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2004978-0-85199-810-7Ralf BuckleyEnvironmental Impacts of Ecotourism (Ecotourism Book) (Ecotourism Series)
  ''978-0-85199-811-4Marinus Te Pas · Henk Haagsman · Maria EvertsMuscle Development of Livestock Animals: Physiology, Genetics and Meat Quality
2005978-0-85199-812-1Mark Fellowes · Grahame Holloway · Jens RolffInsect Evolutionary Ecology (Royal Entomological Society)
2004978-0-85199-813-8Graham PerryWelfare of the Laying Hen (Poultry Science Symposium, No. 27.) (Poultry Science Symposium Series)
2005978-0-85199-814-5Jan Dijkstra · John Forbes · James (Jim) FranceQuantitative Aspects of Ruminant Digestion and Metabolism (Cabi)
2004978-0-85199-815-2Stuart Smyth · Peter Phillips · William Kerr · George KhachatouriansRegulating the Liabilities of Agricultural Biotechnology (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-816-9Hans Den Nijs · Detlef Bartsch · Jeremy SweetIntrogression from Genetically Modified Plants into Wild Relatives
  ''978-0-85199-817-6Stefan Vidal · Ulrich Kuhlmann · C. EdwardsWestern Corn Rootworm: Ecology and Management (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-818-3Randy Gaugler · Anwar BilgramiNematode Behaviour (Cabi Publishing)
2007978-0-85199-819-0Helmut F. Van Emden · Richard HarringtonAphids as Crop Pests (Cabi Publishing)
2004978-0-85199-820-6Miroslav Kaps · William R. LambersonBiostatistics for Animal Science
2004978-0-85199-821-3Simon Langley-EvansFetal Nutrition and Adult Disease: Programming of Chronic Disease Through Fetal Exposure to Undernutrition: 0 (Frontiers in Nutritional Science)
  ''978-0-85199-822-0Benjamin F. Turner · Emmanuel Frossard · Darren BaldwinOrganic Phosphorus in the Environment (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-823-7Christopher Scott · Naser I. Faruqui · Liqa Raschid-SallyWastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture: Confronting the Livelihood and Environmental Realities (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-824-4R. WhiteheadThe E-UK Pesticide Guide 2004
2008978-0-85199-826-8Kirk · M P · Cannon · P F · Minter · D W · Stalpers · J ADictionary of the Fungi 10th Edition
2007978-0-85199-827-5P. F. CannonFungal Families of the World
2004978-0-85199-828-2Bekele Shiferaw · H Freeman · Scott M. SwintonNatural Resource Management in Agriculture: Methods for Assessing Economic and Environmental Impacts
2005978-0-85199-829-9Barry A. Costa-Pierce · Alan Desbonnet · Peter Edwards · Dale BakerUrban Aquaculture (Cabi)
2004978-0-85199-830-5David HarrisonTourism and the Less Developed World
  ''978-0-85199-831-2J. Brian Hardaker · Ruud B. M. Huirne · Jock R. Anderson · Gudbrand LienCoping with Risk in Agriculture (Cabi Publishing)
2007978-0-85199-833-6W LockeretzOrganic Farming: An International History (Cabi)
2004978-0-85199-834-3Alan W. Ewert · Douglas Baker · Glyn BissixIntegrated Resource and Environmental Management: The Human Dimension (Cabi Publishing)
2004978-0-85199-835-0Jeroen Aerts · Peter DroogersClimate Change in Contrasting River Basins: Adaptation Strategies for Water, Food and Environment (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-859-6Bonwoo Koo · Philip G. Pardey · Brian WrightSaving Seeds: The Economics of Conseving Crop Genetic Resources Ex Situ in the Future Harvest Centres of the CGIAR (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-861-9Angelika Hilbeck · David A. AndowEnvironmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms: A Case Study of Bt Maize in Kenya: Vol I (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-85199-862-6Ian GordonReproductive Technologies in Farm Animals (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-863-3Tej SinghNew Horizons in Tourism: Strange Experiences and Stranger Practices (Cabi Publishing)
2004978-0-85199-864-0Henk HoogenkampSoy Protein and Formulated Meat Products (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-901-2R. Peterson · Hugues Massicotte · Lewis MelvilleMycorrhizas: Anatomy and Cell Biology
  ''978-0-85199-902-9Roger WebberCommunicable Disease Epidemiology and Control (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-903-6Geoff Gurr · Steve Wratten · Miguel A. AltieriEcological Engineering for Pest Management: Advances in Habitat Manipulation for Arthropods
  ''978-0-85199-904-3Robert HenryPlant Diversity and Evolution: Genotypic and Phenotypic Variation in Higher Plants
2004978-0-85199-906-7Miller F. McDonald · Francis KwongFlower Seeds (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-907-4Philip RoniMonitoring Stream and Watershed Restoration
2006978-0-85199-908-1Sava BuncicIntegrated Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health
2004978-0-85199-909-8Paul Eagles · Stephen F. McCoolTourism in National Parks and Protected Areas
  ''978-0-85199-910-4Anatoly Ruvinsky · Jennifer Marshall GravesMammalian Genomics (Cabi Publishing)
2005978-0-85199-912-8Ian Coxhead · Gerald ShivelyLand Use Changes in Tropical Watersheds: Evidence, Causes and Remedies (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85199-913-5Tom AddiscottNitrate, Agriculture and the Enivronment
  ''978-0-85199-914-2Frans Bongers · Marc Parren · Dossahua TraoreForest Climbing Plants of West Africa: Diversity,Ecology and Management
2004978-0-85199-948-7Keith MooreConflict,Social Capital and Managing Natural Resources: A West African Case Study (Cabi Publishing)
2006978-0-85199-949-4Robert E. RhoadesDevelopment with Identity: Community, Culture and Sustainability in the Andes (Cabi Publishing)
2014978-0-85199-956-2Both in Leisure and Tourism Management Department D Hall · Professor of Regional Development Derek R HallTourism and Transition: Governance, Transformation and Development (Cabi)
2005978-0-85199-967-8Marinus G. Bos · Martin Burton · David MoldenIrrigation and Drainage Performance Assessment: Practical Guidelines (Cabi)
2004978-0-85199-981-4Oliver D. CheesmanEnvironmental Impacts of Sugar Production (Cabi Publishing)
2004978-0-85199-995-1Eric LawsImproving Tourism and Hospitality Services
2005978-0-85199-996-8Brent Ritchie · Peter Burns · Catherine PalmerTourism Research Methods: Integrating Theory with Practice
  ''978-0-85199-997-5Maurizio Merlo · Lelia CroitoruValuing Mediterranean Forests: Towards Total Economic Value
  ''978-0-85199-998-2Goran Djurfeldt · Hans Holmen · Magnus Jirstrom · Rolf Larsson · Paul van Mele · A. Salahuddin · Noel MagorThe African Food Crisis: Lessons from the Asian Green Revolution
  ''978-0-85199-999-9Ming H. Pei · Alistair McCrackenRust Diseases of Willow and Poplar