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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-7110-3140-1Kevin LaneNational Bus Company: The Road to Privatisation
  ''978-0-7110-3141-8David HornsbyOcean Ships
  ''978-0-7110-3142-5R. J. EsseryFreight Train Operation for the Railway Modeller
2005978-0-7110-3143-2Stanley HallABC Modern Signalling Handbook
2006978-0-7110-3144-9AerofilmsLondon's Railways from the Air
  ''978-0-7110-3145-6Geoff Rixon · M. WharmbyRoutemaster Requiem
2005978-0-7110-3146-3Laurence WatersBritish Railway Western Region in Colour: For the Modeller and Historian
2006978-0-7110-3147-0Ernest ShepherdThe Waterford, Limerick and Western Railway
2007978-0-7110-3149-4Desmond CoakhamNarrow Gauge Rolling Stock: An Irish Railway Pictorial (Irish Railway Pictorial S.)
2006978-0-7110-3150-0D. MurrayGreat Southern Railway: An Irish Pictorial (Irish Railway Pictorial) (Irish Railway Pictorial S.)
2008978-0-7110-3151-7Robert HendryBritish Railway Coaching Stock in Colour Since 1960 for the Modeller and Historian
  ''978-0-7110-3152-4Ian MortonAspects of Modelling: Digital Control Command
2010978-0-7110-3153-1Ian MortonAspects of Modelling: Baseboards for Model Railways
2007978-0-7110-3154-8   ''Road Vehicles for Model Railways (Aspects of Modelling)
2007978-0-7110-3155-5Matthew Wharmby · Geoff RixonRoutemaster Retrospective
2006978-0-7110-3156-2Stuart MackayBritish Railway Pictorial: First-generation DMUs in Colour for the Modeller and Historian
2005978-0-7110-3157-9R. J. EsseryPassenger Train Operation for the Railway Modeller
  ''978-0-7110-3158-6Michael BakerRails Around Cork and Kerry: An Irish Railway Pictorial
2007978-0-7110-3159-3John HypherWilts and Dorset (Glory Days)
  ''978-0-7110-3160-9David DunneArmoured and Heavy Vehicles of The Royal Ulster Constabulary 1922-2001
  ''978-0-7110-3161-6David Williams · Richard de KerbrechCargo Ships (Colour Portfolio) (Colour Portfolio S.)
2006978-0-7110-3162-3M. BaryatinskyThe IS Tanks: IS-1, IS-2, IS-3 (Russian Armour)
  ''978-0-7110-3163-0M. BaryatinskiyRussian Armour: Light Tanks - BT-2, BT-5, BT-7, T-26, T-40, T-50, T-60
2006978-0-7110-3164-7Anthony W. BurgesRailways of Hampshire (British Railway Pictorial S.)
2007978-0-7110-3165-4   ''Railways of Kent (British Railway Pictorial) (British Railway Pictorial S.)
2006978-0-7110-3166-1David ClarkeClass 40 (Diesels in Depth)
2007978-0-7110-3167-8Malcolm KeeleyBirmingham City Transport (Glory Days)
2006978-0-7110-3168-5Ian AllanBritish Railways Motive Power Combined: v. 1963 (Abc S.)
2008978-0-7110-3169-2A. VaughanRailway Blunders
2006978-0-7110-3170-8Robin GardinerThe History of the White Star Line
  ''978-0-7110-3171-5David ClarkeClasses 24/25 (Diesels in Depth)
2007978-0-7110-3172-2Stuart HyltonThe Grand Experiment: The Birth of the Railway Age 1820 - 1845 (European Rail Atlas Series)
  ''978-0-7110-3173-9Colin MorrisSouthern National
2008978-0-7110-3174-6Colin MorrisWestern National Omnibus Company
2006978-0-7110-3175-3Harold BagustThe Greater Genius?: A Biography of Marc Isambard Brunel
  ''978-0-7110-3176-0B. DicksonBritish Railway Pictorial: Scottish Region, 1948-1967
  ''978-0-7110-3177-7David ClarkeRiddles 4-6-2 BR Standard Pacifics Class 7 (Locomotives in Detail S.)
2006978-0-7110-3178-4Peter SwiftMaunsell 4-4-0 Schools Class (Locomotives in Detail S.)
2008978-0-7110-3179-1David C. WilliamsLondon Midland Region (Last Years of Steam) (Last Years of Steam S.)
2009978-0-7110-3182-1David C. WilliamsLast Years of Steam: Western Region
2007978-0-7110-3184-5Gavin MorrisonHeyday of the HST
  ''978-0-7110-3185-2Colin G. MaggsSomerset and Dorset: Life on the Bath to Bournemouth Line
2006978-0-7110-3186-9Stewart AerofilmsFootball Grounds in London from the Air (Aerofilms)
  ''978-0-7110-3187-6Duncan AdamsFan's Guide: Football Grounds - England & Wales
  ''978-0-7110-3188-3D. AdamsFans Football Grounds: Scotland (Fans Guide to Football Grounds)
2007978-0-7110-3189-0Pat WareMilitary Land Rover: Development and in Service
2008978-0-7110-3190-6Nigel WelbournLost Lines: Liverpool and the Mersey
  ''978-0-7110-3191-3Pat WareMilitary Harley-Davidson
2007978-0-7110-3192-0   ''Red Ball Express: Supply Line from the D-Day Beaches (Us Army Transport)
2007978-0-7110-3193-7Pat WareWorld War Two Military Vehicles: Transport and Halftracks (World War Two)
2006978-0-7110-3194-4George FairleyEdinburgh (Tramway Memories S.)
  ''978-0-7110-3195-1Paul AppletonA Celebration of Great Dorset Steam
2007978-0-7110-3196-8Roger DaviesWallace Arnold (Glory Days) (Glory Days)
2006978-0-7110-3197-5William F. BoltonThe Railwayman's Diesel Manual
2007978-0-7110-3198-2Martin Jenkins · Charles RobertsStreets of Liverpool
  ''978-0-7110-3199-9Glynn Kraemer-Johnson · John BishopBrighton (Trolleybus Memories) (Trolleybus Memories S.)
  ''978-0-7110-3200-2John VaughanClass 37 (Diesel Retrospective)
  ''978-0-7110-3201-9John VaughanClass 47 (Diesel Retrospective)
2007978-0-7110-3202-6Gavin BoothNorth West England and Yorkshire (Bus Operators 1970) (Bus Operators 1970 S.)
  ''978-0-7110-3203-3Kevin McCormackLondon Buses in Colour 1965-1980
  ''978-0-7110-3204-0David Williams · Richard de KerbrechPassenger Liners in Colour
2008978-0-7110-3205-7David L Williams and Richard de KerbrechCoastal Vessels: A Colour Portfolio
2007978-0-7110-3206-4Glynn Kraemer-Johnson · John BishopThe Heyday of East Kent
  ''978-0-7110-3207-1Alan WilkinsonCrewe North (British Railway Pictorial) (British Railway Pictorial S.)
  ''978-0-7110-3208-8Roger DaviesThe Heyday of Ribble
2007978-0-7110-3209-5Stewart J. BrownPlaxton: A Centenary History
2006978-0-7110-3210-1Tony PattisonLittle Red Book 2007
2007978-0-7110-3211-8National Association Of Road Transport MuseumsBuses Restored
  ''978-0-7110-3212-5Gavin BoothClassic Bus Yearbook
  ''978-0-7110-3213-2Stewart J. BrownBuses Yearbook 2008
  ''978-0-7110-3214-9Eric ChallonerWolverhampton (Trolleybus Memories) (Trolleybus Memories S.)
  ''978-0-7110-3215-6R. J. EsseryRailway Signalling and Track Plans
2007978-0-7110-3216-3Alan C. ButcherRailways Restored
  ''978-0-7110-3217-0Roger DaviesWestern Welsh (Glory Days)
  ''978-0-7110-3218-7Brian LewisBrunel's Timber Bridges and Viaducts
  ''978-0-7110-3219-4David W. WebbRailways of Leicestershire and Rutland (British Railway Pictorial) (British Railway Pictorial S.)
  ''978-0-7110-3220-0Michael ClemensSteam Trails: The Cotswolds and South Midlands (Steam Trails)
2007978-0-7110-3221-7Michael ClemensThe Withered Arm (Steam Trails)
  ''978-0-7110-3222-4Colin McCarthy · David McCarthy · Colonel M. H. CobbKent and Sussex (Railways of Britain)
  ''978-0-7110-3223-1Colin McCarthy · David McCarthy · Colonel M. H. CobbNorfolk and Suffolk (Railways of Britain)
  ''978-0-7110-3224-8John BalmforthVirgin Trains: A Decade of Progress
  ''978-0-7110-3225-5Paul ShannonBlue Diesel Days
2008978-0-7110-3226-2Bob TelferGlory Days: Yorkshire Traction: 1
2008978-0-7110-3227-9A. E. JonesGlory Days: North Western: 1
2014978-0-7110-3228-6A.E. JonesLancashire United Transport (Glory Days)
2007978-0-7110-3229-3Jonathan McDonald · Ian Molloy · Darren HallDublin Bus
  ''978-0-7110-3230-9   ''Bus Eireann
  ''978-0-7110-3231-6Tom FerrisIarnrod Eireann
2008978-0-7110-3232-3Kevin Robertson · Ian WhitmarshLondon Memories
2007978-0-7110-3233-0Kevin RobertsonBritish Railways Southern Region in Colour: for the Modeller and Historian: For the Modeller and Historian (British Railways)
2008978-0-7110-3234-7Colin MorrisRoyal Blue Days
2007978-0-7110-3235-4Keith Verden Anderson · Brian StephensonDiesels in Scotland
2006978-0-7110-3236-1Michael H. CobbThe Railways of Great Britain A Historical Atlas (Second Edition) at a scale of 1 inch to 1 mile
2007978-0-7110-3238-5Mikhail BaryatinskiyMain Battle Tank T-80 (Russian Armour S.)
  ''978-0-7110-3239-2John PrigentPanzerwaffe Volume 1: The Evolution of the Panzerwaffe to the Fall of Poland 1939
2008978-0-7110-3240-8Mark HealyPanzerwaffe Vol. 2 - The Campaigns in the West 1940: v. 2 (Classic Colours)
2007978-0-7110-3241-5Kevin RobertsonThe Final Years of Isle of Wight Steam
2008978-0-7110-3242-2Hugh DadyThe Heyday of the Warships
  ''978-0-7110-3243-9Derek HuntrissThe Changing Railway Scene: London Midland Region: 1
2008978-0-7110-3244-6Roy HobbsSteam Around Surrey and Sussex
  ''978-0-7110-3245-3Michael Eyre · Chris HeapsThe Manchester Trolleybus (Trolleybus Memories)
2007978-0-7110-3246-0David ClarkeRiddles Class 9F 2-10-0 (Locomotives in Detail) (Locomotives in Detail S.)
  ''978-0-7110-3247-7Peter SwiftMaunsell 4-6-0 Lord Nelson Class (Locomotives in Detail) (Locomotives in Detail S.)
2009978-0-7110-3248-4Pat WareWorld War Two German Half-track Vehicles
2009978-0-7110-3249-1Pat WareWorld War Two German Trucks
2007978-0-7110-3250-7David Clarke · John JennisonWesterns (Diesels in Depth)
2008978-0-7110-3251-4Chris Mawson · Richard RidingBritish Seaside Piers
2007978-0-7110-3252-1The Power of Steam
  ''978-0-7110-3253-8Colin MarsdenThe Railways at Dawlish
2008978-0-7110-3254-5Glyn Kraemer-Johnson · John BishopSouthdown in NBC Days
2009978-0-7110-3255-2Glynn Kraemer-JohnsonSouthdown Memories
2008978-0-7110-3256-9Kevin McCormackBygone Edinburgh
2006978-0-7110-3257-6Tim WatsonA Monarch at Work
2008978-0-7110-3258-3Bruce OliverBritish Railway Southern Region Electrics in Colour for the Modeller and Historian (For the Modeller & Historian)
  ''978-0-7110-3264-4Michael Welch · Terry PhillipsDiesels on the Eastern
2007978-0-7110-3265-1Mikhail BaryatinskiyT-34 (Russian Armour) (Russian Armour S.)
2008978-0-7110-3266-8David L. Williams · Richard P. de KerbrechSwan Hunter (Glory Days)
2007978-0-7110-3267-5AerofilmsFootball Grounds (Aerofilms Guide)
  ''978-0-7110-3268-2Duncan AdamsA Fan's Guide to Football Grounds: England and Wales
  ''978-0-7110-3269-9AerofilmsAerofilms Football Grounds from the Air: Then and Now
2007978-0-7110-3270-5Tony PattisonLittle Red Book
2008978-0-7110-3271-2Michael HeatleyFootball Club Origins and Nicknames
  ''978-0-7110-3272-9David L. Williams and Richard de Kerbrech · Richard de KerbrechFerries and Pleasure Steamers: A Colour Portfolio
2007978-0-7110-3273-6Ken CordnerThe Modern Railway Directory 2007
2009978-0-7110-3274-3Adrian VaughanThe Greatest Railway Blunder
2008978-0-7110-3275-0Laurence WatersChanging Railway Scene, The: Western Region
  ''978-0-7110-3276-7Kevin LaneThe Heyday of the Bristol RE: 1
  ''978-0-7110-3277-4Colin MarsdenTraction Recognition
2010978-0-7110-3279-8Glyn Kraemer-Johnson · John BishopBygone Brighton
  ''978-0-7110-3280-4Adrian VaughanThe Intemperate Engineer: Isambard Kingdom Brunel in His Own Words
2007978-0-7110-3282-8Robert HendryBritish Railway Station Architecture in Colour: For the Modeller and Historian
2008978-0-7110-3283-5Michael H. C. BakerLondon Transport in the 1980s
2008978-0-7110-3284-2John VaughanClass 33 (Diesel Retrospective)
2009978-0-7110-3285-9   ''Diesel Retrospective: Class 31
2008978-0-7110-3286-6Stuart FullerA Fan's Guide: European Football Grounds
2007978-0-7110-3287-3Classic Buses 2008 (Wall Calendar)
  ''978-0-7110-3288-0Modern Railways 2008 (Wall Calendar)
  ''978-0-7110-3289-7Heritage Railways Calendar 2008 (Wall Calendar)
  ''978-0-7110-3290-3Masonic Calendar 2008 (Wall Calendar)
  ''978-0-7110-3291-0Bygone Calendar 2008 (Wall Calendar)
2007978-0-7110-3292-7Aviation Calendar 2008 (Wall Calendar)
2008978-0-7110-3294-1Alan ButcherRailways Restored 2008
  ''978-0-7110-3295-8Stewart J. BrownBuses Yearbook 2009
  ''978-0-7110-3296-5Kevin McCormackThe Midland Around London: A Colour Portfolio
  ''978-0-7110-3297-2David McIntoshMallard and the A4 Class
  ''978-0-7110-3298-9Anthony BurgesRailways of Devon and Cornwall (British Railway Pictorial S.)
2008978-0-7110-3299-6Matthew WharmbyThe London Titan
2007978-0-7110-3300-9Tim BryanAll in a Day's Work: Life on the GWR
  ''978-0-7110-3301-6Denis DunstoneFor the Love of Trains
2008978-0-7110-3302-3Colin McCarthy · David McCarthyDevon and Cornwall (Railways of Britain): 1
  ''978-0-7110-3307-8Colin McCarthyCheshire and Shropshire: Cheshire and Shropshire (Railways of Britain)
  ''978-0-7110-3308-5Stanley HallLevel Crossings
  ''978-0-7110-3309-2Paul CollinsAn Olympic Summer: Transport for London in 1948
2008978-0-7110-3310-8Mark Darby · Paul Higgins · Neil Higson and Adrian KennyA Decade of Change:
2009978-0-7110-3311-5Kevin LaneLondon Half-cab Farewell
  ''978-0-7110-3312-2Martin S. CurtisBristol Lodekka
2007978-0-7110-3313-9Ken (ed) CordnerThe Modern Railway Directory
2008978-0-7110-3314-6Matthew Wharmby and Geoff RixonRoutemaster Omnibus
  ''978-0-7110-3315-3abcabc British Railways Locomotives and Other Motive Power Combined Volume 1964: v. 1964 (Abc S.)
  ''978-0-7110-3316-0Malcolm KeeleyWorking Days: Midland Red
  ''978-0-7110-3318-4John BalmforthGNER: The Route of the Flying Scotsman
2008978-0-7110-3319-1National Association of Road Transport MuseumsBuses Restored 2008
  ''978-0-7110-3321-4Gavin BoothClassic Bus Yearbook 14
2010978-0-7110-3322-1Robert KershawIt Never Snows in September: The German View of Market-Garden and the Battle of Arnhem September 1944:
2008978-0-7110-3323-8Robert KershawD-Day: Piercing the Atlantic Wall: 2
  ''978-0-7110-3324-5   ''War without Garlands: Operation Barbarossa 1941-1942
  ''978-0-7110-3325-2   ''Red Sabbath: The Battle of Little Bighorn
  ''978-0-7110-3326-9Gavin BoothBuses by Design
2008978-0-7110-3328-3Kevin RobertsonWestern Region Signalling in Colour: 1
  ''978-0-7110-3329-0Pete WatermanA Train Is for Life
  ''978-0-7110-3330-6Nick GrantAbc British Railways Locomotives 1954
  ''978-0-7110-3331-3Karl LudvigsenRacing Colours: Italian Racing Red
  ''978-0-7110-3332-0David VenablesRacing Colours: British Racing Green
2008978-0-7110-3333-7AerofilmsAerofilms Guide: Football Grounds (16th edition) (Aerofilms Guides)
  ''978-0-7110-3334-4Tony PattisonLittle Red Book 2009
  ''978-0-7110-3335-1Kevin McCormackLost London in Colour
  ''978-0-7110-3336-8Michael CorcoranThrough Streets Broad and Narrow: A History of Dublin Trams
2009978-0-7110-3337-5Kevin McCormackBygone Surrey
  ''978-0-7110-3338-2   ''The Eastern Around London: A Colour Portfolio
2008978-0-7110-3339-9Kevin RobertsonThe Southern Scene
2008978-0-7110-3340-5Peter Waller and Alan ButcherLocomotives from the National Collection
  ''978-0-7110-3341-2Kim FullbrookA Guide to Digital Railway Photography
  ''978-0-7110-3342-9Ken CordnerTunnel Vision
2009978-0-7110-3343-6Ian MortonAspects of Modelling: Railway Electrics
  ''978-0-7110-3344-3Ed O'NeillLast Decade of CIE Buses
2008978-0-7110-3345-0Fiona RuleThe Worst Street in London
2009978-0-7110-3346-7Colin McCarthy · David McCarthyRailways of Britain: London North of the Thames
2012978-0-7110-3347-4Colin McCarthy and David McCarthyRailways of Britain: London South of the Thames
2009978-0-7110-3348-1John GloverLondon Underground Rolling Stock in Colour for the Modeller and Historian
  ''978-0-7110-3349-8John GloverLondon Underground Stations in Colour for the Modeller and Historian (For the Modeller & Historian)
2008978-0-7110-3350-4Ian Allan PublishingClassic Aviation 2009 (Calendar)
2008978-0-7110-3351-1Ian Allan PublishingClassic Bus 2009 (Calendar)
2008978-0-7110-3352-8Ian Allan PublishingClassic Railways 2009 (Calendar)
  ''978-0-7110-3353-5   ''Masonic Calendar 2009 (Calendar)
  ''978-0-7110-3354-2Mike WildHornby Magazine Yearbook No. 1