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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-4259-7740-5Patrick SheridanGod Gets a Dog
2006978-1-4259-7755-9Jane FalloonHeart in Pilgrimage: A Study of George Herbert
2007978-1-4259-7766-5Leonardo CiampaPope Pius XII: A Dialogue
  ''978-1-4259-7824-2Mike JohnsonFate of the Warriors
  ''978-1-4259-7838-9Sally Cordova · Judy McKeeThe Positive Coach Approach: Call Center Coaching for High Performance
  ''978-1-4259-7860-0Barbara RogersHow to Make Boxes of Cash With Self-Storage Auctions
  ''978-1-4259-7865-5Thomas LegereLiving An Authentic Life
2007978-1-4259-7897-6Tamie LungClean Up On Aisle Me: Lifeskills 101
  ''978-1-4259-7910-2Joseph B. Kelly as told to Ben R. GamesConfession Of A CIA Interrogator
  ''978-1-4259-7981-2Kenneth BehrendtSecrets of UFO Technology
  ''978-1-4259-8031-3Terence OhaganCome On Then
2007978-1-4259-8040-5Denise HrehaThe Wedding of Q and U
  ''978-1-4259-8046-7Karen GuarinoJake: Eat, Sleep, Drool
  ''978-1-4259-8048-1Irene DesGeorgesInocencia: A Woman Who Challenged Fate
  ''978-1-4259-8096-2Chris MurkinJust Another Day at The Office: The true working memoirs of a Paramedic who was formerly part of a Bomb Disposal team in Belfast.
  ''978-1-4259-8099-3Peter O'SullivanThe Scarlet Thread: God's Plan for the Restoration of His Church Vol I
2007978-1-4259-8121-1Linda PorterTorn Between 2 Brothas
2006978-1-4259-8125-9Meg BrewerDiscount eTrading Revealed: Former Stock, Futures and Options trader for 20 years Reveals the Astonishing Secrets of How to Make Money as a Discount (online) Trader.
2007978-1-4259-8157-0Josephine PowellTito Puente: When The Drums Are Dreaming
  ''978-1-4259-8163-1Joshua HowellGuarding Heaven's Gates
2006978-1-4259-8197-6Sylvia RodriguezJumping Jack
2007978-1-4259-8202-7Ph.D Linda G. CorleyFor The Sake of My Country: An Intimate Conversation With Lt. Col. Jesse A. Marcel, Sr., May 5, 1981
2006978-1-4259-8204-1Elizabeth BaileySacred Space: M.E./C.F.S., Depression, Anxiety and Stress - A Guide to Healing and Recovery
2007978-1-4259-8244-7Robert J. McAllisterEmotions: Mystery or Madness
  ''978-1-4259-8247-8Innocent EmecheteAmerican Culture and the Nigerian Society
  ''978-1-4259-8248-5   ''American Culture and the Nigerian Society
  ''978-1-4259-8289-8Valentin BraginHow to Activate Your Brain: A Practical Guide for Older Adults. Book 1
2007978-1-4259-8311-6Patricia WarrickCharles Babbage and The Countess
  ''978-1-4259-8321-5Bonnie SmithPots, Plants and Design: Decorating Techniques and Plants for Clay Pots
  ''978-1-4259-8345-1Olga ValcoffHello Golden Gate: Goodbye Russia
  ''978-1-4259-8348-2A. Bruce WellsThe Great Tithing Debate: Condemned If You Do, Condemned If You Don't
  ''978-1-4259-8378-9Vincent CocilovoBuild Your Mind, Your Body Will Follow
2007978-1-4259-8391-8Paul IbbetsonLiving Under The Patriot Act: Educating A Society
  ''978-1-4259-8400-7Ron DalbyThe Alaska Highway: An Insider's Guide
  ''978-1-4259-8422-9Florence CutcherA Haunting on Oakwood Drive: A True story
  ''978-1-4259-8441-0Vicente GuerreroStreet Casualties
2006978-1-4259-8476-2Rafael BolioLas Dietas Engordan: Comer Adelgaza (Spanish Edition)
2007978-1-4259-8481-6Rad Miller Jr.Seal Stories: Tango Platoon 1969 Vietnam
  ''978-1-4259-8510-3Samuel Upton NewtanNuclear War I and Other Major Nuclear Disasters of the 20th Century
2007978-1-4259-8511-0Samuel Upton NewtanNuclear War I and Other Major Nuclear Disasters of the 20th Century
  ''978-1-4259-8521-9Gerry W. BeyerTexas Trust Law: Cases and Materials
  ''978-1-4259-8522-6Sarah WebbDiamond in the Rough
  ''978-1-4259-8560-8Robert W. ServiceCREMATION OF SAM MCGEE & OTHER (Italian Edition)
2006978-1-4259-8568-4Michael J. McGroartyEasy Plant Propagation
2007978-1-4259-8585-1Frank ShieryTraditional Chen Style Taijiquan: The Small Frame Method
  ''978-1-4259-8641-4Howard GlaesnerThey Have Feelings Too: Memoir of a Veterinarian
2007978-1-4259-8646-9Marvin ArnoldFlight of the Setting Sun: The Life and Adventures of Captain Jake Martin
  ''978-1-4259-8654-4Douglas W. HawesOradour-The Final Verdict: Worst Nazi War Crime in France, The Controversial Trial and Recent Discoveries
  ''978-1-4259-8673-5Dave DeWaltUnderstanding Foodservice Redistribution: A Guide for Manufacturers and Distributors
2006978-1-4259-8710-7Douglas StewartThe Brutal Seas: Organised Crime at Work
2007978-1-4259-8715-2William M. KaufmanThe Transforming Power Of Illness
  ''978-1-4259-8735-0Michael-John WolfeHow to Make a Living as a Working Actor in LA
  ''978-1-4259-8747-3Michael CunninghamConcert Band Arranging in Six Lessons
2007978-1-4259-8780-0Lynn DavidsonWest of the Brazos
  ''978-1-4259-8824-1Mary GreinerMARY JOYCE: TAKU TO FAIRBANKS, 1,000 MILES BY DOGTEAM
  ''978-1-4259-8829-6Sami TimimiMis-Understanding ADHD: The complete guide for parents to alternatives to drugs
  ''978-1-4259-8840-1Gregory R. Caruso11 Secrets to Selling Your Business: Harvest The Profits From Your Business Sale
  ''978-1-4259-8857-9Timothy RoseMaking Creative Mobiles
2007978-1-4259-8902-6Kit CessnaAll Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: A Briefing for American Citizens About the War on Terror
  ''978-1-4259-8909-5Susan S. FriesMy Teacher: Remembering Marcel Moyse
  ''978-1-4259-8935-4Laura ThompsonBeneath the Mask
  ''978-1-4259-8976-7Anne keeganOn the Street Doing Life
  ''978-1-4259-8981-1Veta GardnerYakety Yak I Fought Back: My Life With the Coasters
2007978-1-4259-9003-9June NaugleThe Great American Swindle
2009978-1-4259-9009-1Amit RajpMy Name Is Baljit But You Can Call Me Gary: The Alternative Guide To Indian Culture
2007978-1-4259-9055-8Richard TakaschBud's Instruction Manual: Learn More then the Basics about Janitorial, Floor Maintenance, Carpet Cleaning, Office Cleaning and More
  ''978-1-4259-9080-0Mercedes LaPineALIVE AT 75! AND CANCER FREE DUE TO ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES: And Feeding The Body Properly To Heal Itself And Rebuild The Immune System
  ''978-1-4259-9083-1Karen ClowOne Magical Summer
  ''978-1-4259-9104-3Jeanette WilliamsSins of The Wife
  ''978-1-4259-9140-1George TallasPeddler of Wars: Sir Basil Zaharoff Story
2007978-1-4259-9153-1Timothy J. BlackmanNine Days
  ''978-1-4259-9157-9John CiochettyThe Ghosts of Stuyvesant Hall and Beyond: Volume 1
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  ''978-1-4259-9216-3Elliott FriedelThe JFK Conspiracy: Breakthrough Evidence
  ''978-1-4259-9221-7Edward ZarembaSecure TCP/IP Programming with SSL: Developer's Guide
2007978-1-4259-9242-2May TurnerThree Sons
2008978-1-4259-9260-6Eliyzabeth Yanne Strong-AndersonBirth Control is Sinful in the Christian Marriages and also Robbing God of Priesthood Children!!
2007978-1-4259-9389-4William ParkerA Handbook for Parents and Church Workers: Facilitating the Transformation From Childhood to Men and Women of God
2013978-1-4259-9391-7Glenn J. SchwartzWhen Charity Destroys Dignity: Overcoming Unhealthy Dependency in the Christian Movement
2007978-1-4259-9402-0Paola Leopizzi HarrisExopolitics: How Does One Speak To A Ball Of Light?
  ''978-1-4259-9414-3Joseph SimplicioEducating the 21st Century Student
  ''978-1-4259-9415-0Joseph S. C. Simplicio Ph. D.Educating the 21st Century Student
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  ''978-1-4259-9492-1Etienne de MendesThe Return of the Phantom: Le Couer Loyal (Book 1)
2007978-1-4259-9497-6Antoinette Marie AntoneGambling Houses: The Eight Quarter Journey to Overcome the Emotional, Mental and Physical Pain of Default and Foreclosure
  ''978-1-4259-9498-3Antoinette AntoneGambling Houses: The Eight Quarter Journey to Overcome the Emotional, Mental and Physical Pain of Default and Foreclosure (Spectrum Covenant)
  ''978-1-4259-9546-1Janice PerkinsLadybug Baby Bug
  ''978-1-4259-9549-2Tony Allen Gaskins Jr.What Daddy Never Told His Little Girl
  ''978-1-4259-9552-2Joyce WagnerA Promise Kept To Bear Witness
2007978-1-4259-9570-6Ted BrassfieldLaw of Attraction Workbook
2008978-1-4259-9587-4George Anne ClayWhy Don't I Have A Daddy?: A Story of Donor Conception
2007978-1-4259-9600-0Monroe MannTo Benning & Back: Volume I: The Making Of A Citizen Soldier - My Journals of Daily Life in US Army Basic Training and Officer Candidate School (2nd Edition)
  ''978-1-4259-9601-7Alex LowyNo Problem
2009978-1-4259-9622-2Med Wendy S. GrierIt's All About Choices
2007978-1-4259-9657-4David DaviesThanks Inky: Tales of a police dog handler
  ''978-1-4259-9673-4Tracy TerhuneValentino The Unforgotten
  ''978-1-4259-9681-9Meghan ChavalierConfessions Of A Transsexual Porn Star
  ''978-1-4259-9684-0Ken MayerThe Dbase Reports Book: Creating Reports and Labels in dbase PLUS
2007978-1-4259-9686-4Chigor ChikeAfrican Christianity in Britain: Diaspora, Doctrines and Dialogue
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  ''978-1-4259-9740-3Alter WienerFrom A Name to A Number: A Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography
2007978-1-4259-9745-8Alter WienerFrom a Name to a Number: A Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography
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2007978-1-4259-9889-9Alan McPhersonNotable American Indians: Indiana & Adjacent States
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2007978-1-4259-9906-3Robert KaseyThe Parable of The Raven
  ''978-1-4259-9907-0Robert E. Kasey · Robert E. Kasey D. B. a.The Parable of the Raven
  ''978-1-4259-9933-9Jacob ChikuhwaShona Proverbs and Parables
2007978-1-4259-9938-4Mandip SandhuThe Wedding Planner Sikh Edition: Record all your information for easy reference in this essential step-by-step guide
2005978-1-4259-9991-9Marlin KimeThe Lost 13th Tribe: America in Prophecy: Volume 1: The Trail of the Serpent