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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-4363-0030-8Jim BloomDear Gabriel: Letters from God to His Archangel
  ''978-1-4363-0124-4Peter HallDo You Want to Go to Jail Today?
  ''978-1-4363-0125-1Peter HallDo You Want to Go to Jail Today?
  ''978-1-4363-0176-3Phillip T. HevenerFujita Seiko:: The Last Koga Ninja
  ''978-1-4363-0226-5H Felix KlomanThe Fantods of Risk: Essays on Risk Management
2009978-1-4363-0336-1John J Ensminger PhD.The Darkness Of 10,000 Stars
2009978-1-4363-0412-2Rhodner J OrismaThe Middle Choice: Haiti Through Revolution, Chaos, and Reconstruction Perspectives
2008978-1-4363-0505-1Richard J. ReeseI/T Architecture in Action
  ''978-1-4363-0546-4T. Alan BrennerThe Childhood Obesity Dilemma: Why We Really Have It, and What Can Be Done to Really Fix It
  ''978-1-4363-0596-9Tyrone E MitchellMadam Bee: The Next Generation Book Two
  ''978-1-4363-0598-3Ernest Arlington TwainWashertown: An American Masterpiece!
  ''978-1-4363-0599-0Alveda C. KingWho We Are In Christ Jesus
2009978-1-4363-0698-0Brian CoxReconciliation Basic Seminar
2008978-1-4363-0717-8Richard JeppesenJEPPESEN: A BIOGRAPHY BY HIS SON
2008978-1-4363-0923-3Melinda BlackmanMind Your Diet: The Psychology Behind Sticking to Any Diet
2009978-1-4363-0946-2Brigitte Judith LangMultiple Sclerosis Is Curable
  ''978-1-4363-0947-9Brigitte Judith LangMultiple Sclerosis Is Curable
2008978-1-4363-0964-6Roy Arthur SwansonBlue Margin
  ''978-1-4363-1024-6Sam J. TangrediFutures of War: A Consensus View of the Future Security Environment, 2010-2035
  ''978-1-4363-1028-4George V. YanaAncient and Modern Assyrians: A Scientific Analysis
  ''978-1-4363-1077-2Paul KoestnerOn the Wind and a Prayer
2008978-1-4363-1186-1Joie DavidowI Wouldn't Leave Rome to Go to Heaven
  ''978-1-4363-1208-0Jason McGrady and Donna ThomasA Studio Guide to Creating Encaustic Art
  ''978-1-4363-1259-2Deborah EdenThe Destroyer
  ''978-1-4363-1296-7Osiris K. AmentiSelection of Potency in Homeopathic Prescribing and Planetary Herbalism
  ''978-1-4363-1304-9Paul SiemensMusings On Horses and Humans
2008978-1-4363-1305-6Paul SiemensMusings On Horses and Humans
  ''978-1-4363-1319-3Judith Irene Bach · Christine Wailand HarrisonHow to Play Nice Together: Creating Community Locally and Globally
  ''978-1-4363-1434-3Regina JeffersHonor and Hope
  ''978-1-4363-1487-9Yong Ku AhnMy Sorrows, My Joys: A Memoir
2009978-1-4363-1566-1Merry DeboerThe Land of the Number Zero
2008978-1-4363-1597-5Lincoln M. StarnesMark of the Kite: The Life and Legacy of Ronald W. Starnes, Master Cabinetmaker, 1933-2002
  ''978-1-4363-1872-3Didier GhezWalt's People - Volume 6: Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him
2008978-1-4363-1953-9Daniel J. MoeRetail: the Art and Science The Fundamentals of Retail Buying
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  ''978-1-4363-2082-5TazoThe Secret Teachings of the Lost Land of Eden
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  ''978-1-4363-2230-0Thomas SmithThe Raunchiest Men in History
2008978-1-4363-2246-1Laura BrunoIf I Only Had a Brain Injury: A TBI Survivor and Life Coach's Guide to Chronic Fatigue, Concussion, Lyme Disease, Migraine or Other ''Medical Mystery''
  ''978-1-4363-2420-5Brian Row McNameeWith Pythons & Head-Hunters in Borneo: The Quest for Mount Tiban
  ''978-1-4363-2484-7Terry DunnTHE DEMON SHADOW
  ''978-1-4363-2485-4Terry DunnTHE DEMON SHADOW
  ''978-1-4363-2499-1Jack CookRags of Time: A Season in Prison
2008978-1-4363-2500-4Jack CookRags of Time
  ''978-1-4363-2505-9Luther Irwin KelleyWorld War II from a Waist Gunner's View of Stalag 17
  ''978-1-4363-2556-1David W. WygantIF - Beyond the Challenge: How to Live the Eagle Scout Challenge
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2008978-1-4363-2950-7Beth Baddeley Huebner100 YEARS OF CERAMIC MONEY BAN
  ''978-1-4363-2961-3Ethlyn Davis FullerA Teaching Heart: A Notebook for Managing Classrooms, Experiencing Cultural Diversity For Effective Teaching and Developing Confident Parenting Skills
  ''978-1-4363-3016-9Saul Marc RosenfeldA Critical History of Hypnotism: The Unauthorized Story
2009978-1-4363-3129-6Eduardo A BorgesSe Alquila mi Maldita Mente (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4363-3130-2Eduardo A. BorgesSe Alquila mi Maldita Mente (Spanish Edition)
2009978-1-4363-3144-9Kristina A. TownsendDogs of Nordine: Powell's Revenge
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2008978-1-4363-3193-7Donald H. RoyWomen and Children First:The Horrible Hartford Circus Fire
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  ''978-1-4363-3252-1MD (Med.) Dr. Anil Kumar GuptaKnow to Prevent Heart Attack Step by Step
2009978-1-4363-3380-1Chester C WinterA Concise History of Columbus, Ohio and Franklin County
2008978-1-4363-3400-6Daniel H. Wedeman Sr.The Conspiracy Revealed: A true account of the investigation of the "Cowboy Mafia"
2008978-1-4363-3437-2Kathleen Fadigan · Joseph S. Schmuckler · David M. MajerichCOMPENDIUM OF SCIENCE DEMONSTRATION-RELATED RESEARCH FROM 1918 TO 2008
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  ''978-1-4363-3521-8   ''Those Crazy Germans! A Lighthearted Guide to Germany
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2008978-1-4363-3611-6Bob WillistonThe Unworthy Servant
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2009978-1-4363-3707-6Marianne-leigh Sanchez EllazarAnything
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2009978-1-4363-3770-0Cheryl AlpertVintage Smoking Stands: Uncovering an American Folk Art Treasure
2008978-1-4363-3795-3Cheryl L. BroylesLife's Mountains
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2008978-1-4363-3861-5Marguerite Thill-Somin-NicholsonSurviving the Nazi Occupation of Luxembourg: A Young Woman's WWII Memoir
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  ''978-1-4363-4216-2Nadia DavisSolo
2009978-1-4363-4292-6Luis BlasPor Que Es Tan Difícil Olvidar? (Spanish Edition)
2008978-1-4363-4315-2Peter DeboHuman Development in Populorum Progressio: Challenging Uganda's Development Claims
2008978-1-4363-4349-7Clair Ivan ColvinSCIENTIFIC GLASS BLOWING: AN INTRODUCTION
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  ''978-1-4363-4584-2Sheron Pharm.D. ZellousMedication Diary
2008978-1-4363-4695-5Francine BarbettaA Pebble In His Shoe: The Diary Of A Straight Spouse
2008978-1-4363-4698-6Nicole Denise PhillipsThe Two Roads
2010978-1-4363-4774-7Richard N. FirsheinThe Vitamin Prescription (for life): 20 Cutting-Edge Super Nutrients to help you design your own perfect whole-life program
2008978-1-4363-4834-8David LaGuardiaTrash Culture
  ''978-1-4363-4839-3Diane PaigeOne Day in September: In Memory, September 11, 2001, Always in Our Hearts, God Bless America
  ''978-1-4363-4862-1Peter LawrenceThe Happy Minimalist: Financial independence, Good health, and a better planet for us all
  ''978-1-4363-4999-4Saad Al-HarranCurrent Issues in Islamic Banking & Finance
  ''978-1-4363-5020-4Robert L AdcockTwo Into the Blue
2008978-1-4363-5081-5Nhu-Ha LeHeal & Live Younger
  ''978-1-4363-5082-2   ''Heal & Live Younger
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  ''978-1-4363-5084-6Heinrich KremerThe Silent Revolution in Cancer and AIDS Medicine
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2008978-1-4363-5231-4Kelly DeckerDUI Bible: Avoiding a Drunk Driving Conviction
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2008978-1-4363-5409-7Frederic KimballAn Indelible Mark
2009978-1-4363-5438-7Sibylle ReinschThe Merger: M.D.s and D.O.s in California
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2008978-1-4363-5448-6John GradenThe Impostor Syndrome: How to Replace Self-Doubt with Self-Confidence and Train Your Brain for Success
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  ''978-1-4363-5553-7   ''Love And Death: An Existential Theory Of Addiction
2008978-1-4363-5565-0Rose SafirMoving on Up!: Female Career Advancement and the Senior Intelligence Executive Service
2009978-1-4363-5642-8RN BSN, Donna SnyderDefine Crazy: A Nurse's 20 Years On A Locked Psych Ward
  ''978-1-4363-5643-5Donna SnyderDefine Crazy: A Nurse's 20 Years On A Locked Psych Ward
2008978-1-4363-5644-2Richard PowellThe Complete Arabella and Andy Mysteries
2008978-1-4363-5660-2Judith L. LauterHow is Your Brain like a Zebra?: A New Human Neurotypology
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2009978-1-4363-5780-7Eric vonAnderseck DD ThDPure Praise
2008978-1-4363-5833-0Jelena VuceticBecoming a Successful Techpreneur
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2008978-1-4363-6627-4James Jeffrey PaulNothing is Strange with You
2009978-1-4363-6664-9Mary A Colbert · William P ColbertHelping Your Children with Reading and Writing at Home
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  ''978-1-4363-6729-5Grace J. Nathan · John A. Friedman Ph.DARE WE HUMANS BORN TOO SOON?
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2008978-1-4363-6827-8K. Owens DavenportPractical Techniques for Building the High School Marching Band: Starting and Developing the Marching Band Program
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  ''978-1-4363-7001-1   ''Teenage Struggles
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  ''978-1-4363-7031-8Loretta SFO JurasLive in Hope
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2008978-1-4363-7163-6David Cameron GikandiHow to Live with Yourself and Automatically and Simply Love Yourself to Pure Freedom, Health, Wealth, and Relationship Success
  ''978-1-4363-7165-0David Cameron GikandiA Happy Pocket Full of Money
2008978-1-4363-7214-5Didier GhezWalt's People - Volume 7: Talking Disney with the Artists who Knew Him
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2009978-1-4363-7429-3augustin/junior d. etienneGod At Work: The Answer To Todays Perplexing Questions
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  ''978-1-4363-7445-3Frank ElkouriStories of the American Civil War: Why and How It Was Fought
2009978-1-4363-7460-6Ian KabatBeneath Us
  ''978-1-4363-7461-3Ian C. KabatBeneath Us
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2009978-1-4363-7520-7Alvin J. MooreVisions of a Self-Named Prophet or the Legend of Exterminator 13
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2009978-1-4363-7577-1   ''Spiritual Thoughts from the Heart
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  ''978-1-4363-8786-6Franklin db Ph.D. JacksonAn Accelerated, Streamlined, and Simplified Process for Nonprofit Foundations for Health Services Organizations or Family
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  ''978-1-4363-9783-4   ''Spiritual Thoughts to Live by
2009978-1-4363-9851-0Christopher NoelImpossible Visits: The Inside Story of Interactions with Sasquatch at Habituation Sites
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