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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-4568-0308-7Eddie FosterTake A Hike!: Walk Fire Island...Discover History
2010978-1-4568-0533-3Angela HartThrough Angela's Eye: The inside story of Operation Firewall
  ''978-1-4568-0544-9Malcolm PearceMemories
  ''978-1-4568-0708-5Kousaku YokotaShotokan Myths
2011978-1-4568-1174-7Anne DoylePowering Up: How America's Women Achievers Become Leaders
2010978-1-4568-1317-8Aliesha BrownInspiration for All
  ''978-1-4568-1511-0Michele MeyerElenthe
2011978-1-4568-1565-3Gregory R. Hansell · William GrassieH+/-: Transhumanism and Its Critics
  ''978-1-4568-1612-4Professor Kinga M.D. HoworkaDiabetes? Insulin-dependent?...
2011978-1-4568-1938-5Ray E. HardestyTechnical and Business Writing for Working Professionals
2010978-1-4568-2119-7Michel GreenThe Four Archangels
2011978-1-4568-2394-8Cynthia D'ErricoGround Manners: A Novel
2010978-1-4568-2576-8Marissa Williamson &. Cassidy HarrigerBuddies Against Bullies: Club Handbook
2011978-1-4568-2714-4Juliet MontagueThe Year I Learned To Text
  ''978-1-4568-2781-6Klemens von KlempererThe Passion of a German Artist
  ''978-1-4568-3125-7Dee EatonInheritance of Clues
  ''978-1-4568-3302-2Stacey WeissSecrets of a Phone Sex Operator: The Bizarre-and Often Hilarious-Reality at the Other End of the Line
2012978-1-4568-3839-3Alan FreedmanSandy Koufax: 32 at 75
2018978-1-4568-4049-5John LoveThelema Revealed
  ''978-1-4568-4761-6William E BlaineThe Bizarre Life of Alexander Blenheim Curtis
2011978-1-4568-5001-2Nadha HassenDancing in the Rain
  ''978-1-4568-5033-3Bridgette GubernatisDeconstructing the NYSTCE
  ''978-1-4568-5070-8Willem SerfonteinHeart Attack!!!: What Now?
  ''978-1-4568-5071-5   ''Heart Attack!!!: What Now?
  ''978-1-4568-5073-9   ''Cancer Diagnosed: What Now?
2011978-1-4568-5074-6Willem SerfonteinCancer Diagnosed: What Now?
  ''978-1-4568-5150-7Didier GhezWalt's People - Volume 10
  ''978-1-4568-5260-3Martha Parker-SandersThe Story of Mary Beth's Transformation through Adolescence
  ''978-1-4568-5261-0   ''The Story of Mary Beth's Transformation through Adolescence
  ''978-1-4568-5291-7Cleophas Johannes Phd TsokodayiNamibia's Independence Struggle
2011978-1-4568-5594-9Celina FeinMy Father's Blessings
  ''978-1-4568-5767-7Irella Perez-MartinezSuyensita and Her Adventures
  ''978-1-4568-6224-4Oluwo Ifakolade ObafemiILE IFA INTERNATIONAL: ORUNMILA'S HEALING SPACES
  ''978-1-4568-6272-5Orchid Lee LopezBack To Basics: Critical Care Transport Certification Review
  ''978-1-4568-6754-6Patrick Richard Carstens · Timothy L. SanfordSearching for the Forgotten War - 1812 United States of America
2011978-1-4568-7256-4David M. BrahinskyReich and Gurdjieff
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  ''978-1-4568-7447-6Dean Lang · Dean LangIs This the End?
  ''978-1-4568-7466-7Hongjiang SongThe Arts of VLSI Circuit Design: Symmetry Approaches Toward Zero PVT Sensitivity
  ''978-1-4568-7975-4Retired Corporal SchellMemoirs Of A State Trooper: True Police Stories
2011978-1-4568-8114-6George J RefutoEvolution of the US Sea-Based Nuclear Missile Deterrent: Warfighting Capabilities
  ''978-1-4568-8253-2Terry MacKinnellThe Dawning: Shedding new light on the Astrological Ages
  ''978-1-4568-8868-8Adrian G. TigheThe Bristoe Campaign: General Lee's Last Strategic Offensive with the Army of Northern Virginia October 1863
  ''978-1-4568-8869-5Adrian TigheThe Bristoe Campaign
  ''978-1-4568-9278-4Jack PruettThe Grandest Deception
2011978-1-4568-9279-1Jack PruettThe Grandest Deception