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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-04-001002-3Henry R. NeaveElementary Statistics Tables
1985978-0-04-001007-8Stan AugartenBit by Bit: Illustrated History of Computers
1967978-0-04-010001-4Arundell EsdaileStudent's Manual of Bibliography (Library Association Series of Library Manuals)
1979978-0-04-029002-9G.Norman KnightIndexing, the Art of: A Guide to the Indexing of Books and Periodicals
1984978-0-04-054400-9Gioachino RossiniLa Cenerentola: Nacqui All'Affanno E Al Pianto Chant
  ''978-0-04-054411-5Gaetano DonizettiIl Duca d'Alba: Angelo Casto E Bel Chant
  ''978-0-04-054412-2Gaetano DonizettiUna Furtiva Lagrima (l'Elisir d'Amore)
  ''978-0-04-054414-6   ''La Favorita: Spirto Gentil Chant
2000978-0-04-054415-3   ''Lucia Di Lammermoor: Fra Poco a Me Ricovero Chant
1978978-0-04-054418-4Friedrich Von FlotowMarta: M'Appari Tutt'Amor Chant
  ''978-0-04-054434-4Giuseppe VerdiLuisa Miller: Quando le Sere Al Placido Chant
2000978-0-04-054437-5Giuseppe VerdiRigoletto: Parmi Veder le Lagrime Chant
1984978-0-04-054438-2   ''Rigoletto: la Donna E' Mobile Chant
2000978-0-04-054439-9   ''La Traviata: de' Miei Bollenti Spiriti Chant
2000978-0-04-054443-6Gaetano DonizettiLa Favorita: Vien Leonora a' Piedi Tuoi Chant
1984978-0-04-054449-8Wolfgang Amadeus MozDon Giovanni: Deh Vieni Alla Finestra Chant
  ''978-0-04-054464-1Charles GounodFaust: Dio Dell'Or Chant
1964978-0-04-062001-7VariousScientific and Learned Societies of Great Britain
1970978-0-04-069001-0Jack SimmonsTransport Museums
1982978-0-04-069002-7R.S. MilesDesign of Educational Exhibits
1972978-0-04-070005-4Alison AdburghamWomen in Print: Writing Women and Women's Magazines from the Restoration to the Accession of Victoria
1968978-0-04-100014-6Martin- JordanNew shapes of reality: Aspects of A.N. Whitehead's philosophy
1969978-0-04-100019-1Robert Brown · C. D. RollinsContemporary Philosophy in Australia (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1970978-0-04-100022-1G. W. F. HegelPhilosophy of Nature: v. 2
  ''978-0-04-100023-8G. W. F. HegelPhilosophy of Nature: v. 3
1969978-0-04-100024-5R. S. Downie · Elizabeth TelferRespect for Persons
1970978-0-04-100028-3John E. SmithContemporary American Philosophy (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1972978-0-04-100029-0Alice Ambrose · Morris LazerowitzLudwig Wittgenstein: Philosophy and Language (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-04-100030-6Alastair HannayMental Images - A Defence (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-04-100031-3P.A.E. HutchingsKant on Absolute Value
1972978-0-04-100033-7Ivor LeclercNature of Physical Existence (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-04-100034-4Irving ThalbergEnigmas of Agency: Studies in the Philosophy of Human Action (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1973978-0-04-100036-8Allison Heartz JohnsonExperiential Realism (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1975978-0-04-100038-2Carmen Blacker · Michael LoeweAncient Cosmologies
  ''978-0-04-100040-5Alvin PlantingaGod, Freedom and Evil (Essays in Philosophy)
1976978-0-04-100041-2Shivesh Chandra ThakurPhilosophy and Psychical Research (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1984978-0-04-100045-0Bertrand RussellA History of Western Philosophy (Counterpoint)
1987978-0-04-100050-4Dan Cohn-Sherbok · M. IrwinExploring Reality
1935978-0-04-104001-2Bertrand RussellSceptical Essays
1977978-0-04-104003-6Bertrand RussellSceptical Essays (Routledge Classics)
1970978-0-04-105300-5A Galaxy of Black Writing
1971978-0-04-108001-8Bernard Ewart JonesEarnest Enquirers After Truth: A Gifford Anthology (Gifford lectures)
1973978-0-04-108002-5Bertrand RussellEssays in Analysis
1968978-0-04-109002-4Errol E. HarrisNature, Mind and Modern Science. Muirhead Library of Philosophy
1961978-0-04-109008-6Bertrand RussellHistory of Western Philosophy: and Its Connection with Political and Social Circumstances from the Earliest times to the Present Day
  ''978-0-04-109009-3   ''History of Western Philosophy
1951978-0-04-109012-3William Ralph Inge · etc.Radhakrishnan
1963978-0-04-110006-8Hywel David LewisClarity is Not Enough (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1970978-0-04-110013-6Michael A. SloteReason and Scepticism (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1976978-0-04-110015-0Roderick M. ChisholmPerson and Object: Metaphysical Study (Muirhead library of philosophy)
1978978-0-04-111002-9John N. FindlayTranscendence of the Cave: Sequel to the Discipline of the Cave (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1973978-0-04-111004-3Louis LavelleDilemma of Narcissus (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-04-111005-0Alistair McLeodPaul Tillich: An Essay on the Role of Ontology in His Philosophical Theology (Contemporary Religious Thinkers)
  ''978-0-04-111006-7Alistair McLeodPaul Tillich: An Essay on the Role of Ontology in His Philosophical Theology (Contemporary Religious Thinkers)
1977978-0-04-113001-0Zecharia SitchinTwelfth Planet: The First Book of the Earth Chronicles
1985978-0-04-115263-0Jack KerouacOn the road
1966978-0-04-121004-0Betty PowellKnowledge of Actions
1926978-0-04-121008-8Bertrand RussellOur Knowledge of the External World
1968978-0-04-121010-1J. N. FindlayValues and Intentions: A Study in Value-Theory and Philosophy of Mind.
1969978-0-04-121011-8Elizabeth Ramsden EamesBertrand Russell's Theory of Knowledge
1971978-0-04-121013-2Errol E. HarrisHypothesis and Perception (Muirhead library of philosophy)
  ''978-0-04-121015-6John PennycuickIn Contact with the Physical World (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1972978-0-04-121016-3David F. PearsWhat is Knowledge? (Essays in Philosophy)
1973978-0-04-121017-0Professor Paul HelmVarieties of Belief (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1977978-0-04-121018-7Georges ThinesPhenomenology and the Science of Behaviour: An Historical and Epistemological Approach (Advances in psychology series)
1980978-0-04-121019-4Bertrand RussellAn Inquiry into Meaning and Truth
1975978-0-04-125582-9Burton WohlPosse
1984978-0-04-125922-3Gioachino RossiniIl Barbiere Di Siviglia: a un Dottor Della Mia Chant
1970978-0-04-126002-1Cedric Oliver EvansSubject of Consciousness (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1964978-0-04-130010-9Godfrey N. A. VeseyBody and Mind: Readings in Philosophy
1969978-0-04-130012-3I. Tenko-SanNew Road to Ancient Truth
1970978-0-04-130013-0Hywel David LewisElusive Mind (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1972978-0-04-130015-4Norman MalcolmProblems of Mind: Descartes to Wittgenstein (Essays in Philosophy)
1969978-0-04-131021-4W.A. StewartPsychoanalysis: The First Ten Years, 1888-98
1972978-0-04-131022-1Tom ChetwyndDictionary for Dreamers
1985978-0-04-131026-9Lilla Bek · Philippa PullarTo the Light (Mandala Books)
1978978-0-04-132017-6David Stafford- Clark · Andrew C SmithPsychiatry for Students
1979978-0-04-132018-3David Harold FinkRelease from Nervous Tension
978-0-04-132481-5RICORDI DE FALLA MANUEL - ATLANTIDA - CHANT ET PIANO Classical sheets Choral and vocal ensembles
1965978-0-04-133001-4Elisabeth HaichInitiation
1975978-0-04-133006-9Elisabeth HaichWisdom of the Tarot
1979978-0-04-133007-6   ''Initiation
1980978-0-04-133008-3Gerhard ZachariasSatanic Cult
1980978-0-04-133009-0Paul BeardLiving on: A Study of Altering Consciousness After Death
1984978-0-04-133011-3A. T. MannLife - Time Astrology
  ''978-0-04-133012-0Liz GreeneThe Astrology of Fate
1986978-0-04-133015-1A. T. MannThe Divine Plot: Astrology, Reincarnation, Cosmology and History
1985978-0-04-133018-2Liz GreeneThe Astrology of Fate (Mandala Books)
1988978-0-04-133023-6A. T. MannThe Future of Astrology
1987978-0-04-133027-4Dennis ElwellCosmic Loom
1964978-0-04-134001-3Arthur GuirdhamNature of Healing
1977978-0-04-136017-2John Newson · Elizabeth NewsonPerspectives on School at Seven Years Old
1997978-0-04-136960-1Ludovico EinaudiLe Onde Piano
1978978-0-04-137006-5Frederick W. BailesHidden Power for Human Problems
1969978-0-04-141008-2P.J. SaherEastern Wisdom and Western Thought
1980978-0-04-141009-9S. RadhakrishnanAn Idealist View of Life (Mandala Books)
1970978-0-04-149001-5H. ChaudhuriIntegral yoga
1959978-0-04-149005-3Mouni SadhuConcentration: An Outline for Practical Study (Mandala Books)
1962978-0-04-149006-0Mouni SadhuSamadhi: The Superconsciousness of the Future
1971978-0-04-149014-5Andre Van LysebethYoga Self-taught
1972978-0-04-149018-3Elisabeth HaichSexual Energy and Yoga
  ''978-0-04-149019-0   ''Sexual Energy and Yoga
1973978-0-04-149023-7Swami JyotirmayanandaMeditate the Tantric Yoga Way
1975978-0-04-149031-2Haridas ChaudhuriIntegral Yoga
1978978-0-04-149033-6Selvarajan Yesudian · Elisabeth HaichYoga and Health
1971978-0-04-149035-0Bellur Krishnamachar Sundaraja IyengarLight on Yoga: Yoga Dipika (Over 200 postures & 14 breathing exercises described in detail, over 600 illustrations) (Mandala Books)
1976978-0-04-149037-4Harold H. Bloomfield · M. Cain · D. Jaffe · R. KaryTranscendental Meditation: Discovering Inner Energy and Overcoming Stress
1977978-0-04-149042-8M.J. KirschnerYoga for Health and Vitality
  ''978-0-04-149045-9John BlofeldCompassion Yoga: Mystical Cult of Kuan Yin (Mandala Books)
  ''978-0-04-149046-6Mouni SadhuConcentration: An Outline for Practical Study (Mandala Books)
1978978-0-04-149049-7Andre Van Lysebeth · Andre van LysebethYoga Self-taught
1979978-0-04-149050-3Andre Van LysebethPranayama: Yoga of Breathing (Mandala Books)
1979978-0-04-149051-0Selvarajan YesudianYoga Week by Week
  ''978-0-04-149053-4Daisetz Teitaro SuzukiMysticism: Christian and Buddhist (Mandala Books)
  ''978-0-04-149054-1Selvarajan YesudianSelf-reliance Through Yoga (Mandala books)
1980978-0-04-149056-5B. K. S. IyengarThe Concise Light on Yoga
1981978-0-04-149057-2B. K. S. IyengarLight on Pranayama: Pranayama Dipika
1985978-0-04-149062-6   ''Art of Yoga
1928978-0-04-150002-8Alfred AdlerUnderstanding Human Nature
1921978-0-04-150014-1Bertrand RussellThe Analysis of Mind (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1968978-0-04-150024-0Donald George BrownAction
1969978-0-04-150026-4Rune E.A. JohanssonPsychology of Nirvana
  ''978-0-04-150028-8Humberto NageraBasic Psychoanalytic Concepts on the Theory of Dreams (Hampstead Clinic Psychoanalytic Library)
1971978-0-04-150029-5Humberto NageraBasic Psychoanalytic Concepts on the Theory of Instincts (Hampstead Clinic Psychoanalytic Library)
  ''978-0-04-150031-8John CohenHomo Psychologicus
1971978-0-04-150032-5John CohenHomo Psychologicus
  ''978-0-04-150033-2Sigmund FreudComplete Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis
  ''978-0-04-150034-9Richard SchachtAlienation
  ''978-0-04-150035-6Richard SchachtAlienation
1972978-0-04-150039-4John CohenPsychological Probability (Advances in Psychology)
1972978-0-04-150040-0John CohenPsychological Probability (Advances in Psychology)
1973978-0-04-150042-4Jean PiagetMain Trends in Psychology (Main trends in the social sciences)
1974978-0-04-150043-1Sydney MendelRoads to Consciousness
  ''978-0-04-150049-3R. S. PetersPsychology and Ethical Development
1975978-0-04-150053-0Simon MeyersonAdolescence and Breakdown
  ''978-0-04-150054-7Simon MeyersonAdolescence and Breakdown
  ''978-0-04-150057-8Joseph Tiffin · Ernest J. McCormickIndustrial Psychology
1977978-0-04-150064-6Joy MelvillePhobias and Obsessions: Their Understanding and Treatment
1978978-0-04-150065-3Brian M. FossPsychology Survey: No. 1
  ''978-0-04-150066-0   ''Psychology Survey: No. 1
1979978-0-04-150067-7Margaret LowenfeldWorld Technique
1980978-0-04-150074-5M.A. JeevesPsychology Survey: No. 3
1981978-0-04-150077-6Sonja Marie Hunt · Jennifer HiltonIndividual Development and Social Experience
1982978-0-04-150079-0Elizabeth R. ValentineConceptual Issues in Psychology
1988978-0-04-150088-2Ern MalleyThe Poems of Ern Malley: Comprising the Complete Poems
1972978-0-04-152007-1Donald McNicolPrimer of Signal Detection Theory
1975978-0-04-152008-8Eliane VurpillotVisual World of the Child
1970978-0-04-153004-9Frank Honywill GeorgeModels of Thinking (Advances in Psychology)
1970978-0-04-153005-6Frank Honywill GeorgeModels of Thinking (Advances in Psychology)
1969978-0-04-154002-4Robert S.De RoppMaster Game: Pathways to Higher Consciousness Beyond the Drug Experience
1972978-0-04-155006-1Merry ArchardKids, Bloody Kids: Parent's Guide to Children
1977978-0-04-155007-8Harlan LaneWild Boy of Aveyron
1978978-0-04-155008-5Eric RaynerHuman Development: Introduction to the Psychodynamics of Growth, Maturity and Ageing (National Institute Social Services Library)
1986978-0-04-155011-5Eric RaynerHuman Development: Introduction to the Psychodynamics of Growth, Maturity and Ageing (National Institute Social Services Library)
1970978-0-04-156001-5Wladyslaw SluckinEarly Learning in Man and Animal (Advances in Psychology)
1975978-0-04-157007-6Erich FrommThe Art of Loving
1983978-0-04-157010-6Niko Tinbergen · E.A. TinbergenAutistic Children: New Hope for a Cure
1985978-0-04-157011-3Niko Tinbergen · E.A. TinbergenAutistic Children: New Hope for a Cure
1972978-0-04-158007-5Leo MadowAnger: How to Recognize and Cope with it
  ''978-0-04-158008-2Leo MadowAnger: How to Recognize and Cope with it
1990978-0-04-158009-9Fred OrrHow to Succeed at Work: Gaining the Psychological Edge (The how to series)
1997978-0-04-159033-3Mae West · Lillian SchlisselThree Plays by Mae West: Sex, the Drag, the Pleasure Man
1969978-0-04-160006-3Eva SchaperPrelude to Aesthetics
  ''978-0-04-160008-7Peter AlexanderIntroduction to Logic (Unwin University Books)
1972978-0-04-160009-4Hilary PutnamPhilosophy of Logic (Essays in Philosophy)
1956978-0-04-164001-4Bertrand RussellLogic and Knowledge
1973978-0-04-164002-1Giuseppe PeanoSelected Works
978-0-04-166006-7Peril on Ice Planet (Perry Rhodan, 23)
978-0-04-166008-1Snowman In Flames: Perry Rhodan 25
1969978-0-04-170022-0S.C. ThakurChristian and Hindu Ethics: Two World Religions Compared
  ''978-0-04-170023-7Oliver A. JohnsonMoral Life
1971978-0-04-170025-1Jonathan HarrisonOur Knowledge of Right and Wrong (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-04-170026-8Joel J. KuppermanEthical Knowledge (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1973978-0-04-170028-2R. S. PetersAuthority, Responsibility and Education
1977978-0-04-170030-5Bertrand RussellAuthority and the Individual
1985978-0-04-170031-2   ''Authority and the Individual
1985978-0-04-170032-9John KleinigEthical Issues in Psychosurgery (Studies in Applied Philosophy)
1930978-0-04-171002-1Bertrand RussellConquest of Happiness
1961978-0-04-171003-8   ''The Conquest of Happiness (Unwin Books)
1975978-0-04-171004-5   ''The Conquest of Happiness
1954978-0-04-172004-4Bertrand RussellHuman Society in Ethics and Politics
1969978-0-04-172005-1C.Wilfred JenksWorld Beyond the Charter in Historical Perspective: Tentative Synthesis of Four Stages of World Organization
1970978-0-04-172007-5M.G. Forsyth · etc.Theory of International Relations
1976978-0-04-173005-0Bertrand RussellMarriage and Morals
1987978-0-04-173009-8W. D. RubinsteinJews in the Sixth Continent
1981978-0-04-176001-9Robert Snowden · Geoffrey Duncan MitchellArtificial Family: Consideration of Artificial Insemination by Donor
1984978-0-04-176007-1Robert Snowden · E.M. SnowdenThe Gift of a Child
1988978-0-04-176013-2Trevor SykesTwo Centuries of Panic: A History of Corporate Collapses in Australia
1984978-0-04-179001-6Colin FrancomeAbortion Freedom: A Worldwide Movement
  ''978-0-04-179002-3Colin FrancomeAbortion Freedom: A Worldwide Movement
1986978-0-04-179004-7   ''Abortion Practice in Britain and the United States
1968978-0-04-181001-1John Blofeld · R. Wilhelm · C.F. BaynesThe Book of Change (I Ching)
1936978-0-04-181002-8Arthur WaleyThe Analects of Confucius
1949978-0-04-181005-9M. HiriyannaEssentials of Indian Philosophy
1932978-0-04-181008-0M. HiriyannaOutlines of Indian Philosophy
1929978-0-04-181009-7S. RadhakrishnanIndian Philosophy: v. 1 (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-04-181010-3   ''Indian Philosophy: v. 2 (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1964978-0-04-181011-0Ninian SmartDoctrine and Argument in Indian Philosophy (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
1939978-0-04-181013-4Arthur WaleyThree Ways of Thought in Ancient China

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