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2010978-1-4520-0009-1Mark OxleyThe Challenge of the Shroud: History, Science and the Shroud of Turin
  ''978-1-4520-0055-8George VercessiFREDO - A Christmas Tale
  ''978-1-4520-0083-1Bill ChobyLiberty in America, Past, Present and Future: A prescription for America.
  ''978-1-4520-0188-3Ph.D Kevin L. NadalFilipino American Psychology: A Collection of Personal Narratives
  ''978-1-4520-0279-8J.D. LenzenDisturbingly Normal
2010978-1-4520-0444-0Graham TrustJohn Moss of Otterspool (1782-1858): Railway Pioneer Slave Owner Banker
  ''978-1-4520-0544-7John OsbornGloria: A Novel of New Beginnings
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  ''978-1-4520-0615-4Harry ObstWhite House Interpreter: The Art of Interpretation
  ''978-1-4520-0664-2Osvaldo Peña GarciaThe Physical Game: A Pickup Coach's Complete Guide To Approach, Physically Lead And Bed Women
2010978-1-4520-0829-5Lincoln AllenCaribbean/Soul Food Cookbook: A Collection Of Favorite Recipes Including Jerk
  ''978-1-4520-0937-7Eric HughesEric, or Little by Little
  ''978-1-4520-0938-4Ph.D Kirk FreemanSweatin' the Small Stuff
  ''978-1-4520-1033-5Peter OyakhireHealing Hepatitis and Liver Disease Naturally: Detoxification. Liver gall bladder flush & Cleanse. Cure Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B. Lower blood cholesterol and stop cirrhosis
  ''978-1-4520-1054-0Stacy SofscoleAnimal Crackers
2010978-1-4520-1291-9Le Ann Goodrich EmeryHe's The What Now?
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  ''978-1-4520-1500-2Lez GrahamThe Pet Gundog: A common sense approach to dog training
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  ''978-1-4520-1723-5Heather Vowell PierceWhat Does YOUR Daddy Do?
2012978-1-4520-1824-9Mkl ResourcesHa-Berit Ha-Hadashah: Be-Targum Simultani: Be-Tseruf Ha-Misparim Shel Strong
2010978-1-4520-1845-4Earle W. JacobsThe Grimpen Mire Affair: A Sherlock Holmes tale as related by his good friend Dr. Watson
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2011978-1-4520-2570-4Edward M. Logan DDSDentistry'S Business Secrets: Proven Growth Strategies For Your New Or Existing Practice
2010978-1-4520-2703-6Ralph Christopher · Jim DavyIron Butterfly
2010978-1-4520-3252-8Patricia O'GradyThe Ultimate Dachshund Hound Book: Guide to Caring, Raising, Training, Breeding, Whelping, Feeding, and Loving a Doxie
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2010978-1-4520-3776-9James B. Maas · Rebecca S. RobbinsSleep for Success: Everything You Must Know About Sleep but Are too Tired to Ask
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  ''978-1-4520-3908-4I.Read MyersA grace deficit
2010978-1-4520-3962-6Olive KobusingyeThe Correct Line?: Uganda Under Museveni
2014978-1-4520-4133-9Harold RobbinsWhere Love Has Gone
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  ''978-1-4520-4137-7   ''Goodbye, Janette
2011978-1-4520-4234-3Suraj JagtianiThe Incredible World of Nichiren Buddhism
2010978-1-4520-4365-4Thomas Hansen HickenbottomLocal Tribes
  ''978-1-4520-4459-0Bridget WhiteKolar Gold Fields - Down Memory Lane: Paeans To Lost Glory!
  ''978-1-4520-4531-3Harold RobbinsThe Pirate
2014978-1-4520-4547-4   ''The Dream Merchants
2014978-1-4520-4550-4Harold RobbinsDreams Die First
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2010978-1-4520-4556-6   ''The Inheritors
2014978-1-4520-4560-3Harold RobbinsMemories of Another Day
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2010978-1-4520-4567-2   ''The Adventurers
  ''978-1-4520-4571-9   ''Never Love A Stranger
  ''978-1-4520-4587-0Michael HodgsonPatricia Roc the goddess of the Odeons
  ''978-1-4520-4588-7Michael HodgsonPatricia Roc the Goddess of the Odeons
2010978-1-4520-4724-9Shirley SleeText-tionary: The Ultimate Decoder of Text Abbreviations
2011978-1-4520-4757-7Dick HermanCaly'S Island
2010978-1-4520-5038-6Pete BattistiniAmerican Top 40 with Casey Kasem (The 1980s)
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2010978-1-4520-5378-3Norman P. GrubbThe Meaning Of Life: Who Am I . . . What Is Life . . . How Do I Live It?
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2010978-1-4520-5448-3Claudine BurnettHaunted Long Beach 2: The Odd And Unusual In And Around Long Beach, California
  ''978-1-4520-5726-2Tanya Chargualaf TaimangloSirena: A Mermaid Legend from Guam
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  ''978-1-4520-6201-3   ''Sam in Full: The Story of a Harris County Legend
2011978-1-4520-6204-4Pet PetFifty: A Fictional Novel
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2010978-1-4520-6209-9Kristen Connors · Dan QuinnFirst-Class Cats: In the French Parade
  ''978-1-4520-6739-1Edward P. Clapp20under40: Re-Inventing the Arts and Arts Education for the 21st Century
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  ''978-1-4520-6769-8Leslie A ChapmanSecret Soldiers Of The Second Army
2010978-1-4520-6851-0Wendy K WilliamsonI'm Not Crazy Just Bipolar
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2010978-1-4520-9168-6Amy Sales MSW LCSW-CWalking on Eggshells: A Caregiver's Guide to Practical, Real Life Direction on What to Say and Do When a Loved One Has a Life-Limiting Illness
  ''978-1-4520-9222-5Donjo T. FranklinForex Trading: Uncut: High Probability Forex Trading Tactics and Scalping Strategies for Improving the Odds in the Largest, Most Unpredictable Financial Market
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2011978-1-4520-9984-2Harris KernDiscipline: Take Control Of Your Life