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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-78639-004-2Gemma Aellah · Tracey Chantler · P. Wenzel GeisslerGlobal Health Research in an Unequal World: Ethics Case Studies from Africa
2018978-1-78639-020-2Michael C ApplebyAnimal Welfare
  ''978-1-78639-024-0Luiz Moutinho · Alfonso Vargas-SánchezStrategic Management in Tourism (CABI Tourism Texts)
2017978-1-78639-032-5Harikesh Bahadur Singh · Birinchi K Sarma · Chetan KeswaniAdvances in PGPR Research
  ''978-1-78639-035-6Miroslav Kaps · William R. LambersonBiostatistics for Animal Science
  ''978-1-78639-039-4Guangshun WangAntimicrobial Peptides: Discovery, Design and Novel Therapeutic Strategies
2018978-1-78639-054-7Temple Grandin · Martin WhitingAre We Pushing Animals to Their Biological Limits?
2017978-1-78639-076-9Esbern Friis-HansenDecentralized Governance of Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa
2018978-1-78639-083-7Roland N Perry · Maurice Moens · John T JonesCyst Nematodes
  ''978-1-78639-098-1Giuseppe Mazza · Elena TricaricoInvasive Species and Human Health (CABI Invasives Series)
2020978-1-78639-105-6Antal Kozak · Robert A Kozak · Susan B Watts · Christina L StaudhammerIntroductory Probability and Statistics: Applications for Forestry and Natural Sciences
2018978-1-78639-124-7Richard A Sikora · Danny Coyne · Johannes Hallmann · Patricia TimperPlant Parasitic Nematodes in Subtropical and Tropical Agriculture
2017978-1-78639-127-8Erica Croce · Giovanni PerriFood and Wine Tourism: Integrating Food, Travel and Terroir (CABI Tourism Texts)
2018978-1-78639-139-1Ingvar Ekesbo · Stefan GunnarssonFarm Animal Behaviour
2018978-1-78639-144-5Harikesh Bahadur Singh · Sandhya Mishra · Leonardo Fernandes Fraceto · Renata de LimaEmerging Trends in Agri-Nanotechnology
2016978-1-78639-147-6Clive PhillipsAnimal Trade, The: Evolution, Ethics and Implications
2018978-1-78639-152-0Mark Chambers · Stephen Gordon · Francisco Olea-Popelka · Paul BarrowBovine Tuberculosis
2020978-1-78639-155-1Kathy Anzuino · Joe Anzuino · Paul RogerAnimal Welfare: A Concise Guide for Veterinary Professionals
2017978-1-78639-159-9Birte Lindstrom Nielsen · Luisa Amo · Raimund Apfelbach · J. Elizabeth Bolhuis · Vincent Bombail · Roisin Campbell-Palmer · Caroline Clouard · Laurent DormontOlfaction in Animal Behaviour and Welfare
2018978-1-78639-162-9Nichola Coombes · Ayona Silva-FletcherVeterinary Clinical Skills Manual
2017978-1-78639-165-0Per JensenThe Ethology of Domestic Animals: An Introductory Text
2018978-1-78639-185-8Neil Carr · Donald BroomTourism and Animal Welfare
  ''978-1-78639-186-5Neil Carr · Donald BroomTourism and Animal Welfare
  ''978-1-78639-201-5Peter HendersonEcological Effects of Electricity Generation, Storage and Use
  ''978-1-78639-207-7John J HalperinLyme Disease
  ''978-1-78639-228-2Maximiliano E Korstanje · Razaq Raj · Kevin GriffinRisk and Safety Challenges for Religious Tourism and Events (CABI Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Series)
2020978-1-78639-231-2Bouda Vosough Ahmadi · Professor Dominic Moran · Rick D'EathThe Economics of Farm Animal Welfare: Theory, Evidence and Policy
2017978-1-78639-239-8Yukihiko Hara · Chung S Yang · Mamoru Isemura · Isao TomitaHealth Benefits of Green Tea
2018978-1-78639-245-9Andrew ButterworthAnimal Welfare in a Changing World
2018978-1-78639-246-6Andrew ButterworthAnimal Welfare in a Changing World
  ''978-1-78639-275-6Davide ViaggiThe Bioeconomy: Delivering Sustainable Green Growth
2017978-1-78639-281-7George Peterken · Edward MountfordWoodland Development: A Long-term Study of Lady Park Wood
2018978-1-78639-284-8Barbara Burlingame · Sandro DerniniSustainable Diets
2020978-1-78639-287-9Isaac K Ngugi · Helen O'Sullivan · Hanaa OsmanConsumer Behaviour in Food and Healthy Lifestyle: A Global Perspective
2019978-1-78639-322-7Hayley StaintonTEFL Tourism
  ''978-1-78639-340-1Franklin D. McMillan · Gina Alvino · Melissa Bain · Ngaio J Ngaio J · C. A. Tony Buffington · Larry Carbone · Kathy Carlstead · Sharon Crowell-DavisMental Health and Well-being in Animals
  ''978-1-78639-355-5Susan Snyman · Anna SpenceleyPrivate Sector Tourism in Conservation Areas in Africa
2018978-1-78639-364-7Rami Zurayk · Eckart Woertz · Rachel BahnCrisis and Conflict in Agriculture (Crop Science Plant Biology)
2019978-1-78639-367-8David W Onstad · Philip Crain · Jeffrey Alwang · Zachary S. Brown · Adeney de Freitas Bueno · Peter C Ellsworth · Bruna Magda Favetti · George B FrisvoldThe Economics of Integrated Pest Management of Insects
2020978-1-78639-377-7H Wien · Hartmut Stutzel · T W Chen · P J Davies · Martine Dorais · H Dodson-Swenson · Professor Daniel Drost · Jim GiovannoniPhysiology of Vegetable Crops
2018978-1-78639-384-5Rebeca García PinillosOne Welfare
  ''978-1-78639-385-2   ''One Welfare
2018978-1-78639-389-0Pallavi Saxena · Vaishali NaikAir Pollution
2020978-1-78639-398-2Patrick Woo · George K IwamaClimate Change and Non-infectious Fish Disorders
2018978-1-78639-404-0Hany Elsheikha · Ian Wright · John McGarryParasites and Pets
2020978-1-78639-408-8Jawwad A. Qureshi · Philip A. Stansly · SANDRA A. ALLAN · SIDNEY ALTMAN · ANTONIO JULIANO AYRES · EL-DESOUKY AMMAR · GEORGE A.C. BEATTIE · MICHAEL J. BOYLEAsian Citrus Psyllid: Biology, Ecology and Management of the Huanglongbing Vector
2017978-1-78639-422-4Otto WildiData Analysis in Vegetation Ecology
  ''978-1-78639-458-3Sagi DenenbergProceedings of the 11th International Veterinary Behaviour Meeting (Veterinary Sciences)
2018978-1-78639-464-4Harvey S James · JrEthical Tensions from New Technology (CABI Biotechnology Series)
2019978-1-78639-467-5J D'MelloA Handbook of Environmental Toxicology: Human Disorders and Ecotoxicology
2020978-1-78639-470-5David Ben-Yakir · Antoine Abrieux · Joanna C. Chiu · Joseph E. Funderbunk · Daphna Gottlieb · Gabor Horvath · Simcha Lev-Yadun · Un Taek LimOptical Manipulation of Pests and Beneficial Arthropods
2019978-1-78639-481-1S N Moorthy · M S Sajeev · R P K Ambrose · R J AnishTropical Tuber Starches
2018978-1-78639-487-3Graham MatthewsA History of Pesticides
  ''978-1-78639-506-1Roger L H Dennis · Peter B HardyBritish and Irish Butterflies
2019978-1-78639-508-5Rosanna MarsellaManual of Equine Dermatology
2018978-1-78639-514-6Partho DhangUrban Pest Control
  ''978-1-78639-517-7Raj S. ParodaReorienting Indian Agriculture
2019978-1-78639-524-5Roger WebberCommunicable Diseases: A Global Perspective
  ''978-1-78639-527-6Dhan Prakash · Girish SharmaPhytochemicals of Nutraceutical Importance
2019978-1-78639-538-2Duane J Gubler · Eng Eong Ooi · Goro Kuno · Subhash Vasudevan · Jeremy Farrar · Ana Fernandez-Sesma · Paul Paul · Katherine L Katherine LDengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
  ''978-1-78639-540-5Partho DhangUrban Insect Pests: Sustainable Management Strategies
  ''978-1-78639-542-9Oliver Jones · Baljit Ubhi · Mahon Maguire · Reza Salek · Jacqueline Wood · Luigi Atzori · Jonathan Swann · Lee RobertsMetabolomics and Systems Biology in Human Health and Medicine
  ''978-1-78639-543-6Mark Quentin BenedictTransgenic Insects: Techniques and Applications (CABI Biotechnology Series)
  ''978-1-78639-552-8Federico Bozzetti · Michael Staun · Andre Van Gossum · Daniela Daniela · Federica Federica · Johanne Johanne · Simon Allison · Marianna MariannaHome Parenteral Nutrition
2019978-1-78639-828-4Lynn LongSweet Cherries (Crop Production Science in Horticulture)
2018978-1-78639-905-2Ralph E. HarbachCulicipedia: Species-group, genus-group and family-group names in Culicidae (Diptera)
2019978-1-78639-931-1Shenggen Fan · Sivan Yosef · Rajul Pandya-LorchAgriculture for Improved Nutrition
  ''978-1-78639-942-7Alexander Schouten · Alec Baird · Gabriele Berg · Alessandro Bergna · John R. Caradus · Tomislav Cernava · Sang Cho · Stephane CompantEndophyte Biotechnology: Potential for Agriculture and Pharmacology (CABI Biotechnology Series)