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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-305-00004-9Concise Wadsworth Handbook Cincinnati State Custom
  ''978-1-305-00011-7Microsoft Word and Powerpoint 2013 CTC Bundle
2014978-1-305-00018-6Joehnk, Billingsley GitmanPersonal Financial Planning 13th Edition
  ''978-1-305-00021-6Biology Concepts and Applications 9th Edition (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Christine Evers, Cecie Starr, Lisa Starr
  ''978-1-305-00041-4Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation- Zumdahl/DeCoste-8th Edition-Binder Ready
2015978-1-305-00047-6Wake TechCIS 111: Basic PC Literacy
2014978-1-305-00050-6Computer Fundamentals, CSCI 1001, Columbus State Community College
  ''978-1-305-00066-7Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization, 11th Edition (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)
2014978-1-305-00080-3Edward I. Sidlow · Beth HenschenGovt
2013978-1-305-00087-2Mccann, Ward, Shor FroebManagerial Economics - A Problem Solving Approach (Custom Edition)
  ''978-1-305-00106-0Organic Chemistry (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) 7th Edition By William H. Brown, Christopher S. Foote, Eric Anslyn and Brent L. Iverson (2013)
2015978-1-305-00118-3Linda deStefanoFinite Mathematics for the Managerial, Life and Social Sciences 11th Edition
2014978-1-305-00127-5Daivd A. Colllier, James R. Evans Richard L. DaftManagement Custom Edition for California State University Long Beach CSULB
  ''978-1-305-00134-3Constance StaleyCollege Transfer Success, Alamance Community College
  ''978-1-305-00143-5BrownCustom Bundle: Organic Chemistry: Purdue University plus Printed Access Code
  ''978-1-305-00164-0Principles of Economics Seventh Edition Custom Edition Troy University
2012978-1-305-00172-5Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists 4E (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)
2014978-1-305-00173-2Roger A. ArnoldMicroeconomics Selections with Videos
2012978-1-305-00179-4Marketing Strategy, Text and Cases (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Michael Hartline and O. C. Ferrell 6th Edition (2012, Paperback)
2014978-1-305-00185-5Microsoft Office 2013: Lubar School of Business Edition
2013978-1-305-00199-2Discovering Computers 2014 (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Misty E. Vermaat 1st Edition
1969978-1-305-00202-9authorLegal Environment of Business
2013978-1-305-00203-6Advertising Promotion and Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Terence A. Shimp and J. Craig Andrews 9th Edition (2013)
2013978-1-305-00210-4Greg MankiwPrinciples of Economics - Custom Edition for BYU by N. Gregory Mankiw
2014978-1-305-00212-8J.D., LL.M. James Kane RecordLaw and Evidence (Custom for CAL-U)
2014978-1-305-00224-1Finite Mathematics + Applied Calculus
2013978-1-305-00236-4Information Technology Project Management (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Kathy Schwalbe 7th Edition
2015978-1-305-00255-5University of MemphisSeeing Through Statistics
2013978-1-305-00261-6Donald F. KuratkoEntrepreneurship: Theory, Process, and Practice 9E (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)
2015978-1-305-00263-0Campbell · farrellBiochemistry 8th Edition
2014978-1-305-00280-7Bardes/Shelley/SchmidtAmerican Government and Politics Today: Essentials (Custom Edition)
2015978-1-305-00288-3Jessica M. Utts · Robert HeckardMind on Statistics, 5th Edition
978-1-305-00289-0New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2013, First Course with additional chapters from New Perspectives on Microsoft Excel 2013, Introductory, Custom Edition for the University of Alabama at Birmingham
978-1-305-00291-3Applied Calculus, Special Edition
2014978-1-305-00292-0Richard A. MannBusiness Law II
  ''978-1-305-00295-1MultipleSouth-west Fed. Taxation Volume 1 Custom Package
978-1-305-00297-5MBA 6325: Business Analytics
2011978-1-305-00298-2Loewy, Lacefield GuffeyBusiness communication process & product 7th edition
2013978-1-305-00306-4Mae Ngai/ Jon GjerdeChicana and Chicano Studies, 245 History of the Americas
2014978-1-305-00311-8Ron Wright · Larry Watson · Blanche BrickREADINGS IN U.S.HISTORY,V.1 >CUSTOM<
2013978-1-305-00325-5Larson and EdwardsMultivariable Calculus Custom Edition
2014978-1-305-00327-9Linda S. Miller · Karen Matison Hess · Christine Hess OrthmannCommunity Policing: Partnerships for Problem Solving
2013978-1-305-00360-6Communication Between Cultures (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter, Edwin R. Mcdaniel, Carolyn S. Roy 8th Edition
2014978-1-305-00362-0Gehart Gray ZidePsychopathology: A Competency-based Assessment Model for Social Workers (3rd Edition) Morehead State University Edition
  ''978-1-305-00367-5Business (12th Edition)
  ''978-1-305-00368-2Ronald MunsonA Journey into Bioethics: Complete with Classic Cases
978-1-305-00372-9American Government and Politics Today, 2013-2014 Edition (Harper College Edition)
2013978-1-305-00398-9Irvin TuckerPrinciples of Economics
  ''978-1-305-00401-6Misty E. VermaatMicrosoft Office 2013
2012978-1-305-00403-0Ron Larson David C. FalvoElementary Linear Algebra 7th Edition By Ron Larson and David C. Falvo (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)
2014978-1-305-00404-7Mathematical Excursions, 3rd Ed. Enhanced
2014978-1-305-00410-8Blitt/CasasSPN 141, Custom edition for 2014-2015
  ''978-1-305-00421-4James M. Reeve, Jonathan E. Duchac, Belverd E. Needles, Jr., Marian Powers Carl S. WarrenFinancial and Managerial Accounting 12 Th Edition for City Collegs of Chicago
2013978-1-305-00430-6Christina SommersEthics and Society: Vice and Virtue in Everyday Life
978-1-305-00432-0BLW 2510 - Business Law and Ethics - Wayne State University - 13th Ed
2012978-1-305-00433-7Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By James J. Reynolds and Ronald J. Harshbarge 10th Edition (2012)
2014978-1-305-00435-1Scott Spoolman G. Tyler MillerLiving in the Environment 18th Edition (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Scott Spoolman and G. Tyler Miller (2014)
  ''978-1-305-00439-9Principles of Supervison
2013978-1-305-00476-4David Shaffer · Katherine KippChild and Adolescent Development
978-1-305-00482-5Discovering Psychology: The Science of the Mind [Custom for Kent State University]
2014978-1-305-00489-4Mann / RobertsThe Law of Financial Transactions - BSL 401
  ''978-1-305-00515-0Gerald KellerStatistics for Management and Economics 10th Edition By Gerald Keller (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)(2014)
  ''978-1-305-00518-1Harald E.L. Prins, Dana Walrath, Bunny McBride William A. HavilandIntroduction to Anthropology, Baylor University, Custom Edition
2014978-1-305-00531-0Cross MillerBSLW 235: Legal, Ethical and Global Environment of Business 9e (Montclair State University)
2013978-1-305-00536-5Wong · Weber-Feve · Ousselin · VanPattenLiaisons, Enhanced Custom Edition for Baylor University
978-1-305-00537-2Preparation for MOS Certification: Word & PowerPoint 2013 (Custom Edition for Wayne Community College)
978-1-305-00544-0DAVID COHEN THEODORE LEE DAVID SKALARPrecalculus 7TH Edition
2013978-1-305-00560-0Lampman, Kriz, Engel, Fessenden, Feist, Gilbert, Martin PaviaOrganic Chemistry Laboratory: Health and Nutrition (Custom Published Brooklyn College)
978-1-305-00563-1Philosophy, A Text with Readings
2014978-1-305-00571-6KendallSociology in Our Times (Custom Edition for Baylor University)
  ''978-1-305-00594-5Ron LarsonPrecalculus - A Concise Course
2013978-1-305-00597-6Steps to Writing Well [California Univ of PA]
2014978-1-305-00612-6LarsonElementary Linear Algebra
2013978-1-305-00629-4Van VoorstReligions of the World
978-1-305-00636-2Financial Markets and Institutions (UCF Custom Edition)
2014978-1-305-00637-9Misty E. Vermaat, Patrick Carey Gary B. ShallyIntroduction to Computer Application and Concepts
978-1-305-00638-6Patrick Carey · Roy Ageloff · Dan Oja · June Jamrich Parsons · Carol A. DesJardinsCSE 148 Business Computing, Miami University
2014978-1-305-00640-9KaufmanIntermediate Algebra 10e
  ''978-1-305-00645-4Carreira, Madrigal Velasco, Swanson Spaine LongPkg/Nexos Enhanced Edition W/Sam And Ilrn Pac
  ''978-1-305-00652-2Lehman Dufrene Coopman LullProfessional Communication and Presentations
  ''978-1-305-00661-4Shaffer KippDevelopmental Psychology Psy341 Arizona State University ASU
1969978-1-305-00668-3Jeffrey S NavidEssentials of Psychology Study Guide
2014978-1-305-00679-9Roger A ArnoldMacroeconomics (HVCC Custom)
2014978-1-305-00683-6June ParsonsCSE 148 Business Computing Miami University Custom Edition
  ''978-1-305-00719-2Beskeen Cram Duffy Friedrichsen Reding WermersSurvey of Computer Information Systems
  ''978-1-305-00727-7Misty E. VermaatMicrosoft Office 2013 - Pierce College
2012978-1-305-00733-8mitterer denis coon john oPsychology Modules for Active Learning for Ventura College
2015978-1-305-00735-2Stroup, Sobel, Macpherson GwartneyMacroeconomics Private and Public Edition Custom Edition for Utah State
2013978-1-305-00736-9Irvin B. TuckerPrinciples of Economics 1
2014978-1-305-00738-3James StewartCalculus: Special Version for MTH132 Calculus (at MSU) 7th Edition
2013978-1-305-00744-4James StewartCalculus: Early Transcendentals
  ''978-1-305-00786-4A First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Dennis G. Zill 10th Edition
  ''978-1-305-00792-5Dennis Coon · John O. MittererIntroduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior: Custom Edition for University of Mississippi, 13th Edition
2014978-1-305-00803-8Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages
2013978-1-305-00804-5Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Maryanne M. Mowen, Don R. Hansen, Dan L. Heitger 5th Edition
2015978-1-305-00811-3Plotnik · KouyoumdjianIntroduction to Psychology
978-1-305-00820-5C++ Programming II
2012978-1-305-00832-8Understanding Nutrition (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Eleanor Noss Whitney and Sharon Rady Rolfes 13th Edition (2012)
978-1-305-00839-7Economics 20A/B Seventh Edition (Custom Edition for UC Irvine)
2014978-1-305-00841-0VERMAATCIS 101 Introduction to Computers
  ''978-1-305-00844-1Principles of Microeconomics
  ''978-1-305-00845-8Custom Edition · Brett W. Pelham · Hart Blanton · Robert HadleyResearch and Evaluation: Applications For Counseling
978-1-305-00848-9Elementry & Intermediate Algerbra
2014978-1-305-00853-3BraseUnderstandable Statistics
  ''978-1-305-00880-9Diana W. Martin, Eldra Solomon, Linda R. Berg Charles MartinBiology 10th Edition By Eldra Solomon, Linda R. Berg, Diana W. Martin and Charles Martin (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)(2014)
  ''978-1-305-00881-6Brent L. Iverson, Eric V. Anslyn, Christopher S. Foote William H. BrownOrganic Chemistry: Purdue University Seventh Edition with access code
2014978-1-305-00886-1David L. Faber · Daniel M. MendelowitzA Guide to Drawing
  ''978-1-305-00894-6Business and Society: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management 9th Edition (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Ann K. Buchholtz and Archie B. Carroll (2014)
  ''978-1-305-00896-0Diana KendallSociology in Our Times: Custom for College of San Mateo
2013978-1-305-00897-7M. Seeds · D. BachmanThe Solar System (Special Addition for Arizona State University)
2014978-1-305-00903-5Dakota Mitchell & Lee HarounIntroduction to Health Care - Custom Edition for Lower Columbia College
2013978-1-305-00910-3Finite Mathematics- University of Maryland College Park Edition By Waner and Constenoble
  ''978-1-305-00912-7William M. Pride FerrellMarketing 2014 Edition By William M. Pride and Ferrell (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)
2014978-1-305-00914-1Sizer · WhitneyNutrition Concepts and Controversies
  ''978-1-305-00917-2CengageCSIT 101: Technology and Information Systems, Community College of Baltimore County
2013978-1-305-00920-2Roxy Peck · Chris Olsen · Jay L. DevoreIntroduction to Statistics and Data Analysis
2012978-1-305-00927-1Essentials of Abnormal Psychology (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By V. Mark Durand and David H. Barlow 6th Edition (2012)
978-1-305-00929-5Mind on Statistics [Custom for Michigan State University]
2013978-1-305-00932-5ORTHMANN/HESSCriminal Investigation
2007978-1-305-00946-2Ewen NelsonElementary Technical Mathematics (Custom 11th Edition)
2014978-1-305-00964-6Deborah MorleyUnderstanding Computers in a Changing Society
2014978-1-305-00965-3Kenneth W. ClarksonBusiness Law I Bus. 2030 Oakland Community College
2013978-1-305-00970-7Contemporary Marketing (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By David L. Kurtz and Louis E. Boone 16th Edition (2013)
  ''978-1-305-00977-6Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach7th Edition By V. Mark Durand and David H. Barlow (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)
2015978-1-305-00992-9Camm/Cochran/Fry/Ohlmann/Anderson/Sweeney/WilliamsBana 2082 Customized Edition for the University of Cincinnati
2014978-1-305-01003-1James StewartCalculus Special Version for MTH 234 Calculus
  ''978-1-305-01005-5Smith, DeJong ColeThe American System of Criminal Justice 14th Edition Paperback. Cole, Smith, Dejong
  ''978-1-305-01007-9David Rosenwasser · Jill StephenWriting Analytically with Readings (Custom Edition for Fresno State)
978-1-305-01009-3South-Wester Federal Taxation 2014 Practice Set: Volume 2 (Strayer University)
2014978-1-305-01012-3STEVEN S ZUMDAHL SUSAN A SUMDAHLChemistry Complete Solution Manual Custom for Sbcc
2013978-1-305-01016-1WanerFinite Mathematics and Applied Calculus
  ''978-1-305-01018-5New Perspective on Microsoft Excel 2013
2014978-1-305-01020-8Successful Project Management 6th Edition (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By James Clements and Jack Gido (2014)
2014978-1-305-01021-5ACP PATHWAYS 2B
978-1-305-01028-4A Concise Introduction to Logic: Custom Edition for PHIL 1313
2014978-1-305-01032-1Patrick Carey · Charles W. Herbert · Mark CiampaComputer Technology 1 Cisc 100 - Northampton County Community College
  ''978-1-305-01039-0Biological Principles, BSC 1005 Value Edition for University of Central Florida
  ''978-1-305-01040-6Mark S. Cracolice · Edward I. PetersIntroductory Chemistry
  ''978-1-305-01044-4Gitman · Joehnk · Billingsley · SextonEconomic Perspectives: ECON 300: Custom Edition for University of Arizona
  ''978-1-305-01047-5David Morton, Joy B. Perry James W. PerryLaboratory Manual for General Biology I & II
2014978-1-305-01048-2Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson James StewartCollege Algebra
  ''978-1-305-01051-2Principles of Marketing Custom Edition for Central Texas College CTC
2012978-1-305-01054-3Lawton BurnsHealth Care Management and Administration
2013978-1-305-01055-0Harshbarger\ReynoldsMathematical Applications for the management, life, and social sciences
2014978-1-305-01061-1H. STEPHEN STOKEROrganic and Biological Chemistry: Custom Edition
  ''978-1-305-01085-7Introduction to Spectroscopy (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) 5th Edition By Donald L. Pavia, Gary M. Lampman, James A. Vyvyan and George S. Kriz (2014)
  ''978-1-305-01087-1Anderson's Business Law and the Legal Environment (Custom edition for Drexel University: BLAW202)
2012978-1-305-01093-2Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Christine Evers, Ralph Taggart, Lisa Starr and Cecie Starr 13th Edition(2012)
2013978-1-305-01095-6Frederic J. Gravetter and Larry B. WallnauPSY 214 Statistics for Behavioral Science, The Essentials, 8th Edition
  ''978-1-305-01120-5Marion Festing PhD, Allen D. Engle, Sr. D.B.A. Peter DowlingInternational Human Resource Management
1994978-1-305-01125-0VariousChemistry 121
2014978-1-305-01134-2Richard W. TreschPrinciples of Microeconomics
2013978-1-305-01135-9strayerPrograming Logic and Design, Comprehensive Textbook Only
2014978-1-305-01143-4KellyBusn 7
2015978-1-305-01146-5Miller & Cross Clarkson · Also sold under ISBN-13: 9781285834627Business Law: Text and Cases 13th Edition LSB3213 Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business
2014978-1-305-01158-8D.S.W.,LCSW Pascal ScolesFaith , Spirituality, and Resilience in Recovery
2014978-1-305-01165-6Twomey & Jennings · Marianne Moody JenningsAnderson's Business Law and the Legal Environment 22nd Edition
  ''978-1-305-01174-8George F. Cole, Michael D. Reisig Todd R. ClearAmerican Corrections (Saint Leo University, CRM 430)
2012978-1-305-01180-9Patrick Duffie · D. Jokinen, W. Kroll, R. Lammers-Campbell, R. Morgan C. HeenemanGeneral Biology Laboratory Manual - 9th Ed.
2014978-1-305-01183-0John TrimburThe Call to Write - University of Tennessee Chattanooga Edition
2012978-1-305-01186-1Roberts Brooks Don M. ChanceIntroduction to Derivatives and Risk Management by Brooks 9E (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)
2014978-1-305-01187-8Brase, and Johnson BraseApplied Mathematical Reasoning
2012978-1-305-01188-5John E. McMurryOrganic Chemistry
2013978-1-305-01201-1Pollack · Chamberlin · BakopoulosCREATIVE COMPOSITION >2014 PRELIM.ED<
2014978-1-305-01202-8Steven M. FreundMicrosoft Access Excel 2013
  ''978-1-305-01205-9John MaukCustom UK CIS 112 Text Edition: 4th
  ''978-1-305-01226-4Hershberger · Navey-Davis · BorrasSPI 101 Northern Kentucky University
2012978-1-305-01262-2Henry Jankiewicz Tibor PalfaiDrugs & Human Behavior
2014978-1-305-01266-0Reefe and Duchac WarrenIntroduction to Financial Accounting (Acc1100)
  ''978-1-305-01268-4Understanding Management Understanding Management (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)9e By Richard L. Daft,dorothy Marcic By Richard L. Daft,dorothy Marcic 9th Edition
2013978-1-305-01277-6larsen-freeman · Frodesen · EyringEssex County College Esl 100 2e
2014978-1-305-01285-1Ron Larson · Bruce EdwardsCengage Learning Mat 140/190 Calculus I & II
2014978-1-305-01291-2ACP PATHWAYS 2B
2012978-1-305-01296-7Austin J. Freely · David L. Steinberg · Rudolph F Verderber · Deanna D. Sellnow · Kathleen S. VederberPersuasive Speaking University of Kentucky
2014978-1-305-01305-6Richard BurdenNumerical Methods, 4th Edition (Not Textbook, Access Code Only)
2011978-1-305-01314-8William J. Baumol and Alan S. BlnderMacroeconomics Principles and Policy
2014978-1-305-01315-5Herbert MayoInvestments (edition for Los Angeles City College)
  ''978-1-305-01317-9Weiten Dunn HammerPsychology Applied to Modern Life Custom for Saint Leo University
  ''978-1-305-01326-1College Physics 10th Edition (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Raymond A. Serway and Chris Vuille (2014)
  ''978-1-305-01327-8Anderson/Sweeney/Williams/cammStatistics for Business and Economics Volume 1
2011978-1-305-01331-5John McMurryIntroduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
2014978-1-305-01340-7Microsoft Office 2013:Introductory
  ''978-1-305-01349-0Precalculus - custom edition for University of Florida - 9th edition - Ron Larson - w/webassign access code
2011978-1-305-01352-0Kara Gregory, Anne Soderman, Alice Whiren Marjorie KostelnikGuiding Children's Social Development and Learning: 7th (Seventh) Edition
2014978-1-305-01354-4Adamski · Finnegan · Carey · Parsons · Oja · AgeloffNew Perspectives on Microsoft Access, Excel 2013: Select Tutorials
2014978-1-305-01400-8Denise/White/PeterfreundEthics PHI 2600 Florida Southwestern State College
978-1-305-01405-3Bua 305-Cost Accounting
2015978-1-305-01406-0Introduction to logicIntroduction to Logic: Santiago Canyon College Edition
2014978-1-305-01419-0Stark, Miller FabricantCreating Career Success - Joliet Junior College Edition
  ''978-1-305-01420-6Management Information Systems 7th Edition By Kenneth J. Sousa and Effy Oz (2014)
2013978-1-305-01428-2Statistics for Business & Economics (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams and Jeffrey D. Camm 12th Edition
2014978-1-305-01429-9Archie B. Carroll & Ann K. BuchholtzBusiness & Society: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management
  ''978-1-305-01453-4ZUMDAHLIntroductory Chemistry >IC<
978-1-305-01466-4Spreadsheet Modeling & Decision Analysis
2013978-1-305-01489-3Principles of Information Systems (Not Textbook, Access Code Only) By Ralph Stair and George Reynolds 11th Edition
2014978-1-305-01496-1Anderson / Aufmann / Kaiser / LockwoodCPE 0500/0600 Pre - Algebra & Algebra 1 with Web Assign
  ''978-1-305-01502-9Richard A. Mann/ Barry S. RobertsBusiness Law 1 Bus 115