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Anthropology: culture, society, and evolutionPaperback
Apocalypse: The Morphology of a Genre   " 978-99938-660-5-31983
Apocalypticism and Mysticism in Ancient Judaism and Early ChristianityGebunden
978-3-11-059183-52018Pieter G. R. Villiers · Adela Yarbro Collins
Apocalypticism and Mysticism in Ancient Judaism and Early ChristianityDigital
978-3-11-059726-42018Adela Yabro Collins · Pieter G. R. Villiers
Apocalypticism in the Dead Sea ScrollsPaperback
A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible   "
A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: Second Edition   "
Between Athens and Jerusalem: Jewish Identity in the Hellenistic Diaspora   "
Beyond the Qumran Community: The Sectarian Movement of the Dead Sea Scrolls   "
Catholic Study Bible   "
978-0-19-529776-82013Donald Senior
Catholic Study BibleHardcover
978-0-19-529775-12011   "
Catholic Study Bible-NabBonded Leather
978-0-19-528281-82007   "
Catholic Study Bible-Nab   "
978-0-19-528282-52007   "
Catholic Study Bible-Nab   "
978-0-19-528283-22007   "
Catholic Study Bible-NabLeather Bound
978-0-19-528284-92007   "
Catholic Study Bible-Nab   "
978-0-19-528286-32007   "
Catholic Study Bible-NabPaperback
978-0-19-528278-82006   "
Catholic Study Bible-Nab   "
978-0-19-528279-52006   "
Catholic Study Bible-NabHardcover
978-0-19-528280-12006   "
Catholic Study Bible-Nab   "
978-0-19-528285-62006   "
Catholic Study Bible-NABLeather Bound
978-0-19-528402-71991Mary Ann Getty · Dianne, C.S.A. Bergant
Christian Beginnings and the Dead Sea ScrollsPaperback
978-0-8010-2837-32006Craig A. Evans
Collegeville Bible Commentary Old Testament Volume 13: Isaiah   "
Daniel: A Commentary on the Book of DanielHardcover
Death, Ecstasy, and Other Worldly JourneysPaperback
978-0-7914-2346-21995Michael Fishbane
Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature. Yearbook: 2005. The Book of Wisdom in Modern Research. Studies on Tradition, Redaction, and Theology. PrintGebunden
978-3-11-018659-82005Angelo Passaro · Giuseppe Bellia · Friedrich V Reiterer · Pancratius C Beentjes · Núria Calduch-Benages · Benjamin G Wright
Does the Bible Justify Violence?Paperback
Families in Ancient Israel   "
978-0-664-25567-11997Leo G. Perdue · Joseph Blenkinsopp · Carol L. Meyers
Hellenism in the Land of IsraelHardcover
978-0-268-03051-32001Gregory Sterling
Introduction to the Hebrew BiblePaperback
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: Second Edition   "
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: Third Edition   "
Jewish Wisdom in the Hellenistic AgeHardcover
King and Messiah as Son of God: Divine, Human, and Angelic Messianic Figures in Biblical and Related LiteraturePaperback
978-0-8028-0772-42008Adela Yarbro Collins
Of Scribes and Scrolls: Studies on the Hebrew Bible, Intertestamental Judaism, and Christian OriginsHardcover
978-0-8191-7902-91990Harold W. Attridge · Thomas H. Tobin
Oupsac: InPaperback
978-0-19-528277-12002Donald Senior · Mary Ann Getty · Carroll Stuhlmueller
Religion in the Dead Sea Scrolls   "
978-0-8028-4743-02000Robert A. Kugler
Scriptures and Sectarianism: Essays on the Dead Sea Scrolls   "
The Apocalyptic Imagination: An Introduction to Jewish Apocalyptic Literature   "
The Bible after Babel: Historical Criticism in a Postmodern Age   "
The Book of Daniel: Composition and Reception   "
978-0-391-04127-12002Peter W. Flint · Cameron Vanepps
The Book of Daniel: Composition and Reception   "
978-0-391-04128-82002Peter W. Flint · Cameron Vanepps
The Book of Daniel: Composition and Reception   "
978-0-391-04137-02002Peter W. Flint · Cameron Vanepps
The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Biography   "
The "Dead Sea Scrolls": A BiographyHardcover
The Early Enoch Literature   " 978-90-04-16154-22007Gabriele Boccaccini
The Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism   "
978-0-8028-2549-02010Daniel C. Harlow
The Encyclopedia of Apocalypticism: Volume 1: The Origins of Apocalypticism in Judaism and ChristianityPaperback
978-0-8264-1253-92000Bernard McGinn · Stephen Stein
The Oxford Handbook of Apocalyptic LiteratureHardcover
The Scepter and the Star: Messianism in Light of the Dead Sea ScrollsPaperback
The Tax Reform Act of 1986: The new accounting rules

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