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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-7494-0054-5Neil WenbornWord Power: A Test Yourself Guide
  ''978-0-7494-0087-3Peter J. ClothierMulti-level Marketing: A Practical Guide to Successful Network Selling
  ''978-0-7494-0165-8Connie D. PalladinoDeveloping Self-esteem: A Guide for Positive Success
1991978-0-7494-0183-2Edmund TirbuttHow to Increase Sales without Leaving Your Desk
  ''978-0-7494-0211-2Roy BrewerDo it Yourself Advertising: A Complete Action Guide
1990978-0-7494-0270-9John AdairNot Bosses But Leaders: How to Lead the Way to Success
1991978-0-7494-0342-3Peter Makin · Patricia A. LindleyPositive Stress Management
  ''978-0-7494-0410-9Richard Adams · Jane Carruthers · Sean HamilChanging Corporate Values: Guide to Social and Environmental Policy and Practice in Britain's Top Companies
1991978-0-7494-0423-9James O. GillHow to Understand Financial Statements (Better Management Skills)
  ''978-0-7494-0429-1Michael ApplegarthHow to Take a Training Audit (Practical Trainer)
1992978-0-7494-0435-2Paul N. Hague · Peter JacksonMarket Research in Practice
1991978-0-7494-0483-3New ConsumerShopping for a Better World: The Quick and Easy Guide to Socially Responsible Supermarket Shopping (New Consumer guide)
  ''978-0-7494-0544-1Ralph D. StaceyDynamic Strategic Management for the 1990's
1992978-0-7494-0595-3Sheila ZabawaRunning Your Own Boarding Kennels (Working for yourself series)
1989978-0-7494-0620-2George Albert BrownThe Airline Passenger's Guerrilla Handbook: Strategies and Tactics for Beating the Air Travel System
1993978-0-7494-0696-7Bernard CathelatSocio-styles: The New Lifestyles Classification System for Identifying and Targeting Consumers and Markets
1992978-0-7494-0715-5Kevin HawkinsA Handbook of Industrial Relations Practice (Professional Paperbacks)
  ''978-0-7494-0731-5Michael DaviesProject Management (One Day Workshop S.)
1993978-0-7494-0801-5Martin TessmerPlanning and Conducting Formative Evaluations (Teaching in Higher Education)
  ''978-0-7494-0888-6Christopher C. GolisEmpathy Selling: Powerful New Sales Technique for the 1990's
1993978-0-7494-0892-3Ian Beale · Roy BradfordManaging Internal Audit: A Practical Handbook
  ''978-0-7494-0900-5Alison BaverstockAre Books Different?: Marketing in the Book Trade
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  ''978-0-7494-0954-8Mike LaycockUsing Learning Contracts in Higher Education (Teaching in Higher Education)
  ''978-0-7494-0965-4Richard DennyMotivate to Win: Learn How to Motivate Yourself and Others to Really Get Results: Tested Techniques for Greater Achievement
1993978-0-7494-0983-8Sanjay ModhaTechnical Selection Tests And How To Pass Them
  ''978-0-7494-0987-6Phil Race · Sally Brown500 Tips for Tutors (Teaching & Learning in Higher Education)
  ''978-0-7494-1005-6Graham WilsonProblem Solving and Decision Making (Fast Track MBA)
  ''978-0-7494-1009-4Michael Armstrong · Helen MurlisReward Management: A Handbook of Remuneration Strategy and Practice
1994978-0-7494-1034-6H. HaggerThe Management of Student Teachers' Learning: A Guide for Professional Tutors in Secondary Schools: An Independent Companion to the School Mentor Handbook
1993978-0-7494-1047-6Michele EckenschwillerThe Professional's Self-assessment Kit (Self-Management Guides)
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1998978-0-7494-1113-8Peter Knight · Sally BrownAssessing Learners in Higher Education (Teaching and Learning in Higher Education)
1993978-0-7494-1117-6World Energy CouncilEnergy for Tomorrow's World: The Realities, the Options and the Agenda for Achievement
1993978-0-7494-1159-6Rowntree DerekPreparing Materials for Open, Distance and Flexible Learning: An Action Guide for Teachers and Trainers (Open & Flexible Learning Series)
1994978-0-7494-1162-6Bill Krouwel · Steve GoodwillManagement Development Outdoors: A Practical Guide to Getting the Best Results (Practical Trainer)
  ''978-0-7494-1166-4Stephen MossCareers in Nursing and Related Professions (Kogan Page Careers in)
  ''978-0-7494-1188-6Niki ChesworthGreat Ideas for Making Money ("Daily Express" Guides)
  ''978-0-7494-1245-6Megan HarrisonBecoming a Magistrate
1995978-0-7494-1257-9Rosthorn · Haldane · Edward BlackwellSmall Business Action Kit (Business Action Guides)
1994978-0-7494-1259-3Richard F. GersonMeasuring Customer Satisfaction
1995978-0-7494-1368-2David BoudEnhancing Learning Through Self-assessment
  ''978-0-7494-1370-5Sally BrownAssess Your Own Teaching Quality (Teaching and Learning in Higher Education)
1994978-0-7494-1404-7Miller HeimanSuccessful Large Account Management: How to Hold on to Your Most Important Customers and Turn Them into Long Term Assets
1995978-0-7494-1501-3Nigel Stacey · Margaret StaceyAdvanced Driver's Handbook
1994978-0-7494-1502-0Dorothy Lehmkuhl · Dolores Cotter LampingOrganizing for the Creative Person
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  ''978-0-7494-1793-2James McKernanCurriculum Action Research: A Handbook of Methods and Resources for the Reflective Practitioner
1997978-0-7494-1829-8Hilarie OwenCreating Top Flight Teams: Unique Team-building Skills for the RAF Red Arrows
1995978-0-7494-1838-0H. Tolley · Ken ThomasHow to Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests (Test Series)
1996978-0-7494-1847-2Geoff AndersonLearning Contracts: A Practical Guide
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1997978-0-7494-1859-5Mike Beard · Peter HehirRunning a Public Relations Department (PR in Practice)
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1997978-0-7494-2131-1Richard DennySelling to Win
1997978-0-7494-2134-2Harry Tolley · Ken Thomas · Catherine TolleyHow to Pass the Police Initial Recruitment Test (Testing Series)
  ''978-0-7494-2143-4Ros Ollin · Jenny TuckerThe NVQ and GNVQ Assessor Handbook
2000978-0-7494-2151-9Andrew BradburyNLP FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS: How to Master Neuro-linguistic Programming (Better Management Skills)
1997978-0-7494-2152-6Roderick Millar · Jonathan ReuvidDoing Business with Germany
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1996978-0-7494-2182-3Trevor L. YoungHOW TO BE A BETTER PROJECT MANAGER: Tested Techniques to Help You to Achieve Your Goals (How 2)
1999978-0-7494-2191-5Andrew Seth · Geoffrey RandallThe Grocers: The Rise and Rise of Supermarket Chains: The Rise and Rise of the Supermarket Chains
1997978-0-7494-2221-9Elizabeth UrechSPEAKING GLOBALLY: How to Make Effective Presentations Across International Boundaries
  ''978-0-7494-2223-3Sally Brown500 Tips for Quality Enhancement in Universities and Colleges
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1998978-0-7494-2273-8Suzanne O'HaraStudying @ University & College
1997978-0-7494-2348-3Ron FryImprove Your Reading (How to Study)
1997978-0-7494-2349-0Ron FryImprove Your Memory (How to Study)
  ''978-0-7494-2356-8Alan Barker30 Minutes Before a Meeting (30 Minutes Series)
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1997978-0-7494-2360-5Patrick Forsyth30 MINUTES TO WRITE A REPORT (30 Minutes Series)
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1998978-0-7494-2497-8Peter Jarvis · John Holford · Colin GriffinThe Theory and Practice of Learning
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1998978-0-7494-2666-8Brian Finch30 Minutes to Negotiate a Better Deal (30 Minutes Series)
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