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1974978-0-8371-7132-6Gilbert J GarraghanA guide to historical method
  ''978-0-8371-7154-8Gottfried MartinKant's Metaphysics and Theory of Science
1975978-0-8371-7171-5Krister StendahlThe scrolls and the New Testament
1974978-0-8371-7178-4Georg MischA History of Autobiography in Antiquity Volume 1
1975978-0-8371-7196-8Thomas J. AltizerMircea Eliade and the Dialectic of the Sacred
1973978-0-8371-7228-6Alfred W. CrosbyThe Columbian Exchange: Biological and Cultural Consequences of 1492 (Contributions in American Studies #2)
1974978-0-8371-7232-3Alexander DeCondeEntangling alliance; politics & diplomacy under George Washington
  ''978-0-8371-7240-8Franz Schneider · Charles GullansLast Letters from Stalingrad
  ''978-0-8371-7243-9Wilfrid Hindle · W. H. HindleThe Morning Post, 1772-1937: Portrait of a Newspaper
  ''978-0-8371-7251-4George WolfskillRevolt of the Conservatives
1974978-0-8371-7258-3Virgil ThomsonThe state of music
  ''978-0-8371-7282-8Joseph R. (editor) ConlinThe American Radical Press, 1880-1960
  ''978-0-8371-7286-6Waldo Hilary DunnR. D. Blackmore: The author of "Lorna Doone"; a biography
1979978-0-8371-7370-2Marie J. CondorcetSketch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind.
1976978-0-8371-7414-3Robert HellmanFabliaux: Ribald Tales from the Old French (English and Old French Edition)
1975978-0-8371-7420-4E. O. G. Turville-PetreMyth and Religion of the North: The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia
  ''978-0-8371-7432-7Ada AllportThe Nature of Personality: Selected Papers
1974978-0-8371-7438-9G. K. ChestertonOrthodoxy.
  ''978-0-8371-7476-1Nathan none GlazerThe Social Basis of American Communism.
1974978-0-8371-7480-8James Francis ByrnesSpeaking Frankly.
  ''978-0-8371-7499-0Russell Frank WeigleyTowards an American army;: Military thought from Washington to Marshall
1935978-0-8371-7520-1Ralph Barton PerryThe Thought and Character of William James As Revealed in Unpublished Correspondence and Notes Together With His Published Writings
1975978-0-8371-7532-4Rose M. SomervilleThe Peace Revolution: Ethos and Social Process (Contributions in Philosophy, No. 7)
1974978-0-8371-7540-9Stephen Denis KerteszDiplomacy in a whirlpool;: Hungary between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia,
  ''978-0-8371-7543-0Richard T LaPiereThe Freudian Ethic: An Analysis of the Subversion of Western Character
  ''978-0-8371-7560-7John MontiasCentral Planning in Poland (Yale Studies in Economics)
1975978-0-8371-7640-6E. A ThompsonA history of Attila and the Huns
1974978-0-8371-7643-7Gary M. FinkBiographical dictionary of American labor leaders
1975978-0-8371-7701-4John GuntherThe Riddle of MacArthur: Japan, Korea, and the Far East
1974978-0-8371-7708-3R. B McDowellBritish conservatism, 1832-1914
1979978-0-8371-7755-7Brenton Greene WallacePatton and His Third Army
1974978-0-8371-7775-5Charles A BarkerHenry George
1975978-0-8371-7799-1Herbert Arnold WilkinsonThe American Doctrine of State Succession. (Studies in Human Rights)
  ''978-0-8371-7812-7El Ginzberg · Eli GinzbergThe Ineffective Soldier [3 volumes]: Lessons for Management and the Nation Patterns of Performance Set
1975978-0-8371-7873-8Howard KushnerConflict on the Northwest Coast: American-Russian Rivalry in the Pacific Northwest, 1790-1867 (Studies in Human Rights)
  ''978-0-8371-7896-7Marek Hlasko · Marek HaskoThe Eighth Day of the Week:
  ''978-0-8371-7918-6Chester G. StarrThe Roman Imperial Navy: 31 B.C.-A.D. 324 (Cornell Studies in Classical Philology)
1976978-0-8371-7927-8Colin M. TurnbullWayward Servants: The Two Worlds of the African Pygmies
1975978-0-8371-7933-9Bryan Hugh St. John. O'NeilCastles and Cannon: A Study of Early Artillery Fortifications in England
1976978-0-8371-7941-4Aldert Van der ZielThe Natural Sciences and the Christian Message
1975978-0-8371-7952-0James Donald HittleThe Military Staff: Its History and Development
  ''978-0-8371-7990-2Charles Callan TansillBack Door to War: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy, 1933-1941
1976978-0-8371-7991-9Virgil GheorghiuThe death of Kyralessa
1963978-0-8371-8039-7Ugo Enrico PaoliRome: It's People, Life and Customs
1975978-0-8371-8046-5Eric StraussIrish Nationalism and British Democracy.
  ''978-0-8371-8074-8Carlo CassolaFausto and Anna
1975978-0-8371-8076-2Social Science Research Council CommitteCivil-Military Relations: an Annotated Bibliography, 1940-1952
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  ''978-0-8371-8113-4Tsao Hsueh-ChinThe Dream of the Red Chamber: Hung Lou Meng
  ''978-0-8371-8123-3Rudolf Karl BultmannThe Presence of Eternity: History and Eschatology
  ''978-0-8371-8125-7Sol HurokImpresario: A memoir
1975978-0-8371-8130-1George Woodman HiltonThe truck system, including a history of the British truck acts, 1465-1960
  ''978-0-8371-8135-6Harry C. AllenBush and Backwoods: A Comparison of the Frontier in Australia and the United States
  ''978-0-8371-8138-7Fitzroy RaglanThe Hero: A Study in Tradition, Myth, and Drama
1976978-0-8371-8143-1William H. ThorpeScience, Man, and Morals: Based Upon the Fremantle Lectures Delivered in Balliol College Oxford Trinity Term 1963
1980978-0-8371-8163-9Hans Delbruck · Walter J. RenfroeHistory of the Art of War Within the Framework of Political History: The Germans (Contributions in Military Studies)
1976978-0-8371-8168-4Ghita IonescuCommunism in Rumania, 1944-1962
1975978-0-8371-8210-0Louis O. KelsoThe Capitalist Manifesto.
  ''978-0-8371-8211-7Louis KelsoThe New Capitalists: A Proposal to Free Economic Growth from the Slavery of Savings
  ''978-0-8371-8212-4Charles L. StevensonFacts and Values: Studies in Ethical Analysis
1975978-0-8371-8214-8H. Stuart HughesOswald Spengler, a critical estimate
  ''978-0-8371-8226-1Khushwant Singh · KhushwantTrain to Pakistan.
1977978-0-8371-8236-0Robin MaughamSomerset and All the Maughams
1976978-0-8371-8300-8Alfred H. BurneThe Agincourt War: A Military History of the Latter Part of the Hundred Years War from 1369 to 1453
  ''978-0-8371-8301-5Alfred Higgins BurneThe Crecy War: A Military History of the Hundred Years War from 1337 to the Peace of Bretigny, 1360
1975978-0-8371-8307-7George DelfJomo Kenyatta: Towards Truth about The Light of Kenya
  ''978-0-8371-8342-8W B. GalliePeirce and Pragmatism
1977978-0-8371-8364-0Aziz Suryal AtiyaThe Crusade: Historiography and Bibliography
1975978-0-8371-8366-4Charles de GaulleThe Edge of the Sword
  ''978-0-8371-8368-8Vernon Lee FluhartyDance of the Millions: Military Rule and the Social Revolution in Colombia. 1930-1956
1976978-0-8371-8376-3Alfred W. CrosbyEpidemic and Peace, 1918
1975978-0-8371-8386-2Edmund Cody BurnettThe Continental Congress
1976978-0-8371-8400-5Ivone KirkpatrickMussolini: A study in power
1976978-0-8371-8419-7Arnold BrackmanIndonesian Communism: A History
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1975978-0-8371-8437-1Raja RaoThe serpent and the rope
1976978-0-8371-8443-2Count Phillipe-Paul de SegurNapoleon's Russian Campaign.
  ''978-0-8371-8460-9Christia E. ToussantThe Trusteeship System of the United Nations:
1976978-0-8371-8461-6Boris MeissnerThe Communist Party of the Soviet Union: Party Leadership, Organization, and Ideology
  ''978-0-8371-8516-3Daisetz Teitaro SuzukiMysticism: Christian and Buddhist
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  ''978-0-8371-8664-1August KubizekThe Young Hitler I Knew
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1976978-0-8371-8685-6Floyd NourseHowl of the Censor.
  ''978-0-8371-8686-3Frederic B. M HollydayBismarck's rival: A political biography of General and Admiral Albrecht von Stosch
  ''978-0-8371-8689-4George LibaireWith Napoleon in Russia: The Memoirs of General de Caulaincourt, Duke of Vicenza
  ''978-0-8371-8722-8Edward BehrThe Algerian Problem.
  ''978-0-8371-8783-9Harry Lionel ShapiroThe Jewish people: A biological history
1976978-0-8371-8850-8Edith PenroseThe Large International Firm in Developing Countries: The International Petroleum Industry
  ''978-0-8371-8859-1Germaine TillionFrance and Algeria: Complementary Enemies
  ''978-0-8371-8875-1Oswald SpenglerMan and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life (English and German Edition)
1977978-0-8371-8885-0Gabriel KolkoRailroads and Regulation, 1877-1916
  ''978-0-8371-8903-1Garin BurbankWhen Farmers Voted Red: The Gospel of Socialism in the Oklahoma Countryside, 1910-1924 (Contributions in American History)
  ''978-0-8371-8906-2Henry Warner BowdenDictionary of American religious biography
1976978-0-8371-8953-6W. R. IngeMysticism in Religion.
1976978-0-8371-8991-8Iwao Frederick, Ph.D. AyusawaA History of Labor in Modern Japan.
  ''978-0-8371-8992-5Max BrodHeinrich Heine: The Artist in Revolt (English and German Edition)
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1977978-0-8371-9030-3Constance Ashton MyersThe Prophet's Army: Trotskyists in America, 1928-1941 (Contributions in American History)
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1976978-0-8371-9048-8Michael CurtisThree against the Third Republic: Sorel, Barres, and Maurras
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1976978-0-8371-9080-8Gilbert MurrayFive Stages of Greek Religion.
1977978-0-8371-9301-4Charles Rumford WalkerToward the Automatic Factory: A Case Study of Men and Machines
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1977978-0-8371-9321-2Jacque BarzunOf Human Freedom
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1979978-0-8371-9348-9Georges PouletStudies in Human Time.
1976978-0-8371-9355-7Bozena NemcovaGranny: Scenes from Country Life
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  ''978-0-8371-9452-3Allen Welsh DullesThe Craft of Intelligence.
  ''978-0-8371-9455-4Alphons SilbermannThe Sociology of Music.
1977978-0-8371-9479-0Alvin D. CooxThe Anatomy of a Small War: The Soviet-Japanese Struggle for Changkufeng/Khasan, 1938 (Contributions in Afro-American & African Studies)
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  ''978-0-8371-9515-5Debashis BattacharyaA Dictionary of Indian History.
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1977978-0-8371-9571-1American Federation of LaborAmerican Federation of Labor: Vol. 3/Pt. 1; History, Encyclopedia, Reference Book
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  ''978-0-8371-9598-8American Federation of LaborAmerican Federation of Labor: Vol. 3/Pt. 3; History, Encyclopedia, Reference Book
1977978-0-8371-9599-5Merle ArmitageSchoenberg: Articles by Arnold Schoenberg, Erwin Stein and Others, 1929-1937
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  ''978-0-8371-9687-9Jack Nelson · Gene RobertsThe Censors and the Schools:
  ''978-0-8371-9705-0Allan NevinsThe State Universities and Democracy.
1977978-0-8371-9729-6Madame de La FayetteThe Princess of Cleves.
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1969978-0-8371-9946-7Carl RitterThe Comparative Geography of Palestine and the Sinaitic Peninsula [4 volumes]: Set