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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-4415-0118-9Kathleen E. KleinDance Degree Programs
  ''978-1-4415-0218-6Paul LeimbachThe Heart of a City: An Inspiring Look at Downtown Los Angeles
978-1-4415-0269-8The Secret Magicks of Maine
2009978-1-4415-0481-4Mark ChildsJaloopa: Home of the Poobah Baloo
  ''978-1-4415-0593-4George " · Ole Smoky Lonesome" · SandulThe Road to Damascus... and Beyond: A Reawakening of the Spirit by Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail
  ''978-1-4415-0725-9Ronnie WelchI'm My Mother's Child
  ''978-1-4415-0814-0Jeffrey A. ErnoDumb Jock
2009978-1-4415-0828-7FRED ASHLEY WHITEPhysical Signs in Medicine and Surgery: An Atlas of Rare, Lost and Forgotten Physical Signs
  ''978-1-4415-0853-9Dennis MaxberryTo the Extreme, People! II: ''Vintage''
  ''978-1-4415-0854-6Dennis L. MaxberryTo the Extreme, People! II
  ''978-1-4415-0900-0Jacqueline DeleyHode Frankl: In Celebration of an Undiscovered American Artist
  ''978-1-4415-0984-0Leo Mark BonaventuraLeave Yesterday Behind
2009978-1-4415-1051-8Terrence J. McNallyWhat Every Catholic Should Know About Mary: Dogmas, Doctrines, and Devotions
  ''978-1-4415-1073-0Frank R. SinclairWithout Benefit of Clergy
  ''978-1-4415-1172-0David ShephardFrom Craft to Specialty: A Medical and Social History of Anesthesia and Its Changing Role in Health Care
  ''978-1-4415-1173-7David ShephardFrom Craft to Specialty: A Medical and Social History of Anesthesia and Its Changing Role in Health Care
  ''978-1-4415-1185-0Ryan P. SnufferCan We Live Forever?: Exploring Longevity in Light of Faith and Science
2009978-1-4415-1193-5Jack DietzMorton Peak
  ''978-1-4415-1194-2Jack DietzMorton Peak
  ''978-1-4415-1209-3Charles A NelsonBack to Africa?
  ''978-1-4415-1228-4Jake SmithA Badge of Dishonor and Betrayal: The Huntsville Incident
  ''978-1-4415-1259-8Mary A BarretteTransformation
2009978-1-4415-1336-6David James KingGREETINGS FROM HEAVEN: Wish You Were Here
  ''978-1-4415-1337-3David James MD KingGreetings from Heaven
  ''978-1-4415-1339-7Ph.D. Eugene SpazianiThe Hormone Sourcebook: How hormones dominate your life from before birth through old age
  ''978-1-4415-1340-3Eugene Ph.D. SpazianiThe Hormone Sourcebook
  ''978-1-4415-1379-3Stuart Ferguson PhdCulture Clout: Mergers, Acquisitions and Organization Cultures
2009978-1-4415-1380-9Stuart Ferguson PhdCulture Clout: Mergers, Acquisitions and Organization Cultures
2014978-1-4415-1433-2Lakala GainesSpoken Words to Comfort the Soul
2004978-1-4415-1589-6Howard A. GutmanLung Cancer and Mesothelioma
2009978-1-4415-1623-7Daniel E. HelixWhy Do I Feel Unblessable?
  ''978-1-4415-1663-3Mbangu MangalaSexuality and Sadism
  ''978-1-4415-1724-1Tanya FelizYes We Can!: How Barack Obama Became President of the United States
  ''978-1-4415-1734-0John Ullmen · Ph.D. · Glenn Rupert · M.S.Who Wins Conflict? The Creative Alternative To Fight or Flight
  ''978-1-4415-1735-7John Ullmen · Glenn RupertWho Wins Conflict? The Creative Alternative To Fight or Flight
2009978-1-4415-1752-4George MordwinkinSerbia: 60 Years Later
  ''978-1-4415-1764-7Beth Baddeley Huebner100 Years of Ceramic Money Banks
  ''978-1-4415-1801-9Harvey LloydBreaking the Light
  ''978-1-4415-1806-4Steve GriegerBaked-Off!: Memoirs of A Pillsbury Bake-Off Junkie
  ''978-1-4415-2125-5Alvin James WilliamsPoems About Him, Her, Them and Me
2009978-1-4415-2144-6Di'Anne Carey-MillerJail Bait
  ''978-1-4415-2214-6Paula TuttleEasy, Play-By-Numbers Piano Handbook: (Pro-players' secrets)
  ''978-1-4415-2224-5William R. CattonBottleneck: Humanity's Impending Impasse: Humanity's Impending Impasse
  ''978-1-4415-2241-2William R. Jr. CattonBottleneck: Humanity's Impending Impasse
  ''978-1-4415-2267-2Dale StuckwishBiblical Cryptozoology Revealed Cryptids of The Bible
2009978-1-4415-2279-5Bonnie W. R.NManual for Nursing Communication Observation Tool (NCOT): Designed for Research and Teaching of Humanizing Nursing Communication Theory
2008978-1-4415-2390-7Joe MaxwellMake Your Penis Bigger: A Guide to Penis Exercises That Increase Size and Improve Erections
2009978-1-4415-2404-1Joanne MoffOkay... I've Gone Through Weight Loss Surgery, Now What Do I Do?!
  ''978-1-4415-2423-2Patrick Sanaghan · Nancy AronsonDeep Lessons on Collaboration: How Collaboration Really Works
  ''978-1-4415-2426-3Chase KennedyMirror rorriM
  ''978-1-4415-2427-0Chase KennedyMirror rorriM
  ''978-1-4415-2483-6John Michael HurtSUZUKI: The Fullness Of A Life In Karate
2009978-1-4415-2491-1Gregory MyersA Guide to In-School Suspension Programs Using the Counseling Handbook
  ''978-1-4415-2492-8Gregory O. MyersA Guide to In-School Suspension Programs Using the Counseling Handbook
  ''978-1-4415-2644-1tracy rossGod's Delay, Is Not God's Denial: Help for the Weary
  ''978-1-4415-2667-0Alex AnatoleThe Essence of Tao
  ''978-1-4415-2839-1Holger M. MuellerPassing Time
2010978-1-4415-2865-0Jean C. MacPhailA SPIRAL LIFE
2009978-1-4415-2873-5Demaz BakerA Taste of Cambodian Cuisine
2014978-1-4415-2874-2Demaz Tep BakerA Taste of Cambodian Cuisine
2009978-1-4415-3058-5Allan Katcher · Reiner CzichosLEARNING DYNAMICS
2009978-1-4415-3096-7John De KleineLots of Fat and Taste Recipes
  ''978-1-4415-3316-6Ruth Lee and Janice WilcoxDaddyo's Journey into the Bygone Years
  ''978-1-4415-3372-2W PawooPOTUPO JU: An Autobiography of ''THE VILLAGE BOY'' I must finish 8th grade
  ''978-1-4415-3373-9W. Sr. PawooPotupo Ju: An Autobiography of ''The Village Boy'' I Must Finish 8th Grade
  ''978-1-4415-3425-5A. Shahid StoverHip Hop Intellectual Resistance
2009978-1-4415-3443-9Sheri Lynn PritchettPOEM TREES AND THE PURPLE K.O-K.O NUT: A Collection Of Poems
  ''978-1-4415-3518-4Pat KuzikLife Signs: The Truth about Orbs and Related Phenomena
  ''978-1-4415-3586-3Kelly MorrisThe Medium's Story
  ''978-1-4415-3714-0Fatih TakmakliTall Ships: The Ladies of the Seas
  ''978-1-4415-3753-9Barbara J. SempleInstant Healing: Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul
2009978-1-4415-3871-0George SilberzahnDARTS Beginning to End
  ''978-1-4415-3876-5Jason E. LeeVISIONS OF THE UNKNOWN
  ''978-1-4415-3904-5Peter Charles Miller Sr.The Anointment
  ''978-1-4415-3905-2Peter Charles Sr. MillerThe Anointment
2010978-1-4415-3945-8Hooman GohariAir Conditioning and Refrigeration Repair Made Easy
2013978-1-4415-4171-0Charlotte VdovychenkoAnanse the Cunning Spider and the Magic Cook Pot
2009978-1-4415-4267-0Steve BirkeyMaking Puzzleboxes Using a Bandsaw
  ''978-1-4415-4275-5Okyere MBA BonnaGhana, The Rediscovered Soccer Might Workbook
2009978-1-4415-4280-9VT KandimbaFolk Tales from Zimbabwe: Short Stories
  ''978-1-4415-4344-8William E. Jr. BlaineGuilt
  ''978-1-4415-4687-6gaz reganThe Bartender's Gin Compendium
  ''978-1-4415-4688-3gaz reganthe bartender's GIN compendium
  ''978-1-4415-4897-9David O FreierShaping The Environment: Science, Technology, and Society
2009978-1-4415-4954-9Judith SwartzA Stroke of Health: The Weight Is Over: How I Learned Healthy Eating
  ''978-1-4415-5183-2Didier GhezWalt's People - Volume 8: Talking Disney with the Artists who Knew Him
  ''978-1-4415-5192-4RoySex Sins and Scandals of Freed Hardeman University: What the Church of Christ Donors Don't Know
  ''978-1-4415-5249-5Morei RobinsonDeep Dark Secrets: A Story About the Secret Lust of a Young Black Man
  ''978-1-4415-5259-4Sharon ThomasonFathers and Daughters: A Photo Anthology
2009978-1-4415-5281-5R SatiafaLove Locked Down: A Novel About Women in Relationships with Incarcerated Men
  ''978-1-4415-5387-4Falah Zaki RamelTriangle of Death
  ''978-1-4415-5493-2Joy LeeRover's Rescues: True Stories of Shelter Dogs and Second Chances
2013978-1-4415-5527-4John NiemanThe Amazing Rabbitini
  ''978-1-4415-5757-5Joseph J. Th D. Ph. D. ThompsonAcrostic Preaching for Effective Teaching
  ''978-1-4415-5782-7Henry GlazerI Thank Therefore I Am: Gateways to Gratefulness
  ''978-1-4415-5978-4Feyi ObamehintiThe Cooperating Teacher Handbook: Navigating the Student Teaching Experience in Texas
2010978-1-4415-5987-6Hongjiang SongVLSI High-Speed I/O Circuits
2009978-1-4415-5992-0Leonora Linda MontellaPoetry In Reality
  ''978-1-4415-6200-5Sandra UnderwoodOrbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness: Interacting with Beings from another dimension
  ''978-1-4415-6213-5Pat R. KupshPresentation Design and Delivery: Be Professional and Effective
  ''978-1-4415-6310-1Ana FernándezA N J O N I O (Spanish Edition)
2009978-1-4415-6519-8Marjorie Brame BennettSpiritual Thoughts from God
  ''978-1-4415-6533-4Theresa CroteauFootpath My Ass!: And Other Keen Observations Made by a Middle-aged Woman Hiking the Appalachian Trail
  ''978-1-4415-6543-3Lisbeth Thom · Rachel NelsonEchoes: Poems by Lisbeth Thom and her granddaughter Rachel Nelson
  ''978-1-4415-6566-2Craig A. DowneySix Steps to the Moon
  ''978-1-4415-6672-0Sara Diament M.A.Talking to Your Children About Intimacy: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Parents: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Parents
2009978-1-4415-6726-0Terence FitzgibbonsAssumed the Watch. Moored as Before.: An Alternative Naval Officer's Guide
  ''978-1-4415-6825-0Karine R ClayColor me different: A child's tribute to Michael Jackson
  ''978-1-4415-6843-4Alan AndersonOVER-WINTER STRIPER SECRETS
  ''978-1-4415-6851-9Brandon T HahnSoldier of the Pack
  ''978-1-4415-6852-6Brandon T. HahnSoldier of the Pack
2009978-1-4415-6855-7Lee ThayerCommunication!: A Radically New Approach to Life's Most Perplexing Problem
  ''978-1-4415-7037-6A. Y. AnouchiThe Hidden Scroll: An Archeological Adventure
2013978-1-4415-7253-0Lavonne L. LewisThe Caretakers of the Animals
2010978-1-4415-7342-1Ken PoplawskiReaders Dissect Volume 2
2009978-1-4415-7343-8   ''Readers Dissect Volume 3: Word Puzzles
  ''978-1-4415-7471-8Phil DixonPhil Dixon's American Baseball Chronicles Great Teams: The 1931 Homestead Grays Volume I
  ''978-1-4415-7504-3Bonnie VoelzMy Address Is Heaven: The Bill Linderman Story
  ''978-1-4415-7863-1Uchenna NwosuEnglish/Igbo Translation, Common Medical Terms =: Ntapi Asusu Bekee Ufodu Nke Ndi Dokita N'Onu Igbo / Uchenna Nwosu & Igbo Medical Nomenclature Group
2009978-1-4415-8079-5Reza AkbarianThe Fundamental Principles of Mulla Sadra's Transcendent Philosophy
  ''978-1-4415-8083-2   ''Islamic Philosophy: Mulla Sadra and the quest of "Being": Mulla Sadra and the quest of "Being"
  ''978-1-4415-8196-9David Bennett CohenThe Adamic Language and Calendar: The True Bible Code: The True Bible Code
  ''978-1-4415-8197-6David B. MD CohenThe Adamic Language and Calendar: The True Bible Code
  ''978-1-4415-8335-2Jerry MagnerThe Retail Game
2010978-1-4415-8349-9Kevin N. BolandOne Day As I Stood Lonely: Yorkville
2009978-1-4415-8395-6Joseph SchatzDaddy, Where's Your Vagina? What I Learned As a Stay-at-home Dad
2010978-1-4415-8396-3   ''Daddy, Where's Your Vagina? What I Learned As a Stay-at-Home Dad
2009978-1-4415-8406-9Mary KorrWINSTON THE WATER DOG: PORTUGUESE WATER DOG TALES, Mom's Choice Awards Recipient
2009978-1-4415-8683-4Richard MargittayCarnival Games: The Perfect Crimes
  ''978-1-4415-8694-0William HayashiDiscovery: Volume 1 of the Darkside Trilogy
  ''978-1-4415-8768-8Peggy PittasScience and Human Nature: Lynchburg College Symposium Readings Third Edition
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  ''978-1-4415-8805-0Kellie KleinerA Collection of Erotic Tales
2009978-1-4415-8850-0Terry DunnSarah's Story: The Truth Behind The Demon Shadow
  ''978-1-4415-8851-7Terry DunnSarah's Story
  ''978-1-4415-8858-6Cynthia LurixCrowndale
  ''978-1-4415-9054-1Vinod LuthraMasala Chai: Spiced Tea
  ''978-1-4415-9143-2Maurice CampbellThe Poetic Truth
2010978-1-4415-9213-2Nadia RussNeopoprealism Starz: 21st Century Art, Erotica As a High Artistic Aspiration
2010978-1-4415-9329-0Alprentice David DavisURCHIN SOCIETY: The Memoirs of a Black Panther Cub
  ''978-1-4415-9389-4Gary J HarloffActive Investing Wealth Management for High Net Worth Individuals
  ''978-1-4415-9390-0Gary J. Ph.D HarloffActive Investing Wealth Management for High Net Worth Individuals
2009978-1-4415-9417-4Merriam Fields BleylFinding Wisdom: Learning from Those Who Are Wise
  ''978-1-4415-9862-2Waneta Shoup MehaffeyPinaire Family History
  ''978-1-4415-9863-9   ''Pinaire Family History
2009978-1-4415-9864-6Waneta MehaffeyPinaire Family History
2010978-1-4415-9941-4George CandlerOutline Of English Grammar