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2015978-1-4652-7430-4Lila SwellLet's Work It Out: A Problem Solving Journal Teacher's Guide
  ''978-1-4652-7431-1William Johnson · Lisa MillerRegional Anatomy Dissector and Laboratory Companion
  ''978-1-4652-7433-5Jeffrey R Knott · Wayne Henderson · Patricia Butcher · Kristin Weaver BowmanPhysical Geology Laboratory Manual
  ''978-1-4652-7436-6Marla Chisholm · Jackie GanschowExperiences in Public Speaking: An Activity Book for Public Speaking: SPCH 1315
  ''978-1-4652-7439-7Amy Hassenpflug · Jamaica Conner · Aaron D TraphagenBreaking Ground: Keys for Successful Online Learning
2015978-1-4652-7442-7Amber Lynn MellonMath for Life: A Mathematical Introduction to Personal Finance
  ''978-1-4652-7443-4Davita Silfen Glasberg · Kenneth NeubeckSociology: Diversity and Change in the Twenty-First Century
  ''978-1-4652-7454-0Lou Davidson TillsonFacing Your Fears: Speaking Up When You Really Feel Like Throwing Up! A Practical Guide to Becoming a More Confident and, Yes, Even Enthusiastic Public Speaker
  ''978-1-4652-7455-7Chad Littleton · Tiffany Mitchell · Timothy Parker · Jean Paul VaudreuilThe Write Path: Communicating Your Way to Professional Success
  ''978-1-4652-7456-4Kris Kumfer · Lisa KamodyA Customized Version of Thriving in College and Beyond: Research Based Strategies for Academic Success AND Personal Development Designed Specifically for Ohio University
2015978-1-4652-7457-1Donald Jones · Kerry BeckfordConnections: An Integrated Reader and Rhetoric for College Writing
  ''978-1-4652-7459-5Maribeth Schlobohm · Carie LambertCommunication and Emerging Media: What's Trending Now
  ''978-1-4652-7460-1Melanie HarrisA Study Guide in Microbiology for Non-Majors
  ''978-1-4652-7463-2Virgil Blanco · Juan Saborido · Leonard GalloYo Soy Asi
  ''978-1-4652-7465-6Tom YanceyHistorical Geology Lab Manual
2015978-1-4652-7471-7South Carolina State UniversitySCSU Introduction to the University Community
  ''978-1-4652-7472-4Chris Tsokos · Rebecca WootenThe Joy of Statistics: Learning with Real World Data
  ''978-1-4652-7485-4Eddith DashiellCommunication Law
  ''978-1-4652-7488-5Gulsat AygenEnglish Grammar: A Descriptive Linguistic Approach
  ''978-1-4652-7489-2Bridgepoint Education Inc · Roger DesmondCommunication in the Digital Age
2015978-1-4652-7492-2BATEMAN DAVID · DEE-SMILEY ANGELOV AZURE · PETTINGA DEIDREEducational Marketing: More Than Just Telling Your Story
  ''978-1-4652-7493-9Kendra TwomeyGeneral Chemistry Laboratory Manual
  ''978-1-4652-7497-7Donald H AlbanSpeech Communication: A Redemptive Introduction
  ''978-1-4652-7499-1Val MarinovManufacturing Process Design
  ''978-1-4652-7500-4Arnaud LambertAnthropology of Marriage and the Family
2015978-1-4652-7503-5Donald H AlbanSpeech Communication: A Redemptive Introduction
  ''978-1-4652-7512-7Todd Donavan · Bradley D CarlsonCases in Sports Marketing - Text
  ''978-1-4652-7516-5James HaightAmerican Government: The Basics
  ''978-1-4652-7519-6Shireen RahmanGross Anatomy for Physician Assistants: A Clinical Application Approach
  ''978-1-4652-7525-7Benjamin P. HooksPhysical and Environmental Geology
2015978-1-4652-7526-4Firoz FirozzamanAlgebra Work Book
  ''978-1-4652-7537-0Mohammad AhmadiStatistics for Business and Economics: A Study Guide and Workbook With Excel Instructions and Examples
  ''978-1-4652-7540-0Diane Bosco · Janice L BuchnerReading to Learn: Developing College Content Literacy
  ''978-1-4652-7546-2Steven T LoducaInvestigating the Earth System: A Laboratory Manual in Applied Physical Geology
  ''978-1-4652-7553-0Amanda ChauExploring the World of Plants: General Botany Laboratory Manual
2015978-1-4652-7554-7Biology Dept Holyoke Community CollegeLaboratory Manual for the Processes of Life: BIO 101
  ''978-1-4652-7557-8Department Communication StudiesHuman Communication - Com 101
  ''978-1-4652-7558-5Murray State UniversitySelling Yourself and Your Ideas: A Text/Workbook for Building Presentation Skills
  ''978-1-4652-7561-5Larry UsiltonConduits of History: Select Sources for the Study of Western Civilization to 1650
  ''978-1-4652-7564-6Marcos ArandiaCompeting Visions: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy
2015978-1-4652-7573-8Kim HiltonChemistry at the Beginning
  ''978-1-4652-7576-9Marvin MalechaBeing Creative: Being a Creative
  ''978-1-4652-7589-9BAIAMONTE NICHOLASThinking Critically: Studies in Modernity
  ''978-1-4652-7590-5   ''The Claims of Morals
  ''978-1-4652-7591-2Marcus N. TannerIntroduction to Integrative Studies
2015978-1-4652-7594-3Timothy AndersonIntroduction to Human Geography: A World-Systems Approach
  ''978-1-4652-7609-4Gary BlanchardPositive Path Recovery: A Clinician's Guide
  ''978-1-4652-7610-0Joseph KirklandOn Wrong and Right: An Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy through Classic Texts
  ''978-1-4652-7611-7Joseph KirklandFrom Wonder to Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy through Classic Texts
  ''978-1-4652-7613-1Allen WebberThe History of Music Expounded in Verse (or The Musical High Points, but Metered, and Terse)
2015978-1-4652-7618-6Herschel GreenbergThe Grand Slam
  ''978-1-4652-7619-3   ''The Perfect Game
  ''978-1-4652-7620-9Lisa Carney Anderson · Susan A KeirsteadCells to Systems: Critical Thinking Exercises in Physiology
  ''978-1-4652-7625-4Jennifer TaylorAn Introduction to Comparative Mythology
  ''978-1-4652-7628-5Julie GrignonThriving in Community College AND Beyond: A Customized Textbook for Anne Arundel Community College
2015978-1-4652-7630-8Tammy StoneIntroduction to Archaeology Laboratory Manual
  ''978-1-4652-7633-9Maribeth Schlobohm · Christopher RyanBusiness and Technical Communication: A Guide to Writing Professionally
  ''978-1-4652-7641-4Sarah SatterfieldMusic Appreciation: An Outline Guide
  ''978-1-4652-7642-1Charles D Smires · Margo L MartinResearch for Writers: Advanced English Composition
  ''978-1-4652-7643-8Gregg AamotWriting Insights: Discovering the Keys to Structure and Content
2015978-1-4652-7650-6David NyquistBioorganic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments: Custom Edition for BCH 3023 University of North Florida
  ''978-1-4652-7651-3Jacqueline Irwin · Pamela Davis Hopkins · Holly J Payne · Patric SpenceCompetent Communication at Work: Strategies and Standards for Success
  ''978-1-4652-7652-0Horace Williams · Dane GaldenOpen for Business: An Introduction to the Real World
  ''978-1-4652-7662-9Barry KanpolFoundations of Culture Wars in Education
  ''978-1-4652-7666-7William R LambGolf Made Simple
2015978-1-4652-7675-9Krista Clark · Christopher GreenMicrobiology for Health Professionals
  ''978-1-4652-7676-6James E RacicIntroduction to Financial Accounting Comprehensive Problems
  ''978-1-4652-7678-0   ''Financial Analysis Using Spreadsheets
  ''978-1-4652-7680-3Matthew DelisiHomicide
  ''978-1-4652-7683-4Russell E MullenPlant Production Systems: Food, Fuel, Feed, Fiber
2015978-1-4652-7696-4Yinong Chen · Wei-Tek TsaiIntroduction to Programming Languages: Programming in C, C++, Scheme, Prolog, C#, and SOA
  ''978-1-4652-7707-7Angela YeshThe Philosopher's Method: Learning Logic as it Developed
  ''978-1-4652-7710-7Stephen HusarikHumanities Across the Arts - Access Card PAK
  ''978-1-4652-7715-2Thomas C MinniearPhysical Education Workbook for the Professional Educator
  ''978-1-4652-7721-3William P. Austin · Wendy LoewensteinHuman Relations in Education: From Theory to Practice
2015978-1-4652-7726-8David Betounes · Mylan Redfern BetounesCalculus: Concepts AND Computation Preliminary Edition
  ''978-1-4652-7728-2HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE NURSES ASSOCIATIONCore Curriculum for the Hospice and Palliative Registered Nurse
  ''978-1-4652-7729-9Jane M GovoniPreparing the Way: Teaching ELs in the PreK-12 Classroom
  ''978-1-4652-7732-9Jerry Harris · Janice HaydenIntroduction to Geology for Non-Majors Lab Manual
  ''978-1-4652-7733-6George P Carney · Dieter TillmanPhysics Mechanics and Heat: A Tutorial and Lab Experiments
2015978-1-4652-7735-0A Darius SpearmanBetween the Color Lines: A History of African Americans on the California Frontier from 1769 through Reconstruction
  ''978-1-4652-7740-4Keith MassieCommunication Connections: From Aristotle to the Internet
  ''978-1-4652-7741-1Kris Kumfer · Lisa KamodyA Customized Version of Thriving in College and Beyond: Research Based Strategies for Academic Success AND Personal Development Designed Specifically for Ohio University Instructors Manual
  ''978-1-4652-7742-8William Culbertson · Dennis TannerThe Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Swallowing
  ''978-1-4652-7752-7Philip BorerGeneral Chemistry Notebook
2015978-1-4652-7753-4HASSENPFLUG AMY SCOTT · CONNER HEATHER JAMAICA JOHNSON · TRAPHAGEN AARON DBreaking Ground: Keys for Successful Online Learning - text
  ''978-1-4652-7755-8Camille DiscalaHuman Anatomy and Physiology Lab Manual
  ''978-1-4652-7758-9Florida Atlantic University Dept Of ChemistryGeneral Chemistry 2 Laboratory: CHM 2046L
  ''978-1-4652-7771-8Maria RamirezEconomic Development: Framing the New International Citizen
  ''978-1-4652-7772-5Maureen OneilThe Little Green Guide
2015978-1-4652-7773-2Yinong Chen · Wei-Tek TsaiService-Oriented Computing and Web Software Integration: From Principles to Development
  ''978-1-4652-7775-6Geoffrey M. GoellnerExperimental Cell Biology: A Research-Based Approach
  ''978-1-4652-7776-3Donna J NashLost Tribes and Sunken Lands: A Study Guide
  ''978-1-4652-7779-4Roger EnriquezSubstantive Criminal Law
  ''978-1-4652-7782-4Brian HornerLiving the Dream, The Morning After Music School: A DIY Guide to the Music Business
2015978-1-4652-7787-9Kenneth KeatonThe Mystery of Music
  ''978-1-4652-7816-6Active Learning LabDancing with Data
  ''978-1-4652-7826-5Amy WeheInformal Geometry
  ''978-1-4652-7829-6Rhonda L Hatcher · George T GilbertMathematics Beyond the Numbers
  ''978-1-4652-7831-9Cheryl Gunter · Joseph B LejeuneCritical Thinking in Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology
2015978-1-4652-7833-3Nabil W Wakid · Allison Oxsher WindExperiments in Physical Science
  ''978-1-4652-7840-1Sherri MoraPolitical Science: Institutions and Public Policy
  ''978-1-4652-7845-6Ryan PaceBusiness Entity Taxation
  ''978-1-4652-7852-4Aimee Szilagyi CorzoEssential Skills for Composing Effectively
  ''978-1-4652-7885-2Dragan Radulovich · Ai Beng RadulovichIntroduction to Data Mining
2015978-1-4652-7887-6Kimberly Van Horne-BlighSummer Bridge: A Pathway to Success
  ''978-1-4652-7902-6Ron CipcicMere Macroeconomics
  ''978-1-4652-7904-0Robert RossiOrganic Functional Group Transformation Student Notebook
  ''978-1-4652-7905-7Ron CipcicMere Microeconomics
  ''978-1-4652-7907-1Mary Anne Eaton · Janet Rouslin · Bradley J WareNutrition: A Culinary Approach
2015978-1-4652-7912-5James WinterAct One Scene One: An Actor's Workbook
  ''978-1-4652-7914-9Tim L RossPractical Physics for College Students
  ''978-1-4652-7917-0Jackie MartinBusiness Communication With an Edge
  ''978-1-4652-7922-4Marshall Logvin · Paul BoschLab Explorations in Environmental Biology
  ''978-1-4652-7932-3Sally InglesDeveloping Critical Skills: Interactive Exercises for Pre-service Teachers
2015978-1-4652-7937-8Julie F Rodwell · Adam Coulby · Thomas Carney · John MottEssentials of Aviation Management: A Guide for Aviation Service Businesses
  ''978-1-4652-7945-3Peter Halvorson · Ellen Cromley · Carol Atkinson-PalomboThe City in the Western Tradition
  ''978-1-4652-7947-7Christopher StanleyUnderstanding Lifespan Development
  ''978-1-4652-7954-5Kamaljeet SangheraFundamentals of Computing
  ''978-1-4652-7959-0Ralph Reilly · Uma Gowrl GuptaAn Introduction to Management Information Systems
2015978-1-4652-7960-6Melissa BarlettHuman Life Science Lab Manual
  ''978-1-4652-7964-4Michael CarhartLiving Sociology: Exercises to Train the Sociological Imagination
  ''978-1-4652-7965-1Jonathan Holiman · Matthew BartonIntroducing Communication: A Digital Learning Experience
  ''978-1-4652-7992-7Derek J Mohr · Scott TownsendWellness Literacy 2.0
  ''978-1-4652-8014-5BAIAMONTE NICHOLASVisions of the Good Life
2015978-1-4652-8019-0Kathleen ShiflettRelaxation Fitness: Relax and Be You
  ''978-1-4652-8020-6Karla Doreen MacaulayIt Depends: A Management Primer
  ''978-1-4652-8025-1Gene DelukeSAP SCM: A Supplement for SAP-Based Supply Chain Management Courses
  ''978-1-4652-8056-5Robert H. WillenbrinkWorking Artists of the Theatre
  ''978-1-4652-8059-6Andrew RosaMany Rivers to Cross: Selected Readings on the African American Experience: Vol 1, Preliminary Edition
2015978-1-4652-8099-2Fabiana Brunetta · Guillermo J. GrenierThe Individual in Society
  ''978-1-4652-8100-5Duane H. Roen · Arizona State UniversityDesign Your Future: An Inspiring Major & Extraordinary Career
  ''978-1-4652-8101-2Laura B SchnitkerMusic, Media and the Construction of Identity
  ''978-1-4652-8126-5Southern Methodist UniversityCriteria: A Journal of First-year Writing 2015-2016
  ''978-1-4652-8146-3Angela YeshThe Philosopher's Method: Learning Logic as it Developed
2015978-1-4652-8153-1Robert R MathisenThe Role of Religion in American Life: An Interpretive Historical Anthology
  ''978-1-4652-8173-9W Reed MoranWhy Plot Never Matters: Telling the Screen Stories in Your Heart
  ''978-1-4652-8174-6Coast Learning Systems · John RentonPhysical Geology Across the American Landscape
  ''978-1-4652-8181-4Tommy G Thomason · Andrew ChavezWriting for Media Audiences: A Handbook for Multi-platform News, Advertising, and Public Relations
  ''978-1-4652-8193-7William F DeanMass Communications: Texas Tech Style
2015978-1-4652-8199-9Steven RowleyGeneral Chemistry I
  ''978-1-4652-8200-2Steven RowleyGeneral Chemistry II
  ''978-1-4652-8212-5East Carolina UniversityIntroductory Physics: A Laboratory Manual: PHYS 1261
  ''978-1-4652-8216-3Melvyn WeissmanThe Fractured Windows to the West: Sunshine and Shadow: The Pillars of Russia's History
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2015978-1-4652-8237-8Keith HeningburgReadings In US History: African-American Emphasis
  ''978-1-4652-8254-5Gwen SeaquistStudy Guide for The Legal Environment of Business I
  ''978-1-4652-8260-6Kenneth A WeaverViva La Difference in Statistics
  ''978-1-4652-8299-6Charles DicksonA Study Guide for World Religions
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2015978-1-4652-8311-5Two HeronsThe Biosphere: Protecting Our Global Environment
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  ''978-1-4652-8385-6Del William SmithGeneral Biology Lab Book
  ''978-1-4652-8386-3Fairlie FirariWORD - Becoming THAT Confident Speaker: Public Speaking Guide Book
2015978-1-4652-8389-4Seton Hall UniversityJourney of Transformation
  ''978-1-4652-8417-4George F ClarkPopulation, Resources and Environment: 2015-2016 Revised Printing
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2016978-1-4652-8954-4Roksana AlaviEthics and Leadership
2016978-1-4652-9022-9Dorothy WeaverSocial Problems in the 21st Century
  ''978-1-4652-9209-4Michael BoylePsychopathology and Family Dynamics
2017978-1-4652-9504-0Anne Arendt · Cheryl Hanewicz · Pamela Becker · Angela TregoUnderstanding Technology-Utah Valley University
2018978-1-4652-9728-0Xiao WangWriting About Literature: English Composition
2016978-1-4652-9774-7Laurie J Wilson · Joseph OgdenStrategic Communications: Planning for Public Relations and Marketing