledge, Vol. 2: A Reprint of the Last (1880) Edinburgh and London Edition of Chambers's Encyclopedia; With Copious Additions by American Editors (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-94621-0William Richard CutterEncyclopedia of Massachusetts: Biographical Genealogical (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-333-94692-0Charles Elliott FitchMemorial Encyclopedia of the State of New York, Vol. 1: A Life Record of Men and Women of the Past Whose Sterling Character and Energy and Industry ... Own and Many Other States (Classic Reprint)
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