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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-7110-0002-5Aldo FraccaroliItalian Warships of World War II
1968978-0-7110-0005-6Patrick Ransome-WallisSouthern album
1993978-0-7110-0008-7Charles AtherstoneA. B. C. of B. R. Locomotives, 1968
1969978-0-7110-0012-4E.C.Talbot- Booth · David G. Greenman.Ship Identification, part 1: Merchant Ships (engines amidships)
978-0-7110-0013-1Mock Theory Tests for Car Drivers
1968978-0-7110-0014-8Great Western RailwayGreat Western Railway Rules and Regulations, 1904
  ''978-0-7110-0016-2O. S NockNorth Western: A saga of the premier line of Great Britain 1846-1922
  ''978-0-7110-0017-9G. T MoodySouthern Electric: The history of the world's largest suburban electrified system
1974978-0-7110-0018-6Brian T. Stephenson · Patrick RussellSpecials in Steam
1968978-0-7110-0020-9R.E. SmithBritish Army Vehicles and Equipment
  ''978-0-7110-0021-6George R. Bradford · Len MorganFifty Famous Tanks
  ''978-0-7110-0023-0W. J WyseIsle of Man album
1968978-0-7110-0024-7H.C. CasserleyBritain's Joint Lines
1970978-0-7110-0025-4John W.R. Taylor · Philip John Richard MoyesPictorial History of the Royal Air Force: 1918-39 v. 1
1968978-0-7110-0027-8Roy AllenGreat airports of the world
  ''978-0-7110-0028-5H. C CasserleyPreserved locomotives
  ''978-0-7110-0029-2Brian HaresnapeRailway Design Since 1830, Vol. 1: 1830-1914
1969978-0-7110-0033-9Cecil J. AllenLOCOSPOTTERS ANNUAL FOR 1969.
1968978-0-7110-0034-6Great Central Railway Timetable
1969978-0-7110-0035-3John WR (editor) TaylorAircraft 'sixty nine
1968978-0-7110-0040-7J.David BrownCarrier Operations in World War II: The Royal Navy v. 1
  ''978-0-7110-0041-4O. S. NockTriang-Hornby Book of Trains
  ''978-0-7110-0042-1Cecil J. AllenBritish Atlantic Locomotives
1968978-0-7110-0043-8C.P. BoocockIrish Railway Album
1963978-0-7110-0044-5Geoffrey KichensideSteam Portfolio (Includes material on Spain)
1968978-0-7110-0045-2J JoyceProvincial Bus & Tram Album
  ''978-0-7110-0046-9Geoffrey KichensideBritish Railway Signalling
1970978-0-7110-0047-6Bert MoodyOcean Ships
  ''978-0-7110-0048-3Cuthbert Hamilton EllisLondon, Midland and Scottish. A Railway in Retrospect
1969978-0-7110-0049-0Francis Joseph Roche · G.G. TemplerBuilding Model Locomotives
1968978-0-7110-0050-6I. Macnab · James JoyceIsle of Man Railway
  ''978-0-7110-0052-0P TurnerHandbook of the Vickers Viscount
1969978-0-7110-0053-7David Jenkinson · Nicholas CamplingHistoric Carriage Drawings in 4mm Scale. Vol 1: LMS & LNER
  ''978-0-7110-0055-1John W.R. Taylor · Philip John Richard MoyesPictorial History of the Royal Air Force: 1939-45 v. 2
1968978-0-7110-0056-8"Fenman"Images of Steam
1969978-0-7110-0057-5Brian ReedCrewe to Carlisle
1970978-0-7110-0058-2Colin T. GiffordEach a Glimpse
1968978-0-7110-0059-9C.F.Dendy MarshallHistory of the Southern Railway
2007978-0-7110-0061-2W. Mills4 ft 8 1/2 and All That: A Sort of Railway History
1968978-0-7110-0062-9John W. R TaylorWarplanes of the world
1968978-0-7110-0063-6R.C. RileyGreat Eastern Album
1969978-0-7110-0064-3Gavin BoothBus Stop
1970978-0-7110-0065-0H.T. LentonWarships of the British and Commonwealth Navies
1969978-0-7110-0066-7Robert E. JowittA Desire of Tramcars
  ''978-0-7110-0067-4Arthur FlowersForty Years of Steam
  ''978-0-7110-0068-1Eric TreacyGlory of Steam
  ''978-0-7110-0069-8Ian Sutherland KrauseGreat Western Branch Line Album
  ''978-0-7110-0070-4George DowGreat Central Album
1972978-0-7110-0071-1O. S. NockKings and Castles of the G.W.R.
1969978-0-7110-0072-8Brian HaresnapeRailway Design Since 1830: 1914-1969 V2: 1914-69
1966978-0-7110-0073-5R.C. RileyGreat Western Album: No. 1
1969978-0-7110-0074-2R.J. Essery · D.JenkinsonThe LMS Coach, 1923-1957
1969978-0-7110-0075-9J. W. R. TaylorCivil Aircraft Markings, 1969
  ''978-0-7110-0076-6John W. R TaylorCivil aircraft recognition
  ''978-0-7110-0077-3John W.R. TaylorMilitary Aircraft Recognition
  ''978-0-7110-0078-0Ian AllenLondon Transport Locomotives and Rolling Stock
  ''978-0-7110-0079-7E.Stewart CoxWorld Steam in the 20th Century
1969978-0-7110-0080-3Patrick WhitehouseSteam on the Shed
  ''978-0-7110-0081-0Patrick Whitehouse · John AdamsWelsh Narrow Gauge Album
  ''978-0-7110-0082-7London and South Western Railway CompanyWorking timetables of passenger goods trains, 1st June to 30th September 1909
  ''978-0-7110-0083-4Eric TreacyPortrait of Steam
  ''978-0-7110-0084-1Patrick WhitehouseBranch Line Album: 2nd Series
1969978-0-7110-0085-8David WraggWorld's Air Fleets
  ''978-0-7110-0086-5H.C. Casserley · C.C. DormanMidland Album
1971978-0-7110-0087-2Francis Joseph RocheHistoric Locomotive Drawings in 4mm Scale
1969978-0-7110-0088-9Cecil J (Introduction) AllenBritish Railways Locomotives 1948 (Transport of the Forties)
  ''978-0-7110-0089-6Dart Valley Railway
  ''978-0-7110-0091-9Bruce RobertsonBritish Military Aircraft Serials 1912-69
  ''978-0-7110-0092-6Bryan MorganRailway Relics
1969978-0-7110-0093-3Patrick WhitehouseBranch Line Album: 1st Series
1970978-0-7110-0094-0Donald C. ClaytonHandley Page: An Aircraft Album
  ''978-0-7110-0095-7Paul H. SilverstoneUnited States Warships of World War I
1969978-0-7110-0096-4E.G.F. HaswellGreat Western Shed Diagrams
  ''978-0-7110-0097-1Cecil John AllenLocospotters Annual 1970
1966978-0-7110-0098-8Eric TreacyLure of Steam
1969978-0-7110-0099-5John Charles TaylorGerman Warships of World War 1
  ''978-0-7110-0100-8Alfred PricePictorial History of the Luftwaffe
  ''978-0-7110-0101-5SNELL. JB (Editor)TRAINS SEVENTY
1969978-0-7110-0102-2John W.R. TaylorAircraft 'Seventy
  ''978-0-7110-0103-9G.W. WattsBuses' Seventy
  ''978-0-7110-0104-6David ParsonsShips 'seventy
1970978-0-7110-0105-3Aldo FraccaroliItalian Warships of World War I
1969978-0-7110-0106-0Geoffrey Kichenside · R.C. RileyStill in Steam: Britain's Preserved Railways
  ''978-0-7110-0107-7Alan PeglerFlying Scotsman
1970978-0-7110-0108-4Brian HaresnapeStanier Locomotives
1969978-0-7110-0109-1O. S. NockHistoric Railway Disasters
  ''978-0-7110-0110-7P.Ransome- WallisSnowdon Mountain Railway
1969978-0-7110-0111-4London Transport Buses and Coaches: 1969
  ''978-0-7110-0113-8British Rail Locomotives and Other Motive Power: [1969]: Diesel Locomotives
  ''978-0-7110-0114-5British Rail Locomotives and Other Motive Power: [1969]: Diesel Multiple Units
  ''978-0-7110-0115-2John HuntleyRailways in the Cinema
  ''978-0-7110-0117-6J.E. KiteVintage Steam
1969978-0-7110-0118-3Passenger Transport Yearbook 1969
  ''978-0-7110-0119-0R.W. FaulksElements of Transport
  ''978-0-7110-0120-6H.C. CasserleyPreserved Locomotives: v. 3
  ''978-0-7110-0121-3Freight Industry Year Book 1970
  ''978-0-7110-0122-0Barry J. FinchA Rally of Traction Engines
1970978-0-7110-0123-7Brian Terence WhiteBritish Tanks and Fighting Vehicles, 1914-45
1963978-0-7110-0124-4Ernest Leopold AhronsBritish Steam Railway Locomotive, 1825-1925
1986978-0-7110-0125-1O. S. NockThe British Steam Railway Locomotive, 1925-65
1969978-0-7110-0127-5Bryan PerrettFighting Vehicles of the Red Army
1970978-0-7110-0128-2George DowNorth Staffordshire Album
1970978-0-7110-0129-9R.A. WhiteheadAge of the Traction Engine
1969978-0-7110-0130-5O. S. NockLancashire and Yorkshire Railway
1970978-0-7110-0132-9John W.R. Taylor · Philip John Richard MoyesPictorial History of the Royal Air Force- volume 3 1945-1969: 1945-69
1969978-0-7110-0133-6Kenneth MunsonAircraft of World War II
1970978-0-7110-0134-3Maurice AllwardLondon's Airports
  ''978-0-7110-0135-0R.C. RileyGreat Western Album No.2
  ''978-0-7110-0136-7Kenneth MunsonPictorial History of B. O. A. C. and Imperial Airways
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1970978-0-7110-0139-8R.F. PocockNuclear Ship Propulsion
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1970978-0-7110-0144-2John W.R. TaylorCivil Airliner Recognition
1971978-0-7110-0145-9   ''Civil Aircraft Markings 1970
1970978-0-7110-0146-6   ''Light Plane Recognition
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1971978-0-7110-0157-2Paul H. SilverstoneUnited States Warships of World War II
1970978-0-7110-0158-9George ChandlerLorries and the Law
  ''978-0-7110-0159-6Little Red Book 1970: Road Passenger Transport Directory for the British Isles and Western Europe
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1970978-0-7110-0161-9G.M. Kichenside · Geoffrey KichensideTrains 1971
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1971978-0-7110-0166-4E.C.Talbot- Booth · D.G. GreenmanWarship Identification
1970978-0-7110-0167-1David Green · Kenneth Westcott JonesBusiness Air Traveller's Guide
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  ''978-0-7110-0172-5   ''British Rail Locomotives and Other Motive Power 1970
1970978-0-7110-0173-2P.St.John TurnerHeinkel: An Aircraft Album
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1970978-0-7110-0177-0H.A.V. BulleidMaster Builders of Steam
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1970978-0-7110-0181-7Cecil John AllenSalute to the Great Western
1970978-0-7110-0182-4British Rail Main Line Gradient Profiles
  ''978-0-7110-0183-1Philip John Richard MoyesAirscene: No. 1 (Air Scene)
  ''978-0-7110-0184-8F.J.RocheHistoric Wagon Drawings in 4mm Scale
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1970978-0-7110-0186-2Anthony J. WattsPictorial History of the Royal Navy: 1816-80 v. 1
1971978-0-7110-0187-9G.W.P. SwensonPictorial History of the Rifle
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1971978-0-7110-0222-7British Rail Locoshed Book 1971
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