Robin Skelton

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5 Poets of the Pacific NorthwestPaperback978-0-295-74016-41966
200 Poems from the Greek AnthologyHardcover978-0-295-95153-91971
Because of lovePaperback978-0-7710-8189-71977
Earth, Air, Fire, Water   "978-0-14-019227-81990Margaret Blackwood
Fires of the Kindred   "978-0-919345-90-42002
Five Poets of the Pacific Northwest: Poems by Hanson, Hugo, Kizer, Stafford and WagonerTextbook Binding978-0-295-73784-31968
Herbert Read: A Memorial SymposiumHardcover978-1-138-91486-52015
J.M.Synge and His World   "978-0-500-13031-51971
Poetic Truth   "978-0-06-496252-01978
Poetic Truth   "978-0-06-496253-71978
Poetic Truth   "978-0-435-18821-41978
Poetic TruthPaperback978-0-435-18822-11978
Poetry of the Thirties   "978-0-14-118457-92000
Poetry of the Thirties   "978-0-14-018370-21991
Poetry of the Thirties   "978-0-14-007959-31985
Poet's CallingHardcover978-0-435-18819-11975
Poet's CallingPaperback978-0-435-18820-71975
Practice of PoetryHardcover978-0-435-18817-71971
Practice of PoetryPaperback978-0-435-18818-41971
Selected PoemsHardcover978-0-7710-8178-11968
Selected Poems of Byron   "978-0-435-15035-81986
Selected Poems of George FaludyPaperback978-0-8203-0814-21985
Six Irish PoetsHardcover978-0-19-211238-51962
Spellcraft: A Handbook of Invocations, Blessings, Protections, Healing Spells, Binding and BiddingPaperback978-0-7710-8177-41978
Spellcraft: A Handbook of Invocations, Blessings, Protections, Healing Spells, Love Spells, Binding and Bidding   "978-0-919345-21-81997Roban Skelton
Spellcraft A Handbook of Invocations, Blessings, Protections, Healing Spells, Love Spells, Binding and Bidding   "978-0-7710-8208-51978
The poet's calling   "978-0-06-496328-21975
The Poet's CallingHardcover978-0-06-496329-91975
The Practice of Witchcraft TodayPaperback978-0-7090-4716-21992
The Practice Of Witchcraft Today: An Introduction to Beliefs and Rituals   "978-0-8065-1674-52000
The Shapes of Our Singing: A Comprehensive Guide to Verse Forms and Metres from Around the World   "978-0-910055-76-52002
They call it the Cariboo   "978-0-919462-84-71980
Timelight: Poems   "978-0-7710-8179-81974
World of W.B.YeatsPaperback978-0-295-97853-61967

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