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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-919345-00-3Marion WeinsteinPositive magic: Occult self-help
1989978-0-919345-02-7Marion WeinsteinEarth Magic: A Dianic Book of Shadows
1990978-0-919345-10-2Charles Godfrey LelandAradia: Gospel of Witches
1983978-0-919345-17-1Stewart FarrarWhat Witches Do: A Modern Coven Revealed
1999978-0-919345-18-8Janet Farrar · Stewart FarrarHealing Craft:Healing Practices for Witches and Pagans
1997978-0-919345-21-8Roban SkeltonSpellcraft: A Handbook of Invocations, Blessings, Protections, Healing Spells, Love Spells, Binding and Bidding
1985978-0-919345-26-3Stewart Farrar · Janet FarrarEight Sabbats for Witches: And Rites for Birth, Marriage and Death
1999978-0-919345-29-4Charles LelandEtruscan Roman Remains
1996978-0-919345-31-7Donald TysonHow to Make & Use a Magic Mirror: Psychic Windows Into New Worlds
1998978-0-919345-34-8Charles G. Leland · Mario PazzagliniAradia - Gospel of the Witches:Expanded Edition
1983978-0-919345-35-5Doreen ValienteWitchcraft for Tomorrow
1989978-0-919345-38-6Doreen ValienteThe Rebirth of Witchcraft
  ''978-0-919345-39-3   ''Rebirth of Witchcraft
1995978-0-919345-40-9Janet Farrar · Stewart FarrarPagan Path:The Wiccan Way of Life
1998978-0-919345-45-4Paul BeyerlCompendium of Herbal Magic
1989978-0-919345-46-1Janet FarrarThe Witches God: The Masculine Principle of Divinity
  ''978-0-919345-47-8Janet Farrar · Stewart FarrarThe Witches' God
1994978-0-919345-52-2Margie McArthurWiccacraft for Families: The Path of the Hearthfire
1984978-0-919345-53-9Paul BeyerlMaster Book of Herbalism
1991978-0-919345-55-3Ellen Evert HopmanTree Medicine, Tree Magic
1999978-0-919345-56-0PhoenixBook of Shadows: Small (Blank Book)
1990978-0-919345-61-4Doreen Valiente · Evan John JonesWitchcraft: A Tradition Renewed
1985978-0-919345-62-1Natural Magic
1990978-0-919345-63-8Janet Farrar · Stewart FarrarSpells and How They Work
1996978-0-919345-66-9PhoenixBook of Shadows: Large (Blank Book)
1988978-0-919345-69-0Janet Farrar · Stewart FarrarLife and Times of a Modern Witch
2003978-0-919345-70-6Von BraschlerMagical Journal
1986978-0-919345-71-3Janet Farrar · Stewart FarrarWitches' Way: Principles, Ritual and Beliefs of Modern Witchcraft
1997978-0-919345-74-4Charles ArnoldRitual Body Art:Drawing the Spirit
1989978-0-919345-77-5Doreen ValienteAn ABC of Witchcraft:Past and Present
1987978-0-919345-80-5   ''Natural Magic
  ''978-0-919345-83-6e eWitchcraft for Tomorrow
1994978-0-919345-86-7Church of All WorldsWitchcraft, Satanism & Occult Crime: Who's Who & What's What, a Manual of Reference Materials for the Professional Investigator
1999978-0-919345-87-4Patricia CrowtherHigh Priestess: The Life & Times of Patricia Crowther
2002978-0-919345-90-4Robin SkeltonFires of the Kindred
1987978-0-919345-91-1Janet Farrar · Stewart FarrarThe Witches' Goddess
1996978-0-919345-92-8Stewart FarrarA Witches' Bible: The Complete Witches' Handbook
2002978-0-919345-95-9Rae BethWiccan Way:Magical Spirituality for the Solitary Pagan
1990978-0-919345-98-0Rhiannon RyallWest Country Wicca: A Journal of the Old Religion