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2008978-1-4343-4871-5David MuchemuDesigning A World-Class Quality Management System For FDA Regulated Industries: Quality System Requirements (QSR) For cGMP
  ''978-1-4343-4878-4Afton ZapataEnduring Miracles: Surviving the Effects of Valley Fever
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2007978-1-4343-4976-7Janice LoriganHigh Fructose Corn Syrup and the Fibromyalgia Connection: Fibromyalgia Recovery Handbook
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2007978-1-4343-5069-5Reg GreenThe Gift that Heals: Stories of hope, renewal and transformation through organ and tissue donation
2008978-1-4343-5077-0Jim AlbrightLast Guard Out: A Riveting Account by the Last Guard to Leave Alcatraz
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2007978-1-4343-5131-9Joey Rizzolo20 Steps to A Freedom Walk
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2008978-1-4343-5512-6Joseph SmithThe Wolf and The Sheepdog
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2008978-1-4343-7493-6James H. HendersonMilitary Logistics Made Easy: Concept, Theory, and Execution
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2008978-1-4343-7719-7Reg GreenThe Gift That Heals: Stories of Hope, Renewal and Transformation Through Organ and Tissue Donation
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2008978-1-4343-8723-3Lucien GregoireMurder in the Vatican: The Revolutionary Life of John Paul and The CIA, Opus Dei and the 1978 Murders
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2008978-1-4343-9166-7Michael Supe GrandaIt Shined: The Saga Of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
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  ''978-1-4343-9179-7Lorraine RoccoThe Years Gone Bye: A Yearly Snapshot of the People, Places, and Things that Captured Our Attention for 50 Years
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