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Algebra and trigonometryPaperback978-0-205-08208-71986
Algebra and TrigonometryHardcover978-0-697-06898-91986J. Louis Nanney · John L. Cable
Annotated Instructors EditionPaperback978-0-13-636481-81997Jeffrey Slater
Basic College MathHardcover978-0-13-073739-72001   "
Basic College MathPaperback978-0-13-074255-12001   "
Basic College Mathemathics   "978-0-536-96431-12005
Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-321-56713-02009
Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-321-62515-12009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-13-208515-12008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Basic College MathematicsCD-ROM978-0-321-56602-72008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Basic College MathematicsTaschenbuch978-0-321-56852-62008Jeffrey Slater
Basic College MathematicsCD-ROM978-0-321-56855-72008   "
Basic College MathematicsTaschenbuch978-0-321-57776-42008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Basic College MathematicsCD-ROM978-0-321-57792-42008
Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-321-57793-12008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Basic College MathematicsPaperback978-0-536-94816-82005Jeffrey Slater
Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-13-149057-42004   "
Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-13-090954-12001   "
Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-13-092419-32001   "
Basic College MathematicsHardcover978-0-13-093229-72001   "
Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-13-082445-51999   "
Basic College MathematicsPaperback978-0-13-063363-71991   "
Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-13-299918-21969   "
Basic College Mathematics: ANNOTATED INSTRUCTOR'S EDITION   "978-0-13-090955-82002   "
Basic College Mathematics: Annotated Instructors Edition   "978-0-13-342098-21995   "
Basic College Mathematics: Student Solutions Manual   "978-0-13-185730-82005   "
Basic College Mathematics Value Pack   "978-0-321-58259-12008   "
Basic College Mathematics Value Pack978-0-321-59909-42008   "
Basic College Mathematics Value PackTextbook Binding978-0-321-60370-82008   "
Basic College Mathematics Value PackagePaperback978-0-321-58455-72008   "
Basic College Mathematics Value Package978-0-321-59801-12008   "
Basic College Mathematics Value PackagePaperback978-0-13-501575-92007   "
Basic College Mathematics: Videos on CDCD-ROM978-0-13-092520-62004
Basic College Mathematics with CDROM and OtherPaperback978-0-13-167971-92004Jeffrey Slater
BASIC COLLEGE MATH.-TEXT   "978-0-00-689642-52005
Basic Math Skills MATD 0330   "978-0-536-97920-92005Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Beginnin and Intermediate AlgebraCD-ROM978-0-13-092515-2
Beginning Alg and Intermediate Alg and S/Stdy PkPaperback978-0-13-132235-62004
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-321-57375-92009Jeffrey Slater
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-321-57817-42009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning AlgebraCD-ROM978-0-321-57823-52009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning AlgebraDVD978-0-321-57830-32009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning AlgebraCD-ROM978-0-321-56601-02008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning AlgebraPaperback978-0-321-57377-32008
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-13-186583-92006Jeffrey Slater
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-13-148287-62005   "
Beginning AlgebraVHS Tape978-0-13-153063-82005
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-13-186997-42005
Beginning AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-188562-22005Jeffrey Slater
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-13-090951-02001   "
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-13-093228-02001   "
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-13-091508-52000
Beginning AlgebraHardcover978-0-13-082851-41999Jeffrey Slater
Beginning Algebra   "978-0-13-080377-11998   "
Beginning AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-299900-71995   "
Beginning AlgebraHardcover978-0-13-399593-01995   "
Beginning AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-071647-71984   "
Beginning Algebra: Annotated Instructor's Edition   "978-0-13-148288-32006 Jeffrey Slater
Beginning algebra: Annotated instructor's edition978-0-13-310038-91995
Beginning Algebra: Early GraphingPaperback978-0-321-57821-12010Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning Algebra: Early Graphing   "978-0-321-57796-22009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning Algebra: Early GraphingTaschenbuch978-0-321-57825-92009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning Algebra: Early GraphingCD-ROM978-0-321-57828-02009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning Algebra: Early GraphingPaperback978-0-13-186979-02005Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning Algebra: Early Graphing, A La Carte + MyMathLab   "978-0-321-62789-62008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning Algebra: Early Graphing, Books a la Carte EditionLoose Leaf978-0-321-62790-22008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning Algebra: Early Graphing Plus MyMathLab/MyStatLab Student Access Code CardPaperback978-0-321-74461-62010Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning Algebra: Instructor's Solutions Manual, 2nd Edition   "978-0-321-57818-12010Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning Algebra: Mathpro4 Explorer Student Version with CD-ROM   "978-0-13-092519-02002Jeffrey Slater
Beginning Algebra Plus MyMathLab/MyStatLab Student Access Code Card   "978-0-321-74617-72010   "
Beginning Algebra Plus MyMathLab Student Access Kit   "978-0-321-61634-02009   "
Beginning Algebra Student Study Pack   "978-0-13-171162-42005
Beginning Algebra- Text Only   "978-0-00-693816-32006
Beginning Algebra with MathXL   "978-0-321-61479-72009Jeffrey Slater
Beginning & Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-13-149208-02005
Beginning & Intermediate Algebra Plus MyMathLab/MyStatLab Student Access Code Card   "978-0-321-74455-52010Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning and Intermediate AlgebraCD-ROM978-0-321-58584-42009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair · Jenny Crawford
Beginning and Intermediate AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-149203-52005Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning and Intermediate AlgebraHardcover978-0-13-008540-52002Jeffrey Slater
Beginning and Intermediate AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-090949-72001   "
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra * AIE   "978-0-321-77349-42013
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra: Student Solutions Manual   "978-0-13-185791-92005
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Student Study PackTextbook Binding978-0-13-171159-42005
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Value Pack978-0-321-59671-02008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Value Pack978-0-321-59745-82008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Value Package978-0-321-59627-72008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Value PackagePaperback978-0-321-59688-82008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
CD Lecture Series: Beginning Algebra, Fifth EditionCD-ROM978-0-13-092523-72002Jeffrey Slater
CD Lecture Series - Component   "978-0-13-185731-52004
Chapter TestVideokassette978-0-13-149070-32006
Chapter TestVHS Tape978-0-13-153053-92006
Chapter Test   "978-0-13-149088-82005
College AlgebraPaperback978-1-269-60708-72013
College AlgebraHardcover978-0-205-08312-11986J. Louis Nanney · John L. Cable
College Algebra: Study Gde: Skills ApproachPaperback978-0-205-06916-31980Henry Harmeling · J.Louis Nanney · John L. Cable
Essentials of Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-321-57065-92008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Essentials of Basic College MathematicsCD-ROM978-0-321-57790-02008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Essentials of Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-321-57791-72008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Essentials of Basic College MathematicsPaperback978-0-13-186294-42005Jeffrey Slater
Essentials of Basic College Mathematics, Worksheets with the Math Coach, Custom Edition for Quincy College, MAT 090-Basic Mathematics   "978-1-269-06988-52013Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater · Jennifer Crawford
Instructor's Resource Manual for Beginning Algebra: Early Graphing Second Edition   "978-0-321-57819-82010Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair · kevin Bodden · Randy Gallaher
Instructor's Resource Manual with Tests   "978-0-13-092424-72004Jeffrey Slater
Instructor's Solution Manual   "978-0-13-092423-02004   "
Instructors Solutions ManualTaschenbuch978-0-13-092422-32002   "
Instructor's Solutions Manual Cindy Trimble & Associates PrealgebraPaperback978-0-321-58836-42010Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Intermediate Alagebra and S/Stdy Pk   "978-0-13-132240-02004
Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-321-57829-72009Jeffrey Slater
Intermediate AlgebraCD-ROM978-0-321-57842-62009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Intermediate AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-149078-92005Jeffrey Slater
Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-13-149082-62005
Intermediate AlgebraVHS Tape978-0-13-185763-62005
Intermediate AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-032837-32001Jeffrey Slater
Intermediate AlgebraHardcover978-0-13-060844-42001   "
Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-13-010226-31999   "
Intermediate AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-109133-71995   "
Intermediate AlgebraHardcover978-0-13-235707-41995   "
Intermediate AlgebraPaperback978-0-13-466624-21991   "
Intermediate algebra978-0-13-466632-7 Jeffrey Slater
Intermediate Algebra and Student Study PackPaperback978-0-13-154926-52005Jeffrey Slater
Intermediate Algebra: Annotated Instructor's Edition   "978-0-13-032838-02003   "
Intermediate Algebra, Books a la Carte EditionLoose Leaf978-0-321-62791-92008   "
Intermediate Algebra/Keys to SuccessPaperback978-0-13-229337-21995   "
Intermediate Algebra Plus MyMathLab/MyStatLab Student Access Code Card   "978-0-321-74618-42010   "
Intermediate Algebra Student Study Pack for Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-13-171160-02005
Intermediate Algebra with CDROM and Other   "978-0-13-186587-72005Jeffrey Slater
Lab Pack CD Lecture SeriesCD-ROM978-0-13-149083-32006
Mathpro Explorer Cd 3.0: Basic College MathematicsPaperback978-0-13-079624-01998Jeffrey Slater
MathPro Explorer keydisk PC network version   "978-0-13-796202-01998
MathPro Explorer keydisk PC network version   "978-0-13-796210-51998
Mathpro Explorer Student Version 4.0CD-ROM978-0-13-067009-02002
Mathpro Explorer Student Version 4.0 Fourth Edition Basic College MathematicsPaperback978-0-13-092533-62002
Math Technology Student   "978-0-13-149069-72005
Prealgebra   "978-0-321-56793-22009Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
PrealgebraTaschenbuch978-0-321-58835-72009Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra   "978-0-321-58841-82009Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
PrealgebraCD-ROM978-0-321-58842-52009Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra   "978-0-321-57745-02008Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
PrealgebraPaperback978-0-13-148298-22005Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
PrealgebraHardcover978-0-13-149103-82005Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra   "978-0-13-009007-22002Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
PrealgebraPaperback978-0-13-040743-62002Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra   "978-0-13-260936-41999Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra, A La Carte PlusHardcover978-0-321-60042-42008Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra & Student Study Pk   "978-0-13-154922-72005Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra, Books a la Carte EditionLoose Leaf978-0-321-60039-42008Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra: Chapter Test PrepAudio CD978-0-13-149130-42005Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra, The MyMathLab/MyStatLab Edition PackageSpiral-bound978-0-321-74465-42010Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra Value PackPaperback978-0-321-59078-72008Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra Value Pack   "978-0-321-59626-02008Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra Value Package   "978-0-321-58450-22008Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Prealgebra with MathXL   "978-0-321-61642-52009Jamie Blair · Jeffrey Slater
Sampler for Developmental Mathematics: Prealgebra, Beginning Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-321-90536-92013Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair · Jenny Crawford
Student Lecture SeriesVHS Tape978-0-13-185796-42005
Student Solutions Manual for Basic College MathematicsPaperback978-0-321-56851-92008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Student Solutions Manual for Beginng Algebra for Beginning Algebra   "978-0-13-153060-72005
Student Solutions Manual for Beginning and Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-13-149207-32005
Student Solutions Manual for Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-321-57838-92009Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Student Solutions Manual for Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-13-149090-12005
Student Study Pack   "978-0-13-154604-22004
Study guide to accompany Nanney & Cable's Algebra and trigonometry: a skills approach   "978-0-205-06919-41980
Test Item File Beginning Algebra Fourth Edition   "978-0-13-778259-81998Catherine Pace · Jeffrey Slater
Videos on DVD for Intermediate AlgebraDVD-ROM978-0-321-59413-62009
Western Michigan University Math 110 SupplementPaperback978-0-13-020914-62012
Worksheets for Classroom or Lab Practice, Basic Mathematics   "978-0-321-73688-82010Brian F. Goetz · Graham F. Smith
Worksheets for Classroom or Lab Practice for Basic College Mathematics   "978-0-321-57775-72008Jeffrey Slater · Jamie Blair
Worksheets for Classroom or Lab Practice for Intermediate Algebra   "978-0-321-59418-12009Jeffrey Slater

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