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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-4130-3043-3Kimberly Jansma · Margaret Ann KassenWorkbook/Lab Manual for Motifs: An Introduction to French, 4th
2007978-1-4130-3051-8Ann DillonGet Connected: Study Skills
  ''978-1-4130-3054-9Thomas R. Arp · Greg JohnsonPerrine's Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry (Perrine's Sound & Sense: An Introduction to Poetry)
  ''978-1-4130-3055-6Edward FineganLanguage: Its Structure and Use
  ''978-1-4130-3056-3Jean WyrickSteps to Writing Well with Additional Readings
  ''978-1-4130-3060-0Cheryl Glenn · Loretta GrayThe Writer's Harbrace Handbook, Brief Edition (Available Titles CengageNOW)
2007978-1-4130-3061-7Laurie G. Kirszner · Stephen R. MandellThe Concise Wadsworth Handbook (Cengage Advantage Books)
  ''978-1-4130-3062-4Laurie G. Kirszner · Stephen R. MandellThe Wadsworth Handbook (Available Titles CengageNOW)
  ''978-1-4130-3063-1Edward P. Bailey · Philip A. PowellThe Practical Writer
2009978-1-4130-3067-9Lee Bauknight · Brooke RollinsPresent Tense: Contemporary Themes for Writers
2007978-1-4130-3068-6Sandra Scarry · John ScarryThe Writer's Workplace with Readings: Building College Writing Skills (Available Titles CengageNOW)
2008978-1-4130-3070-9Sandra · John Scarry ScarryThe Writer's Workplace with Readings (ANNOTATED INSTRUCTOR'S EDITION) Building College Writing Skills Sixth Edition
2007978-1-4130-3075-4John N. Gardner · A. Jerome Jewler · Betsy O. BarefootYour College Experience, Concise Edition: Strategies for Success
  ''978-1-4130-3076-1John N. Gardner · A. Jerome Jewler · Betsy O. BarefootStep by Step to College and Career Success (Thomson Advantage Books)
  ''978-1-4130-3082-2Sarah E. Skwire · David SkwireWriting with a Thesis: A Rhetoric and Reader
2007978-1-4130-3085-3Paul R. Frommer · Edward FineganLooking at Languages: A Workbook in Elementary Linguistics
  ''978-1-4130-3089-1Edward FineganLanguage: Its Structure and Use
2006978-1-4130-3116-4Carla Larese Riga · Chiara Maria Dal MartelloQuia? Printed Access Card for Ciao!, 6th
  ''978-1-4130-3158-4Jill Pellettieri · Norma López-Burton · Robert Hershberger · Rafael Gómez · Susan Navey-DavisQuia Printed Access Card for Rumbos
  ''978-1-4130-3160-7Francisco Rodriguez Nogales · Fabián A. Samaniego · Thomas J. Blommers · Magaly Lagunas-Solar · Viviane Ritzi-MaroufDimelo tu! A Complete Course
  ''978-1-4130-3163-8Ana Martinez-Lage · John R. Gutierrez · Harry L. RosserActivities Manual for Tu dirás!, 4th
2006978-1-4130-3164-5Ana Martinez-Lage · John Gutierrez-Candelaria · Harry L. RosserActivities Manual Answer Key with Lab Audioscript for Tu dirás!, 4th
2007978-1-4130-3183-6sandstedt-lynn-aConversacion y Repaso Instructor's Edition
  ''978-1-4130-3186-7Lynn A. Sandstedt · Ralph Kite · John G. CopelandWorkbook/Lab Manual for Conversacion y repaso: Intermediate Spanish, 9th
  ''978-1-4130-3192-8John W. Santrock · Jane S. HalonenYour Guide to College Success: Strategies for Achieving Your Goals (Available Titles CengageNOW)
  ''978-1-4130-3217-8Eugenio Chang-RodriguezLatinoamerica: su civilizacion y su cultura (World Languages) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4130-3219-2Zulma Iguina · Eleanor DozierManual de gramática: Grammar Reference for Students of Spanish (World Languages)
2007978-1-4130-3221-5Edward P. Bailey · Philip A. PowellThe Practical Writer with Readings
2008978-1-4130-3227-7Jean WyrickSteps to Writing Well - Instructor's Edition
2007978-1-4130-3230-7   ''Steps to Writing Well
  ''978-1-4130-3287-1Virginia N. Gordon · Thomas L. MinnickFoundations: A Reader for New College Students
2008978-1-4130-3302-1Judith Muyskens · Linda Harlow · Michèle Vialet · Jean-François BrièreBravo!
  ''978-1-4130-3307-6Joan H. Manley · Stuart Smith · John T. McMinn · Marc A. PrevostHorizons (with Audio CD) (Available Titles CengageNOW)
978-1-4130-3308-3Thomas R. Arp · Greg JohnsonPerrine's Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense, 10th Edition
2008978-1-4130-3309-0   ''Perrine's Story and Structure
  ''978-1-4130-3310-6David Rosenwasser · Jill StephenWriting Analytically
  ''978-1-4130-3311-3John Mauk · John MetzInventing Arguments
2011978-1-4130-3315-1Ivan Dole · Leslie TaggartActivate: College Reading
2009978-1-4130-3316-8Ivan Dole · Leslie TaggartConnect: College Reading
2019978-1-4130-3319-9Beiderwell · WheelerThe Brief Writer's Experience
2019978-1-4130-3320-5Beiderwell · WheelerThe Writer's Experience
2009978-1-4130-3321-2Judith L. Shrum · GlisanTeacher's Handbook: Contextualized Language Instruction
2008978-1-4130-3336-6Dianna L. Van BlerkomCollege Study Skills: Becoming a Strategic Learner
2009978-1-4130-3337-3Brenda Wegmann · Sandra Schreffler · Mary Ellen KiddlePerspectivas (with Audio CD) (World Languages)
2008978-1-4130-3340-3Ann B. DobieTheory into Practice: An Introduction to Literary Criticism
  ''978-1-4130-3344-1John Mauk · John MetzInventing Arguments, Brief
  ''978-1-4130-3345-8William S. Robinson · Stephanie TuckerTexts and Contexts: A Contemporary Approach to College Writing, 7th Edition
  ''978-1-4130-3346-5Joy Wingersky · Janice K. Boerner · Diana Holguin-BaloghWriting Paragraphs and Essays: Integrating Reading, Writing, and Grammar Skills (Available Titles CengageNOW)
  ''978-1-4130-3347-2Mary C. FjeldstadThe Thoughtful Reader
2008978-1-4130-3349-6Richard Alan KorbJannach's German for Reading Knowledge (World Languages)
2009978-1-4130-3350-2Mark ConnellyGet Writing: Sentences and Paragraphs (Available Titles CengageNOW)
2007978-1-4130-3368-7John A. Beck · Marmy A. ClasonLight on the Path: A Christian Perspective on College Success
2008978-1-4130-3372-4Robert DiYanni · II Pat C. HoyFrames of Mind: A Rhetorical Reader with Occasions for Writing
  ''978-1-4130-3378-6Emily Spinelli · Carmen Garcia · Carol E. Galvin FloodInteracciones (with Audio CD) (World Languages)
  ''978-1-4130-3381-6Paige Wilson · Teresa Ferster GlazierThe Least You Should Know about English: Writing Skills, Form A
  ''978-1-4130-3390-8M.H. Abrams · Geoffrey HarphamA Glossary of Literary Terms
  ''978-1-4130-3393-9M. H. AbramsA Glossary of Literary Terms
2008978-1-4130-3397-7Katherine Anne AckleyPerspectives on Contemporary Issues: Reading Across the Disciplines
  ''978-1-4130-3399-1Britt AndreattaNavigating the Research University: A Guide for First-Year Students
  ''978-1-4130-4119-4Mark ConnellyEnglish 101 Scottsdale Community College
  ''978-1-4130-4328-0Dieter Sevin · Ingrid SevinBundle: Wie geht's?: An Introductory German Course (with Student Text Audio CD), 8th + Printed Access Card (Quia)
2007978-1-4130-4349-5Julie RobitailleWriter's Resources: From Paragraph to Essay - With CD
2006978-1-4130-4779-0Andreas Lixl-PurcellStimmen eines Jahrhunderts 1888 - 1990 (German Edition)
  ''978-1-4130-4801-8Susan St. OngeInteraction: Revisions De Grammaire Francaise Kit (French Edition)
2006978-1-4130-4817-9frank-dauster-leon-f-lydayEn un Acto Kip Edition
  ''978-1-4130-4896-4Rodriguez · Samaniego · Bloomers · Lagunas-Solar · Ritzi-MaroufDimelo Tu! Spanish 2: Custom Edition For LA Pierce College (Paperback)
  ''978-1-4130-4985-5Janet Schunk Susan · WaisbrotExplorations: La Litterature Du Monde Francais
2005978-1-4130-5009-7Judith A. Muyskens · Linda L. Harlow · Michele Vialet · Jean-Francois BriereBravo! (French Edition)
  ''978-1-4130-5566-5Miller & Webb GlennThe Writer's Harbrace Handbook (Texas Tech University Edition)
  ''978-1-4130-6334-9Nancy Levy-Konesky · Karen DaggettAsi (Spanish Edition)
2005978-1-4130-6419-3Jill Pellettieri · Susan Navey-Davis · Norma Lopez-burton · Rafael Gomez · Robert HershbergerRumbos (Spanish Edition)
2006978-1-4130-7381-2Sandra N. ElbaumGrammar in Context 3
2005978-1-4130-7758-2Null LimNoteworthy No ANS Key + Tapescript
  ''978-1-4130-7984-5Alexander ColemanCinco Maestros: Cuentos Modernos De Hispanoamerica, Custom (Spanish Edition)
2004978-1-4130-8036-0WYRICKCME, Steps to Writing Well
2005978-1-4130-8589-1Hannelore Jarausch · Clare TuftsBundle: Sur le vif, 4th + Workbook/Lab Manual
2007978-1-4130-8597-6ma Victoria Garcia-Serrano · Annette Grant Cash · Cristina De LA TorreA Que Si! (Spanish Edition)
2004978-1-4130-8669-0Gilbert A. Jarvis · Therèse M. Bonin · Diane W. Birckbichler · Anne LairBundle: Invitation au monde francophone (with Audio CD), 2nd + Workbook/Lab Manual
978-1-4130-8878-6MILLER · WEBB · GLENNCme,Writers HB Handbook Infot
2003978-1-4130-9209-7Jeannette D. Bragger · Donald B. RiceBundle: Allons-y! Text/Audio CD Pkg + Quia Passcard
2004978-1-4130-9616-3En Contacto: Cuaderno de Ejercicios y Manual de Laboratorio, Volumen 1 = In Contact, Volume 1 (Spanish Edition)
2003978-1-4130-9631-6Stephen WattAmerican Drama: Colonial to Contemporary
  ''978-1-4130-9663-7Michael Hogan · David ReinheimerFrom Sources to Purpose a Guide to Researched Writing
  ''978-1-4130-9664-4Joseph F. Trimmer · Wade C. Jennings · Annette PattersonE-fictions
2004978-1-4130-9877-8Jorge H. CubillosTemas: Spanish for the Global Community (University of Delaware Student Book)
  ''978-1-4130-9921-8Catherine A. MaleyDans Le Vent: Custom (French Edition)
2006978-1-4130-9932-4Donald M. MurrayThe Craft of Revision (American Public University System)
2005978-1-4130-9993-5laurie-g-kirszner-shephen-r-mandellThe Concise Wadsworth Handbook >CUSTOM<