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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-7575-9806-7LARGEN KIMEnvironmental Science: Lab Manual and Notebook Volume 2: The Issues
2012978-0-7575-9807-4BAKER JAMES AENGL 203: Introduction to Literature
2011978-0-7575-9808-1HERRICK DAVID RDr. Herrick's CH222 Lecture Notes Outlines
  ''978-0-7575-9809-8LEWIS TODD VCommunicating Literature: An Introduction to Oral Interpretation
  ''978-0-7575-9811-1LUK YAN-YEUNGGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II: CHEM 117 Lab Manual: Concepts AND Experiments
2012978-0-7575-9812-8John H Bush · Jennifer HindsPhysical Geology Exercises
  ''978-0-7575-9815-9Michael J. SimontonIntroduction to Cultural Anthropology
  ''978-0-7575-9816-6Simonton201Readings in Cultural Anthropology
2013978-0-7575-9820-3ARNETT RONALD C · Leeanne M. Bell McManus · MCKENDREE AMANDA GConflict between Persons: The Origins of Leadership
2015978-0-7575-9821-0Sara Weintraub · Candice Thomas-Maddox · Kerry ByrnesCommunicating in Your Personal, Professional and Public Lives
2014978-0-7575-9822-7WESTERMAN DAVID KEITH · BOWMAN NICHOLAS DAVID · LACHLAN KENNETH LIntroduction to Computer Mediated Communication: A Functional Approach
2012978-0-7575-9824-1Glenn R WintersThe Opera Zoo: Singers, Composers, and Other Primates
2012978-0-7575-9826-5DEPT OF ENGLISH AND LANGUAGESReadings in Techinical Writing: A Collection of Student Projects
2011978-0-7575-9828-9PARKER BRASELTON MARY ETexas Teacher Edition and The HOT ePortfolio
2012978-0-7575-9829-6LYALINA VICTORIAModel Paragraphs AND Essays: For English as a Second Language Learners
  ''978-0-7575-9830-2LANE RHONDA MHuman Nutrition: Navigate through the Maze
  ''978-0-7575-9831-9SNYDER MICHAELIntro to Microeconomics
  ''978-0-7575-9832-6Terry HusbandHow Am I Supposed to Talk about That? Enacting Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Early Childhood Classrooms
  ''978-0-7575-9836-4ROPER JAMESThe Covemant of Democracy: Should Government Run Like a Business
2012978-0-7575-9838-8KRAVITZ LEONARDAnybody's Guide to Total Fitness
  ''978-0-7575-9840-1Brendan FinnA Flashpoint in a Melting Pot
  ''978-0-7575-9842-5Len KravitzAnybody's Guide To Total Fitness
  ''978-0-7575-9843-2   ''Anybody's Guide to Total Fitness Student Profile Guide Tenth Edition
  ''978-0-7575-9844-9MCKENNEY JANETA Guide to Presentation Speaking: Prepared for Business, Professional, Technical, and Trade Learners
2012978-0-7575-9846-3Virginia Mcdermott · Rachel Wegter · Coast Learning SystemsPublic Speaking: Preparation AND Presentation in a Digital World
  ''978-0-7575-9847-0MBAJEKWE CAROLYN WA Customized Version of Thriving In College and Beyond, Designed Specifically for Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Research-Based Strategies for Academic Success and Personal Development
  ''978-0-7575-9850-0STEINBERG GEOFFREYInformation Technology: Skills, Concepts, and Problem Solving
  ''978-0-7575-9851-7TAYLOR DIANE SCareer Work Experience: A Career Development Workbook
  ''978-0-7575-9852-4Jerry JohnsBasic Reading Inventory: Pre-Primer through Grade Twelve and Early Literacy Assessments
2012978-0-7575-9853-1Basic Reading Inventory: Pre-primer Through Grade Twelve and Early Literacy Assessment Cd-rom
  ''978-0-7575-9854-8Jerry L. JohnsBasic Reading Inventory: Student Word Lists, Passages, and Early Literacy Assessments
2011978-0-7575-9857-9GIBSON BARBARA · HEALY MELANIECreating a Healthy and Active Lifestyle
2012978-0-7575-9859-3KISER KEVINApplying the Tools of the Microbiologist
  ''978-0-7575-9864-7RONSON BONNIELessons with Grammar I
  ''978-0-7575-9865-4   ''Lessons With Grammar 2
2011978-0-7575-9866-1Guidebook to Presentation Speaking, 4th Edition Revised Printing
  ''978-0-7575-9867-8MICHALAK RUDIGERCalculus Based University Physics I: Mechanics and Waves: A Laboratory Manual
2011978-0-7575-9869-2MORENO MARKThe French Intervention: Warfare and the Making of Mexico
2012978-0-7575-9870-8NIKITINA DARIAIntroduction to Geology
  ''978-0-7575-9872-2Jane Tainow FederThe GPS for Writing: Grammar, Punctuation, and Sentence Structure
2011978-0-7575-9874-6ORNELAS MICHAEL RBetween the Conquests: The Early Chicano Historical Experience
2013978-0-7575-9877-7GOTTLEBER TIMOTHY · DRISCOLL GEORGE AThriving in the Digital Age
2012978-0-7575-9881-4SMITH SOLOMONReimagining America: A Survey of American History
2011978-0-7575-9882-1LAMMEL CYNTHIAThe Actor's Job
2012978-0-7575-9883-8BRAHAM RICHARDFirst Lessons in Dendrology
  ''978-0-7575-9884-5GAYTON CYNTHIALegal Aspects of Engineering
  ''978-0-7575-9886-9UNIVERSITY COLLEGEThriving at UNCW and Beyond: A Customized Version of Thriving in College and Beyond: Strategies for Academic Success and Personal Development: Concise Version
  ''978-0-7575-9887-6Wendy RapazzoBiochemistry and Cell Biology the Science of Life
2012978-0-7575-9889-0CAUGHLAN LAURENCE IYoga: The Spirit of Union
  ''978-0-7575-9891-3ZARAGOZA SHIRLEYNavigating the Playground 2 Finance: Learning the Basic Finance in Twelve Steps
  ''978-0-7575-9892-0Robin ThronePractitioner Research in Doctoral Education
  ''978-0-7575-9893-7EASLEY YOUNG REGINA · LUFT BONNIELife/Death: Dipping Our Toes in the Water
2011978-0-7575-9899-9LAI DR. FENG QI · HUANG XIAO-XIAMastering Computer Skills Through Experiential Learning
2012978-0-7575-9901-9PANZER VICTORIAPower Tools: Writing Sales Presentations That Work for You
2011978-0-7575-9902-6Matthew LooperThe Visual Cultures of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
2012978-0-7575-9904-0FRONGIA TERRIPiazza Nostra: The Italian Learning Experience
2011978-0-7575-9905-7GUHA SUJATAFundamentals of General Chemistry: Part 1
2012978-0-7575-9906-4CASLER ANGELA · LUKE ROSEMARY-JANECertified Sustainability Manager: Pioneer Study Guide
2011978-0-7575-9907-1SteinbergClass Notes and Notebook
2012978-0-7575-9908-8NICHOLS CHRISTOPHERChemistry 370
2011978-0-7575-9909-5MICHALAK RUDIGERCalculus Based University Physics II Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism: A Laboratory Manual
2012978-0-7575-9911-8WEINTRAUB MICHAELAnatomy and Physiology Survival Manual
2011978-0-7575-9914-9STRAUS TODDThe French Workshop, Level 2
2012978-0-7575-9916-3MENDOZA ALICIAThe Essentials of Elementary Education and Current Controversies
2013978-0-7575-9917-0HASS LONNIE · TAYLOR LARRYFinite Mathematics
2012978-0-7575-9918-7   ''Precalculus II - Trigonometry: Customized Version of Precalculus Functions and Graphs 8th Edition
  ''978-0-7575-9919-4WINGET DONALD · HERMES JAMES JOSEPHWe're Texas Astronomy
2012978-0-7575-9920-0Wendy RappazzoBiochemistry& Cell Biology
2011978-0-7575-9921-7BrowningPhysical and Environmental Geology
2012978-0-7575-9922-4COOPER BRIANGuide for World Regional Geography
  ''978-0-7575-9928-6Edison State UniversityCornerstone Experience: Building the Foundation for Success - Passport
  ''978-0-7575-9929-3WILLIAMS WILEYTopics in Contemporary Mathematics
  ''978-0-7575-9930-9Coast Learning Systems · John RentonPhysical Geology Across the American Landscape With Code
  ''978-0-7575-9932-3Gary M. Ullrich · Mark J. DusenburyAerodynamics
2012978-0-7575-9937-8PRINCIPE MICHAEL LUISAmerican Government, Policy, and Law
  ''978-0-7575-9939-2BURSTEIN JOYCE · KNOTTS GREGORY DReclaiming Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom: Integrating Culture Through the Arts
  ''978-0-7575-9940-8THOMPSON AARON · CUSEO JOE BInfusing Diversity and Cultural Competence into Teacher Education
  ''978-0-7575-9942-2JONSSON HJORLEIFUR · HOLTHUYSEN JAIMEContests in Contexts: Readings in the Anthropology of Sports
  ''978-0-7575-9945-3GAVIN KATHERINE · CASA TUTITA M · SHEFFIELD LINDA JENSEN · CHAPIN SUZANNE HProject M2 Level K Unit 1: Sizing Up the Lily Pad Space Station: Measuring with the Frogonauts Student Mathematician Journal
2012978-0-7575-9947-7FOSTER JEFFREYWriting in Different Circles: A Student's Handbook for Interdisciplinary Composition and Rhetoric
2013978-0-7575-9948-4STANLEY CHRISTOPHERUnderstanding Life-Span Development
2012978-0-7575-9949-1LANG DIANECreating Balance and Finding Happiness
  ''978-0-7575-9951-4Jacinto GardeaLencho Unhinged: A Punc-Gramma-Drama for Adult Basic Writers
2013978-0-7575-9952-1EVERLING KATHLEENBridging Language and Literacy in the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classroom
2012978-0-7575-9953-8KERCKHOVE LEEWondering Allowed: An Introduction to Knowledge and Reality
  ''978-0-7575-9954-5KH By DesignBy Design Training Manual
  ''978-0-7575-9955-2Paul GannonIntroduction to Energy, the Environment and Sustainability
2012978-0-7575-9963-7GARCIA GROTE STEPHANIE · CASSIDY JACKLiteracy Trends and Issues: What's Hot
  ''978-0-7575-9964-4MURRAY STEVEN ROSSWellness for Life
  ''978-0-7575-9965-1Linda M. ClinardFamily Time Reading Fun - Help Children Become Successful: A Resource for Teachers, Tutors, and Parents
  ''978-0-7575-9966-8KENT ANDREATeaching Writing the Draft Book Way
  ''978-0-7575-9970-5MASON KEVIN · DUSEK WENDYChemistry for Career and Technical Education
2012978-0-7575-9974-3TOWNSEND HEATHER · GOFFEE EYLANA GOLDMANHuman Anatomy Laboratory Atlas: BIOL 1010
  ''978-0-7575-9976-7Robert Christie Mill · Alistair M. MorrisonThe Tourism System
  ''978-0-7575-9977-4APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITYExplorations in General Biology I
  ''978-0-7575-9980-4CHIMBEL AARON ARTHURIntroduction to Journalism
  ''978-0-7575-9981-1LING ERICPerspectives on Crime: An Introduction to Criminal Justice
2013978-0-7575-9983-5KELLOGG WENDY · SWETKIS DOREEN LThe 21st Century American City: Race, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Urban Life
2012978-0-7575-9984-2JORDAN ROBERT AThe Way I See It: Classic Cinema - A User's Manual
2012978-0-7575-9987-3ARANGNO LORRAINE MARIECritical Thinking: A Sentential Logic Workbook
  ''978-0-7575-9988-0SHANSKY CAROLMusical Tapestries: A Thematic Approach to Music Education
  ''978-0-7575-9991-0CURRY JAMES · BATTISTONI RICHARD M · BLAKEMAN JOHNThe American Constitutional Experience: Selected Readings and Supreme Court Opinions
  ''978-0-7575-9992-7KAMM JUDYEconomic Supplement: Financial Lessons from an Economist
  ''978-0-7575-9993-4TVELIA SEAN · HORN JOANPerspectives: Laboratory Manual for Historical Geology
2013978-0-7575-9994-1FARLEY CONSTANCEFoundations of College Reading: An ESL Cultural Reading
2012978-0-7575-9995-8Elton D Aberle · John C Forrest · David E Gerrard · Edward W MillsPrinciples of Meat Science
2012978-0-7575-9998-9OSTERMAN JOHNAmerican AND Texas Government Essentials
  ''978-0-7575-9999-6STEWART EARL LThe Art of Soul Music from 1960-1980