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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-4080-0742-6ADJEY & HUNTERFood and Beverage Service S/NVQ Levels 1 & 2
2010978-1-4080-0743-3Paul Griseri · Nina SeppalaBusiness Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  ''978-1-4080-0745-7David Stokes · Nicholas Wilson · Martha MadorEntrepreneurship
2008978-1-4080-0762-4Jon Naunton · John HughesSpotlight on FCE: Student Book + My FCE Online pack
  ''978-1-4080-0768-6Patricia WardDatabase Management Systems
1980978-1-4080-0779-2Christina QuinlanBusiness Research Methods
2010978-1-4080-0791-4David BiggsManagement Consulting
2009978-1-4080-0793-8Kevin Grant · Ray Hackney · David EdgarStrategic Information Systems Management
1980978-1-4080-0884-3Ralph Stair · George Reynolds · Thomas ChesneyFundamentals of Business Information Systems
2009978-1-4080-0916-1Stephen Page · Joanne ConnellTourism: A Modern Synthesis 3rd Edition
2011978-1-4080-0923-9Ilkka Ronkainen · Gilbert Zvobgo · Michael CzinkotaInternational Marketing
2009978-1-4080-0925-3Gary Hunter · Clare Mannall · Terry TintonHospitality Supervision S/NVQ Level 3
2008978-1-4080-0928-4Gerald KellerManagerial Statistics (with CengageNOW Access Card) 8E
  ''978-1-4080-0930-7Richard DaftNew Era of Management (with CengageNOW Access Card) (International Student Edition)
  ''978-1-4080-0933-8R. Duane IrelandThe Management of Strategy: Concepts and Cases (with CengageNOW Access Card) 8E
2008978-1-4080-0962-8Eldra SolomonBiology (with CengageNOW) 8E
  ''978-1-4080-0968-0John KotzChemistry and Chemical Reactivity (with CengageNOW) 7E
2009978-1-4080-1147-8Jim BlythePrinciples & Practice of Marketing
1980978-1-4080-1150-8Sally Dibb · Lyndon SimkinMarketing Essentials
2009978-1-4080-1154-6Leo PalladinoHAIRDRESSING: THE FOUNDATIONS
  ''978-1-4080-1155-3Martin GreenProfessional Hairdressing: Level 3: The Official Guide to S/NVQ
  ''978-1-4080-1160-7Martin GreenBegin Hairdressing
1980978-1-4080-1162-1Patrick Hamilton · Robert Sharman · John RookeLight Vehicle Maintenance and Repair: Level 2: Spiral Bound Version
  ''978-1-4080-1744-9MONCZKAPurchasing and Supply Chain Management
1980978-1-4080-1749-4Krishna G. Palepu · Victor L. Bernard · Paul Healy · Erik PeekBusiness Analysis and Valuation (IFRS Edition): Text and Cases
2009978-1-4080-1761-6Elaine White · Jane GoldsbroThe Official Guide to the Diploma in Hair and Beauty Studies at Higher level
1980978-1-4080-1771-5Colin DruryManagement Accounting for Business
2009978-1-4080-1772-2Peter Walton · Walter AertsGlobal Financial Accounting and Reporting
2011978-1-4080-1791-3N. Gregory Mankiw · John B. TaylorMicroeconomics
2009978-1-4080-1792-0ALEXANDER ET ALInternational Financial Reporting and Analysis
2010978-1-4080-1797-5Katherine Duncan-JonesShakespeare's Sonnets (Arden Shakespeare)
2009978-1-4080-1798-2Jane GoldsbroThe Official Guide to the Diploma in Hair and Beauty at Foundation level
1980978-1-4080-1799-9David Stokes · Nicholas WilsonSmall Business Management and Entrepreneurship
2010978-1-4080-1807-1THOMPSON & MARTINStrategic Management
1980978-1-4080-1810-1David R. Anderson · Dennis J. Sweeney · Thomas A. Williams · Jim Freeman · Eddie ShoesmithStatistics for Business and Economics
2010978-1-4080-1812-5John Martin · Martin FellenzOrganizational Behaviour and Management
2011978-1-4080-1837-8Catherine GowthorpeBusiness Accounting and Finance
2009978-1-4080-1870-5Lauralee SherwoodHuman Physiology
978-1-4080-1884-2Organization Studies & Management of Change
1980978-1-4080-1886-6Stephen Woods · Michael WestThe Psychology of Work & Organizations
  ''978-1-4080-1896-5Arjan Van WeelePurchasing and Supply Chain Management: Analysis, Strategy, Planning and Practice
2010978-1-4080-1899-6DE WIT & MEYERStrategy Synthesis
  ''978-1-4080-1902-3Bob De Wit · Ron MeyerStrategy
2011978-1-4080-1918-4Michael Hitt · R. Duane Ireland · Robert Hoskisson · Patrick Reinmoeller · Henk Volberda · Robert MorganStrategic Management: Competitiveness & Globalization: Concepts & Cases
  ''978-1-4080-1922-1Michael Hitt · R. Duane Ireland · Robert Hoskisson · Henk Volberda · Robert Morgan · Patrick ReinmoellerStrategic Management: Competitive & Globalisation: Concepts Only
1980978-1-4080-1928-3Lorraine NordmannProfessional Beauty Therapy: The Official Guide to Beauty Therapy at Level 3
  ''978-1-4080-1935-1LORRAINE NORDMANNBeauty Basics
2010978-1-4080-1936-8Lorraine NordmannBeauty Therapy: The Foundations, The Official Guide to Level 2: The Official Guide To Beauty Therapy Level 2 (Habia Series)
2010978-1-4080-1951-1GROBLER & WARNICHHuman Resource Management in South Africa
2011978-1-4080-1956-6Mike W. Peng · Klaus MeyerInternational Business
2010978-1-4080-2075-3SHONE/PARRYSuccessful Event Management
  ''978-1-4080-2113-2LEBAS, DING STOLOWYFinancial Accounting and Reporting
  ''978-1-4080-2116-3PALEPU/HEALY/PEEKBusiness Analysis and Valuation (Text Only)
  ''978-1-4080-2126-2Mark P. Taylor · N. Gregory MankiwEconomics
  ''978-1-4080-2128-6N. Gregory Mankiw · Mark TaylorEconomics: Special Edition with Global Economic Watch
1980978-1-4080-3018-9David Knights · Hugh WillmottIntroducing Organizational Behaviour and Management
2011978-1-4080-3047-9Robin Jarvis · Aidan BerryAccounting in a Business Context
1980978-1-4080-3049-3Iain Gray · Stuart MansonThe Audit Process: Principles, Practice and Cases
2008978-1-4080-3081-3Keeley Crockett · Peter Rob · Carlos CoronelDatabase Systems
2012978-1-4080-3209-1Marion Festing · Allen D. Engle Sr. · Peter J. DowlingHuman Resource Management
1980978-1-4080-3213-8Colin DruryCost And Management Accounting: An Introduction
2010978-1-4080-3223-7BOB DE WIT AND RON MEYERStrategy Synthesis: Concise Version
1980978-1-4080-3228-2David Alexander · Anne Britton · Ann JorissenInternational Financial Reporting and Analysis
1980978-1-4080-3229-9Jeff Madura · Roland FoxInternational Financial Management
2011978-1-4080-3244-2Marian NewmanThe Complete Nail Technician (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority)
2010978-1-4080-3616-7Anderson Et AlCustom Introduction to Statistics
978-1-4080-3619-8Discovering Computers: Introductory: Living in a Digital World
2011978-1-4080-3908-3Neil RippingtonProfessional Chef Level 1 Diploma
  ''978-1-4080-3909-0Gary HunterProfessional Chef Level 2 Diploma
2010978-1-4080-3927-4ShaoCustom Math Man Finance Me ed
2011978-1-4080-3979-3Martin GreenBegin Hairdressing L1: the Official Guide to Level 1
  ''978-1-4080-3980-9Leo Palladino · Martin GreenHairdressing: The Foundations: The Official Guide to Level 2, Revised 6th Edition
1980978-1-4080-3981-6Martin Green · Leo PalladinoProfessional Hairdressing
2011978-1-4080-3988-5Malcom Doughton · John HooperEIS: Legislation Health and Safety & Environmental
  ''978-1-4080-3989-2Malcom Doughton · John HooperEIS: Organising and Managing the Work Environment
2012978-1-4080-3990-8   ''EIS: Installing Wiring Systems (Electrical Installation)
2011978-1-4080-3992-2Jane Goldsbro · Elaine WhiteThe Official Guide to Foundation Learning in Hair & Beauty
  ''978-1-4080-3997-7Malcom Doughton · John HooperEIS: Principles of Design, Installation and Maintenance
2010978-1-4080-4181-9Len HandIntroduction to Accounting for Non-Specialists
2011978-1-4080-4392-9N. Gregory Mankiw · Mark P. TaylorMacroeconomics Split
2012978-1-4080-4405-6Dorothy Graham · Erik van Veenendaal · Rex BlackFoundations of Software Testing ISTQB Certification
2012978-1-4080-4407-0Isobel Doole · Robin LoweInternational Marketing Strategy
  ''978-1-4080-4408-7Alan Millichamp;John TaylorAuditing
  ''978-1-4080-4856-6Colin DruryManagement and Cost Accounting: Student Manual (Students Manual)
2013978-1-4080-4863-4Peter Rob · Carlos Coronel · Keeley CrockettDatabase Systems: Fundamentals of Design, Implementations and Management
1980978-1-4080-5642-4Erik Peek · Krishna G. Palepu · Paul HealyBusiness Analysis & Valuation: Text and Cases
2013978-1-4080-6028-5Colin DruryManagement Accounting for Business
2011978-1-4080-6040-7Lorraine Nordmann · Marian NewmanThe Pocket Guide to Key Terms for Beauty Therapy Level 1, 2 and 3
  ''978-1-4080-6062-9Organic General Chemistry Bundle
2013978-1-4080-6152-7Cengage CengagePractice Tests for Cambridge PET for Schools
  ''978-1-4080-6164-0David McKeeganCLOSE-UP B1+ ENGISH IN USE SB
2013978-1-4080-6202-9UNKNOWNClose-Up C1: Teacher's Resource Pack
2015978-1-4080-6221-0Andy HillHide and Seek 1: Teacher's Guide
1980978-1-4080-6286-9Walter Aerts · Peter WaltonGlobal Financial Accounting and Reporting: Principles and Analysis: Principles and Analysis
2016978-1-4080-6385-9Richard L. Daft · Alan BensonManagement: International Edition
2014978-1-4080-6395-8Vinh Sum Chau · Barry J. WitcherStrategic Management: Principles & Practice
2013978-1-4080-6421-4Terry Tinton · Gary HunterAdvanced Professional Chef Level 3 Diploma
2012978-1-4080-6422-1Patrick Hamilton · Julian Brown · John RookeVehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 1
1980978-1-4080-6431-3Colin DruryManagement and Cost Accounting (with CourseMate & EBook Access Card)
  ''978-1-4080-6432-0O. C. Ferrell · Sally Dibb · Lyndon Simkin · William M. PrideMarketing Concepts & Strategies (with CourseMate & EBook Access Card)
2014978-1-4080-6482-5John DuignanQuantitative Methods For Business Research
  ''978-1-4080-6489-4John DuignanQuantitative Methods for Business Research: Using Microsoft® Excel® (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card)
2013978-1-4080-6498-6Jon Curwin · Roger Slater · David EadsonQuantitative Methods For Business Decisions (with Coursemate and ebook)
1980978-1-4080-6499-3Frank Martin · Jonathan Scott · John L. ThompsonStrategic Management: Awareness & Change (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card): Awareness & Change (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card)
2013978-1-4080-6663-8Anton Shone · Bryn ParrySuccessful Event Management: A Practical Handbook
1980978-1-4080-7113-7Lorraine NordmannBeauty Therapy: The Foundations: The Official Guide to Level 2 VRQ (Vrq Level 2): The Official Guide to Level 2 VRQ
2014978-1-4080-7223-3Jim Freeman · Eddie Shoesmith · Dennis Sweeney · David Anderson · Thomas WilliamsStatistics for Business and Economics
  ''978-1-4080-7245-5Steve Woods · Michael WestThe Psychology of Work and Organizations: (with 12-month access to CourseMate and CengageBrain eBook Access)
2012978-1-4080-7268-4Andrew SpencerMaths & English for Beauty Therapy: Functional Skills
1980978-1-4080-7295-0COREYCorey Theory Integrative and DVD
  ''978-1-4080-7482-4Alexandra HoughPhysiotherapy in Respiratory and Cardiac Care: An Evidence-Based Approach
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1980978-1-4080-7599-9Anton Shone · Bryn ParrySuccessful Event Management, A Practical Handbook (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card)
1980978-1-4080-7600-2Colin DruryManagement Accounting for Business (CourseMate & eBook Access Card)
2014978-1-4080-7602-6Linda WilsonPractical Teaching: A Guide to Teaching in the Education and Training Sector
2015978-1-4080-8170-9Stuart Manson · Iain Gray · Louise CrawfordThe Audit Process: Principles, Practice and Cases
2014978-1-4080-8177-8Brian White · Steve RaynerDissertation Skills: For Business and Management Students
2013978-1-4080-8226-3Hughes Stephenson DuCustom Life Upp Int Workbook
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2014978-1-4080-8268-3Bob De WitStrategy Synthesis: Managing Strategy Paradoxes to Create Competitive Advantage
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1980978-1-4080-9257-6Cengage Learning EMEAEng for Work Construction Sb CD
2013978-1-4080-9375-7Jeffrey WooldridgeIntroduction to Econometrics: EMEA Edition
1980978-1-4080-9379-5Mark Taylor · N. MankiwEconomics: (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card): (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card)
2015978-1-4080-9393-1Colin DruryManagement and Cost Accounting (with CourseMate and eBook Access)
  ''978-1-4080-9521-8David NeedleBusiness in Context
  ''978-1-4080-9555-3Angela Healan · Katrina GormleyClose-up B1: Student's Book with Online Student Zone and eBook DVD
2014978-1-4080-9563-8Angela Healan · Karen Ludlow · Katrina GormleyClose-up B1+ with Online Student Zone
  ''978-1-4080-9572-0Angela Healan · Katrina Gormley · Diana Shotton · Karen LudlowClose-up B2 with Online Student Zone
2014978-1-4080-9590-4Katrina GormleyClose-up B2: Workbook with Online Workbook