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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1963978-0-500-01011-2D. Vogt · H. WermuthComplete Aquarium
1967978-0-500-01038-9Bernard Lovell · T. MargerisonExplosion of Science: Physical Universe
1968978-0-500-01046-4Gordon Rattray TaylorBiological Time Bomb
1969978-0-500-01054-9Carol Humphrey Vivian SutherlandGold: Its beauty, power and allure
  ''978-0-500-01060-0Helmut Gernsheim · Alison GernsheimHistory of Photography
1972978-0-500-01077-8George F. BassA History of Seafaring: Based on Underwater Archaeology
1974978-0-500-01087-7Oskar KokoschkaMy Life
1973978-0-500-01094-5Mary SimeA Child's Eye View: Piaget for Young Parents and Teachers
  ''978-0-500-01098-3Saul SteinbergThe Inspector
  ''978-0-500-01099-0Ursula Von RauchhauptThe Symphony
1974978-0-500-01100-3John VintonDictionary of Twentieth-century Music
  ''978-0-500-01119-5Edward De BonoEureka!: Illustrated History of Inventions from the Wheel to the Computer
1975978-0-500-01124-9Marcel DuchampSalt Seller: Essential Writings
1975978-0-500-01137-9Herbert Barth · etc.Wagner
1977978-0-500-01142-3Marc OlivierPsychology of the House
  ''978-0-500-01153-9Vivian FuchsForces of Nature
1976978-0-500-01163-8RowseMatthew Arnold: Poet and Prophet
  ''978-0-500-01164-5H. C. Robbins LandonHaydn: Chronicle and Works: Haydn in England 1791-1795: Haydn in England, 1791-95
1977978-0-500-01166-9H.C.Robbins LandonHaydn: The Years of the Creation, 1796-1800: The Years of The Creation 1796-1800 (Haydn Chronicle & Works S.)
  ''978-0-500-01178-2Jock HaswellSpies and Spymasters: A Concise History of Intelligence
  ''978-0-500-01182-9John Michell · Robert RickardPhenomena
1977978-0-500-01184-3William WeaverVerdi. A documentary study.
  ''978-0-500-01185-0J. Enoch PowellJoseph Chamberlain
1979978-0-500-01205-5Alison AdburghamShopping in Style: London from the Restoration to Edwardian Elegance
  ''978-0-500-01207-9Madhu KhannaYantra: The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity
1980978-0-500-01234-5Marghanita LaskiEveryday Ecstasy: Some Observations on the Possible Social Effects of Major and Minor Ecstatic Experiences in Our Daily Secular Lives
  ''978-0-500-01240-6William WeaverThe Golden Century of Italian Opera from Rossini to Puccini
1981978-0-500-01252-9H.C.Robbins LandonHaydn - A Documentary Study
  ''978-0-500-01259-8Neil MacKwoodIn and Out
1982978-0-500-01290-1Stephen Spender · David HockneyChina Diary
1983978-0-500-01298-7Myra L. ShackleyWildmen: Yeti, Sasquatch and the Neanderthal Enigma
1983978-0-500-01304-5Brian De BreffnyIreland: A Cultural Encyclopaedia
  ''978-0-500-01311-3Paul GriffithsThe String Quartet: A History
1984978-0-500-01315-1Linda MurrayMichelangelo: His Life, Work and Times
1983978-0-500-01319-9Louis Wain · Michael ParkinLouis Wain's Cats
1984978-0-500-01321-2David Shaw-SmithIreland's Traditional Crafts
  ''978-0-500-01327-4John Brookes Chairman of the Society of Garden DesignersA Place in the Country
  ''978-0-500-01331-1John MichellEccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions
  ''978-0-500-01347-2Sylvia KatzClassic Plastics: From Bakelite to High-tech with a Collector's Guide
1986978-0-500-01348-9Stephen Batley · etc.Twentieth-century Style and Design
1984978-0-500-01355-7Christopher HogwoodHandel
1985978-0-500-01360-1Stuart PiggottWilliam Stukeley: An Eighteenth-century Antiquary
1985978-0-500-01363-2Robert TanitchOlivier
  ''978-0-500-01372-4John BoardmanThe Parthenon and Its Sculptures
1986978-0-500-01375-5Roy StrongHenry, Prince of Wales and England's Lost Renaissance
  ''978-0-500-01387-8Glyn DanielSome Small Harvest: Memoirs
  ''978-0-500-01395-3Anna PiaggiKarl Lagerfeld: A Fashion Journal
1987978-0-500-01398-4Sheridan MorleySpread a Little Happiness: First Hundred Years of the British Musical
1986978-0-500-01399-1Filiz Cagman · Zeren TaninidiThe Topkapi Saray Museum: Albums and Illustrated Manuscripts
1987978-0-500-01401-1Arnold WhittallRomantic Music: A Concise History from Schubert to Sibelius
  ''978-0-500-01404-2Douglas Johnson · Madeleine JohnsonAge of Illusion: Art and Politics in France, 1918-40
1988978-0-500-01411-0H.C.Robbins Landon1791: Mozart's Last Year
1987978-0-500-01415-8Caroline Seebohm · Christopher Simon SykesEnglish Country: Living in England's Private Houses
1987978-0-500-01416-5Francois BoucherA History of Costume in the West
  ''978-0-500-01419-6Barbara JohnsonAlbum of Fashions and Fabrics
1988978-0-500-01420-2Margaret MacMillanWomen of the Raj
  ''978-0-500-01422-6Edward MaederHollywood and History - Costume Design in Film
  ''978-0-500-01438-7H.C.Robbins Landon · David Wyn JonesHaydn: His Life and Work
  ''978-0-500-01442-4Terry A. NeffGerhard Richter
1988978-0-500-01449-3Harry HaskellThe Early Music Revival: A History
  ''978-0-500-01453-0Lee AllaneOriental Rugs: A Buyer's Guide
1989978-0-500-01459-2Kurt WilhelmRichard Strauss: An Intimate Portrait
  ''978-0-500-01462-2Enoch BraterWhy Beckett
  ''978-0-500-01470-7Stuart PiggottAncient Britons and the Antiquarian Imagination
  ''978-0-500-01473-8Mary Schoeser · Celia RufeyEnglish and American Textiles: From 1790 to the Present
1990978-0-500-01479-0Susan HerbertThe Cats Gallery of Art
1991978-0-500-01485-1Peter GreenAlexander to Actium: Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age
1990978-0-500-01489-9Rose FolsomCalligrapher's Dictionary
1991978-0-500-01501-8Richard Hughes · Michael RoweThe Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals: A Manual for Fine Metalworkers, Sculptors and Designers
1991978-0-500-01506-3H. C. Robbins LandonMozart and Vienna: Including selections from Johann Pezzl's 'Sketch of Vienna' 1786-90
  ''978-0-500-01507-0Sima EliovsonThe Gardens of Roberto Burle Marx
  ''978-0-500-01508-7Susan Herbert · Stanley BaronDiary of a Victorian Cat
1992978-0-500-01516-2Miranda J. GreenDictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend
1991978-0-500-01523-0Barry CooperThe Beethoven Compendium: A Guide to Beethoven's Life and Music
1992978-0-500-01530-8Michael DamesMythic Ireland
  ''978-0-500-01532-2Glyn DanielWriting for Antiquity
  ''978-0-500-01538-4Susan HerbertImpressionist Cats
1994978-0-500-01544-5Joseph CornellJoseph Cornell's Theatre of the Mind: Selected Diaries, Letters and Documents
1996978-0-500-01548-3Maggie BlackThe Medieval Cookbook
1992978-0-500-01551-3Carla LindThe Wright Style: Interiors of Frank Lloyd Wright - Authentic Designs, Contemporary Interpretations
1992978-0-500-01554-4Christian LacroixPieces of a Pattern: Lacroix by Lacroix
1993978-0-500-01564-3John Peacock20th Century Fashion: The Complete Sourcebook
  ''978-0-500-01566-7Isabelle de Courtivron · Whitney ChadwickSignificant Others: Creativity and Intimate Partnership
  ''978-0-500-01567-4Richard WagnerWagner's "Ring of the Nibelung": Companion
  ''978-0-500-01573-5Klaus FerdinandBedouins of Qatar (The Carlsberg Foundation Nomad Research Project)
  ''978-0-500-01574-2Ernst H. GombrichA Lifelong Interest: Conversations on Art and Science with Didier Eribon
1993978-0-500-01575-9Marie-France BoyerCabin Fever: Sheds and Shelters, Huts and Hideaways
  ''978-0-500-01576-6H. C. Robbins LandonVivaldi: Voice of the Baroque
  ''978-0-500-01579-7Earthshock: Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Other Forces of Nature
  ''978-0-500-01588-9Claudia MullerThe Timeline of World Costume: From Fig Leaf to Street Fashion
  ''978-0-500-01589-6Julie IovineChic Simple: Home
1993978-0-500-01590-2Christa WorthingtonClothes (Chic Simple S.)
  ''978-0-500-01591-9Christa WorthingtonScarves (Chic Simple S.)
  ''978-0-500-01593-3Michael SolomanChic Simple: Shirt & Tie
1994978-0-500-01596-4Michael Spens · Geoffrey JellicoeThe Complete Landscape Designs and Gardens of Geoffrey Jellicoe: Plans and Projects from 1927
  ''978-0-500-01607-7John MichellAt the Centre of the World: Polar Symbolism Discovered in Celtic, Norse and Other Ritualized Landscapes
1995978-0-500-01608-4Johanna DruckerThe Alphabetic Labyrinth: Letters in History and Imagination
1994978-0-500-01610-7Susan HerbertThe Cats History of Western Art
  ''978-0-500-01617-6Walter ThomasChic Simple: Packing
1994978-0-500-01622-0Marie-France BoyerThe French Cafe
  ''978-0-500-01624-4Robin ReillyWedgwood Jasper
  ''978-0-500-01625-1Robert KingHenry Purcell -A greater musical genius England never had
1995978-0-500-01626-8Lydia Greeves · John MillerThe Perfect English Country Cottage
  ''978-0-500-01628-2Dee DavisDecoupage: Paper Cutouts for Decoration and Pleasure
1994978-0-500-01629-9James Putnam · Jeremy PembertonAmazing Facts About Ancient Egypt
1998978-0-500-01633-6Pascal Marechaux · Maria Marechaux · Dominique ChampaultYemen
1994978-0-500-01634-3Todd LyonChic Simple: Desk
1995978-0-500-01635-0Rachel UrquhartNursery (Chic Simple)
  ''978-0-500-01636-7Jennifer LisleStorage (Chic Simple S.)
1994978-0-500-01637-4Robert LoveChic Simple: Tools
1994978-0-500-01645-9Alexander NagelCherubs: Angels of Love
  ''978-0-500-01647-3Alberto SiliottiEgypt: Splendours of an Ancient Civilization
2010978-0-500-01649-7Marina WarnerPaula Rego Nursery Rhymes
1995978-0-500-01652-7Susan HerbertMedieval Cats
  ''978-0-500-01653-4H. C. Robbins LandonThe Mozart Essays
  ''978-0-500-01656-5Derek JarmanDerek Jarman's Garden
  ''978-0-500-01664-0James Bentley · Hugh PalmerThe Most Beautiful Villages of Tuscany
1996978-0-500-01666-4Nigel PennickCeltic Sacred Landscapes
1995978-0-500-01667-1Linda Nochlin · Tamar GarbThe Jew in the Text: Modernity and the Construction of Identity
1995978-0-500-01673-2Suzi GablikConversations Before the End of Time
  ''978-0-500-01675-6Abdelkebir Khatibi · Mohammed SijelmassiThe Splendour of Islamic Calligraphy
  ''978-0-500-01680-0William WarrenBalinese Gardens
1996978-0-500-01681-7Rachel Urquhart · James WojcikChic Simple: Women's Wardrobe (Chic Simple (large))
1995978-0-500-01684-8Estelle Ellis · Caroline SeebohmAt Home with Books: How Booklovers Live with and Care for Their Libraries
1996978-0-500-01691-6Sylvia LandsbergThe Medieval Garden
  ''978-0-500-01692-3Christopher ReedNot at Home: Suppression of Domesticity in Modern Art and Architecture
  ''978-0-500-01693-0Sophie D. Coe · Michael D. CoeThe True History of Chocolate
1996978-0-500-01695-4Susan HerbertShakespeare Cats
  ''978-0-500-01699-2Geza Von Habsburg · etc.Faberge in America
  ''978-0-500-01700-5John MichellWho Wrote Shakespeare?
  ''978-0-500-01706-7Jean-Marie Chauvet · Eliette Brunel Deschamps · Christian HillaireChauvet Cave: The Discovery of the World's Oldest Paintings
  ''978-0-500-01708-1Christa WorthingtonChic Simple: Accessories
1996978-0-500-01709-8Kim Johnston Gross · Jeff Stone · Robert TardioWork Clothes (Chic Simple)
  ''978-0-500-01712-8Yannick Guégan · Roger Le PuilThe Handbook of Painted Decoration: The Tools, Materials and Step-by-Step Techniques of Trompe L'Oeil Painting
1997978-0-500-01714-2Yann Arthus-Bertrand · Janine TrotereauGreece from the Air
1996978-0-500-01717-3Irina Antonova · etc. · Vladimir Tolstikov · Mikhail TreisterThe Gold of Troy: Searching for Homer's Fabled City
  ''978-0-500-01723-4Gray Watson · Mike O'Pray · Peter Snow · Matt Cook · Stuart Morgan · Christopher LloydDerek Jarman: A Portrait - Artist, Film-maker, Designer
  ''978-0-500-01724-1Ul De RicoWhite Goblin
  ''978-0-500-01725-8John PeacockMen's Fashion: The Complete Sourcebook
1996978-0-500-01727-2Margaret AstonThe Panorama of the Renaissance: An Encyclopaedic Sourcebook
  ''978-0-500-01728-9Jill BlakeTile Style: How to Design Successfully with Tiles
1997978-0-500-01731-9Patrick F. HoulihanThe Animal World of the Pharaohs
1996978-0-500-01736-4Jill JohnstonJasper Johns: Privileged Information
1998978-0-500-01740-1Kim Johnson Gross · Jeff StoneMen's Wardrobe (Chic Simple)
1996978-0-500-01745-6Thierry Beauvert · Jacques MoattiOpera Houses of the World
  ''978-0-500-01747-0Anna Maria Liberati · Fabio BourbonSplendours of the Roman World
1997978-0-500-01754-8Pierre BergéYves Saint Laurent (Fashion Memoir)
1996978-0-500-01758-6Judy A. JuracekSurfaces: Visual Research for Artists, Architects, and Designers
1997978-0-500-01764-7François BaudotChristian Lacroix (Fashion Memoir)
  ''978-0-500-01766-1Stephen F. EisenmanGauguin's Skirt
  ''978-0-500-01767-8Amanda Triossi · Daniela MascettiThe Necklace: From Antiquity to the Present
1997978-0-500-01768-5Tony WrightPeople's Party: The History of the Labour Party: Illustrated History of the Labour Party
  ''978-0-500-01772-2Daniel Philippe · Claire JulliardFrance from the Air
  ''978-0-500-01779-1Juan Pablo Quieroz · Tomas De EliaEvita: Intimate Portrait of Eva Peron
  ''978-0-500-01789-0Lee Hendrix · Thea Vignau-WilbergAn Abecedarium: Illuminated Alphabets from the Court of the Emperor Rudolf II
  ''978-0-500-01790-6Lee Hendrix · Thea Vignau-WilbergNature Illuminated: Flora and Fauna from the Court of the Emperor Rudolf II
1997978-0-500-01795-1William WarrenTropical Garden Plants
  ''978-0-500-01797-5Colin McDowellThe Man of Fashion: Peacock Males and Perfect Gentlemen
  ''978-0-500-01798-2Peter G. Maxwell-StuartChronicle of the Popes: The Reign-by-reign Record of the Papacy from St.Peter to the Present (Chronicles)
  ''978-0-500-01799-9Marie-France Boyer · Mike TigheReally Rural: Authentic French Country Interiors: Authentic French Country Style
  ''978-0-500-01800-2Tom Shachtman · Len RubensteinThe Most Beautiful Villages of New England
1997978-0-500-01802-6Kathleen BerrinThe Spirit of Ancient Peru: Treasures from the Museo Arqueologico Rafael Larco Herrera
  ''978-0-500-01805-7Susan HerbertOpera Cats
  ''978-0-500-01811-8Adrian Fisher · Howard LoxtonSecrets of the Maze: An Interactive Guide to the World's Most Amazing Mazes
  ''978-0-500-01812-5Barty PhilipsLiving with Carpets: A Comprehensive Style-by-style Directory to Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home
  ''978-0-500-01813-2Laurence BenaimIssey Miyake (Fashion Memoir)
1997978-0-500-01818-7Marie-Andree Jouve · Jacqueline DemornexBalenciaga (Fashion Memoir)
1998978-0-500-01819-4Mariuccia CasadioMissoni (Made in Italy)
1997978-0-500-01822-4Hans Silvester · Jane BrentonSleeping in the Sun: Carefree Cats of the Greek Islands
  ''978-0-500-01825-5Louisa JonesKitchen Gardens of France
1998978-0-500-01834-7Mark Ottaway · Hugh PalmerThe Most Beautiful Villages of Greece and the Greek Islands
  ''978-0-500-01835-4Sarah Costley · Charles KightlyCeltic Book of Days
  ''978-0-500-01836-1Frances BorzelloSeeing Ourselves: Women's Self-portraits
  ''978-0-500-01841-5Anne HigonnetPictures of Innocence: The History and Crisis of Ideal Childhood (Interplay)
1998978-0-500-01846-0Delphine DesveauxFortuny (Fashion Memoir)
  ''978-0-500-01847-7Ingrid SischyDonna Karan (Fashion Memoir)
  ''978-0-500-01848-4Francois BaudotThierry Mugler (Fashion Memoir)
  ''978-0-500-01849-1Mariuccia Casadio · Samuele MazzaVersace (Made in Italy)
1999978-0-500-01853-8Eileen Gray · Francois BaudotEileen Gray (Design Memoir)
1998978-0-500-01856-9Liz FarrellyTibor Kalman: Design and Undesign (The Cutting Edge)
  ''978-0-500-01857-6Fay SweetAlessi: Art and Poetry (The Cutting Edge S.)
1998978-0-500-01862-0James Bentley · Hugh PalmerThe Most Beautiful Villages of Burgundy
  ''978-0-500-01871-2Silvie TurnerThe Book of Fine Paper: A Worldwide Guide to Contemporary Papers for Art, Design and Decoration
  ''978-0-500-01873-6Laura CerwinskeIn the Spiritual Style: Home as Sanctuary
  ''978-0-500-01876-7Anna PiaggiPiaggi's Anna, Fashion Algebra
  ''978-0-500-01880-4Robert Lee RiffleThe Tropical Look: Encyclopaedia of Landscape Plants for Worldwide Use
1998978-0-500-01881-1Peter Lord · Brian SibleyCracking Animation: The Aardman Book of 3-D Animation
  ''978-0-500-01885-9Hossein AmirsadeghiThe Arabian Horse: History, Mystery and Magic
  ''978-0-500-01889-7Peter Schmidt · Mercedes de la GarzaMaya Civilization
  ''978-0-500-01890-3Luca Invernizzi Tettoni · John FalconerMyanmar Style: Art, Architecture and Design of Burma
  ''978-0-500-01892-7Ted PolhemusDiesel: World Wide Wear (Cutting Edge)
1999978-0-500-01893-4K GrossChic Simple: What Should I Wear? Dres: Dressing for Occasions
1998978-0-500-01894-1Guy SchoellerBettina (Fashion Memoir)
1998978-0-500-01895-8Valerie GuillaumeCourreges (Fashion Memoir)
  ''978-0-500-01899-6Janine TrotereauTurkey from the Air
  ''978-0-500-01900-9Brigitte Fitoussi · Harriet MasonMemphis
  ''978-0-500-01901-6Hans SilvesterDogs of the Greek Islands
1999978-0-500-01902-3Claude Deloffre · Marylou LutherThierry Mugler: Fashion, Fetish, Fantasy
  ''978-0-500-01905-4James Bentley · Hugh PalmerThe Most Beautiful Villages of England
1999978-0-500-01907-8Erwin BlumenfeldEye to I: Autobiography of a Photographer: The Autobiography of a Photographer