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1999978-0-395-97499-5Michael TerryDaily Life in a Plains Indian Village 1868
  ''978-0-395-97500-8Kenn KaufmanA Field Guide to Advanced Birding: Birding Challenges and How to Approach Them (Peterson Field Guides Series)
  ''978-0-395-97512-1Boughton CobbA Field Guide to Ferns: And Their Related Families: Northeastern and Central North America (Peterson Field Guides)
  ''978-0-395-97514-5Edward L. ChalifA Field Guide to Mexican Birds: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador (Peterson Field Guide)
  ''978-0-395-97515-2Carleton Ray · C. Richard Robins · National Audubon Society · National Wildlife Federation · Roger Tory Peterson InstituteA Field Guide to Atlantic Coast Fishes: North America (Peterson Field Guide)
1999978-0-395-97516-9Eugene H. KaplanA Field Guide to Southeastern and Caribbean Seashores: Cape Hatteras to the Gulf Coast, Florida, and the Caribbean (Peterson Field Guides)
  ''978-0-395-97519-0Roger Tory Peterson InstituteWestern Bird Songs (Peterson Audios)
  ''978-0-395-97525-1Richard K. Walton · Robert W. LawsonWestern Birding by Ear (Peterson Field Guide Audio Series)
  ''978-0-395-97567-1Lydia DabcovichThe Polar Bear Son: An Inuit Tale
2001978-0-395-97590-9Richard N. Aufmann · Richard D. Nation · Daniel K. Clegg · Joanne LockwoodMathematical Excursions (DVD Edition)
2000978-0-395-97620-3American HeritageAMERICAN HERITAGE ESL IDIOMS DICTIONARY (PB)
1998978-0-395-97631-9Vincent J. Schaefer · John A. DayA Field Guide to the Atmosphere (Peterson Field Guide Series)
1999978-0-395-97702-6H. A. ReyElizabite: Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant (Curious George)
  ''978-0-395-97704-0H. A. ReyElizabite: Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant (Curious George)
2000978-0-395-97707-1Edward Farrey · Nancy O'Hara3 Bowls: Vegetarian Recipes from an American Zen Buddhist Monastery
2000978-0-395-97712-5Benjamin Keen · Keith HaynesA History of Latin America, 6th edition (One volume complete edition)
1999978-0-395-97721-7Alison LesterHoughton Mifflin Social Studies: My Farm Pa
2000978-0-395-97722-4Richard G. Brown · Mary P. Dolciani · Robert H. Sorgenfrey · William L. ColeAlgebra: Structure and Method, Book 1
  ''978-0-395-97724-8BrownAlgebra Structure And Method Book 1 (CA) (TE)
1999978-0-395-97725-5MCDOUGAL LITTELAlgebra and Trigonometry: Structure and Method, Book 2
  ''978-0-395-97726-2McDougal LittelMCDOUGAL LITTELL STRUCTURE & M (McDougal Littell Structure & Method)
2000978-0-395-97727-9Ray C. Jurgensen · Richard G. Brown · John W. JurgensenGeometry
  ''978-0-395-97728-6Ray JurgensenGeometry - Teacher's Edition
  ''978-0-395-97765-1Robin Marantz HenigThe Monk in the Garden: The Lost and Found Genius of Gregor Mendel, the Father of Genetics
2001978-0-395-97767-5Trudy HarrisUp Bear, Down Bear
1999978-0-395-97771-2Rosina LippiHomestead
1999978-0-395-97773-6PRICEBLOODBROTHERS PA
  ''978-0-395-97774-3Richard PriceThe Wanderers
  ''978-0-395-97777-4Richard KollathWreaths: Techniques and Materials...Step-By-Step Projects...Creative Ideas for the Year Round
2001978-0-395-97789-7Eric SchlosserFast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
2000978-0-395-97823-8Geoffrey Chaucer · Larry BensonThe Canterbury Tales
2001978-0-395-97827-6Linda Sue ParkA Single Shard (Newbery Medal Book)
  ''978-0-395-97829-0Michael L. CooperSlave Spirituals and the Jubilee Singers
1999978-0-395-97831-3Margret Rey · H. A. ReyCurious George Goes Camping
  ''978-0-395-97832-0H. A. ReyCurious George and the Dump Truck
1999978-0-395-97834-4H. A. ReyCurious George Goes to the Beach
  ''978-0-395-97835-1Margret Rey · H. A. ReyCurious George Goes Camping
  ''978-0-395-97836-8H. A. Rey · Margret ReyCurious George and the Dump Truck
  ''978-0-395-97837-5   ''Curious George at the Parade
  ''978-0-395-97838-2H. A. Rey · Margaret ReyCurious George Goes to the Beach
2000978-0-395-97888-7Ron Larson · Laurie Boswell · Timothy D. Kanold · Lee StiffMcDougal Littell Algebra 1, Teacher's Edition
2001978-0-395-97889-4Ron Larson · Laurie Boswell · Lee StiffGeometry: Teacher's Edition
2000978-0-395-97890-0Ron Larson · Laurie Boswell · Timothy D. Kanold · Lee StiffMcDougal Littell Algebra 2, Teacher's Edition
2000978-0-395-97899-3Linda DurrantBetsy Zane, The Rose of Fort Henry
1999978-0-395-97902-0Francisco JiménezThe Circuit
  ''978-0-395-97908-2Margaret ReyCurious George's Pop-up Storybook House
  ''978-0-395-97914-3Susan Campbell BartolettiGrowing Up in Coal Country
  ''978-0-395-97915-0Raymond BialThe Underground Railroad
2000978-0-395-97934-1James RumfordSeeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Discovered Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  ''978-0-395-97938-9Alice McGillMiles' Song
2000978-0-395-97944-0Karen Stray Nolting · Jonathan LatimerButterflies (Peterson Field Guides: Young Naturalists)
  ''978-0-395-97945-7Karen Stray Nolting · Jonathan LatimerCaterpillars (Peterson Field Guides: Young Naturalists)
  ''978-0-395-97946-4   ''Songbirds (Peterson Field Guides: Young Naturalists)
2001978-0-395-97947-1Jonathan P. Latimer · Karen S. NoltingWildflowers (Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists)
  ''978-0-395-97956-3Elspeth Leacock · Susan Washburn BuckleyJourneys in Time: A New Atlas of American History
  ''978-0-395-97958-7Susan Buckley · Elspeth LeacockPlaces in Time: A New Atlas of American History
2000978-0-395-97974-7Allen SayThe Sign Painter
1999978-0-395-97977-8MCDOUGAL LITTELMcDougal Littell Word Skills: Grade 6, Gold Level, The Language of Literature
1999978-0-395-97979-2James E. Coomber · Howard D. PeetMcDougal Littell Wordskills: Red Level, Grade 7
  ''978-0-395-97980-8MCDOUGAL LITTELMcDougal Littell Word Skills: Teacher Edition Grade 07
  ''978-0-395-97981-5   ''McDougal Littell Word Skills: Student Edition Grade 08
  ''978-0-395-97982-2   ''McDougal Littell Word Skills: Teacher Edition Grade 08
1999978-0-395-97983-9MCDOUGAL LITTELMcDougal Littell Word Skills: Student Edition Grade 09
2000978-0-395-97985-3James S. HirschHurricane: The Miraculous Journey of Rubin Carter
1999978-0-395-97986-0MCDOUGAL LITTELMcDougal Littell Word Skills: Student Edition Grade 10
  ''978-0-395-97988-4   ''McDougal Littell Word Skills: Student Edition Grade 11
  ''978-0-395-97990-7   ''McDougal Littell Word Skills: Student Edition Grade 12
2001978-0-395-97997-6Elizabeth RoyteThe Tapir's Morning Bath: Mysteries of the Tropical Rain Forest and the Scientists Who Are Trying to Solve Them
1999978-0-395-98002-6MCDOUGAL LITTELLBasic Algebra (McDougal Littell Brown Algebra)
  ''978-0-395-98007-1HOUGHTON MIFFLINHoughton Mifflin Math Steps: Student Edition Level 1 2000
  ''978-0-395-98012-5HOUGHTON MIFFLINHoughton Mifflin Math Steps: Student Edition Level 5 2000
1999978-0-395-98013-2HOUGHTON MIFFLINHoughton Mifflin Math Steps: Student Edition Level 6 2000
2001978-0-395-98029-3Ralph FletcherThe Circus Surprise
2000978-0-395-98031-6Laurie MyersSurviving Brick Johnson
1999978-0-395-98033-0Eileen ChristelowFive Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree
  ''978-0-395-98036-1Anna Grossnickle HinesDaddy Makes the Best Spaghetti
  ''978-0-395-98037-8Merle PeekRoll Over!: A Counting Song
2003978-0-395-98067-5Akram Fouad KhaterSources in the History of the Modern Middle East
  ''978-0-395-98068-2John Hollitz · James FullerContending Voices: To 1877
  ''978-0-395-98069-9John HollitzContending Voices: Since 1865
1999978-0-395-98070-5Alice Landy · William Rodney AllenThe Heath Introduction to Literature
2000978-0-395-98073-6Olaudah Equiano · Mary White RowlandsonAmerican Captivity Narratives (New Riverside Editions)
1999978-0-395-98074-3Stephen Crane · Phyllis Frus · Stanley Corkin · Paul LauterThe Red Badge of Courage, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, and Other Selected Writings (New Riverside Editions)
2002978-0-395-98075-0Ralph Waldo Emerson · Margaret FullerSelected Works (New Riverside Editions)
2000978-0-395-98077-4Henry David Thoreau · Paul LauterWalden and Civil Disobedience (New Riverside Editions)
2000978-0-395-98120-7Helen LesterTacky and the Emperor (Tacky the Penguin)
  ''978-0-395-98132-0Porter ShreveThe Obituary Writer Pa
1999978-0-395-98138-2Polly Schoyer BrooksBeyond the Myth: The Story of Joan of Arc
  ''978-0-395-98139-9Polly Schoyer BrooksQueen Eleanor: Independent Spirit of the Medieval World
2000978-0-395-98211-2Aglaia Kremezi · Jim BotsacosThe Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean
1999978-0-395-98266-2Nancy Elizabeth WallaceRabbit's Bedtime
2003978-0-395-98272-3Robert C. StebbinsA Peterson Field Guide to Western Reptiles and Amphibians (Peterson Field Guides)
2001978-0-395-98287-7Kristine O'Connell GeorgeBook!
2010978-0-395-98304-1HOUGHTON MIFFLINMath Steps: Teacher Resource Copymasters Grade 3
2001978-0-395-98363-8Barbara W. EllisTaylor's Guide to Perennials: More Than 600 Flowering and Foliage Plants, Including Ferns and Ornamental Grasses (Taylor's Gardening Guides)
  ''978-0-395-98367-6Russell DrummThe Barque of Saviors: Eagle's Passage from the Nazi Navy to the U.S. Coast Guard
  ''978-0-395-98405-5Neil PhilipThe Great Mystery: Myths of Native America
2000978-0-395-98414-7Lincoln P. PaineWarships of the World to 1900
2000978-0-395-98415-4Lincoln P. PaineShips of Discovery and Exploration
2003978-0-395-98417-8Lis HarrisTilting at Mills: Green Dreams, Dirty Dealings, and the Corporate Squeeze
2000978-0-395-98425-3Kathleen MahnkeGrammar Links 2
1999978-0-395-98491-8Jeanne Crane CastaferoSummer Smarts: Activities and Skills to Prepare Students for 1st Grade
  ''978-0-395-98492-5Jeanne Crane Castafero · Janet Van RodenSummer Smarts: Activities and Skills to Prepare Students for 5th Grade
2004978-0-395-98527-4Karen EnglishHot Day on Abbott Avenue (Jane Addams Honor Book (Awards))
1999978-0-395-98531-1No author specifiedHoughton Mifflin MathSteps: Grade K, Student Book
  ''978-0-395-98532-8HOUGHTON MIFFLINMath Steps: Student Edition Grade 1 2000
  ''978-0-395-98533-5   ''Math Steps: Student Edition Grade 2 2000
  ''978-0-395-98534-2   ''Math Steps: Student Edition Grade 3 2000
1999978-0-395-98535-9HOUGHTON MIFFLINMath Steps: Student Edition Grade 4 2000
1999978-0-395-98536-6HOUGHTON MIFFLINMath Steps: Student Edition Grade 5 2000
  ''978-0-395-98537-3Bernard WassersteinSecret War in Shanghai
  ''978-0-395-98538-0HOUGHTON MIFFLINMath Steps: Student Edition Grade 6 2000
  ''978-0-395-98539-7   ''Math Steps: Student Edition Grade 7 2000
  ''978-0-395-98541-0   ''Houghton Mifflin Math Steps: Level 1, Teacher's Edition
1999978-0-395-98543-4HOUGHTON MIFFLINHoughton Mifflin Math Steps: Teachers Ed Level 3 2000
  ''978-0-395-98546-5   ''Houghton Mifflin Math Steps, Level 6, Teachers Edition
  ''978-0-395-98547-2   ''Houghton Mifflin: Math Steps, Teachers Edition, Level 7
2000978-0-395-98574-8Geoffrey C. Berresford · Andrew Mansfield RockettFinite Mathematics
1999978-0-395-98581-6Steven S. Zumdahl · Susan A. ZumdahlChemistry (Chapters 1-23)
2000978-0-395-98583-0Steven S. ZumdahlChemistry: Instructor's Annotated Edition: Chapters 1-23
  ''978-0-395-98586-1Steven S. Zumdahl · Susan A. ZumdahlStudy Guide for Zumdahl's Chemistry, 5th
  ''978-0-395-98589-2Thomas J. Hummel · Susan A. Zumdahl · Steven S. ZumdahlChemistry: Complete Solutions Guide
2000978-0-395-98605-9Victoria Holder · Dorothy Lindsay · Lyn Motai · Deborah vanDommelen · Karen WiederholtInside Out/Outside In: Exploring American Literature
  ''978-0-395-98610-3Calvert WatkinsThe American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots
  ''978-0-395-98633-2William Murdick · Jonathan C. BloemkerThe Portable Technical Writer
2002978-0-395-98642-4William JordanA Cat Named Darwin: How a Stray Cat Changed a Man into a Human Being
  ''978-0-395-98660-8Martha Rose ShulmanEvery Woman's Guide to Eating During Pregnancy Pa
2000978-0-395-98666-0World War II: A Historical Reader (McDougal Littell Nextext) (Nextext Historical Readers)
1999978-0-395-98675-2Nina SimondsClassic Chinese Cuisine
2000978-0-395-98681-3William Badders · Lowell J. Bethel · Victoria Fu · Donald Peck · Carolyn Sumners · Catherine ValentinoHoughton Mifflin Science, Discover Works, Level 5
1999978-0-395-98682-0HOUGHTON MIFFLINScience Discovery Works: Complete Level 6 (Houghton Mifflin science)
  ''978-0-395-98814-5Steven Foster · James A. DukeA Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North American (Peterson Field Guide)