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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-89930-148-8Alan LawlorProductivity Improvement Manual.
  ''978-0-89930-165-5Mick McLean · Tom RowlandThe Inmos Saga
  ''978-0-89930-194-5John W. MurphyTechnology and Human Productivity: Challenges for the Future
1989978-0-89930-249-2A. Coskun SamliRetail Marketing Strategy: Planning, Implementation, and Control
  ''978-0-89930-332-1Warren FreedmanThe Tort of Discovery Abuse
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1989978-0-89930-380-2Paul S. DempseyThe Social and Economic Consequences of Deregulation: The Transportation Industry in Transition
1989978-0-89930-396-3Frank J. VandallStrict Liability: Legal and Economic Analysis
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  ''978-0-89930-506-6Dorothy J. HowellIntellectual Properties and the Protection of Fictional Characters: Copyright, Trademark, or Unfair Competition?
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1992978-0-89930-544-8Alfred L. ThimmAmerica's Stake in European Telecommunication Policies
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