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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-1-5277-0219-6John Thomas McFarlandThe Encyclopedia of Sunday Schools and Religious Education: Giving a World-Wide View of the History and Progress of the Sunday School and the ... Three Royal Octavo Volumes (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-0533-3Clarence L. EddyDesign of Reinforced Concrete Engine House (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-0552-4Charles Percy Bysshe ShelleyWorkshop Appliances: Including Descriptions of the Gauging and Measuring Instruments, the Hand Cutting-Tools, Lathes, Drilling, Planing, and Other Machine-Tools Used by Engineers (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-1046-7Encyclopedia Americana CorporationThe Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-1195-2William Robert WildeNarrative of a Voyage to Madeira, Teneriffe, and Along the Shores of the Mediterranean: Including a Visit to Algiers, Egypt, Palestine, Tyre, Rhodes, ... State and Prospects of Egypt and Palestin
2019978-1-5277-1219-5Daniel Coit GilmanThe New International Encyclopedia, Vol. 3 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-1289-8Charles LucasA Historical Geography of the British Dominions, Vol. 4: South Africa; Part II: History to the Union of South Africa (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-1411-3William Maer HasbergTest of a Corliss Engine With Superheated Steam: Effect of Steam Pressure Upon Economy (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-1572-1Herbert Kay HumphreyTest of General Electric Recording Steam Flow Meter, Type R Form D: Thesis for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering; College of ... of Illinois, 1911 (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5277-1573-8Charles LucasA Historical Geography of the British Colonies, Vol. 4: South Africa, New Edition, Part I; History to 1895 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-1675-9Daniel K. SandfordThe Popular Encyclopedia, or Conversations Lexicon, Vol. 3: Being a General Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, Biography, History, Ethics, and ... and Progress of Literature (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5277-1727-5Gurney Foundry CompanyGurney-Oxford Heating Engineer's Companion: 1913-14, Cancelling All Previous Lists (Classic Reprint)
2017978-1-5277-1999-6Max Ross HannaThe Variable Speed Induction Motor (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-2200-2William Hadden RichardsonFlexural Strength of Concrete: Thesis (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-2226-2Church of EnglandThe Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church: According to the Use of the United ... of David, Pointed as They Are to Be Sung o
  ''978-1-5277-2229-3Edward Augustus KendallPocket Encyclopedia, or a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Polite Literature, Vol. 1 of 4: Compiled From the Best Authorities (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-2268-2Charles G. HerbermannThe Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline, and History, of the Catholic Church; ... According to the Code of Canon Law of Pius
  ''978-1-5277-2282-8Lewis Craven OrdSome Recent Developments in Car Heating and Ventilation (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-2392-4Howard Monroe RaymondCyclopedia of Modern Shop Practice: A Manual of Shop Practice, Pattern Making, Machine Design, Foundry and Machine Shop Work, Forging, Tool Making, ... Elevators, Electricity, Etc (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-2489-1Unknown AuthorCorrespondence Respecting the War: Between the Transvaal Republic and Neighbouring Native Tribes; And Generally With Reference to Native Affairs in South Africa (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5277-2496-9Manuel EisslerThe Metallurgy of Argentiferous Lead: A Practical Treatise on the Smelting of Silver-Lead Ores and the Refining of Lead Bullion Including Reports on ... in Europe and America (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-2768-7Richard PalmerThe Bible Atlas, or Sacred Geography Delineated: In a Complete Series of Scriptural Maps, Drawn From the Best Authorities, Ancient and Modern (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-2770-0Ben GestCost Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Warehouse: Thesis for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-2873-8A. VosmaerThe Mechanical and Other Properties of Iron and Steel: In Connection With Their Chemical Composition (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-2893-6Daniel Coit GilmanThe New International Encyclopedia, Vol. 12 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-3068-7Hiram Franklin PostA Test of the University Refrigerating Plant: Thesis for Degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5277-3142-4J. W. GayettyMotormen and Conductors' Compendium of Valuable Information (Motorman's Guide) (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-3194-3John OgilvieThe Imperial Dictionary of the English Language, Vol. 1: A Complete Encyclopedic Lexicon, Literary, Scientific, and Technological; A-Depascent (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-3206-3John Marius WilsonThe Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, or Dictionary of Scottish Topography, Vol. 1: Compiled From the Most Recent Authorities, and Forming a Complete ... and Historical; Aan-Gordon (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-3378-7Harry Forest GeistTorque Characteristics of Various Types of Electric Motors: Thesis (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-3751-8Henry George TreichelEquipment of a Shunt Motor With Interpoles: Thesis for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, University ... Presented June, 1907 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-3866-9Alfred Henry KerndtTests of a Diesel Oil Engine Plant: Thesis (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5277-4722-7Herbert Ingram PriestleyThe Mexican Nation: A History (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5277-5001-2George McCall ThealSouth Africa, 1486-1826: For the Use of Schools (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-5187-3John AshhurstThe International Encyclopedia of Surgery, Vol. 2 of 6: A Systematic Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Surgery by Authors of Various Nations (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5277-5356-3Francis Guy MooreErection and Test of the Sayers and Zimmerman Steam Engine (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-5453-9Unknown AuthorIn Excelsis, Vol. 7: A Christmas Carol Service (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-5539-0Ludlum Steel CompanyLudlum Steel Company: Carbon and Alloy Tool Steels (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-5685-4International Textbook CompanyInternational Library of Technology: A Series of Textbooks for Persons Engaged in the Engineering Professions and Trades or for Those Who Desire ... Practical Examples and Their Solutions
  ''978-1-5277-5706-6Warren Kenyon HenningTests of Several Types of Small Gasolene Engines: Thesis (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-5763-9Trygve Dewey YensenA Study of Iron Alloys: Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in ... of Illinois, 1912 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-6032-5John Castell HopkinsSouth Africa and the Boer-British War, Vol. 1 of 2: Comprising a History of South Africa and Its People, Including the War of 1899 and 1900; In Two Parts (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-6236-7William Clifford HoldenHistory of the Colony of Natal, South Africa: To Which Is Added, an Appendix, Containing a Brief History of the Orange-River Sovereignty and of the ... Commandoes of the Dutch Boers, &C., &C
2019978-1-5277-6305-0George Bergen BashenTest of an Otto Gas Engine With Producer Gas: Thesis (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-6327-2Percy LongmuirElementary Practical Metallurgy: Iron and Steel (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-6576-4Charles KnightThe English Cyclopedia, Vol. 4: A New Dictionary of Universal Knowledge; Geography (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-6695-2Zerah ColburnLocomotive Engineering, and the Mechanism of Railways: A Treatise on the Principles and Construction of the Locomotive Engine, Railway Carriages, and Railway Plant, With Examples (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-7235-9U. S. Court of Appeals Ninth CircuitUnited States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit: Ed Brown, Doing Business as Brake-Rite Service Co., Appellant, Vs. Brake Testing ... Inc., A Corporation, Appellees; Tra
2019978-1-5277-7377-6Raymond DavisA Nonintermittent Senistometer (Time-Scale Exposure Machine) With Clock-Controlled Motor Drive (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-7488-9Robert KerrA General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. 12: Arranged in Systematic Order, Forming a Complete History of the Origin and Progress ... From the Earliest Ages to the Present Time
2018978-1-5277-7623-4Samuel LewisA Topographical Dictionary of England, Vol. 2 of 4: Comprising the Several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, Corporate and Market Towns, Parishes, ... With Historical and Statistical Descriptio
2019978-1-5277-7947-1John Ramsay McCullochM'culloch's Universal Gazetteer, Vol. 1 of 2: A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the Various Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in the World (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-8204-4William DarbyDarby's Universal Geographical Dictionary: Containing a Description of the Empires, Kingdoms, States, Provinces, Cities, Towns, Forts, Seas, Harbors, ... the Government, Customs, and Manners of th
  ''978-1-5277-8468-0Rufus J. HaightPark and Cemetery, and Landscape Gardening, Vol. 22: March 1912 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-8487-1   ''Park and Cemetery and Landscape Gardening, Vol. 21: March 1911 (Classic Reprint)
  ''978-1-5277-8883-1Canada ParliamentAlphabetical Index to the Sessional Papers of the Parliament of Canada: Fourth Session, Sixth Parliament, 1890 (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-9194-7J. L. MorisonSir Charles Bagot: An Incident in Canadian Parliamentary History (Classic Reprint)
2018978-1-5277-9777-2James A. SharpA New Gazetteer, or Topographical Dictionary of the British Islands and Narrow Seas, Vol. 2 of 2: Comprising Concise Description of About Sixty ... Upon the Best Authorities; With a Refere
  ''978-1-5277-9916-5Charles DerlethLaboratory Instructions for Tests of Cement, Mortar and Concrete (Classic Reprint)
2019978-1-5277-9935-6United States Fuel AdministrationSaving Steam in Industrial Heating Systems (Classic Reprint)