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2018978-1-4408-3762-3Lilia Fernández50 Events That Shaped Latino History [2 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic
  ''978-1-4408-3766-1H. Anthony BandyDiscovering Hidden Treasures in Government Documents: The Master Guide to Library of Congress and National Archives Digital Collections
2016978-1-4408-3772-2Timothy B. JayWe Did What?!: Offensive and Inappropriate Behavior in American History
  ''978-1-4408-3784-5Mary Ellen SnodgrassAmerican Women Speak [2 volumes]: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection of Women's Oratory
  ''978-1-4408-3785-2Mary Ellen SnodgrassAmerican Women Speak: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection of Women's Oratory [2 Volumes]
2017978-1-4408-3786-9Karsonya Whitehead50 Events That Shaped African American History [2 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic
  ''978-1-4408-3798-2Aharon W. ZoreaFinding the Fountain of Youth: The Science and Controversy behind Extending Life and Cheating Death
2016978-1-4408-3800-2Alexander MikaberidzeWar Crimes and Trials: A Primary Source Guide
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2017978-1-4408-3806-4Deborah CarmichaelPop Goes the Decade: The Seventies
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2016978-1-4408-3814-9Michele A. PaludiCampus Action against Sexual Assault: Needs, Policies, Procedures, and Training Programs (Women's Psychology)
2016978-1-4408-3818-7Bret GolannNavigating the Whitewater Rapids of Entrepreneurial Success: Leading Small Business Growth
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2015978-1-4408-3826-2John BallardDecoding the Workplace: 50 Keys to Understanding People in Organizations
2016978-1-4408-3828-6Jamie L. BronsteinTwo Nations, Indivisible: A History of Inequality in America
2017978-1-4408-3834-7Julie Urbanik · Connie L. JohnstonHumans and Animals: A Geography of Coexistence
978-1-4408-3840-8Tom HeadWhat the Slaves Believed: Recollections of Faith and Religion in WPA Slave Narratives
2017978-1-4408-3854-5Stuart LenigThe Bizarre World of Reality Television
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2015978-1-4408-3862-0Emily HorowitzProtecting Our Kids?: How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us
2016978-1-4408-3868-2Paul R. BartropBosnian Genocide: The Essential Reference Guide
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2015978-1-4408-3876-7Richard StrinerHow America Can Spend Its Way Back to Greatness: A Guide to Monetary Reform
  ''978-1-4408-3878-1Spencer C. TuckerU.S. Conflicts in the 21st Century [3 volumes]: Afghanistan War, Iraq War, and the War on Terror
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2018978-1-4408-3914-6John C. BergLeave It in the Ground: The Politics of Coal and Climate
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2018978-1-4408-4214-6Dorothy Smith-RuizHow the Recession Changed Contemporary African American Families
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