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2003978-1-4140-0051-0Aileen RodriguezMy Life With Tmj Disorder
  ''978-1-4140-0180-7Jenny L. CoteNow I Sea!: Spiritual Life Lessons from the Sea
  ''978-1-4140-0303-0Matt ConnorWatering Hole: The Colorful History of Booze, Sex & Death at a New Jersey Tavern
2004978-1-4140-0395-5Scott BalowsTales From Tanzania: A mostly true story
2003978-1-4140-0542-3Ben TouseyActing Your Dreams: Use Acting Techniques to Interpret Your Dreams
2004978-1-4140-0544-7Bob WilhelmThe Poet Asks The Sage: Ideas For Mental Expansion
  ''978-1-4140-0624-6Madame De LA FayetteThe Princesse of Cleves (Chatterley Salon)
2003978-1-4140-0628-4Patrick Keku · Tunde AkingbadeTraveler's Guide to Living in Nigeria: Security and Travel Tips
2004978-1-4140-0746-5Richard CooteThe Science of Hydraulic Suspension
2003978-1-4140-0816-5Dale VanBlairLooking Back: A Tail Gunner's View of WWII
  ''978-1-4140-0845-5Connie PittsGet a Whiff of This: Perfumes (Fragrances) - The Invisible Chemical Poisons
2004978-1-4140-0850-9Ana CormanLove Light
2004978-1-4140-0892-9Nancy KellyOrienteering Made Simple An Instructional Handbook
2003978-1-4140-0943-8J. D. WilliamsThe Case Study Reference Guide: A Straightforward Approach to Analyzing Marketing and Management Cases
  ''978-1-4140-0965-0Edwin DooleyThe Soldier at the Crossroad: The 726th MP Battalion in World War II
  ''978-1-4140-1189-9Eric DanielsThe Greatest People I Never Knew
  ''978-1-4140-1229-2Victor T. CheneyCastration: The Advantages and the Disadvantages
2004978-1-4140-1259-9Perry CiscoThe Barrons of Spring Hill...: ...Where All Men Are Not Equal
2003978-1-4140-1305-3Jena' GalifanyShadowsForge I: Three Times a Hero
2004978-1-4140-1372-5Susan HooperBelle Harbor Skeletons
  ''978-1-4140-1456-2Amanda TaylorLast Generation: Nightmare
2003978-1-4140-1551-4Dianna Cook ThomasI Can't See the Azaleas: True Crimes Against Women and Children
2003978-1-4140-1618-4Veronique SansonOnce and Again
2004978-1-4140-1640-5Allan RodenPilgrimage Across the US: Rodent's Ride
  ''978-1-4140-1735-8William Dixon"Without Prejudice" UCC 1-207: Sovereign Covenant
2003978-1-4140-1770-9Jack MeisterThe Thunder Never Sleeps: The Story of the Waffen Deus Ex Machina
  ''978-1-4140-1821-8D. J. McGuireDragon in the Dark: How and Why Communist China Helps Our Enemies in the War on Terror
2004978-1-4140-1967-3J. M. Gore · William NullOh! You Want to Build a House: The Complete Workbook to Help You: Select a Building Site, Select a House Design, Create a Realistic Budget and Create a Construction Schedule
2003978-1-4140-2077-8VariousTapestries of the Heart: Emerging Poets of the 21st Century
  ''978-1-4140-2125-6Emad ElsirganyThe Defilers: Sowing the Seeds of Terrorism
2004978-1-4140-2141-6Gary WilliamsSiege in Lucasville Revised Edition: An Insider's Account and Critical Review of Ohio's Worst Prison Riot
2003978-1-4140-2396-0Beverly HallSurviving and Thriving After a Life Threatening Diagnosis
2004978-1-4140-2474-5James PattersonSphinxes
  ''978-1-4140-2551-3Cathy BrochuNEW BEGINNINGS: IN SEARCH OF SELF
2004978-1-4140-2567-4Connie V. MeulenGrandpa and Grandma, Thanks for the Memories
2003978-1-4140-2648-0Bill HollenbeckSnap Decisions: Unleashing the Power of Audibles
2004978-1-4140-2663-3Kenneth R. KahnSecret Judgment: How the U.S. Government Illegally Executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
  ''978-1-4140-2824-8Latanya M. JuniorCreating Your Marketing Blueprint In 9 Simple Steps: A Step By Step Probe With Questions That Defines Your Entrepreneurial Purpose and Finds Your Customers
  ''978-1-4140-2861-3Anne James-SieffShacking Up: 40 Reasons Why Not To (Wise Advice From Someone Who Has)
  ''978-1-4140-3037-1Nicholas Stevensson KarasHunky: The Immigrant Experience
  ''978-1-4140-3092-0Judi Willkins SarkisianPeepers The Talking Starling
2003978-1-4140-3377-8Sherry AndersonTemptations of a Single Woman
2004978-1-4140-3445-4Helmet JungBUT NOT FOR THE FUEHRER
2004978-1-4140-3579-6Yvonne DivitaDickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online
2003978-1-4140-3709-7Sean T. TaeschnerFinding Gold in Washington State 1999
2004978-1-4140-3853-7Scott CarpenterMr. Undesirable
  ''978-1-4140-3867-4Stephen F. RowleyThe Consumers' Guide To Long Term Care Insurance
  ''978-1-4140-3871-1George HaHow to be an Indie Kid: A Memoir of a Boy Lost in Society
  ''978-1-4140-4056-1Carl A. FransonSecond Age: A Recall of Things Gone By and a Bit of Now
  ''978-1-4140-4077-6Evan BobergCommon Sense Not Required: Idiots Designing Cars & Hybrid Vehicles, My Career With Chrysler, Includes How To Find a Good Mechanic
2004978-1-4140-4134-6Gladys Jenkins BennettPigs And People: Great Depression Farm Life As I Remember It
  ''978-1-4140-4204-6David LindCanoeing The Driftless: A Paddlers Guide for Southeastern Minnesota
  ''978-1-4140-4278-7ROBIN L. JACKSONSchizophrenia "When I Thought I Was God"
  ''978-1-4140-4307-4Keith C. BradburyPortal to Infinity: An Independent & Unauthorized Guide to Bbctv's Doctor Who
  ''978-1-4140-4356-2Jean C. KelchnerDaughters of Eve: a Herstory Book
2004978-1-4140-4477-4greg ubertseven steps to success:
  ''978-1-4140-4505-4Cheryl BartlettStripper Shoes
  ''978-1-4140-4563-4Charles N. StevensAn Innocent at Polebrook: A Memoir of an 8Th Air Force Bombardier
  ''978-1-4140-4617-4Brenda HamptonMy Way Or No Way
2004978-1-4140-4659-4Boman DesaiTRIO: A NOVEL ABOUT THE SCHUMANNS AND BRAHMS
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  ''978-1-4140-4954-0David L. CookInspirational Words
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  ''978-1-4140-5209-0Malcolm S. SouthwoodPyramids of the Mind
2004978-1-4140-5333-2DD, Th.D., John W. WattsThrough The Fire: The True Story of The Death To Life Experiences of A Preacher Who Received A Heart Transplant
  ''978-1-4140-5411-7Harley A. RennhoffLife In Interesting Times: Memoirs Of The Rennhoff Family In America
  ''978-1-4140-5440-7Kenneth C. ConradWhat the Church Does Not Want You to Know
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2004978-1-4140-5514-5Nandu Thondavadi · George AlbertOffshore Outsourcing: Path To New Efficiencies In It And Business Processes
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  ''978-1-4140-5915-0Charles Latham DoxeySunset Point
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  ''978-1-4140-6001-9David H. C. CarterFor God and Country: a story of the 2nd Marine Division and the battle for Tarawa Atoll, 20-28 November, 1943
  ''978-1-4140-6202-0Scott William RayHow to Be a Genius: The Greatest Secret in the World
  ''978-1-4140-6433-8Laura L FineLaura's New Heart: A Healer's Spiritual Journey Through a Heart Transplant
2004978-1-4140-6460-4Elizabeth MulfordMy Several Journeys Book One
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  ''978-1-4140-6816-9Kathleen E. WebsterLiving With The Invisible Monster: A Young Onset Parkinson's Disease Patients Perspective On Living A New Life
  ''978-1-4140-6896-1Paul WinchellWinch
  ''978-1-4140-6897-8   ''Winch
2004978-1-4140-7100-8Judith SparklesTugs of Hope
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2004978-1-4140-7156-5Eddie Charles AdamsA Touch of Love
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  ''978-1-4140-7182-4John Kevin FloresHeart of a Hunter: 12 reasons I go to the field each year
  ''978-1-4140-7184-8Paul FaustHAIKU SANDS: The Scenes and Sentiments of Haiku and Sketchbook for Haiga
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2004978-1-4140-7199-2Out on the Town Inc.Out On The Town, Travel Guide: Oklahoma City
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2005978-1-4140-8244-8Xavier L. SuarezA Unified Theory of God, Mind & Matter
2007978-1-4140-8301-8Samuel K. BeamonFlying Death: The Vietnam Experience