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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-285-00008-4Donald C RizzoMindTap Basic Health Sciences Printed Access Card with Selections from Rizzo's Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
  ''978-1-285-00018-3Joel SamahaMindTap Criminal Justice Printed Access Card with Selections from Samaha's Criminal Law
  ''978-1-285-00043-5Larry J. Siegel · Brandon C. WelshMindTap Criminal Justice Printed Access Card with Selections from Siegel/Welsh's Juvenile Delinquency
2013978-1-285-00053-4William P. StatskyMindTap Paralegal, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card with Selections from Statsky's Family Law, 5th
  ''978-1-285-00058-9William P. StatskyMindTap Paralegal, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card with Selections from Statsky's Torts, 5th
  ''978-1-285-00073-2Pamela TepperMindTap Paralegal Printed Access Card with Selections from Tepper's The Law of Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code, 2nd
2012978-1-285-00083-1Samuel Walker · Cassia Spohn · Miriam DeLoneMindTap Criminal Justice Printed Access Card with Selections from Walker's The Color of Justice
2012978-1-285-00770-0College Algebra 6E: Sixth Edition (Complete with WebAssign)
2013978-1-285-00774-8Richard L. Daft · Dorothy MarcicUnderstanding Management Jefferson Community College
  ''978-1-285-00786-1Dennis Coon · John O. MittererIntroduction to Psychology (Gateways to Mind and Behavior)
2012978-1-285-00787-8Lee B. BurgunderIntellectual Property Law (University of Miami)
2013978-1-285-00790-8Robert Jurmain · Lynn Kilgore · Wenda TrevathanEssentials of Physical Anthroplogy Custom Version University of Central Florida
2007978-1-285-00791-5Mary E Wiesner-Hanks · William Bruce Wheeler · Franklin M Doeringer · Kenneht R CurtisDiscovering the Global Past
2012978-1-285-00792-2Public Speaking the Evolving Art
  ''978-1-285-00793-9Reeve, Duchac WarrenAcct 1100: Chapter 1-9 Financial Accounting
  ''978-1-285-00794-6Reeve, and Duchac WarrenAcct 1105 Financial Accounting II Chapters 10 - 17
  ''978-1-285-00795-3Warren/Reeve/DuchacACP Acct 1110, 24th Edition
2012978-1-285-00797-7Richard DaftManagement
  ''978-1-285-00799-1Learning About Psychology
  ''978-1-285-00800-4Bruce B. SvareLearning About Behavioral Neuroscience. Second Edition
2010978-1-285-00801-1Ph.D Bruce B. SvareHow the Science of Psychology Gets Done
2011978-1-285-00809-7Skip DowningGetting OnCourse Through Critical Thinking Across Domains
  ''978-1-285-00811-0The Alternative to Debits and Credits (Using Financial Accounting Information)
2012978-1-285-00817-2Cohen · Lee · SklarPrecalculus 7th Edition By Cohen, Lee, and Sklar University of Santa Cruz 2012
  ''978-1-285-00818-9James StewartCalculus: Early Transcendentals
2012978-1-285-00819-6Gustafson Perry Ralph HelenAcp College Algebra
2007978-1-285-00820-2Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques: A Microscale Approach
2012978-1-285-00824-0Annie McGregor Robert BartonTheater in Your Life
  ''978-1-285-00825-7WalkerAcp Gender Color Crime and Justice
  ''978-1-285-00826-4Small Business Management: Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures Special Edition
  ''978-1-285-00841-7Fred S. KleinerArt 2b - Art History: The Middle Ages and the Renaissance (Custom Edition for Deanza and Foothill)
  ''978-1-285-00845-5Robert Lamm Justin EverettDynamic Argument Brief Second Edition Butler Community College
2012978-1-285-00849-3H. Stephen StokerGeneral, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: Custom Edition for Wayne County Community College District
  ''978-1-285-00854-7R. Bruce SundrudThe Green Book: Lecture and Laboratory Guide For Human Anatomy and Physiology W/ DVD
  ''978-1-285-00855-4CLC Custom/BeattyBusiness Law And The Legal Environment Clc Custom 2012Custom/Beatty
  ''978-1-285-00856-1Mark S Cracolice · Edward l. PetersIntroductory Chemistry: custom edition for Grossmont
  ''978-1-285-00865-3Myrtle FlightMedical Professional Issues: Case Studies in Law and Ethics
2012978-1-285-00867-7Reeve, Duchac, Brigham, Houston WarrenAcquiring & Managing Financial Resources
2010978-1-285-00868-4Mann · RobertsEssentials of Business Law and the Legal Environment **International Edition**
2012978-1-285-00869-1William R. Robinson · Jerome D. Odom · Jr. Henry F. HoltzclawGeneral Chemistry Chem 115 and Chem 116
  ''978-1-285-00896-7LongACP Nexos Special, 3rd
  ''978-1-285-00898-1World History Volume 1 to 1500
  ''978-1-285-00899-8J. Douglas Faires · James DeFranzaPre-calculus
  ''978-1-285-00902-5Lockwood, Nation, Clegg AufmannMathematical Excursions, 2nd Edition, Cardinal Stritch Edition
2012978-1-285-00903-2Thompson/PhillipsMais Oui! Enhanced 3-hole Bundle 5th Edition (Mais Oui!) by Thompson/Phillips (January 1, 2012) Loose Leaf
  ''978-1-285-00908-7Principles of Economics Middlesex County College (Principles of Economics 6th Edition)
  ''978-1-285-00909-4Managing Human Resources (Selected Chapters)
2008978-1-285-00910-0Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge, 13th Edition with additional readings
2013978-1-285-00912-4CarrollSexuality Now: Embracing Diversity (Custom Edition for University of Kentucky)
  ''978-1-285-00914-8Plunkett/Allen/AttnerMS 100 Business Organization and Management
2007978-1-285-00922-3Charles P. McKeague · Mark D. TurnerTrigonometry Custom Edition
2002978-1-285-00927-8Barry L. BatzingMicrobiology: An Introduction
2012978-1-285-00929-2Exploraciones Volume II (Custom Edition for Coastal Carolina Community College)
  ''978-1-285-00935-3Tom BassarearMathematics For Elementary School Teachers (Mathematics For Elementary School Teachers. Central Connecticut State University 5th Edition)
2012978-1-285-00943-8Cecie Starr · Christine Evers · Lisa StarrCustom Printed Access Card CEC+ on Blackboard with Aplia 2-Semesters Biology: Concepts and Applications
  ''978-1-285-00958-2Organic Chemistry University of Toledo
2011978-1-285-00960-5Roger A. ArnoldEconomics
2012978-1-285-00962-9Marinelli · LaughlinPUENTES: Spanish for Intensive and High Beginner Courses, Special 5th Edition
  ''978-1-285-00971-1Wayne WeitenPsychology Themes & Variations
2013978-1-285-00973-5Kirszner & MandellPortable Literature (Readings for Composition II)
  ''978-1-285-00979-7Charles P. Mckeague · Mark D. TurnerMath D Trigonometry with Enhanced Web Design Loose Leaf
2012978-1-285-00982-7Steven S. Zumdahl · Susan A. ZumdahlChemistry: An Atoms First Approach Custom Edition
  ''978-1-285-00988-9Personal Finance
2012978-1-285-00995-7Roger Leroy Miller · Gaylord A. JentzBusiness Law 255/500
  ''978-1-285-01009-0Kenneth BaldaufEmerge with Computer Concepts v. 4.0, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card
  ''978-1-285-01033-5Gary B. Shelly · Harry J. RosenblattSystem Analysis and Design:CIS 202
  ''978-1-285-01037-3WeitenPsychology: Themes and Variations (Psychology: Themes and Variations, Ninth Edition)
2013978-1-285-01040-3Kathy A. Beerman Michelle Kay McGuireNUTR
2012978-1-285-01052-6Lois Fichner-RathusUnderstanding Art, 10th Edition (ART 111) Gaston College
2013978-1-285-01054-0Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics & Society - Volume 1
  ''978-1-285-01055-7Perry Chase JacobWestern Civilization: Ideas, Politics, & Society from the 1400s
2012978-1-285-01057-1Mckelvy BlockLaboratory Experiments of CHEM 1211L and 1212L
2012978-1-285-01058-8JaffePublic Speaking Concepts and Skills for a Diverse Society, 7th Edition
  ''978-1-285-01059-5Gardner's Art Through the Ages - For the University of Georgia
  ''978-1-285-01060-1Fred S. KleinerGardner's Art Through the Ages Vol 2 (ACP Gardner's Art Through The Ages Volume 2 for the University of Georgia)
  ''978-1-285-02085-3National Geographic LearningLibrary Book: We'll Race You, Henry Ford
  ''978-1-285-02109-6National Geographic Learning · Nonie K Lesaux · Sylvia Linan ThompsonExplorer Books (Pathfinder Social Studies: People and Cultures): Working Hand in Hand
2012978-1-285-02110-2National Geographic Learning · Nonie K Lesaux · Sylvia Linan ThompsonExplorer Books (Pioneer Social Studies: People and Cultures): Working Hand in Hand
  ''978-1-285-02111-9   ''Explorer Books (Pathfinder Social Studies: People and Cultures): In Tune
  ''978-1-285-02112-6   ''Explorer Books (Pioneer Social Studies: People and Cultures): In Tune
2013978-1-285-02415-8Misty Vermaat Gary B ShelleyDiscovering Computers: Loose Leaf in Binder Edition
2012978-1-285-02417-2Exploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approach (Special 4th Edition)
  ''978-1-285-02418-9Spain Long/Carreira/Madrigal Velasco/SwansonCuadros SPAN 1060 (William Paterson University) (ACP Cuadors SPAN 1060)
2011978-1-285-02420-2Rumbos - Chapters 1-6 (Enhanced Edition)
2012978-1-285-02440-0Steven S. Zumdahl · Donald J. DeCosteIntroductory Chemistry: A Foundation, Hybrid (Introductory Chemistry)
  ''978-1-285-02447-9Garrett · GrishamBIOCHEMISTRY, 5th Custom Edition
2012978-1-285-02448-6Robert E. Hall & Marc LiebermanMicroeconomics: Principals and Applications
2011978-1-285-02450-9Shelly/VermaatMicrosoft Office 2010 (Delaware Technical Community College)
2010978-1-285-02452-3Introduction to Business Global Economics Crisis Edition Brookdale Community College
2012978-1-285-02456-1Meyer, Van Rys, Sebranek VanderMeyThe College Writer
  ''978-1-285-02461-5Ralph Stair · George ReynoldsPrinciples of Information Systems
2010978-1-285-02463-9Francisco Rodriguez Nogales · Fabian A. Samaniego · Thomas J. Blommers¡Dímelo Tú!
2012978-1-285-02475-2Richard N. Aufman · Joanne S. Lockwood · Kalamazoo Valley Community CollegeMathematical Ideas [MATH 114]
  ''978-1-285-02477-6Kenneth W. Clarkson · Roger LeRoy Miller · Gaylord A. Jentz · Frank B. CrossLegal Environment of Business, Government, and Society (BU 213 | Passaic County Community College)
2011978-1-285-02478-3Hughes, Kapoor PrideBus 101: Business Organization and Management Middlesex County College
2012978-1-285-02483-7Ann Raimes · Maria JerskyUniversal Keys for Writers " Kalamazoo Valley Community College Edition"
  ''978-1-285-02484-4Physics: The Nature of Things, Physics 230 San Francisco State University
  ''978-1-285-02485-1Physics: The Nature of Things Sfsu Physics 240
2011978-1-285-02486-8Robert L. MathisHuman Resources Management Special 13th Edition
2012978-1-285-02494-3Neubauer NeubauerJudicial Process
2011978-1-285-02496-7Williamson and MastersMacroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments
2010978-1-285-02497-4Alfred Warren MatthewsWestern World Religions University of Arizona
2012978-1-285-02500-1GreeneThe Ultimate Workplace Empowerment Guide
2012978-1-285-02501-8Discovering Computers, Introductory Your Interactive Guide to the Digital World (OSU Edition)
2011978-1-285-02502-5Microsoft Office 2010, OSU Edition
2013978-1-285-02503-2Sharon Rady Rolfes Elanor Noss WhitneyUnderstanding Nutrition 13th Edition - Loose-leaf Version
2011978-1-285-02505-6Cram, Duffy, Friedrichsen, Reding BeskeenACP Microsoft Office 2010: Illustrated Introductory First Course for Passaic County Community College
2013978-1-285-02507-0ACP SJRSC
  ''978-1-285-02513-1William Boyes · Michael MelvinMicroeconomics: Custom edition for Arizona State University
2012978-1-285-02514-8William Boyes/ Michael MelvinMacroeconomics: Arizona State University
  ''978-1-285-02516-2Criminal Justice in Action
2006978-1-285-02517-9Theroy of Computation (Custom Edition for Uc San Diego) 2nd Edition
2012978-1-285-02536-0Coopman and LullPublic Speaking: The Evolving Art
  ''978-1-285-02537-7Sellnow, Verderber VerderberSpeak: A Student-Tested, Faculty-Approved Approach to Learning Public Speaking; First Edition (Speak)
2011978-1-285-02539-1Effective Presentations with Speech Builder Access Code
2013978-1-285-02541-4Richard N. Aufmann · Joanne S. LockwoodIntermediate Algebra Chapters 1-8 (8th Edition)
2012978-1-285-02542-1Richard N. Aufmann/ Vernon C. Baker/ Richard D. NationCollege Algebra and Trigonometry Chapters P-7, Seventh Edition
  ''978-1-285-02543-8Charles P. McKeagueBeginning Algebra, Ninth Edition
2011978-1-285-02545-2Daniel WulffNutrition for Life
2012978-1-285-02546-9HurleyINTRODUCTION TO LOGIC Philosophy 6/Butte College
2012978-1-285-02549-0Swokowski · ColeAlgebra and Trigonometry, Custom Edition for the University of Cincinati
2013978-1-285-02550-6Business Law and the Legal Enviroment
2012978-1-285-02551-3Frank B. Cross / Roger LeRoy MillerThe Legal Environment of Business: Text and Case (Special Eighth Edition)
2011978-1-285-02553-7Ron LarsonTrigonometry [8e] (MATH 110 - Chapters 1-3)
  ''978-1-285-02554-4Penetration Testing (books 1-5)
2012978-1-285-02558-2Meteorology Today, an Introduction to Weather, Climate, and the Environment
2013978-1-285-02561-2New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2013
2012978-1-285-02567-4Larson EdwordsBurlington County College Calculus and Analytic Geometry Math 118/119/220 Larson Edwards
2013978-1-285-02571-1Understanding Basic Statistics (Custom for University of Delaware MATH 114)
2012978-1-285-02573-5Larson HodgkinsACP College Algebra Udel
2013978-1-285-02574-2   ''Bndl: ACP College Algebra Udel, 2nd Edition
2012978-1-285-02575-9LarsonACP Digital First College Algebra with Ewa Student Guide, 8th Edition
  ''978-1-285-02577-3Calculus Early Transcendentals 7e
  ''978-1-285-02583-4Tursi, O'connor MerlonghiOggi in Italia Customized 9th Edition
2007978-1-285-02587-2Lockwood, Nation, Clegg AufmannMathematical Excursions
2012978-1-285-02588-9Psychology (Concepts and Applications)
  ''978-1-285-02593-3ShellyAcp Discovering Computers for McG Busa 1205
2012978-1-285-02594-0ShafferMicrosoft Office 2010
  ''978-1-285-02596-4Miller, Cross ClarksonBusiness Law: Text and Cases Volume 1 Salem State University
  ''978-1-285-02597-1Kenneth W. Clarkson · Roger LeRoy Miller · Frank B. CrossBusiness Law: Text and Cases [Volume II] (Salem State University)
  ''978-1-285-02599-5Paragraphs and Essays: With American Identity Readings Added
2013978-1-285-02600-8Nexos Volume 1 Third Edition Elementary Spanish Book
  ''978-1-285-02601-5Nexos: Special 3rd Edition (Volume 2)
2012978-1-285-02604-6Michael A. Seeds · Dana BackmanThe Solar System
2012978-1-285-02606-0Eleanor Noss Whitney & Sharon RolfesUnderstanding Nutrition (Understanding Nutrition)
  ''978-1-285-02613-8Cacioppo CacioppoDiscovering Psychology
  ''978-1-285-02614-5Perry/Morton/PerryACP General Biology LAB Manual, 5th Edition
2013978-1-285-02615-2SOCIOLOGY the essentials
2012978-1-285-02622-0Kelly/McGowenBusn Intro to Bus Admin Ocean County College Edition
  ''978-1-285-02634-3Frances Sienkiewicz Sizer · Eleanor Noss WhitneyCUSTOM EDITION FOR SAN JUAN COLLEGE Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, MyPlate Update
2009978-1-285-02635-0tagart starr eversbiology 100
2013978-1-285-02637-4Joel Houston Eugene BrighamFundamentals of Financial Management by Eugene Brigham & Joel Houston (13th Edition) [LOOSELEAF EDITION]
2010978-1-285-02638-1Strayer UniversityEthical Hacking and Countermeasures (books 1-5)
2013978-1-285-02643-5BUSN 5 / Student Edition
2011978-1-285-02655-8Nutritional Sciences
2012978-1-285-02686-2Fichner · RathusUnderstanding Art (ART 101: Art History & Appreciation)
  ''978-1-285-02688-6Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting
2012978-1-285-02689-3Jackson J. SpielvogelWestern Civilization Volume 1: To 1715
  ''978-1-285-02691-6Gregory MankiwMicroeconomics 232
2013978-1-285-02695-4Michelle Kay McGuire · Kathy A. BeermanNutrition 121
2012978-1-285-02696-1BUSN 5 (WITHOUT CourseMate Printed Access Card)
2011978-1-285-02698-5Michael CampbellMUSIC, 1st Ed.
2012978-1-285-02701-2Kenneth W. Clarkson · Roger LeRoy Miller · Frank B. CrossThe Law of Commercial Transactions LPP 457/757 Custom Edition Syracuse Unversity
  ''978-1-285-02704-3Margaret L. Andersen · Howard F. TaylorSociology (The Essentials 7e)
  ''978-1-285-02705-0Robert Hershberger · Susan Navey-Davis · Guiomar Borras APlazas SPA 101/102/111 for ASU
  ''978-1-285-02716-6Frederick A. Bettelheim and Joseph M. LandesbergSelected Laboratory Experiments for Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry
2012978-1-285-02727-2Practice Basic Skills Exit Tests: Reading (Used)
  ''978-1-285-02734-0John M. Osterman · Prudencio E. RamirezThe United States and Texas Government Course Outline: Govt 2305/Govt 2306
2013978-1-285-02735-7David R. Anderson · Dennis J. Sweeney · Thomas A. Williams · Jeffrey D. Camm · James J. Cochran · Michael J. Fry · Jeffrey W. OhlmannQuantitative Methods For Business: Custom Edition for Southern Methodist University
2012978-1-285-02737-1Eugene F. Brigham · Joel F. HoustonFundamentals of Financial Management Thirteenth Edition
  ''978-1-285-02739-5Jeffery F. Beatty and Susan S. SamuelsonLegal Enviroment (Owens Community College)
  ''978-1-285-02743-2Miller and JentzBusiness Law Today: The Essentials, 9E (UNCW BLA 361: Legal Environment of Business)
  ''978-1-285-02749-4Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus
2012978-1-285-02755-5Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams David R. AndersonStatistics for Business and Economics (11e Revised) By David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams (With Access Code)
  ''978-1-285-02757-9Ignacio Bello · Daniel K Clegg · Jack R Britton · Charles Henry Brase · Richard N Aufmann · Richard D Nation · Joanne S Lockwood · Anton KaulMathematics In Action
  ''978-1-285-02759-3StewartSingle Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals - Math 231 - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  ''978-1-285-02760-9General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 6th Edition By Stephen Stoker Chapters 1-11
  ''978-1-285-02762-3James StewartCalculus 1 (Towson University)
2012978-1-285-02763-0Boules, Goodson, Kim, O'Leary StewartCalculus 2 Towson University
  ''978-1-285-02775-3Cliff T. RagsdaleSpreadsheet Modeling & Decision Analysis
2008978-1-285-02780-7Merry E. · Julius R. Ruff · William Bruce Wheeler WiesnerDiscovering the Western Past: A Look at the Evidence: Volume II: since 1500 (6th
2011978-1-285-02781-4Pellettieri · Lopez-Burton · Gomez · Hershberger · Navey-DavisRUMBOS, Custom for North Carolina State University (FLS 202: Intermediate Spanish II)
978-1-285-02785-2Nutrition Concepts and Controversies (California Edition)
2013978-1-285-02787-6Sheri Spaine Long · Maria Carreira · Sylvia Madrigal Velasco · Kristin SwansonNexos: University of West Georgia
2012978-1-285-02792-0L'ecole CulinaireMeat, Seafood and Poultry Fabrication Custom Edition By L'ecole Culinaire
  ''978-1-285-03105-7Wayne WeitenPsychology
2012978-1-285-03107-1Richard N. Aufmann · Joanne LockwoodBeginning Algebra with Basic Math & Enhanced Web Assign [8th Edition]
  ''978-1-285-03108-8Dianne HalesInvitation to Health with Pretests Merced College Edition
  ''978-1-285-03111-8Ricky W. GriffinManagement: Iowa State University
2010978-1-285-03115-6Music in Western Civilization, Volume II: Media Update
2013978-1-285-03116-3College Algebra with Applications for Business and the Life Sciences
2013978-1-285-03121-7Introduction to Comparative Politics, American University
2011978-1-285-03126-2Robert K. Throop · Marion B. CastellucciHCC Reaching Your Potential Personal and Professional Development + Cengage Learning
2012978-1-285-03131-6Hoffman/SmithSouth-Western Federal Taxation 2013 Edition (South-Western Federal Taxation, Individual Income Taxes)
  ''978-1-285-03133-0Cengage Delmar Learning Cengage Delmar LearningPackage: Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver Training + Trucking: Tractor-Trailer Driver Web Based Training Printed Access Card
2017978-1-285-03134-7NADelmars Tras Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Training 4Ed And Trucking Tractor Trailer Driver Computer Based Training Cd Rom 2Ed (Pb 2013)
2012978-1-285-03144-6Cobbs Hoffman/Blum/GjerdeMajor Problems in American History