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2012978-1-4652-0000-6VORNBERG JAMES A · CONSILIENCE LLC · BORGEMENKE ARTHUR JTexas Public School Organization and Administration: 2012
  ''978-1-4652-0001-3STOHL LEE HOLLYLYNNE · HOLLEBRANDS KAREN · WILSON P HOLTPreparing to Teach Mathematics with Technology: An Integrated Approach to Data Analysis and Probability
  ''978-1-4652-0002-0KAHRIG TAMMY SUE · TENNESSEE AT KNOXVILLE U OFThriving at UT and Beyond: Customized Version Designed Specifically for the First-Year Studies Program at the University of Tennessee by Joseph Cuseo, Viki Sox Fecas and Aaron Thompson
  ''978-1-4652-0004-4TAPPS TYLER NICHOLASDiversity: Connecting College to Life
  ''978-1-4652-0006-8Robert Reardon · Janet Lenz · Gary Peterson · James SampsonCareer Development and Planning: A Comprehensive Approach
2012978-1-4652-0009-9KOLENCIK PATRICIA · HILLWIG SHELIATeach Who You Are: Developing Your Teaching Philosophy and Creating Your Professional Identity
  ''978-1-4652-0010-5SLATTERY MICHAELSociology Sandbox
  ''978-1-4652-0013-6PETROVIC BOJANIslam and Temporal Power
  ''978-1-4652-0014-3BROWN MARYIntroduction to Healthcare Delivery
  ''978-1-4652-0016-7KH PathwaysKindergarten Stepping Stones: God Loves Me Lapbook
2012978-1-4652-0017-4KH PathwaysKindergarten Stepping Stones: God Gives Us Friends Lapbook
  ''978-1-4652-0018-1   ''Kindergarten Stepping Stones: God Gives Me Everything I Need Lapbook
2013978-1-4652-0019-8   ''Kindergarten Stepping Stones: Jesus is God's Best Gift Lapbook
2012978-1-4652-0020-4   ''Kindergarten Stepping Stones: God Gives Us Families Lapbook
  ''978-1-4652-0021-1   ''Kindergarten Stepping Stones: God Helps Me Make Good Choices Lapbook
2012978-1-4652-0022-8KH PathwaysKindergarten Stepping Stones: God Wants Us to Follow Him Lapbook
2013978-1-4652-0023-5   ''Kindergarten Stepping Stones: I Can Share the Good News About Jesus Lapbook
2012978-1-4652-0026-6LEE H FELIX · FULTON DAVIDComputer Aided Design with Unigraphics NX7.5: Engineering Design in Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing
  ''978-1-4652-0028-0BURK CHARLESFundamentals in Criminal Justice
  ''978-1-4652-0029-7Diversity and the College Experience [Diversity: Connecting College to Life] (Oklahoma State University)
  ''978-1-4652-0036-5CAIRO ELIZABETH TReproductive Health: The Biology, Psychology and Sociology of Sexuality
  ''978-1-4652-0037-2TOWNLEY ARTHUR · SCHMIEDER JUNESchool Finance: A California Perspective
2012978-1-4652-0039-6MASSIE KEITHCommunication Connections: From Aristotle to the Internet
  ''978-1-4652-0041-9PFLUGER STACY · HALL TAYLORIntroductory Biology II: A Laboratory Exploration of Life
  ''978-1-4652-0042-6APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITYExplorations in General Biology II
  ''978-1-4652-0045-7Business Communications for Professionals and Consultants A Rhetorical Approach (Text and Workbook)
  ''978-1-4652-0046-4ERVIN ELIZABETHEngineering Statics: A Companion to Any Text
2012978-1-4652-0056-3YOUNG LADONNA R · WHITE MARCIA LHow To Pass the PRAXIS I Test (The FIRST TIME You Take It)
  ''978-1-4652-0057-0BRADLEY DOUGLAS · DEAN CHRISTPHERTerra Incognita: Researching the Weird
  ''978-1-4652-0058-7KERCKHOVE LEEConversations in Political Philosophy and Ethics
  ''978-1-4652-0059-4COTA IRENE CTheir Way: Validating Parental Strategies as a Bridge to Learning: A Guidebook with Practical Everyday Strategies for Teachers to Share with Parents
  ''978-1-4652-0060-0WALTENBURG ERIC N · MCLAUCHLAN WILLIAM · WIEST SARAExploratory Data Analysis: A Primer for Undergraduates
2012978-1-4652-0062-4WEBB HEATHERLab Manual for Exercise Physiology: EP 3304
  ''978-1-4652-0063-1BUTLAND MARKAchieving Communication Competence: An Introduction to Human Communication
  ''978-1-4652-0064-8PATINO MARIN PEDROChemistry Fundamentals 1B
2013978-1-4652-0066-2W. Marshall Leach Jr.Fundamentals of Low-Noise Electronics
2012978-1-4652-0067-9SREERAMA LAKSHMAIAH · MAHROOF-TAHIR MOHAMMAD · LEENAY TAMARAIntroduction to Chemistry for Health Sciences Lab Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0068-6ZAPROWSKI BRENTEarth and Beyond: An Introduction to Earth-Space Science Laboratory Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0069-3UNCG UNDERGRADUATE STUDIESThriving at UNCG and Beyond: Customized Version of Thriving in College and Beyond by Joseph Cuseo, Viki Sox Fecas, Aaron Thompson Designed Specifically for University of North Carolina at Greensboro
2013978-1-4652-0070-9DELUKE GENESAP SCM: A Supplement for SAP based Supply Chain Management Courses
2012978-1-4652-0071-6KNOPP JAMESKnopp's Knotes: A Biochemistry Workbook with Definitions, Concepts, Hints, and Problems
2012978-1-4652-0072-3SCHLITTER R LAURIEField and Lab Biology for Elementary Teaching Majors
  ''978-1-4652-0073-0BRASHIER LISAThe Brashier Method of Yoga and Pilates
  ''978-1-4652-0074-7STEVENS DENNIS LCu IN LaB General Chemistry Laboratory Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0076-1LEARY COLLEENHands-On Meteorology: A Lab Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0077-8FLORIDA A AND M UNIVERSITYThriving on the Hill: A Customized Version of Thriving in College and Beyond, 2nd Edition by Joseph B. Duseo, Viki Sox Fecas, and Aaron Thompson
2012978-1-4652-0078-5SILVIA WILLIAMDomestic Animal Biology: ASC 101
2013978-1-4652-0082-2RAMP PAUL · STAPLES CARYBiology One: An Interactive Biology Tutorial: Volume 1
  ''978-1-4652-0084-6QUINTYN CONRAD B.Human Origins: An Introduction
2012978-1-4652-0085-3COATY PATRICKUnderstanding the War on Terror
  ''978-1-4652-0086-0PFLUGER STACY · HALL TAYLORIntroductory Biology I: A Laboratory Exploration of Life
  ''978-1-4652-0087-7HOPEWELL JR WOODSON HOff the Dean's Desk: Anecdotal Musings from the Dean of Men
  ''978-1-4652-0088-4BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Grade 1 Student Edition
2012978-1-4652-0089-1BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Grade 1 Student Science Journal Pack
  ''978-1-4652-0090-7   ''By Design Grade 1 Teacher Edition
  ''978-1-4652-0092-1By Design: A Journey to Excellence through Science, Level 2
  ''978-1-4652-0093-8BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Grade 2 Student Science Journal Pack
  ''978-1-4652-0094-5   ''By Design Grade 2 Teacher Edition
2012978-1-4652-0096-9BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Grade 3 Student Edition
  ''978-1-4652-0097-6   ''By Design Grade 3 Student Science Journal Pack
2012978-1-4652-0098-3BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Grade 3 Teacher Edition
  ''978-1-4652-0100-3   ''By Design Grade 4 Student Edition
  ''978-1-4652-0101-0   ''By Design Grade 4 Student Science Journal Pack
  ''978-1-4652-0102-7   ''By Design Grade 4 Teacher Edition
2013978-1-4652-0104-1   ''By Design, Grade 5
2013978-1-4652-0105-8BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Grade 5 Student Science Journal
  ''978-1-4652-0106-5   ''By Design Grade 5 Teacher Edition
  ''978-1-4652-0108-9   ''By Design Grade 6 Student Edition
  ''978-1-4652-0109-6   ''By Design Grade 6 Student Science Journal
  ''978-1-4652-0110-2   ''By Design Grade 6 Teacher Edition
2014978-1-4652-0112-6BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Grade 7 Student Edition
  ''978-1-4652-0113-3   ''By Design Grade 7 Student Science Journal
  ''978-1-4652-0114-0   ''By Design Grade 7 Teacher Edition
  ''978-1-4652-0116-4   ''By Design Grade 8 Student Edition
  ''978-1-4652-0117-1   ''By Design Grade 8 Student Science Journal
2014978-1-4652-0120-1BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Cycle 1 Grade Levels 1-4 Student Science Journal Pack
2014978-1-4652-0121-8BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Grades 1-4 Cycle 1 Teacher Guide
  ''978-1-4652-0122-5KH By DesignBy Design Grades 1-4 Cycle 2 Student Science Journal Pack
  ''978-1-4652-0123-2   ''By Design Grades 1-4 Cycle 2 Teacher Guide
2015978-1-4652-0124-9BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Cycle 3 Grade Levels 1-4 Student Science Journal Pack
2014978-1-4652-0125-6KH By DesignBy Design Levels 1-4 Cycle 3 Teacher Guide
2013978-1-4652-0126-3BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Cycle 4 Grade Levels 1-4 Student Science Journals Pack
  ''978-1-4652-0127-0   ''By Design Level 1-4 Cycle 4 Teacher Guide
2014978-1-4652-0128-7   ''By Design Level 5-8 Cycle 1 Teacher Guide
2015978-1-4652-0129-4KH By DesignBy Design Level 5-8 Cycle 2 Teacher Guide
2014978-1-4652-0130-0   ''By Design Level 5-8 Cycle 3 Teacher Guide
2012978-1-4652-0132-4SHRAKE EUNAI · CHEN EDITHAsian Pacific American Experiences Past, Present, and Future
  ''978-1-4652-0135-5YOUNG OWL MARCUSThe Human Evolution Workbook
2012978-1-4652-0136-2SVORONOS PARIS · WONG PETER · IRIGOYEN PEDRO · RUDO FRANKLaboratory Experiments for General Chemistry
  ''978-1-4652-0138-6NORTH CAROLINA UNIVERSITY OFGeneral Chemistry: Chemistry 101/102 Laboratory Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0139-3HEATH TRAVIS · HUXFORD MICHAELInteractive Psychology: An Introductory Workbook
  ''978-1-4652-0140-9LOVING TIMOTHY J · LE BENJAMIN · LEWANDOWSKI JR GARY · GLEASON MARCI · HARMAN JENNIFER · MASHEK DEBRA · GREEN JODY L · NEFF LISAThe Science of Relationships: Answers to Your Questions about Dating, Marriage and Family
  ''978-1-4652-0142-3STIEHL PAMYLA ABack Stage Pass: A Survey of American Musical Theater
2012978-1-4652-0143-0BURROUGH KAY · MIRANDA TINALaws on Human Trafficking
  ''978-1-4652-0144-7BURROUGH KAYHuman Trafficking and Human Rights
  ''978-1-4652-0145-4HEINTZ MICHAELOutline of Human Biology
  ''978-1-4652-0146-1Loyde Vanalan JonesConversational Statistics for Business and Economics
2013978-1-4652-0147-8KALE JAYANT R · FENDLER RICHARD JLectures in Corporate Finance
2012978-1-4652-0148-5Loyde Vanalan JonesA Homework Supplement to Accompany Conversational Statistics for Business & Economics
  ''978-1-4652-0149-2JONES LOYDE VANALANConversational Statistics for Business AND Economics
2012978-1-4652-0153-9WHITE CINDYPrinciples of Biology Laboratory Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0155-3MONTGOMERY WILLIAM · TIJERINA ANDRESA Student Guide for Building a Democratic Nation, Volume 1
  ''978-1-4652-0157-7MONTGOMERY WILLIAM · TIJERINA ANDRESA Student Guide for Building a Democratic Nation: A History of the United States 1877 to Present, Volume 2
2013978-1-4652-0158-4OLWELL ROBERTThe Presence of the Past: Documents in American History, 1492-1865
2012978-1-4652-0160-7RAMOS LISA YThe Many Faces of Texas
  ''978-1-4652-0161-4LOFTIN III LAURENCE KEITHOrigins of Architecture
  ''978-1-4652-0165-2INSLEY ROBERTCommunicating in Business in the 21st Century
2012978-1-4652-0166-9SMITH LINDSAY GRAHAMGateways to Discovery: The Geography of Tourism Website
  ''978-1-4652-0167-6CASTILLO DINAU.S. AND Texas Government Flash Cards
2014978-1-4652-0168-3BY DESIGN ROYALTY ESCROW ACCOUNTBy Design Cycle 1 Grade Levels 5-8 Student Science Journal Pack
2015978-1-4652-0169-0KH By DesignBy Design Cycle 2 Grade Levels 5-8 Student Science Journal Pack
2015978-1-4652-0170-6KH By DesignBy Design Cycle 3 Grade Levels 5-8 Student Science Journal Pack
  ''978-1-4652-0171-3   ''By Design Cycle 4 Grade Levels 5-8 Student Science Journal Pack
2012978-1-4652-0172-0GORDON JEFFREY LPhilosophical Explorations: Introductory Readings in Philosophy
  ''978-1-4652-0173-7LOLLAR KAREN · BARWIND JACK · MONSOUR WILLIAM MICHAELThe Talk Within: Its Central Role in Communication
  ''978-1-4652-0177-5ALBAN DONALD HCreated for Connection: Your Calling as a Communicator in Today’s World
  ''978-1-4652-0178-2Russell HurlburtComprehending Behavioral Statistics
  ''978-1-4652-0180-5WALSH EILEENExplorations in General Biology Laboratory
  ''978-1-4652-0182-9GRIGGS W DAVID · FREEMAN MICHAEL BRUCECriminal Justice in America: Crime Control and Due Process
  ''978-1-4652-0186-7CIOPPA THOMAS · MOSCHBERGER JONATHANGive Me Liberty or Give Me Laughs: Studying Political Science Through Cartoons
  ''978-1-4652-0187-4REILLY COLLEEN · COHEN DEBORAH · MORRICE REBECCA · PHETTEPLACE GORDON · SKEELE DAVID · SMILEY LAURADramatic Acts: A Guidebook to Making Meaning in the Theatre
2012978-1-4652-0188-1BRICKMAN EVA · THINNES DEBORAH · OSMON BARBARAFreshman Year Experience: Experiences for a Lifetime
  ''978-1-4652-0189-8RAND CRAIGStress Management: A Guide to a Healthier Life
  ''978-1-4652-0190-4NIEMAN DAVIDFitness and Your Health
  ''978-1-4652-0195-9BERNARDO JACKFundamentals of the U.S. Federal Republic
  ''978-1-4652-0197-3KRANJC MARKO · BRINKER RAYMONDIntermediate Algebra
2012978-1-4652-0198-0DOERNER BILLIntroduction to Law Enforcement: An Insider's View
  ''978-1-4652-0199-7KENNEDY CECILIA MCGINNISS · BONCH REEVES KSENIASitios: A Community Inspired Approach to Spanish
  ''978-1-4652-0200-0HILL LISAAfrican American Reader
  ''978-1-4652-0201-7DUQUETTE JAN · CAIN DUANE O · MCCARTNEY THEODORE SOMMERAssessing Your Fitness
  ''978-1-4652-0205-5Karen Marie WalkerThe Deep Learning Academic Success Planner
2012978-1-4652-0206-2BENNAHUM JUDITH · BENNAHUM NINOTCHKAThe Living Dance: An Anthology of Essays on Movement and Culture
  ''978-1-4652-0207-9ORTIZ LORELEI AA Practical Course in Business Communication
  ''978-1-4652-0208-6ABERLE ROBERTThe Administration of Justice
  ''978-1-4652-0209-3LANOUE STEPHANIE AThe Anatomy Assignment: Level 1
  ''978-1-4652-0210-9FRALICK MARSHA · ZAMORA AGUILAR BEATRICE · GAUTHIER LARRYNative American College and Career Success
2012978-1-4652-0212-3DEYOUNG JONATHANWriting Made Simple
  ''978-1-4652-0213-0Jonathan DeYoungIgrammar - Text
  ''978-1-4652-0214-7LUNSFORD ROBERTHead to Head: Communicating through the Writing Process
  ''978-1-4652-0215-4GRAY RAY PHYLLISFrom Imagining to Understanding the African American Experience
  ''978-1-4652-0216-1ROSS JOHNiSpeak! uSpeak! weSpeak!: An Introduction to Contemporary Public Speaking
2012978-1-4652-0218-5FARRELL MEGThe Speaker's Path: A Guide for the Journey of Public Speaking
  ''978-1-4652-0219-2COFFEY DEBRA · SNYDER ALICESailing Across the Content Areas with Literacy Strategies in the Elementary Grades
  ''978-1-4652-0221-5Clara OrbanWine Lessons: Ten Questions to Guide Your Appreciation of Wine
2014978-1-4652-0223-9LEADS STUDENT ASSOCIATIONIntroduction to Leadership
2012978-1-4652-0224-6GROVES RANDALL · GRAY JOHN SCOTT · QUIST ROBERTIntroduction to Popular Culture: Theories, Applications and Global Perspectives
  ''978-1-4652-0225-3DEEMER SANDRAReflections on How Educators Use Motivational Theories in Educational Psychology
  ''978-1-4652-0227-7MORRIS MICHAEL NEALThe Active Writer
2012978-1-4652-0228-4PILGRIM JUDITH A · PILGRIM LARRY MLaboratory Manual for Biology Majors
  ''978-1-4652-0229-1KING MARIE KUMSHER · PAULOS PETER M · LA POINT THOMAS W · THOMPSON RUTHANNE · PETERSEN LENEEnvironmental Science: Laboratory and Field Activities
  ''978-1-4652-0230-7YEH JESSEChemistry 1406: Introduction to Chemistry Lab Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0231-4   ''Chemistry 1411: General Chemistry I Lab Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0232-1BOYLAN MALLORY · KLOIBER LYDIAScience of Nutrition: Laboratory Manual
2014978-1-4652-0233-8KAUFMAN CHARLES Oideapower: A Practical Guide to Building Winning Public Relations Campaigns
2012978-1-4652-0234-5INGRAM DOUG RLaboratory Exercises for Physics 10273
2012978-1-4652-0236-9SMITH BRUCE L · KAUFMAN CHARLES O · MARTINEZ GILBERTEngaging Public Relations: A Creative Planning Approach
  ''978-1-4652-0237-6REYES MARIA · GARCIA CRISELDA · ESTRADA VERONICAClassroom Connections to Teaching: A Resource for Teachers of Latino Students
  ''978-1-4652-0238-3SANDOVAL RODOLPHOMoments in Contracts: Text and Cases
  ''978-1-4652-0239-0BORUNDA ROSE · MORENO MELISSASpeaking from the Heart: Herstories of Chicana, Latina, and Amerindian Women
  ''978-1-4652-0240-6PRATT PHILLIPS SHANNONIntroduction to Equine Science
2012978-1-4652-0241-3PANKAKE ANITA · SCHROTH GWEN · LITTLETON MARKThe Administration AND Supervision of Special Programs in Education
2013978-1-4652-0242-0SIMS BRENDATechnical Communication PAK
2012978-1-4652-0243-7BLUMIN MARLENE FIt's All About Choices
  ''978-1-4652-0244-4LAMP DAVIDColoring Book of Physics
  ''978-1-4652-0246-8ROWLEY STEVENGeneral Chemistry II: Lab Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0247-5CAPWELL BURNS AMYInterpersonal Communication Supplement: Quizzes and Activities
  ''978-1-4652-0248-2DEBORAH L. HALLThe Anatomy of Narrative: Analyzing Fiction and Creative Nonfiction
2011978-1-4652-0249-9Felicia F Jordan-Jackson Deborah A Brunson Linda L LamplInterracial Communication: Contexts, Communities, and Choices - eBook
2012978-1-4652-0251-2BINGHAM TERI · THOMAS CONNTeaching Texas: A Complete and Practical Approach to Understanding and Applying the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) TExES
2012978-1-4652-0254-3GINTER EARL J · GLAUSER ANNLife-Skills for the University and Beyond
  ''978-1-4652-0255-0WACHTEL SHIRLEY · SWANICKE HELENASpotlight on Reading: 2
  ''978-1-4652-0256-7MARINOV VALERYManufacturing Process Design
  ''978-1-4652-0257-4NORTH CAROLINA UNIVERSITY OFStudent Teaching and Graduate Internship Assessment Rubric
  ''978-1-4652-0258-1WALDEN MICHAEL LEveryday Economics: Applications and Answers for Your Life Your Money Your Government
2012978-1-4652-0259-8WILLIAMS DAVIS REGINA W · MCQUITTY DEANA LACY · BOOTH SNIPES TRACEYttyl...The Fundamentals of Speech Communication in the Digital Age
  ''978-1-4652-0260-4ALUKA INNOCENTContemporary Physical Science
2013978-1-4652-0261-1BECK CINDY · HANCOCK JASON · WISE JESSICAMaps for Grammar AND Writing
2012978-1-4652-0262-8CLARK NEILIntroduction to Biology: Lab Manual for Non-Majors
  ''978-1-4652-0263-5COOK CATHY AOnce Upon a Speech: Telling Your Story as a Public Speaker
  ''978-1-4652-0265-9WU JOHNWriting for and about the Real World: A Rhetoric and Reader for English Composition
  ''978-1-4652-0269-7HONAKER CONNIE J · KORTMAN SHARON ABeginning Teacher Induction Professional Development: Support to Quality Practice
2013978-1-4652-0274-1   ''Mentoring and Coaching Professional Development: Support to Quality Practice
2012978-1-4652-0279-6ELLISON ANTHONY PMoney, Markets and Methods
2012978-1-4652-0280-2HONAKER CONNIE J · KORTMAN SHARON AStandards in Teaching: Reflection to Quality Practice
  ''978-1-4652-0282-6Sharon A. Kortman · Connie J. HonakerStandards in Teaching Professional Development, Reflection to Quality Practice. (Participant Guide, Second Edition, with CD)
  ''978-1-4652-0284-0TURNER WARD KARENCommunication for Today's Student
  ''978-1-4652-0287-1KARLBERG KIMBERLYAn Introduction to Law Enforcement for the Community College Student
2011978-1-4652-0288-8Val MarinovManufacturing Process Design Second Edition
2014978-1-4652-0292-5AZENABOR ANTHONYImmunology for the Medical Sciences
2012978-1-4652-0293-2KIMBLE MARY · SCHIRMER AARONGeneral Genetics Laboratory Manual
2013978-1-4652-0294-9SORENSON MATTHEW · TICHAWA UTACase Studies for Adult Health Nursing
2012978-1-4652-0298-7WILSON MARTHAOperations Management
  ''978-1-4652-0300-7OBIAKOR FESTUS E · YAWN CHRISTOPHERUrban Special Education: The New York Experience
2012978-1-4652-0301-4GRAY VALERIEAvoiding Plagiarism: Communicating Your Message With Academic and Professional Integrity
  ''978-1-4652-0302-1CASE PATRICIA · COVENTRY BARBARAExploring the World through Social Statistics
  ''978-1-4652-0304-5RAMIREZ ENEIDA SARAHIAnatomy and Physiology II Laboratory Manual
  ''978-1-4652-0305-2SCANLAN JOHN BCareers in Action
  ''978-1-4652-0307-6STEINBACHER ROBERTA · BENSON VIRGINIAIntroduction to Urban Studies
2012978-1-4652-0308-3OLSEN MARK · BROADNAX STEVEActing: Scene One