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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-4257-0017-1Didier GhezWalt's People - Volume 2: Talking Disney with the Artists who Knew Him
2006978-1-4257-0032-4Lyle E. OlmsteadLegion
  ''978-1-4257-0033-1   ''Legion
  ''978-1-4257-0064-5Jude StringfellowWith A little Faith
  ''978-1-4257-0088-1Alexander FlintStress Survival
2005978-1-4257-0091-1Anne Spudis · Paul SpudisMOONWAKE: The Lunar Frontier
  ''978-1-4257-0166-6Jack WaltersHow to Steal a Million Dollars And Live Happily Ever After
2006978-1-4257-0244-1Lawrence D. GardnerBest Kept Secrets of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Celestial Concepts in a Telestial World
2006978-1-4257-0255-7JOHN REEDNothing Whatever to Grumble At
  ''978-1-4257-0256-4John ReedNothing Whatever to Grumble at
  ''978-1-4257-0289-2Gene BrewerMurder On Spruce Island: a Louis B. Davenport mystery
  ''978-1-4257-0293-9Peter WeissmanI Think, Therefore Who Am I?: Memoir of a Psychedelic Year
  ''978-1-4257-0327-1Berislav Branko DujlovichBranko's Ride
2006978-1-4257-0328-8Berislav Branko Dujlovich with Michael GBranko's Ride
  ''978-1-4257-0348-6Ren A. HakimXerxes
  ''978-1-4257-0349-3   ''Xerxes
  ''978-1-4257-0398-1MariThings to Think About
  ''978-1-4257-0410-0Brook AshleyThe Lonely Doll Makes New Friends: A Story In The Dare Wright Tradition
2006978-1-4257-0421-6Jameela AlterOn Clipped Wings
  ''978-1-4257-0433-9ME HURTIGFrom Maine (USA) to McMurdo (Antarctica) By way of Mesquite (NV)
  ''978-1-4257-0453-7Helene E. HaganTuareg Jewelry:Traditional Patterns and Symbols
  ''978-1-4257-0484-1Judith &. David ReynoldsNordenskiold of Mesa Verde
  ''978-1-4257-0539-8Tamra Clum BartonThe Other Choice: A Story of Infertility and Adoption: A Story of Infertility and Adoption
2003978-1-4257-0544-2Effie Mae ShearinCleopatra: Glory to Her Race
2006978-1-4257-0576-3Caleb H. Johnson · William BradfordOf Plymouth Plantation
2006978-1-4257-0616-6John Ullmen · Melissa KarzInvisible Bridges: Building Professional Relationships for Results
  ''978-1-4257-0620-3Jeffery L. GrahamI'm sayin', ''I DO, I WILL. ''
  ''978-1-4257-0714-9Suzanne FriedmanMedical Qigong Exercise Prescriptions: A Self-Healing Guide for Patients & Practitioners
  ''978-1-4257-0733-0Wayne F SmithLightnin'
  ''978-1-4257-0734-7Wayne F. SmithLightnin'
2006978-1-4257-0862-7Stark HunterThe Private Diaries of Lola Jones and Perry Martin: A 1970's Satire
  ''978-1-4257-0863-4   ''The Private Diaries of Lola Jones And Perry Martin: A 1970's Satire
  ''978-1-4257-0869-6Vivien MackieJust Play Naturally: An account of her study with Pablo Casals in the 1950's and her discovery of the resonance between his teaching and the principles of the Alexander Technique
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2006978-1-4257-0890-0Gerald L. Golins with Polly GolinsBeyond The Moorings
  ''978-1-4257-0891-7Michael BolducPersonal Goals Planner For Success: "Transform Your Life from Slow Progress to Fast Success within Only 60-Days!"
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2006978-1-4257-1007-1Dorothy ArakelianCome Into My Kitchen: Old-World Armenian Recipes and International Favorite Cuisines
  ''978-1-4257-1035-4Carlson Haanel Wattles MentzHow to Master Abundance And Prosperity: The Ancient Spiritual Keys to Success. The Master Key System Decoded and the Science of Getting Rich Unveiled
  ''978-1-4257-1043-9Albert RussoAlbert Russo: A Poetic Biography
  ''978-1-4257-1044-6Albert Russo: A Poetic Biography = Biographie Poetique
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2006978-1-4257-1095-8Suzanne FriedmanThe Yijing Medical Qigong System
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2006978-1-4257-1270-9Niels BuessemMemories of a German Childhood
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  ''978-1-4257-1344-7Didier GhezWalt's People - Volume 3: Talking Disney with the Artists who Knew Him
  ''978-1-4257-1358-4Jim StamborskiA Passion for the Game: Ozzie Guillen's Insights, Outbursts, Kudos, and Comebacks
2010978-1-4257-1397-3Demico BootheWhy Are So Many Black Men in Prison?
2007978-1-4257-1454-3Alfredo T. PangoFRUIT & VEGETABLE CARVINGS
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  ''978-1-4257-1620-2   ''Our Wall
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  ''978-1-4257-1645-5Kenneth P. HornbyDaredevil Doyle: A Pictorial Biography of Minnesota Aviation Legend Charles P. "Chuck" Doyle
2006978-1-4257-1849-7Jude StringfellowWith a Little Faith, Second Edition
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2007978-1-4257-1883-1Gene BrewerK-PAX REDUX: A Play, Screenplay, and a Report
2007978-1-4257-1889-3Gene BrewerK-PAX IV: A New Visitor From The Constellation Lyra
  ''978-1-4257-1890-9   ''K-PAX IV: A New Visitor From The Constellation Lyra
2006978-1-4257-1899-2Mel Krugel · Paul BernsteinBent
  ''978-1-4257-1949-4Thomas P LowrySexual Misbehavior in the Civil War: A Compendium
2007978-1-4257-1962-3Patrick de SerceySpiritual Ecology
2008978-1-4257-1963-0   ''SPIRITUAL ECOLOGY
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2006978-1-4257-2457-3Peter GoldadeOur Relatives the Persecuted
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2007978-1-4257-2818-2John MoodRilke on Death and Other Oddities
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  ''978-1-4257-2825-0Stephen SmithAn Inkwell of Pen Names
2007978-1-4257-2834-2Joel W. HarnettThe Devil's Own Politics: The Explosive Political Rise and Fall of the Evangelical Movement
2006978-1-4257-2853-3P J Gammarano M.A. J.DHuman Sexuality Scenarios 101+
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2006978-1-4257-3067-3Ilona Laszlo HigginsCreating Life Against the Odds: The Journey from Infertility to Parenthood
2007978-1-4257-3181-6Jel D. LewisJames Dean, The Epitome of Cool, The Man, The Legend
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2007978-1-4257-3447-3Christina MasewiczScales of Justice: The Murders of Colette, Kimberley & Kristen MacDonald
  ''978-1-4257-3448-0   ''Scales of Justice: The Murders of Colette, Kimberley & Kristen MacDonald
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2007978-1-4257-3563-0William Horton Psy DMind Control: How to Get Others to Do What You Want
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2006978-1-4257-3839-6Carlos SerraThe Last Attempt: The true story of freediving champion Audrey Mestre and the mystery of her death
  ''978-1-4257-3840-2Carlos SerraThe Last Attempt
2007978-1-4257-3844-0Nancy A SchwartzAn Introduction To Wildlife Rehabilitation
2006978-1-4257-3915-7Francesca Cernia SlovinObsessed by Art: Aby Warburg: His Life and His Legacy
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978-1-4257-4060-3Wac Major: Herstory: A Black Woman in the White Man's Army
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  ''978-1-4257-4332-1   ''Diversity at Work
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2007978-1-4257-4457-1Gerald SigalIsaiah 53: Who is the Servant?
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2007978-1-4257-4539-4Milina JovanovicA Dog Violet in My Hair
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2007978-1-4257-6802-7Tyrone E. MitchellMadam Bee: The Alternative Life Style of A Lady
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2008978-1-4257-8619-9Tom Moon MullinsBurnt Out In Bangkok
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  ''978-1-4257-8993-0   ''Watson's Really Big WWII Almanac: Volume II: July to December
  ''978-1-4257-8994-7   ''Watson's Really Big WWII Almanac: Volume II: July to December
2008978-1-4257-9041-7Anthony FredaFreda
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2007978-1-4257-9216-9Anthony O'NeillThe Inevitable Holocaust or Fanatics Catch Fanatics
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