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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-4018-9781-9Michael BrunetUnique Considerations of the Female Athlete
978-1-4018-9782-6Iml Spec Needs Female Athlete
2002978-1-4018-9783-3Mary MayeskyHow to Foster Creativity In All Children (Ece Activities Serials)
2006978-1-4018-9784-0Lena L. DeterAdvanced Medication Administration Skills
978-1-4018-9785-7DETERIml-Adv Medication Admin Skill
2007978-1-4018-9786-4   ''Wbk-Adv Medication Admin Skill
  ''978-1-4018-9787-1   ''CTB-Adv Medication Admin Skill
2004978-1-4018-9789-5NJATC NJATCFundamentals of Instrumentation
2006978-1-4018-9790-1Philllip L. QueenVisual Dictionary of Firefighting Tools
  ''978-1-4018-9791-8QUEENE.Rsrce-Visual Dict/Firefighti
2005978-1-4018-9797-0Stephen L. HermanElectrical Studies for Trades
2000978-1-4018-9798-7PrimediaPULSE PLUS: Safe Kids
2005978-1-4018-9799-4HERMANIml-Electr Studies F/Trades 3e
2006978-1-4018-9800-7Ray V HerrenThe Science of Agriculture: A Biological Approach
978-1-4018-9801-4Iml-Science of Agriculture 3e
2007978-1-4018-9802-1HERRENScience of Agriculture LAB MANUAL 3e
978-1-4018-9803-8Iml-Lab Mnl-Sci of Agriculture
2006978-1-4018-9805-2HERRENClassmaser-Sci of Agriculture
  ''978-1-4018-9806-9Ray V HerrenInteractivity CD-ROM for Herren's The Science of Agriculture: A Biological Approach, 3rd
  ''978-1-4018-9807-6   ''Lab Manual CD-ROM for Herren's The Science of Agriculture: A Biological Approach, 3rd
2009978-1-4018-9809-0Sean BennettModern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines
2009978-1-4018-9810-6SpearsMdt Diesel Engine
2005978-1-4018-9811-3HUANGE.Resource-9s12 an Introductio
  ''978-1-4018-9812-0Han-Way HuangThe HCS12/9S12: An Introduction to Hardware and Software Interfacing
2007978-1-4018-9813-7Cengage Learning DelmarPreoperative Surgical Procedures Interactive CD-ROM Network Version
  ''978-1-4018-9814-4Cengage Learning Delmar · Carolyn ScheesePreoperative Surgical Procedures Interactive CD-ROM Individual Version
1998978-1-4018-9815-1PrimediaPULSE: In Your Eyes
2006978-1-4018-9816-8Carol GestwickiDevelopmentally Appropriate Practice: Curriculum and Development in Early Education
978-1-4018-9817-5Iml-Dvlpmntally Appr Practice
2006978-1-4018-9818-2Carol GestwickiDevelopmentally Appropriate Practice
  ''978-1-4018-9819-9GESTWICKIOnline Comp-Dvlp Appr Practice
2005978-1-4018-9820-5Donald J. Sterling Jr.Premises Cabling
2006978-1-4018-9822-9BAXTER · STERLINGIml-Premises Cabling 3e
1999978-1-4018-9829-8PrimediaPULSE: DNR Orders, Part 1
2004978-1-4018-9832-8Cengage Learning DelmarRescue Library Package
  ''978-1-4018-9833-5   ''Core Library Package
2001978-1-4018-9839-7LINDHCME COMP MED ASSTNG 2E
2006978-1-4018-9841-0Jeff KeljikElectric Motors & Motor Controls
978-1-4018-9842-7Iml-Electrc Mtr/Mtr Cntrls 2e
2004978-1-4018-9843-4Delmar LearningNetg Online Course
1999978-1-4018-9844-1PrimediaEMED: Allergic Reactions - Assisting with Medications
2004978-1-4018-9845-8Delmar LearningThomson Sci/Hlth Online Course
2004978-1-4018-9846-5Delmar LearningThomson Sci/Hlth Online Course
2004978-1-4018-9848-9Delmar LearningThomson Sci/Hlth Online Course
  ''978-1-4018-9849-6   ''Thomson Sci/Hlth Online Course
  ''978-1-4018-9850-2   ''Thomson Sci/Hlth Online Course
  ''978-1-4018-9851-9   ''Tsh Online Free Courses
1999978-1-4018-9854-0PrimediaPULSE: Trauma to the Genitalia, Part 2 (Pulse, Part 2)
978-1-4018-9855-7Nclex Rn Student Assess Review
2015978-1-4018-9856-4GauwitzInstructor Mgt Nclex Rn Assess
2006978-1-4018-9858-8Jackie Nasso · Lisa CeliaDementia Care: InService Training Modules for Long-Term Care
2005978-1-4018-9860-1NJATCInstructor CD-Ac Theory
  ''978-1-4018-9861-8NJATCInstructor CD-DC Theory
2005978-1-4018-9862-5NJATCInstructor CD-Semiconductors
  ''978-1-4018-9863-2   ''Iml CD-Blueprt Rdg/Electrician
2005978-1-4018-9865-6NJATCE.Resource-All About Motors
  ''978-1-4018-9867-0   ''E.Rsrce-Significant Chgs Nec05
  ''978-1-4018-9868-7   ''E.Resource-Applied Codeology
2004978-1-4018-9870-0Delmar LearningResid Academy Carpentry Online
2005978-1-4018-9871-7   ''Resid Academy HVAC Online Asse
  ''978-1-4018-9872-4   ''Resid Acad House Wiring Online
2005978-1-4018-9873-1Delmar LearningResid Acad Elect Princ Online
  ''978-1-4018-9874-8   ''Resid Academy Plumbing Online
2004978-1-4018-9875-5   ''Princ/Construct Online Assessm
2005978-1-4018-9880-9ChiltonTiming Belts: 1985-2005 (Chilton Quick Reference Series)
2006978-1-4018-9884-7Jean M. DennerllMedical Terminology Made Easy
  ''978-1-4018-9885-4DENNERLLElect Cmgr-Med Term Made Easy
2003978-1-4018-9886-1Delmar · Antai-OtongPsychiatric Nursing: Biological And Behavioral Concepts Book And Quick Reference For Psychopharmocology
2006978-1-4018-9889-2Jean M. DennerllWebTutorTM on Blackboard Printed Access Card for Dennerll's Medical Terminology Made Easy, 4th
2005978-1-4018-9892-2BUTZLab Mnl CD-Sci of Earth System
  ''978-1-4018-9893-9BUTZClssrm Interactivity-Earth Sys
  ''978-1-4018-9894-6   ''Online Comp-Sci Earth Systems
2007978-1-4018-9895-3Jimm HarrisonAromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils for Esthetics
2005978-1-4018-9896-0Ronald A Garner · C. William GarnerManaging Automotive Businesses: Strategic Planning, Personnel and Finances
2005978-1-4018-9897-7GARNERIml-Managing Auto Businesses
2009978-1-4018-9898-4Annette ButlerOutcomes in Coding Practice: A Roadmap from Provider to Payer (Health Information Management Product)
978-1-4018-9899-1Iml-Outcomes in Coding Practic
2005978-1-4018-9900-4JOHNSON · WHITMANIml-Lti Custom HVAC Curriculum
2004978-1-4018-9901-1JOHNSON · WHITMANE.Srce-Lti Custom HVAC Curricu
  ''978-1-4018-9902-8   ''Lti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv102
2005978-1-4018-9903-5WHITMAN JOHNSONLti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv103
  ''978-1-4018-9904-2JOHNSON · WHITMANLti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv104
2005978-1-4018-9905-9JOHNSON · WHITMANLti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv105
  ''978-1-4018-9907-3   ''Lti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv106
  ''978-1-4018-9908-0   ''Lti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv107
  ''978-1-4018-9909-7   ''Lti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv108
  ''978-1-4018-9910-3NJATCIml CD-Fund of Instrumentation
2005978-1-4018-9911-0JOHNSON · WHITMANLti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv109
2004978-1-4018-9912-7   ''Lti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv110
2004978-1-4018-9913-4JOHNSON · WHITMANLti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv111
  ''978-1-4018-9914-1   ''Lti Custom HVAC Lab Mnl Hv112
  ''978-1-4018-9916-5Eugene SilbersteinRefrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology DVD Series
  ''978-1-4018-9917-2SMITHLincoln Tech Custom HVAC Curri
2005978-1-4018-9918-9Wayne Van SoelenThe Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen
2006978-1-4018-9919-6Kenneth W.Van SoelenE.Rsrce-Gdbk/Linemen and Cableme
  ''978-1-4018-9920-2BROWNEngineering Rope Rescue System
2006978-1-4018-9921-9BROWNIG CD-Engineer Rope Rescue Sys
2005978-1-4018-9922-6Douglas ClineExam Preparation for Fire Officer I & II
  ''978-1-4018-9923-3Christopher David Hawley · Andrea A. Walter · Marty RutledgeExam Preparation for Firefighter I & II
1980978-1-4018-9924-0Michael FinneyTest Preparation for Fire Instructor I and II
1999978-1-4018-9927-1Roberta C. WeissPhysical Theraphy Aide: A Worktext
2005978-1-4018-9931-8Stephen J. WilliamsEssentials of Health Services (Delmar Series in Health Services Administration)
  ''978-1-4018-9932-5WILLIAMSOnline Comp-Essen Hlth Service
2004978-1-4018-9934-9ADAMSIml CD-Entry Lvl Truck Drvr RE
  ''978-1-4018-9935-6Alice AdamsStudy Guide on CD-ROM for Adams' Entry Level Truck Driver Regulation Training
  ''978-1-4018-9936-3Alice AdamsEntry-Level Truck Driver Regulation Training
2004978-1-4018-9937-0Delmar LearningAtcchallenge 100 Code/Cardone
  ''978-1-4018-9938-7ENGEBRETSON · LITTLETONSample Copy-Maternity Nursing
2006978-1-4018-9939-4Tobin Burgess · Kevin Pugh · Leo SevignyThe Personal Vision Workbook
  ''978-1-4018-9940-0MiladyMilady's Soft Skills: Interpersonal Skills for the Beauty Industry (Softskills Dvd Series)
978-1-4018-9941-7User Mnl-Soft Skills DVD Serie
2005978-1-4018-9942-4Stephen L. HermanElectrical Transformers And Rotating Machines
978-1-4018-9943-1Iml-Elect Trnsfrmrs/Rotating M
2006978-1-4018-9944-8Stephen L. HermanAlternating Current Fundamentals
978-1-4018-9945-5Iml-Alternating Current Fundam
2003978-1-4018-9946-2Anthony V. ChiarellaInternetworking with Cisco and Microsoft Technologies
2007978-1-4018-9951-6Daniel Kuhn · Jane VerityThe Art of Dementia Care
  ''978-1-4018-9952-3KuhnProviding Good Healthcare to People with Dementia
978-1-4018-9953-0Irk Care People W Dementia
2006978-1-4018-9954-7Barbara Hegner · Mary Jo Mirlenbrink GerlachAssisting in Long-Term Care
  ''978-1-4018-9955-4Barbara Hegner · Mary Jo Mirlenbrink GerlachWorkbook for Hegner/Gerlach's Assisting in Long-Term Care, 5th
978-1-4018-9958-5Iml-Assistng Long-Term Care 5e
2006978-1-4018-9962-2NEEDHAM · GERLACH · HEGNERElect Cmgr-Asst Long Term Care
2007978-1-4018-9964-6Cengage Learning DelmarTraining Officer's Resource Kit
2005978-1-4018-9966-0JonesComprehensive Medical Terminology Online Course- eProduct Access Code
2005978-1-4018-9967-7Daniel NicholsApplied Programmable Logic Control Lab Manual
  ''978-1-4018-9968-4NICHOLSIml-Appld Prgrm Logic Ctrl Lml
2003978-1-4018-9969-1DelmarToday's Technician: Auto Electricity And Electronics (shop Manual & Classroom Manual) (3rd Ed.) And\ Ase Test Prep (a6) Electrical Systems
2004978-1-4018-9973-8BennettMedium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines, Fuel & Computerized Management Systems. 2nd/Custom Edition
  ''978-1-4018-9976-9Introduction to Catering: Ingrediaents for Success
  ''978-1-4018-9998-1David L. TaylorBlueprint Reading for Machine Trades (Delmar Learning Blueprint Reading)