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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-5249-1141-6Mary Anne Eaton · Janet Rouslin · Dana ManningConnections: Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness
2017978-1-5249-1217-8GAVIN KATHERINE · CASA TUTITA M · SHEFFIELD LINDA JENSEN · CHAPIN SUZANNE HProject M2 Level 2 Unit 1: Designing a Shape Gallery: Geometry with the Meerkats Teacher Resource Package
2016978-1-5249-1336-6M. M. "Skip" RectorYoga: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice
2017978-1-5249-1431-8Ronald P Colarusso · Colleen M O'rourke · Hughes & Assoc Consulting Firm Inc · Melissa LeontovichSpecial Education for ALL Teachers
  ''978-1-5249-1681-7Karl J Smith · Monty Strauss · Magdalena TodaCalculus
2016978-1-5249-1769-2David Betounes · Mylan Redfern BetounesCalculus: Concepts AND Computation
  ''978-1-5249-1772-2Cynthia BurwellPersonal and Community Health for Today's College Students
2017978-1-5249-1875-0Leon E Myers · Gopala Krishna · Andrew HugineEssentials of Precalculus for College Students
  ''978-1-5249-2133-0Mari Fujimoto · Patricia WelchNippon Go! An Introduction to Modern Japanese Language
  ''978-1-5249-2149-1Amy WeheInformal Geometry
2017978-1-5249-2268-9Ron GainesThe Accidence of Anatomy: A Bespoke Lab Manual
  ''978-1-5249-2272-6Lillian Carter · Rich Llc BlonnaHealthy Sexuality
2018978-1-5249-2341-9Dawn TerrickDiscovering the Student, Discovering the Self: Introduction to College Writing
2017978-1-5249-2358-7Katherine Barwick-Snell · Velma WalkerBecoming Aware: A Text/Workbook For Human Relations and Personal Adjustment
  ''978-1-5249-2408-9Linda Strahan · Kathleen M MooreWrite It: A Process Approach to College Essays, with Readings
2019978-1-5249-2894-0Katherine Gavin · Suzanne H. Chapin · Judith Dailey · Linda Jensen SheffieldProject M3, Level 5-6: Our Environment Matters: Making Sense of Percents Student Mathematicians Journal
2017978-1-5249-3326-5Kae ChatmanCollege Wise
  ''978-1-5249-3405-7Karl J Smith · Monty Strauss · Magdalena TodaCalculus
  ''978-1-5249-3425-5Anthony PeyronelPublic Relations Primer
2017978-1-5249-3653-2Tyler KarnsA AND P I Lab Manual
  ''978-1-5249-3674-7Donald Jones · Kerry BeckfordConnections: A Combined Reader and Rhetoric
  ''978-1-5249-3845-1Steven D. ThompsonIntroduction to Music PAK
  ''978-1-5249-4177-2Tommy G Thomason · Andrew ChavezWriting for Media Audiences: A Handbook for Multi-platform News, Advertising, and Public Relations
  ''978-1-5249-4190-1KAMISCHKE ELLEN · KAMISCHKE ERIC · PAM HARRIS CONSULTING LLCBSCS Trigonometry Discovering Advanced Algebra Student Edition + 6 Year Online License
2017978-1-5249-4384-4Chester MiracleCalculus for Engineering I
  ''978-1-5249-4385-1   ''Calculus for Engineering II
  ''978-1-5249-4652-4William T VertsComputer Literacy Laboratory Manual
2018978-1-5249-4789-7ARIZA EILEEN · Maria R. CoadyWhy TESOL? Theories and Issues in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in K-12 Classrooms
2017978-1-5249-4807-8Michael RamseyNatural Disasters: Recitation Manual Course GEOL-0820
  ''978-1-5249-5246-4Octavio Roca · Matthew SchuhAn Examined Life
  ''978-1-5249-5743-8Kristen Phd. HarkIntroduction to Research
2018978-1-5249-6013-1Michael JueCAD Companion Workbook for CAD I and II and Intro to Civil Engineering for MicroStation and AutoCAD
2018978-1-5249-6112-1Kimberly Keeley · Jeremy DicusApplied Anatomy for Exercise Science
  ''978-1-5249-6119-0SERRA MICHAEL A · JERALD MURDOCK TRUST · KAMISCHKE ERIC · KAMISCHKE ELLENGeometry: Bogota Math Student Text
  ''978-1-5249-6700-0Claudia Stuart · Martin H Kuhlman · Amy AndersenWest Texas A AND M University and the Devil's Kitchen
  ''978-1-5249-7668-2David Betounes · Mylan Redfern BetounesCalculus: Concepts AND Computation
2019978-1-5249-7793-1Ryan PaceCorporate Taxation
2018978-1-5249-7935-5A. Ray Crawford IiiIntroduction to Research: Less Fright, More Insight: A Customized Version of Research Methods: Are You Equipped? Second Edition by Jennifer Bonds-Raacke and John Raacke. Designed specifically for Ray
2019978-1-5249-7959-1Stephanie BrownAnatomy AND Physiology II Laboratory Manual, Preliminary Edition
  ''978-1-5249-7974-4Wendy Rappazzo · Jamie BattsAnatomy AND Physiology 1 Laboratory Manual: A Case Study Approach
2018978-1-5249-8068-9Mary Tracy BeeBare Bones: Advanced Human Anatomy
2018978-1-5249-8093-1Gregory AnoufrievHuman Anatomy AND Physiology Laboratory Manual I
2019978-1-5249-8575-2Firoz FirozzamanCalculus with Algebra and Trigonometry Review
  ''978-1-5249-9646-8Paul Foerster · Ellen Kamischke · Eric Kamischke · Pam Harris Consulting LlcAnaylsis of Functions and Trigonometry
  ''978-1-5249-9666-6David ConleyHuman Anatomy Laboratory Guide
  ''978-1-5249-9893-6Doyice J Cotten · John WolohanLaw for Recreation and Sport Managers
  ''978-1-5249-9964-3David Betounes · Mylan Redfern BetounesCalculus: Concepts & Computation