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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1959978-0-395-04089-8Friedrich Dürrenmatt · Paul Kurt AckermannDer Besuch der alten Dame
1971978-0-395-04275-5Raymond B CattellAbilities: Their structure, growth, and action
  ''978-0-395-04333-2Darrett Bruce RutmanThe Morning of America, 1603-1789
1973978-0-395-04402-5William ShakespeareThe Riverside Shakespeare
1970978-0-395-04460-5Norman FoersterAmerican Poetry and Prose
1972978-0-395-04499-5Friedrich DurrenmattDer Richter und sein Henker (German Edition)
  ''978-0-395-04636-4Paul G. Hoel · Sidney C. Port · Charles J. StoneIntroduction to Probability Theory
1971978-0-395-04637-1Paul G. Hoel · Sidney C Port · Charles J. StoneIntroduction to Statistical Theory (Houghton-Mifflin Series in Statistics)
1972978-0-395-04646-3Walter E. Houghton · G. Robert StangeVictorian Poetry and Poetics
1956978-0-395-05101-6Jane AustenPride and Prejudice (Riverside Editions)
  ''978-0-395-05103-0Robert BrowningPoems of Robert Browning (Riverside Editions)
1960978-0-395-05113-9Henry David ThoreauWalden and Civil Disobedience (Riverside editions)
1957978-0-395-05115-3Jane AustenEmma (Riverside Editions)
1972978-0-395-05117-7L.R. LindTen Greek Plays in Contemporary Translation
1957978-0-395-05120-7John Stuart Mill · Jack StillingerAutobiography By John Stuart Mill
1960978-0-395-05123-8Jonathan SwiftGulliver's Travels and Other Writings
1958978-0-395-05128-3William E. BucklerProse of the Victorian Period (Riverside Editions)
1972978-0-395-05132-0Walt Whitman · James MillerComplete Poetry and Selected Prose (Riverside Editions)
1959978-0-395-05136-8John WilsonSix Restoration Plays
1972978-0-395-05138-2Lord Byron · Leslie MarchandDon Juan (Riverside Editions)
1958978-0-395-05140-5John KeatsSelected Poems and Letters (Riverside Editions)
1980978-0-395-05144-3Thomas HardyTess of the Durbervilles (Riverside Editions)
1961978-0-395-05152-8Matthew ArnoldPoetry and Criticism of Matthew Arnold (Riverside Bookshelf)
  ''978-0-395-05153-5Hawthorne LevinScarlet Letter and Other Tales of the Puritans (Riverside Editions)
1974978-0-395-05155-9Mark Twain · Walter BlairSelected Shorter Writings of Mark Twain (Riverside Editions, A58)
1968978-0-395-05156-6Alexander PopePoetry And Prose Of Alexander Pope (Riverside Editions)
1972978-0-395-05161-0William Makepeace ThackerayVanity Fair (Riverside editions)
1961978-0-395-05164-1Samuel Richardson · George SherburnClarissa (Riverside editions)
1965978-0-395-05179-5William WordsworthSelected Poems and Prefaces (Riverside Editions)
1951978-0-395-05322-5Carl R. RogersClient-Centered Therapy: Its Current Practice, Implications and Theory
1998978-0-395-05441-3Edwards Strother · Alan W. HuckelberryEffective Speaker
1968978-0-395-06562-4Isaac AsimovThe Near East; 10,000 Years of History.
1967978-0-395-06572-3Isaac AsimovThe Egyptians
1965978-0-395-06574-7   ''The Greeks; A Great Adventure.
1967978-0-395-06577-8   ''Roman Empire
1968978-0-395-06578-5   ''Words from History.
1979978-0-395-06640-9Michael BondMore About Paddington (Paddington Bear)
1965978-0-395-06642-3Michael BondPaddington Marches On (Paddington Bear)
1937978-0-395-06643-0Arna Bontemps · Virginia Lee BurtonSad-Faced Boy
1971978-0-395-06786-4Elizabeth GreyFriend Within the Gates: The Story of Nurse Edith Cavell
1973978-0-395-06800-7Joel Chandler HarrisThe Favorite Uncle Remus
1957978-0-395-06826-7Holling C. HollingPagoo
1963978-0-395-06835-9Edith Fisher HunterChild of the Silent Night
1949978-0-395-06847-2Clara Ingram JudsonGreen Ginger Jar
1955978-0-395-06881-6Jean Lee LathamCarry On, Mr. Bowditch
1961978-0-395-06938-7Florence MeansUs Maltbys
1967978-0-395-06961-5Scott O'DellThe Black Pearl
1960978-0-395-06962-2Scott O'DellIsland of the Blue Dolphins
1966978-0-395-06963-9   ''The King's Fifth
1970978-0-395-07032-1Stephanie PlowmanThree Lives for the Czar
1966978-0-395-07062-8H. A. Rey · Margret ReyCurious George Goes to the Hospital
1996978-0-395-07068-0H. A. Rey · Hans Augusto ReySee the Circus (Lift-the-Flap Series)
1960978-0-395-07087-1Jack SchaeferOld Ramon
1965978-0-395-07092-5Betty SchechterDreyfus Affair a National Scandal
1958978-0-395-07114-4Elizabeth George SpeareThe Witch of Blackbird Pond
1965978-0-395-07115-1Ben StahlBlackbeard's Ghost
1966978-0-395-07122-9J.R.R. TolkienThe Hobbit
1990978-0-395-07176-2Sandol Stoddard WarburgI Like You
1965978-0-395-07324-7Dean AchesonMorning and Noon
1968978-0-395-07333-9James AgeeThe Collected Poems of James Agee
1966978-0-395-07362-9Louis AuchinclossThe Embezzler
1967978-0-395-07368-1Louis AuchinclossTales of Manhattan
1967978-0-395-07526-5Randolph S. ChurchillWinston S. Churchill: Young Statesman, 1901-1914
1966978-0-395-07530-2Randolph S. ChurchillWinston S. Churchill: Youth 1874-1900
1987978-0-395-07535-7Winston S. ChurchillCLOSING RING VOL 5
1984978-0-395-07539-5Winston ChurchillThe Hinge of Fate (Second World War)
1953978-0-395-07540-1Winston, Sir ChurchillTriumph and Tragedy (The Second World War, Volume 6)
1967978-0-395-07575-3Helen CorbittHelen Corbitt Cooks for Looks: An Adventure in Low-Calorie Eating
1962978-0-395-07576-0Helen L. CorbittHelen Corbitt's Potluck Cookbook
1947978-0-395-07577-7Helen L. CorbittHelen Corbitt's Cookbook
1948978-0-395-07630-9Lloyd C. DouglasThe Big Fisherman
1970978-0-395-07634-7Lloyd C. DouglasMagnificent Obsession
1971978-0-395-07801-3Adolf HitlerMein Kampf (English and German Edition)
1966978-0-395-07887-7John A. LivingstonBirds of the Northern Forest
1968978-0-395-07888-4James Fenwick LansdowneBirds of the Eastern Forest, Vol. 1
1975978-0-395-08048-1Kimon NicolaïdesThe Natural Way to Draw (A Working Plan for Art Study)
1978978-0-395-08074-0General George S. Patton Jr.War As I Knew It
1973978-0-395-08121-1H. A. ReyThe Stars: A New Way to See Them
1952978-0-395-08129-7Harriet Beecher StoweUncle Tom's Cabin
1957978-0-395-08159-4Arthur SchlesingerCrisis of the Old Order (Age of Roosevelt)
1959978-0-395-08160-0Arthur Meier, Jr. SchlesingerAge of Roosevelt: The Coming of the New Deal
1965978-0-395-08170-9Anya SetonAvalon
1948978-0-395-08172-3Anya SetonThe Hearth & Eagle
1970978-0-395-08180-8Anne SextonLive or Die
1967978-0-395-08254-6J. R. R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring: Being the First Part of the Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings)
  ''978-0-395-08255-3   ''The Two Towers: Being the Second Part of the Lord of the Rings (Lord of the Rings)
1988978-0-395-08256-0   ''The Return of the King: Being the Third Part of the Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings)
1970978-0-395-08302-4William WarrenThe Legendary American: The Remarkable Career and Strange Disappearance of Jim Thompson.
1969978-0-395-08344-4Alexander Porter, WinstonNo Man Knows My Grave: Sir Henry Morgan, Captain William Kidd, Captain Woodes Rogers in the Great Age of Privateers and Pirates, 1665-1715,
1978978-0-395-08352-9Henry AdamsThe Education of Henry Adams; An Autobiography
1989978-0-395-08353-6Archibald MacleishJ.B.: A Play in Verse
1971978-0-395-08362-8Adolf HitlerMein Kampf extended edition
1997978-0-395-08365-9Willa CatherO Pioneers!
1974978-0-395-08366-6Garrett MattinglyThe Armada (The American Heritage Library)
1961978-0-395-08409-0Carl R. RogersOn Becoming a Person: A Therapist's View of Psychotherapy
1970978-0-395-10948-9D. Clayton JamesThe Years of MacArthur, Volume 1: 1880-1941
  ''978-0-395-10950-2James F. LansdowneBirds of the Eastern Forest, Vol. 2
1971978-0-395-11076-8Alfred Bertram GuthrieArfive
1970978-0-395-11148-2Antoine Saint-ExuperyPetit Prince
1971978-0-395-11152-9Samuel RichardsonPamela, or Virtue Rewarded (Riverside Editions)
1970978-0-395-11778-1Irving, BernsteinTurbulent Years: A History of the American Worker, 1933-1941.
978-0-395-12094-1DeLillo, DonAmericana
1973978-0-395-12098-9Galway KinnellThe Book of Nightmares
1971978-0-395-12109-2Hugo Van Lawick-Goodall · Jane Van Lawick-GoodallInnocent Killers: A Fascinating Journey Through the Worlds of the Hyena, the Jackal, and the Wild Dog
  ''978-0-395-12572-4Isaac AsimovThe Land of Canaan
1972978-0-395-12591-5Richard C. Wade · Howard B. Wilder · Louise C. WadeA History of the United States
  ''978-0-395-12592-2Richard C WadeA history of the United States (Houghton Mifflin history program)
1967978-0-395-12594-6Harry D BergStudent's workguide for A history of the United States, Wade, Wilder, Wade (Houghton Mifflin social studies program)
1971978-0-395-12597-7Raymond Jackson WilsonLiberty and union;: A history of the United States (Houghton Mifflin history program)
1971978-0-395-12598-4Raymond Jackson WilsonLiberty and union;: A history of the United States (Houghton Mifflin history program)
1973978-0-395-12658-5Rodney W. Napier · Matti K. GershenfeldGroups: Theory and Experience
1971978-0-395-12665-3Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov's Treasury of Humor
1974978-0-395-12706-3Martin BlumensonThe Patton Papers, Vol. 1: 1885-1940
1972978-0-395-12715-5Bharati MukherjeeThe tiger's daughter
1971978-0-395-12723-0Lacey Baldwin SmithHenry VIII: the mask of royalty
1972978-0-395-13102-2Ray C. Jergensen · Alfred J. Donnelly · Mary P. DolcianiModern School Mathematics Geometry
1971978-0-395-13153-4Martin GilbertWinston S. Churchill, Vol. 3: The Challenge of War, 1914-1916
1972978-0-395-13517-4Paul BrooksThe House of Life: Rachel Carson at Work
  ''978-0-395-13592-1William L. LangerAn Encyclopedia of World History (Fifth Edition)
  ''978-0-395-13606-5Jonathan KozolFree schools
  ''978-0-395-13641-6Michael Bar-ZoharSpies in the Promised Land;: Iser Harel and the Israeli Secret Service
  ''978-0-395-13644-7Pat ConroyThe Water Is Wide
1972978-0-395-13645-4Don DeLilloEnd Zone
1960978-0-395-13657-7Irving BernsteinThe Lean Years: A History of the American Worker, 1920-1933
1972978-0-395-13714-7Anne M. WisemanAdventures of the Greek Heroes
1973978-0-395-13717-8Emmy PayneKaty No-Pocket (Sandpiper)
  ''978-0-395-13718-5H. A. ReyCurious George Learns the Alphabet
1997978-0-395-13719-2Elizabeth George SpeareThe Bronze Bow
1987978-0-395-13720-8Bernard WaberLyle, Lyle, Crocodile (Lyle the Crocodile)
1972978-0-395-13891-5Isaac AsimovThe shaping of France
1973978-0-395-13893-9Bernard WaberIra Sleeps Over
1975978-0-395-13915-8David BevingtonMedieval Drama
1988978-0-395-13935-6John Kenneth GalbraithThe Great Crash, 1929
1973978-0-395-13937-0Anya SetonGreen Darkness
1972978-0-395-13939-4Louis AuchinclossI Come As a Thief
  ''978-0-395-13997-4Orville H. BullittFor the President Personal & Secret: Correspondence Between Franklin D. Roosevelt and William C. Bullitt
1973978-0-395-14005-5Al RichmondA long view from the Left;: Memoirs of an American revolutionary
  ''978-0-395-14011-6Janice Holt GilesThe Kinta Years: An Oklahoma Childhood
1984978-0-395-14013-0Anthony NetboyThe Salmon: Their Fight for Survival
1972978-0-395-14014-7Anne SextonThe book of folly
1973978-0-395-14024-6William Earl BucklerThe Major Victorian Poets: Tennyson, Browning, Arnold. (Riverside editions)
1972978-0-395-14044-4Irving Lester JanisVictims of Groupthink: A psychological study of foreign-policy decisions and fiascoes
1974978-0-395-14052-9Geoffrey Chaucer · Robert A. PrattThe Tales of Canterbury: Complete
1973978-0-395-14054-3S. Bernard RosenblattModern business: A systems approach
  ''978-0-395-14056-7Joseph F. RychlakIntroduction to Personality and Psychotherapy
1973978-0-395-14074-1Arnold FederbushThe man who lived in inner space
1972978-0-395-14330-8Bianca BradburyThose Traver kids
1973978-0-395-14331-5Michael BondPaddington Abroad (Paddington Bear)
  ''978-0-395-14737-5Heywood Wald · Manuel DerenAventuras en la Ciudad
1971978-0-395-14805-1Bill PeetThe Caboose Who Got Loose
1952978-0-395-14806-8Lynd WardThe Biggest Bear
1973978-0-395-14807-5Bobby SeifertDictionary of local lingo
  ''978-0-395-15023-8H. A. Rey · Margret ReyCurious George
  ''978-0-395-15024-5Lynd WardThe Biggest Bear
1966978-0-395-15080-1Bernard WaberLyle and the Birthday Party
1941978-0-395-15082-5Holling C. HollingPaddle-to-the-Sea
1973978-0-395-15084-9Bill PeetKermit the Hermit
  ''978-0-395-15086-3H. A. Rey · Margret ReyCurious George Takes a Job
1973978-0-395-15456-4Leon David AdamsThe Wines of America
  ''978-0-395-15477-9Dwight Chapin · Jeff PrughThe Wizard of Westwood: Coach John Wooden and His UCLA Bruins
  ''978-0-395-15494-6Bill PeetThe Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock
  ''978-0-395-15566-0Don DeLilloGreat Jones Street
  ''978-0-395-15594-3Dorothy DunnettMurder in Focus: A New Johnson Johnson Mystery (Midnight Novel of Suspense)
1939978-0-395-15990-3DuBose HeywardThe Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes
1973978-0-395-15993-4H. A. Rey · Margret ReyCurious George
1962978-0-395-16030-5Virginia Lee BurtonLife Story
1963978-0-395-16031-2H. A. Rey · Margret ReyCurious George Learns the Alphabet
1973978-0-395-16610-9Ralph A. O'NeillA Dream of Eagles
1972978-0-395-16619-2James MarshallGeorge and Martha
1973978-0-395-16822-6Floyd C WatkinsPractical English handbook
1939978-0-395-16961-2Virginia Lee BurtonMike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
1972978-0-395-16963-6Bill PeetThe Ant and the Elephant
1973978-0-395-16964-3H. A. ReyCurious George Rides a Bike
1993978-0-395-16965-0Margaret ReyCurious George Flies a Kite
1974978-0-395-16971-1Jose B. Cruz · M. E. Van ValkenburgSignals in Linear Circuits
1957978-0-395-16973-5H. A. Rey · Margret ReyCurious George Gets a Medal
1973978-0-395-16974-2Martin GilbertWinston S. Churchill: The Challenge of War, 1914-1916
1973978-0-395-16995-7Bernard WaberLyle, Lyle, Crocodile (Lyle the Crocodile)
1974978-0-395-17018-2Charles ReVelleSource Book on the Environment: Scientific Perspective
1989978-0-395-17075-5H. A. Rey · Margret ReyJorge el Curioso (Curious George) (Spanish Edition)
1973978-0-395-17104-2Emmy PayneKaty No-Pocket
  ''978-0-395-17118-9Paul TherouxSaint Jack
  ''978-0-395-17120-2David CecilThe Cecils of Hatfield House,: An English ruling family
  ''978-0-395-17126-4Robert C. AlbertsThe Good Provider: H. J. Heinz and his 57 varieties
  ''978-0-395-17129-5Roger Tory Peterson · Edward L. ChalifPeterson Field Guide to Mexican Birds (British Hondras, El Salvador)
1974978-0-395-17203-2Aram BudakPassive and Active Network Analysis and Synthesis.
1973978-0-395-17206-3John Kenneth GalbraithEconomics and the Public Purpose
1973978-0-395-17209-4Ruth KirkDesert: The American Southwest (The Naturalist's America)
  ''978-0-395-17220-9Roy C StrongSplendor at court;: Renaissance spectacle and the theater of power
  ''978-0-395-17229-2Henry KissingerA World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace, 1812-1822
  ''978-0-395-17444-9H. A. ReyCurious George Rides a Bike
  ''978-0-395-17451-7Bernard WaberLyle and the Birthday Party (Lyle the Crocodile)
1973978-0-395-17512-5James MarshallGeorge and Martha Encore
  ''978-0-395-17513-2David MacaulayCathedral: The Story of Its Construction
1951978-0-395-17578-1Holling C. HollingMinn of the Mississippi
1973978-0-395-17684-9Virginia Lee BurtonChoo Choo
  ''978-0-395-17711-2J.R.R. TolkienThe Hobbit (or There and Back Again)
  ''978-0-395-17713-6Arthur Meier SchlesingerThe Imperial Presidency
1974978-0-395-17787-7William Van TilCurriculum: quest for relevance
  ''978-0-395-17840-9Karl Wolfgang DeutschPolitics and government;: How people decide their fate