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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-111-00000-4Manwai KuSocial Stratification: Class, Race, and Gender in Sociological Perspective
1973978-1-111-00001-1Alma Teague KnightBehold the Man Jesus - Signed By Author
978-1-111-00015-8Ec Official Journal No Vol33
2009978-1-111-00023-3College Algebra
  ''978-1-111-00031-8Jay RichCornerstones of Financial Accounting
  ''978-1-111-00032-5William H. Brown, Mary K. Campbell, Shawn O. Farrell Frederick A. BettelheimGeneral Chemistry
978-1-111-00036-3Macroeconomicas Ninth Edition
1900978-1-111-00037-0Richard LlewellynSweet Morn of Judas Day
2010978-1-111-00046-2Dianne HalesAn Invitation to Health - 6th Edit - (Custom for LA Mission College)
2009978-1-111-00048-6Samaniego and Blommers F. RodriguezDimelo tu!: A Complete Course -- SELECTED CHAPTERS FOR SBCC -- SPANISH 101 AND 102 by Fabian A. Samaniego, Thomas J. Blommers
  ''978-1-111-00049-3Bettelheim/Brown/Campbell/FarrellIntro to General, Organic and Biochemistry
  ''978-1-111-00051-6AUFMANN/BARKER/LOCKWOOD/NoltingAcp Math 20: Essent Math W/stdy Skls Wb Rio Hondo
2009978-1-111-00052-3Dennis Coon · John O. MittererIntroduction to Psychology (Gateways to Mind and Behavior)
  ''978-1-111-00062-2PojmanReadings in Philosophy of Religion
  ''978-1-111-00073-8Straubhaar and LaRoseMedia Now
  ''978-1-111-00084-4Excel for Bookkeepers Custom Editio for Palomar College
  ''978-1-111-00087-5John C. KotzChemistry & Chemical Reactivity (Enhanced Seventh Edition, Volume 1)
2009978-1-111-00088-2Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity (Enhanced Seventh Edition, Volume 2)
  ''978-1-111-00099-8Carroll · Crooks · BrownSocial Construction of Sexuality, Third Edition
2004978-1-111-00103-2Our Arabic Language Workbook (Level 1, Part 1)
2009978-1-111-00107-0Psychology Themes and Variations for North Central University
2002978-1-111-00111-7BossBoss Guitar Effects Guide Book Vol. 17 (Boss Guitar Effects Guide Book)
2009978-1-111-00112-4William M. Pride · Robert J. Hughes · Jack R. KapoorBusiness Global Economic Crisis Edition (Impact on Economics)
  ''978-1-111-00113-1dave EllisTransitions: Cse 1001
  ''978-1-111-00118-6Miller/JentzBusiness Law I, Sinclair Community College
2009978-1-111-00121-6Voces De España: Antología Literaria (First Edition)
  ''978-1-111-00123-0barker, Lockwood, Nolting AufmannINTRODUCTORY ALGEBRA an applied approach Atlantic Cape Community College Edition (INTRODUCTORY ALGEBRA an applied approach)
  ''978-1-111-00125-4Charles HofferWestern Music Listening Today (Noth Idaho College)
  ''978-1-111-00127-8Rodney StarkSociology
978-1-111-00131-5Psychology with Concept Maps and Concept Reviews Joliet Junior College
  ''978-1-111-00136-0Kenneth W. Clarkson · Roger LeRoy Miller · Gaylord A. Jentz · Frank B. CrossLaw 211 - Business Law (Baker College)
2009978-1-111-00137-7Miller, Jentz, Cross ClarksonBaker College Law 312 - Advanced Business Law 11th edition
1927978-1-111-00150-6G UnderwoodStandard Construction Methods
978-1-111-00164-3Barbara H. Foley · Elizabeth R. NeblettEnglish in Action 1 ExamView Assessment Suite
2011978-1-111-00165-0Barbara H. Foley · Elizabeth R. NeblettEnglish in Action 4 ExamView Assessment Suite
2010978-1-111-00166-7   ''English in Action 2 ExamView Assessment Suite CD-ROM
2013978-1-111-00167-4   ''English in Action 3 ExamView Assessment Suite
2009978-1-111-00174-2Calculus Northern Illinois University Edition Volume 2
  ''978-1-111-00175-9Calculus Volume 1 Sixth Edition (NIU Edition) (Volume 1)
  ''978-1-111-00177-3Steven S. ZumdahlPrinciples of Chemistry
  ''978-1-111-00181-0Twomey · JenningsBusiness Law and the Legal Environment (Business Law 1 - Broward South)
  ''978-1-111-00184-1Twomey & JenningsBusiness Law and the Legal Environment - Business Law 2 - Broward South
2009978-1-111-00185-8Essentials of Business Law: Cardinal Stritch University Edition
2010978-1-111-00189-6Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques, University of Toledo Edition
2009978-1-111-00190-2JAMES F. PETERSON ROBERT E. GABLERPhysical Geography
  ''978-1-111-00194-0William BoyesManagerial Economics: Custom Edition for Arizona State University
  ''978-1-111-00205-3Principles of Microeconomics, 5e, University of Toledo
  ''978-1-111-00206-0Baumol/BlinderMacroeconomics Principles & Policy, University of Toledo
2009978-1-111-00207-7bukatko, pride, ferrante KanarGuide to Reading Textbooks
2010978-1-111-00209-1Survey of Economics (6th Edition) Global Economic Crisis
2009978-1-111-00216-9Frank B CrossLegal Environment of Business (Custom Edition for Calif. State University - San Bernardino)
  ''978-1-111-00218-3Larry K. Gaines and Roger LeRoy MillerCriminal Justice in Action Troy University CJ4499
  ''978-1-111-00220-6Satzinger · Jackson · BurdSystems Analysis Custom Edition for Macon State College
  ''978-1-111-00227-5Starr, Starr, Taggart EversBiology: The Unity and Diversity of Life
2010978-1-111-00237-4BroukalWeaving Together 1 2 Im
978-1-111-00239-8Weaving It Tog 1 Examview Cdr
2010978-1-111-00241-1BROUKAL (author)Weaving It Tog 3 Examview Cdr
2009978-1-111-00247-3John McMurryOrganic Chemistry 2009 VOLUME 1 McMurry 7e
2009978-1-111-00253-4Frances Sizer · Ellie WhitneyNutrition: Concepts & Controversies , Created for Introduction to Nutrition (Community of Vermont)
  ''978-1-111-00256-5Valerie HansenVoyages in World History Volume 2, Chapters 15-32 (Volume 2)
  ''978-1-111-00257-2Valerie HansenVoyages in World History Volume 1, Chapters 1-14 (Volume 1)
2008978-1-111-00259-6William M. Pride · Robert J. Hughes · Jack R. KapoorBusiness
2009978-1-111-00266-4Roxy Peck · Jay DevoreStatistics for Life Sciences (University of New England)
  ''978-1-111-00267-1Kenneth W. Whitten · Raymond E. Davis · Larry Peck · George G. StanleyACP Chemistry
2009978-1-111-00273-2An Introduction to Management Science
  ''978-1-111-00274-9Patricia P. Ellington"THEA Readiness Guide"
  ''978-1-111-00275-6Richard N. AufmannIntroductory Algebra, An Applied Approach-Westwood College Custom Edition
  ''978-1-111-00276-3R. Kent SmithBuilding Vocabulary for College
  ''978-1-111-00278-7Jackson SPIELVOGELWESTERN CIVILIZATION,VOLUME 1: TO 1715, Seventh Edition
2009978-1-111-00279-4Starr · EversBiology Today and Tomorrow (Washington State University Edition)
  ''978-1-111-00280-0Spencer A. RathusSpencer A. Rathus HDEV Wallace State Community College
  ''978-1-111-00292-3Dennis G. ZillDifferential Equations: UC Irvine
978-1-111-00293-0Marcel DunanLarousse Encyclopedia of Ancient & Medieval Hist
2009978-1-111-00294-7Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting
  ''978-1-111-00298-5Accounting Volume 1
  ''978-1-111-00300-5Robert E. · Petersen, James F. · Trapasso, L. Michael · Sack, Dorothy GablerEssentials of Physical Geography
2009978-1-111-00321-0Responsible Leadership MGT 3823 Mississippi State University (Responsible Leadership MGT 3823 Mississippi State University)
  ''978-1-111-00322-7Chemistry 111-112 Laboratory Experiments Fifth Edition (New Mexico State University)
  ''978-1-111-00324-1aufmann barker lockwood noltingBeginning Algebra with Applications Multimedia Edition 7th Edition Custom Edition with Paul Nolting Math Study Skills 3rd Edition
978-1-111-00330-2Contemporary Marketing (Oakland Community College Edition)
2009978-1-111-00333-3Joseph F. Hair Jr., Carl McDaniel Charles W. LambMKTG What's Inside: Core Marketing Concepts
  ''978-1-111-00334-0Nicholas J. GiordanoCollege Physics Volume 1 (Reasoning and Relationships Special Edition for Northwestern University)
  ''978-1-111-00335-7Nicholas J. GiordanoCollege Physics Volume 2 (Reasoning and Relationships Special Edition for Northwestern University)
2009978-1-111-00336-4Nicholas J. GiordanoCollege Physics Volume 3 (Reasoning and Relationships Special Edition for Northwestern University)
2010978-1-111-00337-1Corinne Pellillo Brase Charles Henry BraseUnderstanding Basic Statistics with SPSS technology guide
2009978-1-111-00338-8Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind & Behavior (Middlesex Community College / PSY-101 with Cross-Cultural Perspectives)
  ''978-1-111-00339-5Foothill College Counseling DivisionCounseling 50: Introduction to College
  ''978-1-111-00340-1Clyde Stickney · Roman Weil · Katherine Schipper · Jennifer Francis · Michael MaherFinancial and Managerial Accounting
  ''978-1-111-00341-8Graham R. Thompson · Jonathan Turk · Frank DeCourtenEarth Science 1: California Geography Edition (for East Los Angeles College)
  ''978-1-111-00350-0Anderson/Sweeney/Williams/MartinQuanitive Methods: Introduction to Management Science for QMB 6603
2009978-1-111-00351-7Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson James StewartMath115/116 College Algebra/ Precalculus
2007978-1-111-00353-1Hinrichs/KleinbachEnergy: Its Use and the Environment Prepared for Old Dominion University
  ''978-1-111-00356-2George F. Cole · Christopher E. SmithThe American System of Criminal Justice: With Writing & Communicating Guide (For Nscc)
  ''978-1-111-00357-9Spencer A. RathusPsych (Wallace State Community College Custom Edition) With (Unscratched) Student Access Code
  ''978-1-111-00360-9The Roots of Western Civilization: Saint Joseph's College Edition (2009)
  ''978-1-111-00363-0Kotz · Treichel · TownsendChemistry and Chemical Reactivity Volume 1
2009978-1-111-00364-7Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity Vol. 2
  ''978-1-111-00365-4Gary B. Shelly · Misty E. Vermaat · Dolores J. WellsManagement Information Systems 1305 (Baylor University)
  ''978-1-111-00366-1AhlstromINTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT >CUST
  ''978-1-111-00367-8Precalcalus: Mathematics for Calculus Special 5th
  ''978-1-111-00370-8PELLETTIERI/LOPEZ-BURTON/HERSHBERGER/NAVEY-DAVIS/GOMEZRumbos Special Alternate Edition with Wookbook/lab Manual
2009978-1-111-00371-5Steven S ZumdahalChemistry Custom California Edition Eigth Edition
2011978-1-111-00375-3Rodriquez · Samaniego · BlommersDimelo tu! [6 E | Vol. 2]
2009978-1-111-00382-1Sizer/WhitneyNutrition and Health, HEST 090
  ''978-1-111-00390-6Richard L. DaftOrganization Theory and Design Special 10th Edition
1967978-1-111-00391-3Larry S. CHAMPIONBen Johnson's Dotages: A Reconsideration of the Late Plays
2009978-1-111-00392-0Weiten · Llyod · Dunn · HammerPsychology of Human Relations
  ''978-1-111-00393-7Karl J. SmithNature of Math
  ''978-1-111-00394-4Marshall B. Clinard · Robert F. MeierDeviant Behavior: Johnson and Wales University SOC2060
  ''978-1-111-00395-1The Informed Argument: Custom Edition
2009978-1-111-00398-2Applied Finite Mathematics
  ''978-1-111-00403-3Basic College Math & Algebra - The Art Institute of California-San Diego
  ''978-1-111-00405-7Richard L. DaftManagement
  ''978-1-111-00406-4Training for Organizations, 2nd edition
2010978-1-111-00410-1Maloney I. Raabe Willis I. HoffmanSouth-Western Federal Taxation Study Guide, Chapters 1-14
2015978-1-111-00411-8Textbook: Level 4, Part 1 (Our Arabic Language)
2009978-1-111-00413-2steffen w. schimidtAmerican Government and Politics Today Texas Edition, 2009-2010
  ''978-1-111-00414-9Microsoft Office 2007 Illustrated: Introductory Premium Video Edition
2009978-1-111-00420-0Wisner Et AlIntroduction to Integrated Supply Chain Management - Custom for ASU
  ''978-1-111-00421-7Bruce B. SvaraLearning About Psychology
  ''978-1-111-00426-2Charles Joshua HornIntroduction to Philosophy: God, Freedom, and the Nature of Evil
  ''978-1-111-00427-9FawcettEvergreen And The Least You Should Know About English - Custom Edition for Darton College (FORM A)
  ''978-1-111-00430-9Casebook in Abnormal Psychology
2010978-1-111-00436-1Bruce Crauder · Benny Evans · Alan NoellFunctions and Change a Modeling Approach to College Algebra with Student Solution Guide and Technology Guide
2009978-1-111-00438-5Business Law II
2009978-1-111-00441-5Basic Chemistry (Custom edition for University Of California San Diego)
  ''978-1-111-00442-2AU ENGL 1120 Liberal Arts Reader (Auburn University)
  ''978-1-111-00443-9Maureen StaudtCultural Diversity Readers: AU ENGL 1120
  ''978-1-111-00444-6Cengage LearningHealth and Medicine AU ENGL 1120
  ''978-1-111-00445-3ReadersScience & Technology AU ENGL 1120
2009978-1-111-00446-0Sustainability AU ENGL 1120 Readers
  ''978-1-111-00449-1Matta · Wilbraham · StaleyExperiments for Chemistry 1010 [Custom Editon for Southwest Tennessee Community College]
  ''978-1-111-00457-6MKTG @ SFSU
  ''978-1-111-00459-0On Course, Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life, 5e (Norwalk Community College)
2009978-1-111-00462-0Carl S. Warren · James M. Reeve · Jonathan DuchacAccounting
1922978-1-111-00468-2B J HendrickLife and Letters of Walter H. Page, The, 2 vol.
2009978-1-111-00471-2GottheilInstructor CD Rom Principles of Eco
  ''978-1-111-00473-6Thomas R DyeThe Irony of Democracy (An Uncommon Introduction to American Politics)
978-1-111-00474-3Andrew HilenLetters of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow V3
2009978-1-111-00486-6JarvisComo Se Dice..?
  ''978-1-111-00489-7Financial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses
  ''978-1-111-00491-0Charles H. Zastrow · Michael D. Lewis · Thomas Packard · Judith A. LewisGroup and Organizational Behavior: Wartburg College Social Work Department
  ''978-1-111-00493-4GARDNER'S ART THRU AGES VOL.2 >OSU CUST<
2009978-1-111-00498-9General Chemistry 152: CUSTOM EDITION for University of Washington
  ''978-1-111-00499-6General Chemistry 142 Cust. UW Ed. (General Chemistry 142 Cust. UW Ed.)
  ''978-1-111-00502-3Staley/FrederickFocus on College Success, Indiana University (Specifically prepared for X150 Managing Resources for Learning)
  ''978-1-111-00504-7Business Law 18a/18b (Long Beach City College)
  ''978-1-111-00505-4Whitney / RolfesUnderstanding Nutrition, The Brief Edition
2009978-1-111-00512-2Exploring The European Past, Texts & Images, Second Edition, History 111, Summer 2009, The Ohio State University
978-1-111-00513-9Gustavo BecquerHeinle Voices Spanish
2009978-1-111-00514-6Business Law
  ''978-1-111-00518-4Thomas W. HungerfordMath 135 - Algebra, Trigonometry and Functions
  ''978-1-111-00520-7CUSTOM EDITION for University of WashingtonGeneral Chemistry 162: Custom Edition for University of Washington
1900978-1-111-00521-4Leon HomoPrimitive Italy & the Beginnings of Roma
2009978-1-111-00522-1Loven · Clark · OhlmillerIntroduction to Normal Auditory Perception with Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing for Audiologist
  ''978-1-111-00526-9Austin Peay State University Cengage LeaPublic Speaking Pratice and Performance
  ''978-1-111-00527-6Steven S. Zumdahl · Susan A. ZumdahlChemistry: Special Eighth Edition for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2009978-1-111-00531-3MS Office 2007 - Custom Edition for Crafton Hills College
  ''978-1-111-00532-0Business (Custom)
  ''978-1-111-00533-7Cecie StarrBiology: The Unity and Diversity of Life 12th Edition (Custom Edition) (Custom Edition)
  ''978-1-111-00534-4Comparative Politics - Custom Edition
  ''978-1-111-00536-8Nexos Special 2nd Edition: Volume II (Nexos)
2009978-1-111-00537-5Long/Carreira/Velasco/SwansonNexos, Special 2nd Edition: Volume I
  ''978-1-111-00539-9Kirszner & MandellThe Brief Wadsworth Handbook (Includes the 2009 MLA update)
2008978-1-111-00540-5Michael StranzSignature Lab Series Organic Chemistry I Laboratory CH 201
2009978-1-111-00541-2Management, 9e, Owens Community College
  ''978-1-111-00542-9Katherine and Bruce YoshiwarIntroductory Algebra (WITH CD-ROM)
  ''978-1-111-00545-0Reeve and Duchac WarrenManagerial Accounting Special Edition for Indian River State College
  ''978-1-111-00548-1Charles P. McKeagueBasic Mathematics for Wright State University
1968978-1-111-00550-4Madanjeet SinghHimalayan Art
2008978-1-111-00558-0Rob Waring · National GeographicNational Geographic Footprint 1300 Class Library Set American English
978-1-111-00559-7English in Action 4 Presentation Tool
2012978-1-111-00560-3Barbara H. Foley · Elizabeth R. NeblettEnglish in Action 3 Presentation Tool
978-1-111-00561-0English in Action 1 Presentation Tool
2010978-1-111-00562-7Barbara H. Foley Elizabeth R. NeblettEnglish in Action 4, Workbook (Book & Audio CD)
2010978-1-111-00563-4English in Action 3: Workbook
  ''978-1-111-00564-1FoleyEnglish in Action Workbook 2 + Workbook Audio CD 2
  ''978-1-111-00565-8Barbara H Foley · Elizabeth R NeblettEnglish in Action 1 Workbook with Audio CD
2008978-1-111-00566-5Rob Waring · National GeographicNational Geographic Footprint 1600 Class Library Set American English
2009978-1-111-00567-2   ''FRL 1900: Class Library Set: American English (Footprint Reading Library)
2010978-1-111-00568-9Classical ComicsGreat Expectations: Workbook (Classic Graphic Novels)
2009978-1-111-00569-6Classical ComicsJane Eyre: Workbook (Classic Graphic Novels)
  ''978-1-111-00570-2Rob Waring · National GeographicFRL 2200: Class Library Set (Footprint Reading Library)
2010978-1-111-00571-9Classical ComicsFrankenstein: Workbook (Classic Graphic Novels)
  ''978-1-111-00572-6   ''A Christmas Carol: Workbook (Classic Graphic Novels)
2009978-1-111-00573-3Classical ComicsMacbeth: Workbook (Classic Graphic Novels)
978-1-111-00574-0FRL 2600: Class Library Set: American English (Footprint Reading Library)
2009978-1-111-00575-7Rob Waring · National GeographicFRL 3000: Class Library Set (Footprint Reading Library)
  ''978-1-111-00581-8Dave EllisBecoming a Master Student (Custom edition for Houston community college)
  ''978-1-111-00584-9Cheryl GlennThe Harbrace Guide to Writingl Concise 2009 MLA Update Edition
  ''978-1-111-00585-6Culture, Values, & The Humanities, The Ripples of Our Stories
  ''978-1-111-00591-7NEW PERSPECTIVES ON MS OFFICE 2007 W/CD
2009978-1-111-00592-4AU ENGL 1120 Business Reader (Auburn University)